Zan Jokes: You Know You Play Zan When...
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Sat Jan 05, 2013 6:24 pm
Credit goes to Echolisa who is no longer a member of Zantarni. She is the one who started the Jokes topic, but I have permission to bring it back!

I believe all these below are Echo's, So in her honor and without further Ado...

You used to fear the knights, until you realized how fantasmic they really are xD

You actually tried keeping up the medieval composure the first few weeks of playing.

You've spent an unmentionable number of hours in the dream avatar room.

You forget it's okay to double post on Facebook.

You remember getting 50k as a newb and thinking you're über rich.

You've seen LillieRose's kitty siggy's and laughed.

You've been flying ninja tackle glomped by IvyKitsami.

You've never actually gotten a gem for referring a friend.

You "use your hands," a lot.

You recognize new players by their utter nakedness and because you don't recognize their names.

You remember the falling shards.

You resent Bernadette and her turnips.

You've been dazzled by the shimmer of the Golden Yoricks.

You know there are a zillion glendors, and fear the uprising.

You know what a nom is.

You know what "^^" and "xD" mean, even if you can't explain them.

You've been dazzled by various user arts. Cough*Lantis*Cough*Karla_Taki*Cough and sooooo many others.

You know that your HP and MP have no value at all, and you don't fuss about it.

Your karma has been maxed out since your third week of playing.

Someone has Tanned your Zarni.

You can name all of the rare items without a list, as quickly as you can name the original 150 pokémon.

You've been a victim of donate and run. (Where someone donates you an awesome item then deletes the message from your inbox keeping it anonymous.)

When you recognize someone because DON'T recognize them.

Scarz and Nema are just ADORABLE and you applaud them.

You'e been offered a digital cookie to cheer you up.

You've spoken with people across the world.

You've made it past number 50 and celebrated.

You've "punk'd" someone with your mule.

You get a chuckle out of having Blaze and Tisiel on your list of Facebook friends.

You've had a glendor in your wardrobe at least once.

You've gleefully teased about how legitimately badass Zan is ^^.

It took you forever to figure out how the Top Avatar feature worked.

You still have about 20 unhatched pets sitting on your account.

The old lady has seriously beaten the CRAP out of you.

You stopped bothering with those baby trolls forever ago.

You think the Rarebit is the most dangerous thing about Zan.

Jokes made by our Knights. Though they do live in the dungeouns, they are allowed to have some bit of fun!!! Wink

Queen BlazeStorm
Knight You start signing personal emails with your Zantarni Username instead of with your real name, and you hope you catch it before you hit the "send" button

Knight Thou doth find thyself speaking "Olde English" IRL...and people then think thou doth work at the Excaliber
Knight Thou can remember paying 10k for the flaming sword and thinking that that was a lot of ZG; and selling Arties or any DI's for 2k each. . .and thinking that was a lot of ZG
Knight Thou doth remember the "Richest List" and remember being at the top of list with 400K (now it seems people can earn that much in a day or so mining/fishing)
Knight Thou doth know the only person ever to defeat xtremetom in the wasteland...Lady Miko-Chan

Knight You've sold your soul to Strawberry13 in exchange for leghumps

Knight You go to a Medieval Fair and consider it "recon" for Zan items
Knight Start using terms like "glomp" in RL
Knight See any reference to donating in RL and immediately think "Gems."
Knight See a price tag of a couple thousand and think "Hey, that's cheap!!" until you realize you were thinking about your zg purse rather then your $$ wallet.
Knight Tossing Marshmallows is considered an accepted (if messy) greeting
Knight You find that your trying to stretch out your IMs and e-mails to try and collect more stars
Knight When your first two thoughts on waking up are "Coffee" and "Zan"

Knight You know you play Zan when... you literally break your optical mouse trying to change the battery quickly so you can continue with your Knightly duties

Knight You know you play Zan when you go to type in another web site, and unconsciously type in Zantarni in the search bar even though your already on it

These jokes are permanently in the spotlight for bringing the most laughs, memories, and chaos!

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Sat Jan 05, 2013 6:24 pm

I cannot create this topic without sharing our jokes, we are the reason there is so many! That's why our jokes get their own post. Besides, everyone knows I'm the number 1 minion. eBil

--The zombies dont eat brains- but some of the other players will nom your ears
--Its okay for the boys to wear pink fairy wings
--you know *everyone* has the ocasional bout of crossdressing. [Even if they dont admit it]
--Its perfectly fine to wear your underoos in public, without worrying you'll be arrested
--A bra, some stockings and a hat will make a good outfit, even in the middle of winter
--The King has no pants
--Everyone wants to trade for your Magic Eyeballs
--The tighty-whities are included for free- but you can buy an extra set

--You Know you have been playing Zantarni when you feel someone nomming on you IRL and scream, "Tisiel stop Nomming on me!" only to realize it's your friends cat!
--You know you have been playing Zantarni when you have had Tisiel nom on your arms.
--You know you have been on Zantarni and then rejoined the site when you say to a friend , "OMG Did you Know Blaze is now Queen of The Relm!" Only to Realize your talking to someone from a different game.
--You know your from Zantarni when you see the Giant Z you think of Zantarni now instead of Zorro!
--You know your from Zantarni when you get more excited about buying a cheap pair of shoes from Zan then the $100 shoes your sister bought for you.
--You Know you haven't played Zantarni long enough when you think that The Giving Tree is a Real Tree and are to find out it's Ivy's Mule! True story just happened to me today.
--You Know you have played Zantarni when you use BBC code in your email and IM's to get the colors and people don't understand what that means

--When you organize things in your closet and draw symbols on your drawers so you know whats in them.
--When you dress up as your Zan avatar IRL.
--When you are plotting to make cloaks IRL that look like the zan ones.
--When you go into a thread that has been alive for years and see your own post. (just happened to me in this thread) >>
--when you go to the view online page on zan, and can name every person in the picture by their avatar
--When even your parents know the people/knights on zan
--When you talk about the users on zan IRL but you dont know their names so you are like "I was talking to Scarz today....and he said that Nema
--When you have irl pronunciations of all the usernames

--A site without our awesome emotes makes you sad *Sigh*
--you've found yourself addicted to wings Nom
--you want to color match your hair to your clothing every day
--you try to get your friends just as addicted to this awesome site as you are whether you succeed or fail

--You know you play Zan when...within seconds of joining loris donates you a rose

--You know you play Zan see someone wandering around in their underwear...and decide what they need is a rose

--Within minutes of joining some one posts in your chatter

--(in response to Desdemona's joke)And steals your chatter box virginity

--You know you play Zan when your spontaneous bouts of lurkage-ness have become an art form.
--And, you know you play Zan when: when you find yourself giggling at the sight of the color 'pink' and
--when you start thinking of people as ultimately being either an archer, wizard, or warrior.

Azrael Amira
--When you know that at one time, it was not only possible, but acceptable to fish with a pick-axe.
--When you find yourself searching through your IRL wardrobe wondering where your Victorian Coat is before remembering that you don't ACTUALLY own such an item.
--When you open a topic that you think looks interesting, only to find that the author is your IRL best friend.
--When you STILL have a VDay flying heart sitting on your sidebar. (now removed)
--When you were relieved to finally be able to be right handed.
--When you think that other RP sites are strange because they have modern clothing.

--When you are trying to figure out what you can use to replace the Glendor meat in the recipes so you can make it in real life
--When you get sad that you don't have an orb in real life so you could easily change your hair
--When you literally dream about getting stars

--When 100k doesn't sound bad for last years fashion

--You know you play Zan when the first site you decide to log into at the Apple store/internet cafe/library happens to be Zantarni

--When you waste about an hour reading through an entire thread just because you find it funny

--You know you play Zan when you keep expecting Zinn to be out side your window, stalking you, IRL

Lady Ice
--you know you play zan when ur in class and your teacher asks you to name some royal figures of today and u say " well, thats easy, Queen Blaze"
and your teacher goes....F
--You know you play Zan when you have done something wrong and your afraid Blaze will ground you ><
--You know u have been playing zan when someone in RL says "wheres the ice" i go "right here!"

Selkhet Eternally
--You know you play Zan when you've been kidnapped, duct taped, and taken down to Blaze's torture chamber by her minions....on Facebook.
--You know you play Zan when the idea of becoming friends with Queen Blaze on Facebook makes you feel excited and special because you'd never been so close to royalty.
--You know you play Zan when your RL friends get confused because you tried to "glompninjatackle" them.

--When you are saddened to hear that someone you only know by a user name leaves

--When you think in your head throughout the day at school 'that reminds me of this thing on zan' or start talking about this website to your friends and they give you a strange look.

--You know you play Zan when you can say all the spelling errors on the site without even thinking

--you are startled to discover the real gender of someone you have been talking to for months/years
--You know you play Zan when the sight of a person wandering the streets in their underwear only makes you think, "They must be new around here"

--((in response to Pagan's joke))And when you think, when you see that, 'let me donate them some thing, I have enough Zg to buy them a decent outfit'
--When you say anything or text something to some on and think 'On Zantarni, this would've given me at least 10 Zg and 2 stars!

--You know you play Zan call your money not euros dollars or other but Zg

--you remember Jarl's exploits <3

--When you've spent ages looking through the member's list to find your join date

--When you try to use Zantarni emoticons on other sites

--When you start talking to somebody irl about the new dress you got at the coronation festival forgetting they know nothing about Zantarni

--You know you play Zan when you remember Echo's bra selling in the Auction House for 400k when it is only 100zg
--You know you play Zan when you start referring/calling your real life friends by their Zantarni name
--You go to other RP sites and remind double posters that double posting is not allowed ((even if that site allows it))
--Every time you see Scarz, whether it be online or in the forums, you start singing Scars by Papa Roach
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Sun Jan 06, 2013 2:53 am
This is cute Smile
Pro Lurker
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Dedicated Citizen
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Sun Jan 06, 2013 3:05 am
Very funny! And true! XD
Rayven, I look at your avatar and think "Queen Sparklebutt!"-Tam
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Sun Jan 06, 2013 3:10 am
Some of them I just giggle at Smile

Just like, you know your active on Zan when it is easier to count the places that you haven't posted over the places that you have. Razz
Pro Lurker

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Sun Jan 06, 2013 3:25 am
Please if you all have jokes you want me to add post them!

That is the purpose of this topic to keep record of all our great times in Zan.
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Dedicated Citizen
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Sun Jan 06, 2013 9:51 am
You know you play Zan when in RL you start to wonder where people's wings are. XD

How's that one Ivy?
Rayven, I look at your avatar and think "Queen Sparklebutt!"-Tam
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Sun Jan 06, 2013 3:04 pm
XD okies Ivy Smile

You know you've been at zan when you look to your room mate and call them by there Zan user name Heart

Blue and I have done that so many times XD
Pro Lurker
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Sun Jan 06, 2013 3:15 pm
You know you play Zan when you continue counting your posts, even though you are not in MungoBoo's contest topic.

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Sun Jan 06, 2013 3:19 pm
Ha! I've so done that.

You know your on zan when your playing a guessing game and you forget to take change your post count and the number is the same in the next 5 posts. XD
Pro Lurker
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Dedicated Citizen
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Sun Jan 06, 2013 4:36 pm
You guys are good! I was lucky to think of 1. I'll come back if I can think of another.
Rayven, I look at your avatar and think "Queen Sparklebutt!"-Tam
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Sun Jan 06, 2013 4:46 pm
You know you play Zan when the sight of having 5 knights plus Blaze on at once gets you excited about seeing something big happening soon, even though it's just coincidence they are all on at once.
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Queen of the Realm
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Sun Jan 06, 2013 5:09 pm
You know you play Zan when... not only have I been attributed the same abilities as Santa Clause ... but even *I* question whether or not it's true! XD

[I'm always online though... and you never know when something big is going to happen around here!! XD eBil ]

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Sun Jan 06, 2013 5:34 pm
I seen that one XD made me laugh good.

You know you play zan when Bo runs through your thread tossin' her cloths off and steaks through your thread wiggling her butt.
Pro Lurker
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Sun Jan 06, 2013 5:37 pm
Lol I love that one Blaze!

BTW it is good to see you, even if I can really see you or not. ((response to your comment)) Wink

So does that mean when Easter rolls about we'll start seeing you in a bunny costume hiding eggs in our shops, and Zukie finding the eggs then throwing them at us?
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