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Dedicated Citizen
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Fri Dec 14, 2007 2:36 am
Moon's Youtube//Blog
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Fri Dec 14, 2007 2:42 am

I gotta go now.
have fun with the damage I caused


Click for my quest ^
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Dedicated Citizen
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Fri Dec 14, 2007 2:45 am
Bye and I'll get you back.
Moon's Youtube//Blog
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Queen of the Realm
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Fri Dec 14, 2007 3:00 am
... anybody come to any conclusions yet as far as what's in there?? Twisted Evil

Blazestorm wrote:
*sneaks in while everyone's distracted... leaving a little gift behind her before sneaking back out to finish setting things up*

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Fri Dec 14, 2007 3:00 am
::flutters in, landing gently despite the rather large box thats in tote in her siggy::

Hi Everyone!!

**shakes box**

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Fri Dec 14, 2007 3:09 am
:: Pokes at her box ::

Lookit what Santa Blaze left me! XD

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Fri Dec 14, 2007 3:15 am
I got one too!
**sneaks over & pokes Tisiel's present**

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Queen of the Realm
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Fri Dec 14, 2007 3:17 am
*giggles at her silly friends* ... "Santa Blaze", huh? XD I'm glad you like your boxes, ladies!! Heart

I have a few more to hand out yet... Wink

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Fri Dec 14, 2007 3:25 am
I predict the box will be revealed to be full of creativity! Yes
If every life's a story that is written on the spot,
I suggest we write together to achieve a decent plot.
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Queen of the Realm
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Fri Dec 14, 2007 3:25 am
LOL and thank you Sir Sceadu!! How are you??

*repossesses post as first thread archive post for version 3 of Zan Musings*

Archive #1 of First Post, Zan Musings... Nov.15-Dec.13, 2007

[12 Dec.]
Page 370 is where the conversation begins today. Come join us...

[11 Dec.]
Good morning Zantarni! We're on page 343 today, and we have a minor update or two:
Arrow Festival Masks are coming soon, per an announcement from Tom late last night. They are currently being sorted by the townspeople who found a box dropped by a circus costume maker...
Arrow A Design Tweak was also implemented late last night; we now have little flags below our avatars with links to profiles and PMs... *pokes the flaggy things* XD

Arrow [update] Masks have appeared in Edingtol's Tailor's Shop... varying prices and appearances and colors Yes

[10 Dec.]
Page 327 is where our daily conversation begins. The realm is still a bit quiet as we await further updates and information...

[9 Dec.]
Page 322 is about where our conversation begins today. It appears that Tom has added a new pop-up window to the inventory area to equip pets, and made some adjustments for the Fire/Flaming items. More things are being worked on and need to be tested... help him test: Tom's Work List

[8 Dec.]
Page 313 is where our conversation starts today. Join us as we while away the time waiting for the next round of updates... or take care of holiday shopping and responsibility with a certain level of confidence of not missing out on anything here! XD
Arrow [PM Update] It seems that Tom has crawled out from the coding dungeon to start a thread listing those things that he's working on around the realm. 'Tis nice to have confirmation of things being fixed and the knowledge that our leader has not been taken captive by the Orcs or Ice Trolls or whatever other nasties may be roaming around...

[7 Dec.]
Good morning! Page 304 greets us today, along ... *gasp*... UPDATES! *wonders if the world is coming to an end or if the livestock among us have suddenly sprouted wings* XD
    Arrow The current Shop Update features several new male-only clothing options
    Arrow A DI Shop Update features two limited-edition weapons: the Refined Fencing Sword and the Stone Sword *imagines hefting that around in battle o_0*
Join us in the conversation as we discuss these updates and speculate on what more is to come...

[6 Dec.]
Good morning! We are on page 295 this morning... join us!

[5 Dec.]
Page 285 is where our conversation starts today. Join us as we hope to see more announcements and updates in the near future.
    Actual News Tidbits:
    Arrow We should expect many shop items to appear in the shop and hopefully not quite so many DIs for the St. Yorick's Celebration as we had for Halloween.
    Arrow Development of the battle system is currently stalled - the freelance developer has apparently gone MIA
    Arrow Tom has found it difficult to be online as much as he had hoped or needed to be the last couple weeks. The cause of this is unknown (perhaps damage from the Cali wildfires, still?)
    Arrow Tom is working on fixing various glitches and hopes to create a more medieval feel for/on the site

[4 Dec.]
Page 275 is where our discussion starts today - complete with discussion questions XD! Please join us as we talk about the story, new banner and our hopes for things to come now that Tom has been sighted and made his presence known.
Arrow Results of the Zan Musings Contest, "Guess Tom's Next Announcement" are provided on page 275.
Arrow Today is apparently also Lady Haruka's Birthday
- **Happy Birthday!!** -

[3 Dec.]
Page 244 is about where the conversation starts today. Please join us as we continue to wait for signs of Tom and any updates *pokes the pumpkins*
Arrow [PM Update] It appears that we have a new header graphic *waves to the pumpkins* but still no announcement from Tom although there has been second-hand news from him. He is making updates and has found it difficult to be online as much as he'd like the last couple weeks...

[2 Dec.]
Hello! It is completely safe to say that there are no updates today. *pokes contest* Anyone want to venture a guess as to when there will be? XD

[1 Dec.]
Good morning and Happy DECEMBER! We're on page 221 today. Join Us. Don't forget to enter the Contest to guess the date of Tom's next announcement!

[30 Nov.]
Conversation starts today around page 205 or 206. Join us as we discuss... the lack of updates and patiently await some news from Lord Tom.

    ANNOUNCING: a Contest / Lottery!!

    Objective: Guess the Date of Tom's next official announcement to the populace of Zantarni

    Rules / Guidelines:

      Exclamation Starting Date: Today, Nov.30 (PM)
      Exclamation Ending Date: Dec.30 or upon Tom's announcement, whichever comes first

      Exclamation Entry Fee: 30zg per guess, to Draeyx (my mule). Please try to send the entry fee when I am online to confirm receipt of it, or post some "proof" that you have donated the appropriate amount of gold (especially if I do not know you) to my account.

      Exclamation Guesses:
      ... Please include AM or PM for each date guessed. All times will be determined by my local timezone (Eastern time, US) and run Midnight-Noon = AM, Noon-Midnight = PM. This means that if you want to guess an entire day, it is two guesses (one for the AM time slot, the other for the PM time slot) and 60g should be sent to Draeyx.
      ... Multiple guesses per person are allowed.
      ... Multiple guesses of the same date and/or time are allowed.
      ... A list of all participants and guesses will be posted and updated as regularly as I can manage.

    Exclamation Winner: The person(s) who identifies the exact date and time of Tom's next announcement gets the full amount of whatever pool has accumulated between now and the end of the contest. If an exact date-time is not chosen, the person(s) who comes closest will take the kitty. If two or more people "win" according to these rules, all winners split the kitty equally.
    Scarz wrote:
    Lady Blaze, I would like to offer 10k to be the prize for thy contest, lottery...for I believe if anyone can guess accurately when Lord Tom will post again, they should be greatly rewarded for whatever magic they used to be able to make an accurate guess. *bows*

    Exclamation Entry form: Please post the following code in this thread, filling out all lines as appropriate...

    Guess Date(s) & Time(s):
    Entry Fee Total (30g per guess):
    Confirmation of [i]Fee Paid to [b]Draeyx[/b][/i]:     [/size][/color]

    Exclamation Exclusions: None, really but I do reserve the right to use my own judgment on participants, qualifications and whether rules have been followed (ie: entry fees paid accordingly), and it would help if I at least know you a little bit or know that you are a visitor to the thread (but you have to post the form in the thread to participate Razz *pokes the lurkers* ). Rules may change if there is a need for it.

    Exclamation Questions? Please post in the thread and I'll answer them as soon as possible. Yes

    Arrow Participants & Contest List Details are being maintained about midway down on page 216

[29 Nov.]
Good morning! We are on page 182 with the start of our discussion today. Come! Chat! It seems that Sir Tom is (or has been) up and about making a little tweak here and a little tweak there... So far, I've noticed these changes:
Exclamation Generic Av now displays on the homepage before signing in
Exclamation New color highlights around the 'post creation' area (blue/grey... or is this an old one?)
Exclamation the same blue/grey changes surrounding the subforum lists

[28 Nov.]
Good morning! We are still awaiting updates and information... please join us on page 162

[27 Nov.]
At the moment, there appears to be no updates, but who knows what the day may bring (perhaps the removal of the pumpkins in the top banner?). We are on about page 140 today... join us!
    Arrow Today is Lady Lee's 21st birthday! Happy Birthday, Lee!! We hope it's fantastic!! Heart

    Arrow Would the person who anonymously donated several things to me a few days ago please step forward? I'd like to thank my benefactor!!

[26 Nov.]
Good morning. There is no news as of yet this day, but conversation starts around page 132. All are welcome to join us as we await updates, note any glitches or changes to known glitches and discuss other things relevant to the realm.

[25 Nov.]
We're around page 127 today, awaiting updates and compiling a list of "little tweaks" we're noticing being made around the site. Join us! Yes

[24 Nov.]
Page 120 is about where our conversation starts and where discussion questions for today are posted... join us!

ArrowGlitch / Issue List: (not all of these are personally verified at this time)
    Exclamation Layering issues for avatars: gloves, cloaks cutting off weapons, etc. :NOT fixed
    Exclamation Flaming/Fire scarf & dress confusion & images :NOT fixed
    Exclamation Update Siggy neverending "submission": FIXED
    Exclamation Glitch getting to level 2 in forging :NOT fixed
    Exclamation Foraging & Mining, Apples = inaccessible :NOT fixed
    Exclamation Referral credits (gold/bones) not being given :NOT fixed
    Exclamation Inactive Donation PMs : WISHLIST
    Exclamation Timestamps on Posts are not (easily) visible :NOT fixed
    Exclamation User shop issues: unable to access, list multiple headwear items, etc. :NOT fixed
    Exclamation Inventory categories, search features and organization : WISHLIST
    Exclamation Log in "remember me" box not working : NOT fixed
    Exclamation 'Sharlou' page displays for equipping all pets : WISHLIST
    Exclamation Hair dresser glitches: including twirly hairdo :NOT fixed
    Exclamation Games High Score table :NOT fixed
    Exclamation Guild issues: moderator privileges, membership controls, mass PMing incapable, etc.
    Exclamation Journals = MIA :NOT fixed
    Exclamation User Shop access = MIA :NOT fixed
    Exclamation User Profiles: UPDATED - it appears more may be coming. Hopefully this includes avatar stats & descriptions
    Exclamation Collecting a Ticket on the Main Shop no longer displays a white page: FIXED
    Exclamation Edit Account now shows the Recreate Avatar options, but it doesn't seem to be fully functional yet
    Exclamation Unable to scroll through the member lists

[23 Nov.]
Good Morning! Our conversation begins on page 108 today. Please join us! We have passed version 3's first official milestone!

    Arrow I've seen this thought voiced more than once and wanted to address it:
    User wrote:
    I'm not that surprised the Thanksgiving event didn't happen. ...

    Tom's announcement [X] mentioned a "thanksgiving/end of the month" event... but no indication beyond that of when exactly it would start. With recent events (ie: hacking), and no new announcements from our Admin as to his plans for an event (or whether the November event is going to actually happen despite strong user sentiment that we'd rather have other things fixed first) I would not be surprised if this event did not happen, but we will have to wait and see...

    Tom has always given plenty of lead-up time to "build excitement" for an event, and it is only the 23rd... there's a week left of "late November" if such event is going to occur.

[22 Nov.]
Good morning!
Arrow Scarz has had his account reinstated! There are no difficulties expected with the release of this account, but please be on alert and tell a Knight immediately if you witness any suspicious behavior or anything out of character from our dear Scarz...

Discussion begins around page 95 today, Sir Scarz's posts appear a page or two prior if you'd like to read his greetings yourself. Please join us in the celebration of his return to Zantarni!

[21 Nov.]
Good morning. Conversation starts on page 77 today. Please join us as we discuss... well, any number of things, including bread o_0, and whether updates are forthcoming and what they may include...

[PM update]
Arrow Meldrick the Elder has had his account reinstated. Although no difficulties are expected, please tell a Knight if you witness any suspicious behavior with this account. Lady Nema's announcement may be found on page 90 of this thread.

[20 Nov.]
We're around page 58 today if you wish to join our conversation. We are awaiting word from Admin on recent events, updates and announcements...

[19 Nov.]
Page 39 is where our conversation starts today. Please join us... all are welcome; regulars, lurkers, those new to the thread, and everyone inbetween! *g*
Arrow We are awaiting news on recent events
Arrow There appear to be no updates to the site at this time.
Arrow There has been no evidence of the hacker's return (to the best of my knowledge), but stay vigilant!

[update, 19 Nov]:
Arrow NPC Bernadette has been seen, lamenting about her lost pumpkins [X]

[18 Nov.]
Arrow No more bones!! They have ceased falling on our heads from the Zantarni heavens. The Halloween theme of bats and jacks persists...
Arrow No further sign of the hacker; This could change at any time however, so please remain vigilant and notify a Knight of any suspicious behavior or posts. Yes
Arrow Rebuilding the Zan Musings thread / resources

[17 Nov.]
Arrow We are down to the last couple hours of bones falling from the skies and the availability of Gift Boxes.
Arrow The hacker makes a reappearance, this time as Meldrick the Elder, and deletes 20+ pages of Zan Musings, version 2. Version 3 started...

--------- [15 Nov.] ----------

Arrow MODERATOR accounts have been HACKED, including:
    Exclamation Scarz
    Exclamation Meldrick the Elder

    These accounts are NOT to be TRUSTED at this time, although both have been frozen.

Arrow Be Aware and notify a Knight of any suspicious behavior or posts from anyone, particularly from Knights.
    Exclamation Knight List:
    - Nema
    - Lee
    - Osiris-Lee
    - Icewind
    - Leasfy
    - Haruka
    - Anastasia
    - Achaia
    - Lonewolf
    - Juanalene

    - Scarz = compromised!
    - Meldrick the Elder = compromised!

    Exclamation Check Who's Online

Arrow Protect Yourself: (There are additional suggestions for software protection provided below)
    Exclamation Install & Update, then RUN Anti-spyware and Anti-virus software on your computer(s)

    Exclamation Change your password for your account(s) and for the email you used to sign up with for the account.

    Exclamation Take screenshots of your inventory, or put together a list of your virtual belongings. Remember your orbs, fishing/mining and similar items. Tip: To get a quick list of items, go to the 'donate to user' and copy/paste the list from the popup window that appears.

Arrow The hacker deleted the original Zan Musings thread (1700 pages) and has deleted its successor (20 pages) as well. Welcome to Version 3. And thank you to everyone who has posted their condolences on the thread and come out of the shadows to show their support. We will rebuild. Links, work-arounds, and additional helpful information which you may have saved somewhere are much appreciated to help me rebuild this thread as the resource it once was...

Arrow Our sympathies to Sir Scarz (the real one, obviously) who is the real target of this hacker. To the best of our knowledge, this hacking is some sort of revenge tactic, loosely tied to recent bannings. Our congratulations to the Knights of Zantarni for dealing with this mess and for the job they are doing to limit the damage.

--------- /end Nov. 15 news ----------


Technical Information:
In addition to the anti-virus and anti-spyware programs suggested above, these have also been suggested. Please do your research and determine for yourself what is the best course of action for your computer and the safety of your information... these are suggestions -a place to start- but you must be the final judge.

Islay wrote:
Its the firewall thats useful the rest are not really any good.

Web root another firewall *I'm current using this 1*

This is the best anti virus out there, its better then nortan Nod32 and any other anti virus you would pay for or other wise.

Adaware *its a spyware removal tool I've been using for years*

And this is the one i like most.It deletes all the little go and back file that say were you haven been on the net. It will also clean your pc. Its called crap cleaner or CCleaner for short.



Last edited by Blazestorm on Fri Dec 14, 2007 3:39 am; edited 1 time in total
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Fri Dec 14, 2007 3:27 am
Depressed as hell, thanks for asking. ^_^
How are you?
If every life's a story that is written on the spot,
I suggest we write together to achieve a decent plot.
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Queen of the Realm
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Fri Dec 14, 2007 3:30 am
Uht oh... I'm sorry to hear it!! Heart Anything you want to talk about or anything we can do to help? I'll be here for a few more minutes...
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Fri Dec 14, 2007 3:37 am
Sir Phoenix I hope there is no serious reason for your current state! Sad <333
Reply with quote
Fri Dec 14, 2007 3:39 am
Anything I want to talk about? Yes, there are many things I want to talk about. Ideally I'd b talking about them with my family, but they seem to have lost the ability to listen. The don't communicate anymore.
Anything you can do? Not really, no. It helps a little bit to know SOMEone is listening, so thank you for that, but there's really not much you can do to alleviate my mental and emotional torture at the moment, though I do appreciate the thought. ^_^
If every life's a story that is written on the spot,
I suggest we write together to achieve a decent plot.
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Queen of the Realm
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Fri Dec 14, 2007 3:42 am
*hugs tightly*

It sounds like a tricky situation indeed... unfortunately, many have forgotten how to listen these days (even more so when they're stressed about holidays and what-not Sad ). I do hope you find some comfort and resolution to whatever it is that ails you, Sceadu... Heart Heart Heart

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