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Sun Jun 01, 2008 1:41 pm
*pops in the say "Good morning thread!" and runs off again to go shopping* Gotta hit the grocery store this morning and Target. XD

Lady-Sir Amers of the Silent Shadows
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Queen of the Realm
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Sun Jun 01, 2008 1:51 pm
*pops in... sees a streak of what I thought was Amersemt...* Good Morning everyone! How are we??

Hrrrm... a thread update/archive is about due...

edit: In fact....

Zan Musings Front Page ARCHIVE # 7:

[30 May]
    Good morning! Our wild and wacky, sometimes Zantarni-based conversation begins on page 2695 if you'd like to join us from the beginning! We are awaiting the next round of updates and identifying various glitch fixes recently made to the realm...

[29 May]
    Oh My, we got silly today - despite it being an otherwise fairly slow day! Shocked

    *erects new sign*

[28 May]
    A slow day yesterday in the realm... perhaps more people will resurface today? Join us on page 2680 to join the conversation from the beginning...

[27 May]
    Don't mind my goofing around (the thread title) - it's still early and already a bit of a weird day. Oh wait - that's just me! Embarassed nevermind, then! Wink LOL... if you care to join our conversation from the beginning today, page 2675 is the place to start...

[25 May]
    Good morning Zantarni! Chatter starts around page 2657 today... join us as we play with the new shop items and discuss other things relevant to the realm! XD

[24 May]
    [pm] It seems we once more have games available (but no gold yet), a new right-handed DI staff (yay!) and a few items added to the Clothing Shop, per Lord Alex's announcement:
    lam4o wrote:
    The games section was reopened again. However, you won't be able to gain any gold out of them for security reasons but you can expect that to be possible soon.

    Some news:
    - There are few new items out. There will be a big shop update with many boys clothes soon.
    - The shard trader won't be leaving town for now as he still finds many customers for his shards weapons.

    [am] Page 2650 is where our conversation begins today. Although we have no new Knights to announce today, perhaps you'll join us for whichever way the conversation turns...

[23 May]
    We have another new Knight! Congratulations go to Knight Tisiel!
    Page 2637 is where our conversation begins this morning if you'd like to join us. We are discussing the recent Knightings (that sounds a bit weird o_0) and what else to expect in the realm...

[22 May]
    [pm]It seems we have a new Knight among us... Congratulations Lady ... errm... Knight Strawberry13!

    [am] Greetings to a new day, Zantarni! Conversation begins on Page 2621 if you'd care to join us from today's beginning...

[21 May]
    Good Morning! Page 2610 is about where we begin today - come join the celebrations, for it's Lady Kaeinlya's Birthday! Happy Birthday, hun! XD

[20 May]
    Page 2602 is about where our conversation begins today for those of you wishing to catch all of the scintillating and intriguing quips XD... join us!

[19 May]
    [pm update]Seems we have some New Shops being built... or rather, the current items being separated between various shops...

    [am]Good Morning and happy Monday! We're hanging out and chatting a bit starting on page 2598, waiting to see what next comes this way in terms of updates and new features...

[15 May]
    Lord Alex posted an announcement concerning Black Market adjustments, including a 3-day limit for items to stay "for sale" before being returned to your inventory (high-quantity things like apples have different limitations), and the ability to run your own auction is coming soon...

[14 May]
    Greetings, my fellow Zantarnians! Our conversation begins around page 2577 today. Otherwise, the Twirly hair glitch appears to have been fixed ... happy twirling!! Wink

[13 May]
    Good morning! Our conversation begins today on around page 2574. We're awaiting the next round of updates and tweaks and collecting shards for the weapons. We're also comparing bald scalps and getting creative XD... come, join the fun. XD

[12 May]
    Page 2568 is about where our conversation begins today. We're hanging out, chatting a bit and discussing the bald / twirly hair glitch that seems to have made a reappearance. Join us...

[9 May]
    Good morning. We are discussing and comparing the new shard weapons, collecting more shards, and discussing various other things as well. We start on page 2549 today if you'd like to join today's conversation from the beginning

[8 May]

    [pm update] The shard weapons have arrived from the shard trader (available to the right of the town on the Town Map). There appear to be four weapons available for 200 shards each (or a gem) - the shard sword, shard bow, shard dagger, the shard axe, the shard staff and the shard axe small

    [am] Good morning! Conversation today starts around page 2532 if anyone cares to step out of the lurking shadows to join us - all are welcome! We're just hanging out and waiting to discover whatever new things Lord Alex has in store for us!

      Juanalene wrote:
      *wanders past on her Knightly Rounds* Cool

      Scarz wrote:
      *checks in on my Knightly rounds*

      amersemt wrote:
      *pops in on my non-Knightly rounds* XD

      LillieRose wrote:
      *hides in the corner*

      Tisiel wrote:
      **Stalks through on my ninja rounds** >.>

      Blazestorm wrote:
      *strolls in on her Knightly Rounds*

      WishingMoon wrote:
      -looks at front page- I don't have knightly rounds but I'm willing to belly flop into a crowed of posters.

[7 May]
    Greetings everyone. We're playing around, reminiscing a bit and having some fun. Come join us if you're so inclined...

[6 May]
    Good morning! We're hanging out, seeing what new tweaks Lord Alex has in store for us and enjoying the realm. Today's conversation starts about page 2511 if you'd like to join us... all are welcome here!

[5 May]
    Good morning, everyone! Spring still runs rampant across Zantarni and we are playing with the new items and adorning our avatars "just so" XD (We're also discussing a number of other topics). Conversation today begins around Page 2496 - join us!

[3 May]
    We are still playing with the new shop items, and anxious to see more! It also seems we have a few more "little things" fixed, and hints of things to come, including:
    Arrow Donation PMs are functioning once more. If you donate an item to a user, they once more receive a PM indicating who sent what item to them.
    Arrow Marketplace PMs: a new feature where the shop owner receives a PM notifying them that their item from the marketplace has been bought.
    Arrow References made to a "storage bin" for excess items - so instead of looking at the gazillion glendor we all have, we can shove them in a nifty little storage space instead! XD
    Arrow References also made to limiting the amount of time an item (or items) may remain in the marketplace before 'expiring' and being returned to your inventory.
    Arrow rumors of more shop items in the works...

[2 May]
    Arrow We have some new items just arrived at the Tailor's Shop including a new pet and Lene's Flower sets. Otherwise, ummm... we're being goofy and random and as a special treat - we have dancing cows in the thread with us today! XD

[1 May]
    We are returned from the latest round of server and site updates! Welcome back, everyone! Per Lord Alex, we should be a 200% improved surfing time throughout the realm now, the wardrobe has been rearranged and there may be some glitches. If you encounter a glitch, he is requesting that you post them in his announcement thread, where you can also find additional information on this most recent update.

[30 April]
    Arrow Gender swapping issue appears to be fixed. Those of you 'stuck in another avatar body' should be able to switch back if you so desire...

[29 April]
    Lord Alex has just posted an announcement unveiling a new Pixel Tool. He also mentions that there will be server work happening Thursday morning and that the site may be down for a few hours' time during the upgrade & tweaks...

[28 April]
    Good morning! As the realm continues to emulate a fairy kingdom with the new DIs and Seasonal Shop Items XD, Lord Alex continues to work on glitches and the mood in the realm continues to elevate! Join us, starting around page 2409 for today's discussion...

    Some News:
      Arrow We have a Rules Revision posted in Edingtol's Gates. The heavy-handedness of the last version has been largely removed and Religious discussion may once more be held within the Scholar's room.
      Arrow The gender-swapping glitch has been noted and Lord Alex is working on a solution.
      Arrow Xmas, Vday and Glendors have been removed from the Tailor's shop.

[27 April]
    *Wow!* Lord Alex has been busy with server upgrades, glitch fixes and shop updates!


      Arrow New DIs in the DI Shop include brightly colored Fairy Wings and a special Gold Kitty
      Arrow New Seasonal Shop Updates available in the Seasonal Shop include more kitties, Spring outfits for the guys and the gals, as well as unisex Jungle attire, and some jungle-themed weapons.
      Arrow It appears the glendor, VDay items and Xmas items are currently in the Tailor's shop

[26-27 April]
    It seems that the server change has gone according to plan and that we have some new graphics on the front page... it also seems that there are a couple glitches about at the moment, including:

    - wardrobe: av not displaying & can't save changes
    - problems logging out
    - the layout on certain pages, such as 'search your posts', 'members list' and profiles are messed up
    - positive karma used to be able to exceed 1,000 points. That appears to be no longer the case...
    - some special characters are displaying a bit strangely
    *runs off giggling slightly*

[25 April]
    Arrow REMINDER: Server Updates on early Saturday morning, GMT... downtime is expected. This means if you live in the 'States, the servers may go down for us tonight. Lord Alex expects this to be a short downtime (~6 hours) and things should return to normal (better!) access within a few hours' time... Please be patient with this process; we'll be back soon.

[23-24 April]
    Lord Alex has posted an Announcment with hints of things to come, including a shop update, a server switch (which may mean some downtime), long-awaited additional shard items, and More... Yaaay!

    Arrow UPDATE: Server downtime is planned for Saturday morning GMT ...


I now return you to our regularly-scheduled conversation... XD
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Sun Jun 01, 2008 2:52 pm
so long...@_@
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Queen of the Realm
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Sun Jun 01, 2008 3:01 pm
Greetings Finn... yes, it's long, but that's why I archive them every once in a while - so that the first post isn't insanely long and folks have a chance of finding the other information posted there (not that many folks actually scroll it anyway, but it is there if somebody wants to put forth a bit of effort) XD

So, now that it's done, how was your birthday? Did you enjoy your day? Did you get the things you wanted to get?

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Sun Jun 01, 2008 3:02 pm
Yup, it was great ^^ I got a tablet and 2 borders gift cards.
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Queen of the Realm
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Sun Jun 01, 2008 3:32 pm
Awesome and congratulations, Finn!

I must run for a bit but should be around later. *waves* Things to do... things to do!!

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Sun Jun 01, 2008 3:33 pm
Au revoir ^^
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Sun Jun 01, 2008 3:35 pm
*pops in* Oh my, I'm sooo curious about the new donation items ... *impatient* @~@;
.......................................................................................................................................................... ~ Sukii was here! Ninja
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Sun Jun 01, 2008 3:39 pm
New donation items? No no no. Not until I get the recent DI's x_x just barely got all the leaf wings, now I'm trying for the fire staff to finish off my staff collection.

You should click Sir Fwuffle's pet egg

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Sun Jun 01, 2008 3:41 pm
I don't collect sets, I just go for my one favorite. Green leaf wings, red pirate kitty. The exception was the emerald glendors. I have all 10.
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Sun Jun 01, 2008 3:43 pm
I don't normally collect sets. I just loved the leaf wings so much I had to have them all >> I only got the black pirate kitty because that was the only one I thought I would ever wear.

You should click Sir Fwuffle's pet egg

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Sun Jun 01, 2008 3:50 pm
Well, I was wondering if we would get an additional DI. I mean we also had the leaf wings and the pirate kitties at the same times. Only having the statt seems ... empty ... o_x;
.......................................................................................................................................................... ~ Sukii was here! Ninja
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Sun Jun 01, 2008 4:27 pm
that was a lot to read through
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Sun Jun 01, 2008 5:15 pm
Hello everyone. n.n
ITEMS STILL NEEDED Black Cloak, Silver Leaf Wings, Skull Armor Ribcage, Black Boots, Crowning Glory.
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Sun Jun 01, 2008 5:57 pm
14 posts, see how long that page is.
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