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Dedicated Citizen
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Wed Dec 03, 2008 10:57 pm

Non-wings (2018-2021)
Collared Purple Cape
Collared Red Cape
Merfolk Top
Merfolk Diadem
Merfolk Cuff
Merfolk Sea
Merfolk Headspikes
Midnight Fade Top
Midnight Fade Bottoms
Midnight Fade Gloves
Midnight Fade Boots
Harvest Background
Autumn Grass
Yoricks Two-Tone Horns
Yoricks Two-Tone Tail
Yoricks Star
Yoricks Feathered Headdress
Yoricks Constellation
Yoricks Golden Halo
Yoricks Feather Staff
Candy Short Overalls
Candy Yellow Shirt
Candy Blue Bow
Candy Blue Headwreath
Candy Striped Socks
Candy Blue Boots
Candy Blue Belt
Summer White Rose Outfit
Summer White Rose Headwreath
Summer White Rose Choker
Summer White Rose Sleeves
Summer White Rose Bouquet
Dark Summer Rose Headwreath
Dark Summer Rose Bouquet
Dark Summer Rose Outfit
Dark Summer Rose Sleeves
Dark Summer Rose Choker
Blue Antennae
Deep Blue Antennae
Royal Purple Antennae
Teal Antennae
Bright Gold Antennae
Bright Red Antennae
Orange Antennae
Pink Antennae
Viney Ankles
Viney Hair Accent
Viney Hair Clip
Viney Attire
Viney Cover
Viney Halter
Llamacorn White Slippers
Surrounded by Llamacorn
Black Llamcorn Hat
Llamacorn White Hat
Llamacorn Black Slippers
Llamacorn Black (pet)
Llamacorn White (pet)
Llamacorn Teal Cape
Llamacorn Green Cape
Llamacorn Magenta Cape
Llamacorn Orange Cape
Llamacorn Purple Cape
Llamacorn Red Cape
Llamacorn Yellow Cape
Yoricks Holiday Hat
Yoricks Holiday Gloves
Yoricks Holiday Bottoms (gender specific pants/skirt)
Yoricks Holiday Coat
Yoricks Holiday Jacket
Yoricks Holiday Drum (pet)
Llamacorn Armored Top
Llamacorn Armored Skirt
Llamacorn Armored Shorts
Llamacorn Armored Boots
Llamacorn Armored Cape
Llamacorn Pair (pet)
Yellow Kohl Eyes
Polar Bear Scruff
Polar Bear Shorts
Time Mage Staff
Time Mage Hat
Time Mage Bracers
Time Mage Vestments
Jingle Jangle Striped Tunic
Jingle Jangle White Collar
Green Snowflake Blanket Wrap
Red Snowflake Blanket Wrap
Faeen Hooded Top
Faeen Pants
Faeen Boot
Sunny Belle Skirt
Sunny Belle Slip-ons
Sunny Belle Top
Breezy Belle Heels
Breezy Belle Skirt
Breezy Belle Top
Amethyst Curved Blade
Aquamarine Curved Blade
Peridot Curved Blade
Sapphire Curved Blade
Amethyst Glaive
Aquamarine Glaive
Peridot Glaive
Sapphire Glaive
Red Carnival Tail
Red Carnival Horns
Purple Carnival Horns
Purple Carnival Tail
Chinese Gold Headdress
Chinese Gold Tunic
Chinese Gold Overcoat
Chinese Gold Tabigeta
Chinese Peacock Headdress
Chinese Peacock Tunic
Chinese Peacock Overcoat
Chinese Peacock Sandals
Chinese Red Headdress
Chinese Red Long Tunic
Chinese Red Overwrap
Chinese Red Geta
Black Ice Armor Boots
Black Ice Armor Cape
Black Ice Curved Sword
Black Ice Armor Headdress
Black Ice Mace
Black Ice Armor Chestplate
Black Ice Armor Pants
White Ice Body Armor
White Ice Armor Gloves
White Ice Armored Shoes
White Ice Wand
White Ice Headpiece
White Ice Attack Fan
White Ice Collar Guard
Matte Arrow
Bound Blade
Champion Dagger
Sunny Llama Sunhat
Sunny Llama Slip-ons
Sunny Llama Tunic Dress
Lounging Llama
I-see-You Llama
Sleepy Llama
Taurus Green Belt
Taurus Green Horns
Taurus Green Tail
Taurus Green Vest
Taurus Green Wings
Taurus Green Wrap
Taurus Brown Belt
Taurus Brown Horns
Taurus Brown Tail
Taurus Brown Vest
Taurus Brown Wings
Taurus Brown Wrap
Moon Unicorn Horn
Dark Unicorn Horn
Pale Unicorn Horn
Green Unicorn Horn
Tan Unicorn Horn
Capricorn Club
Capricorn Ears
Capricorn Twisted Horns
Capricorn Staff
Capricorn Tail
Capricorn Pelt
Capricorn Blade
Capricorn Spiral Horns
Capricorn Pointed Horns
Capricorn Twin Blade
Patterned Green Cloak
Patterned Blue Cloak
Patterned Red Cloak
Tiered White Tip Wings
Tiered Blue Tip Wings
Tiered Green Tip Wings
Spiked Bronze
Bronze Spiked Dragon Tail
Spiked Bronze Yukata
Spiked Copper
Copper Spiked Dragon Tail
Spiked Copper Yukata
Iced Metallic Spikes
Iced Metallic Spiked Dragon Tail
Iced Metallic Yukata
Amethyst Crystal Scepter
Amethyst Crystal Halo
Amethyst Crystal Axe
Amethyst Crystal Sword
Amethyst Crystal Wand
Aquarius Hairclip
Aquarius Pitcher
Aquarius Pitcher Hat
Aquarius Toga
Decantered (pet)
Big Rainbow Horns
Rainbow Dinky Horns
Rainbow Spike Mohawk
Rainbow Mohawk
Pisces Ear Fins
Pisces Sleeves
Pisces Top
Pisces Bottoms
Aries Boots
Aries Horns
Aries Jacket
Aries Pants
Aries Shirt
Aries Diamond Staff
Aries Double Bladed Knife
Aries Diamond Warhammer
Aries Diamond Axe
Aries Diamond Scythe
Cliffs Edge
Aries Edge
(pet) Arietare
(pet) Erytis

  • Fake Diabolic Wings - Cherb
  • Gems
  • Any wings from 2012-2021
    Angel Shark Wings
    Angelic Demon Wings
    Azure Wings
    Banshee Aura
    Barn Owl Wings
    Bat Cookie Wings
    Beach MixedWing
    Beached Shark Wings
    Belled Blade
    Black Heart Wings
    Black Phoenix Wings
    Blaue Butterfly Wings
    Blue Airy Wings
    Blue Mini Wings
    Blue Purple Wings
    Blue Xmas Wings
    Blued Springling Wings
    BlueSky Feather Wings
    Bronze Spiked Wings
    Changeable Marks
    Copper Spiked Wings
    Crescent MiniWings
    Crescent Wings
    Dark Angel Flight
    Dark Springling Wings
    Dawning Wings
    Daybreak Wings
    Daylight Wings
    Double Yellow Wings
    Dusk Wings
    Earthy Virgo Wings
    Eidyll Glade Wings
    Eidyll Rose Wings
    Eidyll Sky Wings
    Electric Blue Tip Wings
    Emerald Flipper Dorsal
    Fake Diabolic Wings - Cherb
    Fall Dryad Branches
    Fall Fae Bough
    Fall Fledgling Wings
    Fall Wings
    FallFae Dusted Wings
    Foo Fae Wings
    Forest Feather Wings
    Garden Bloom Wings
    Garden Wings
    Gargoyle Wings
    Gilded Shark Wings
    Glo Wings
    Gloa Wings
    Gloen Wings
    Gold Airy Wings
    Green Airy Wings
    Green Blue Wings
    Green Dragon Wings
    Green Mini Wings
    Green Xmas Wings
    Greened Springling Wings
    Heavens Wings
    Iced Metallic Spiked Wings
    Inferno Demon Wings
    Inferno Devil Wings
    Inferno Imp Wings
    Iris Fairy Wings
    Jingle Jangle Mini Wings
    Jolly Green Wings
    Large Crescent Wings
    Large Solar Wings
    Large Stellar Wings
    Large Water Diablo Wings
    Magical Blue Heart
    Matrix Emerald Wings
    Matrix Shark Wings
    Meadow Wings
    Medium Dark Angel Wings
    Medium Water Diablo Wings
    Merfolk Waterwings
    Metallic Wings
    Midnight Wings
    Mini Bone Wings
    Mini Dark Angel Wings
    Mini Water Diablo Wings
    MintGreen Feather Wings
    Monarch Wings
    Multi-Cool Insect Wings
    Multi-Green Insect Wings
    Multi-Warm Insect Wings
    Nightfall Wings
    Nightmare Wings
    NoveFae Wings
    Opal Shark Wings
    Opalescent Wings
    Orchid Butterfly Wings
    Pasture Wings
    Peppermint Wings
    Pixie Wings
    Prairie Wings
    Rainbow Fairy Wings
    Rainbow Wings
    Rainforest MixedWing
    Red Magenta Wings
    Red Mini Wings
    Ruby Crab Wings
    Scarlet Feather Wings
    Silver Airy Wings
    Silver Mini Wings
    Single Black Insect Wings
    Single Blue Insect Wings
    Single Deep Blue Insect Wings
    Single Gold Insect Wings
    Single Gray Insect Wings
    Single Orange Insect Wings
    Single Pink Insect Wings
    Single Purple Insect Wings
    Single Red Insect Wings
    Single Teal Insect Wings
    Single White Insect Wings
    Sky Feather Wings
    Sky Wings
    Sleepy Orange Wings
    Solar MiniWings
    Solar Wings
    Spiderweb Wings
    Spithra Ascent
    Spooky Orange Wings
    Spooky Purple Wings
    Spriggan Wings
    Spring Dryad Branches
    Spring Green Wings
    Spring Hatchling Wings
    Springling Branch Wings
    Springling Lilac Wings
    Springling Lush Wings
    Springling Opal Wings
    Springling Wings
    Sprite Wings
    Steel Gray Wings
    Stellar MiniWings
    Stellar Wings
    Summer Azure Wings
    Summer Nestling Wings
    Sunny Virgo Wings
    Sunrise Scaled Wings
    Sunrise Wings
    Sunset Scaled Wings
    Sylph Wings
    Tan Wings
    Tattered Blood Bat Wings
    Taurus Brown Wings
    Taurus Green Wings
    Tempest Shark Wings
    Tiered Blue Tip Wings
    Tiered Electric Wings
    Tiered Green Tip Wings
    Tiered White Tip Wings
    Tinker Wings
    Twilight Wings
    Uni Araneae Wings
    Uni Osseus Wings
    Uni Sanguinem Wings
    Verdant Springling Wings
    Verdure Shoots Viceroy Wings
    Violet Feather Wings
    Voltaic Wings
    Wicked Pumpkin Wings
    Wings of the Fallen
    Winter Full Wings
    Yang Wing
    Yin Wing
    Yin Yang Wings
    Yoricks Geared Flight
    Yoricks Resplendence
    Yoricks Sparkly Two-Tone Wings
    Yoricks Two-Tone Wings
    Zantarni Gold Wings
    Zebra Swallowtail Wings
    Zephyr Wings

Selling/Trade-ables <-- needs to be verified
Sets can be broken up.
DIs + Higher EIs
  • Abraxas Wings : Blue, Gold
  • AirFae
  • Alchemy Cloak
  • Animated Wing Set
  • Anubis : Mask
  • Artificial Wings
  • Aqua Pearl : Bow, Sword
  • Bat Mask (Halloween)
  • Black Devil Tail
  • Bluebird Set
  • Bone Spear
  • Brown Hawk
  • Cardinal Set
  • Celestial Collar, Staff, Sword, Wings
  • Cloaks :: Enchanted : Red ||Hooded : White || Royal :Teal || Unhooded : Blue, Red
  • Cyclops : Head, Tattered Top
  • Darkfea Set
  • Dragon Arms
  • Dragon Dress : Gold
  • Dragon Wings : Pink
  • Dragon Set : Shadow, Winter, Yorick
  • Druidic Set
  • Falcon : Arrow, Bow, Top
  • FireFae
  • Fumashuriken
  • Golden Peace
  • Golden Serpent Bow
  • Half Cape : Green, Silver, Red
  • Hornguard : Axe, Bow, Sword
  • Hypothermia
  • Ice Dragon Set
  • Ice Dragon Hunter Set
  • Knights Tempered : Blue
  • Leaf Wings : Gold, Natural
  • Lightfae Set
  • Magical Eye : Blue, Gold, Pink
  • Male Pharaoh : Sandals
  • Mechanical Wings : Silver
  • Mermaid Set (New) : Pink Set
  • Mermaid Set (Original) : Blue Set (minus wings) ||| Pink Set
  • Naga Tail : Albino, Gold
  • Nightmare Sword
  • Petal : Bottom, Bracer, Hat, Guards
  • Red Devil
  • Samurai Sword
  • Skull : Gold set, Shoulder Pads
  • Starry : Belt, Hat, Mask, Slippers
  • Sweet Death
  • Ulgne : Axe
  • Xmas Horns
  • Xmas Wings
  • Warrior Helm set
  • White Armor Set
  • Yoricks : Mini, Silver
  • Zantosaurus : Black(orig)

EIs + SS <-- needs to be verified

  • 2010 :: Steel Set, Teal Set, White Set
  • Beach Set
  • Berry Set
  • Bunny Ears
  • Caged Glendors
  • Casanova : Pink Set ||| Red Set
  • Cloak : Blue Brown Headless
  • Cupid
  • Cupid Weapons: Pink Set ||| Red - Bow, Staff
  • Dao
  • Dead Chestplate
  • Dead Sword
  • Ducks in a Row
  • Eidyll : Faewings (purple), Eidyll Starflower, Tops (Blue), Idyll Flower Staff, Flower Trellis, Drupi Pink Flower
  • Flag Set
  • Frozen Set
  • Glendors : ask
  • Halloween Pets : Bat Pet, Ghost Pet, Hissing Cat, Raven, Undead Dragon, Wise Owl
  • Headless : Axe ||| Clothing Set
  • Hollyberry Wings
  • Jack Jack
  • Lady Ann : Pink - Jacket, Top ||| Red - Jacket, Top
  • Lizard Spine Bow
  • Love Aches
  • Luna
  • Mask : Raven, Mummy, Undead
  • Moon Set
  • Naga : Black Striped, Green, Sharptail
  • Orbs : Lvl 1 Fire " pants ||| Lvl 2 Fire : Bow, Pants ||| Lvl 4 Water Top
  • Pinked Ink
  • Prism Eyes
  • Pumpkin Lateran
  • Robe de Magique
  • Shard Dragger
  • Sharlou :: Wings : Black, Red ||| Horns
  • Sheep : Gold, Rainbow
  • Spring :: Male : Bottom, Top ||| Female : Bottom
  • Spring 2011 : Pets :Bunny (Gold, Spotted, White), Ladybug, Butterfly (Purple, Red, Teal, Gold, Yellow), Headband (Pale Butterfly, Red Butterfly, Red Ladybug, Gold Ladybug), Curly Antenna, Ladybug (Antenna, Boots, Helmet, Pants, Shell Wings, Skirt, Sword, Wrap), Ladybird (Antenna, Boots, Helmet, Kilt, Shell Wings, Sword, Wrap), Insect Wings
  • Snowman Pet
  • St.Pattys : Clothing Set 2009
  • Starburst Set
  • Star Set
  • Squire Tunic
  • Time Set
  • Trick or Treat Set
  • Turnips Glendors
  • Twin Xmas Peak
  • Twinkle
  • Valentines Dress
  • Weapon : Dagger, Pistol, Pitchfork, Torch
  • White Nightmare Cloak
  • Wings of Death : Orange
  • Winter 2010 EI : Silver (Chalice, Drinking Horn, Flame Circlet, Wax Candle), Snowfall, Wintertide ( Belt, Wand, Circlet, Cloak, Swirl Necklace, Kor Necklace), Frosted Headdress, Winter Crown, Winterburst Necklace, Winters Light, Gold (Drinking Horn, Flame Circlet, Wax Candle, Chalice), Bit of Mistletoe, Deep Snow Hat, Sprig of Holly
  • Witch : Broom, Cauldron

Item Update list
Art Update list

Pook wrote:
Bah... Yoari luv is priceless duh.
Echolisa wrote:
Pook is right ^^ Yoari love IS priceless xD

Bar Update

  • First Bar! Love ya Beri!!! <3

  • 5 bars from Tal!
  • 1 fancy one from Strag!
  • New censor bar from Betty!

  • Another bar from Mouy!

  • Pervy bar from Sen Wink

With all those bars lets get ready to have a (knight-free) paaaaaaaarty!!!
*hides thread behind a bar*
NOoOoOo Blaze has invaded past the bars!

Thread revived

Last edited by Yoari on Tue Jun 22, 2021 4:25 am; edited 552 times in total
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Wed Dec 03, 2008 11:11 pm
*Loves on Yoari* <33
My Bribe Art Shop
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Dedicated Citizen
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Wed Dec 03, 2008 11:13 pm

  • Anonymous : Blue Kraqu, Crystal Water Orb, orb set minus dark
  • Asteria : Winter red shirt
  • Ayashino : Gold Trim Boots
  • Blatch : 2.5k
  • Blazestorm : Gem
  • Blue Jay : 14 xmas 2010 items
  • CrossEyedBunny : 25k
  • [Dead.Angel] : 3.3M
  • Death : Bow of Hornguard
  • DragonBlaz : Sweet Death
  • Dragostae : Dark Angel Wings
  • Ebby : Dinky Blue Horns, Dinky Green Horns
  • Echolisa : Cherry Blossom, Gold, Red, White Obi, 200k
  • Flaming Triforce : Winterwarmth Angel
  • Fridy : Sword of Hornguard, Axe of Ugle, Black Hooded Cloak and tons of other stuff from DI to common
  • Glassy : Peacock Wand, Yellow Dragon Dress, Fierce Staff, Blue/Pink/Purple Magical Eyes, Orange Wings of Death, Light wizard set, Dark wizard set, Green cloak for wizards
  • Giving Tree : Shamrock Corset
  • Karla Taki : Red Sweetheart Corset, White Heart Black Slippers
  • kat : Crowning Glory, 150k
  • King Nibbles : 15k, Yoricks, Purple Cloak, Marian Skirt
  • Inspire : Severance
  • Lantis : X-mas Wings, Glaze, Moon Mask, Artificial Wings, Mini Phoenix Wings
  • Lanyer : 15k, Creepy Spider,Dead Sword, Red Cupid Bow
  • Liliac Eclipse : Silver domestic cat
  • LisaLotte : Baby Fairie Yellow
  • Ivy : Fake Angel Wings, All Faun Legs, Eidyllion Tunic
  • Mallykun : 3 Ceremonial Daggers
  • Mel : Blue Cloak, Starry Belt, Starry Mask
  • Miko : Marian Top, Angel Scythe, Starry Basket
  • Miss Sarah : Black Pirate Hat
  • mockturtletears : Kabuki Makeup
  • Mouy : 2M
  • Mungo Boo : Shard Bow, Red Zantro
  • Nuruhanj : Clover fall, Clover cirlce
  • patchychan : Silver Magical Eye
  • Pengy : Witches Cauldron, Wise Old Owl, Silver Dragon Wings, and Tiki Torch, Frozen Wings, Frozen belt, Commons
  • Pineapple : Eye patch
  • Phoenix : Fire Orb, Big Red Horns, some commons
  • Pook : Spectrum Faewings
  • Raechel : Green Unhooded Cloak
  • Rag Doll : Skull Armor Belt
  • Rali : 2 gems
  • Rhyldrin : Commons
  • Rose-Lie : Gold Dinky Horns, Dinky Green Horns, Red Trousers
  • Scarz : Bullwhip
  • ShuggaMagnolia : Baby Gryffe Blue
  • silverygit : Jungle Pants, Leaf Boots, Pink Leaf Wings
  • SOAD : Big Blue Horns
  • Strawberry13 : Red Dinkys, Dark Armour Pants, Frostbite
  • Squirrel Hybrid : 200k
  • Synthetic-Dreamer : Tons of commons
  • Talous : Green, Purple, Brown Kraqus
  • Tian : Light Green Fairy Wings
  • Tisiel : Gipsy dress
  • Trio House (Aya, Max, Aeq) : Moon Mask, Starry Belt, 10k, Xmas Horns
  • Ugh first aid : Big Bronze Horns
  • wildwood_flower : Elven Top
  • x-holy-cross-x : Brown Hawk, Brown Kraqu
  • xXVietAngelXx : Raw steel, Apple
  • Zahtix : Red Maid Dress, 1k, Pumpkin Shoes, Elf Moon Pants, Skull Armor Boots
  • Zaphy : Dragon Spine Bow, 26k

Soul Update

  • Bought Lantis's soul
  • Donated Celestrya's soul
  • Heart Heart

Last edited by Yoari on Mon Oct 24, 2011 1:39 am; edited 10 times in total
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Thu Dec 04, 2008 1:29 am
*luffles* *w* hello!

^^^ please help my eggies? ;w; ^^^

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Dedicated Citizen
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Thu Dec 04, 2008 1:32 am
Alectio: one
Angelic Goddess : one
animelove : one, two
Bedlam : one
Benevolent Rose : one
BettyxMe : one, two (holiday)
BlazeStorm : one, two (holiday), three (holiday), four (holiday), five, six
Blind_Phoenix : one, two, three, four, five
Calea : one, two
.:.Destruction.:. : one
Emy : one (holiday)
iEdward : one
Innie : one
Ishu : one
Karla Taki : one (lines), one (no lines)
kat : one, two, three, four, five, six
kawariko : one
King Nibbles : one, two, three
Kittiesama : one
Kpop_junki : one
LadyCopperFoxx : one
LadyIce : one
Lantis : one
Lika : one
Luciferical Genius : one
Luipi : one, two
Mallymkun12 : one
Me : one
Mikochan : one
Minamimori : one
MintFrosting : one
Moar : one, two (gift from Sen)
MungoBoo : one
Neko Athena : one
Nen : one
Nester : one
Nexess : one
Omote : one
'phoenix' : one
ReignRoses : one
Rose-lie : one
Sailor Celestial : one
Satzuni : one, two
SirSteffox : one
Shouku : one, two, three, four, five, six
Tisiel : one, two (holiday), three (holiday)
Toxic Rainbow' : one
TurtleSensei : one, two, three, four, five, six (holiday), seven
UMSC : one
WishingMoon : one, two, three

Last edited by Yoari on Wed Oct 19, 2011 4:17 am; edited 25 times in total
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Thu Dec 04, 2008 1:35 am
I want your pants...well the ones you're selling.

"Too misfit for even the misfits, I belong to an army of people who have gone through the same trials and tribulations I have"---Jinxx

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Dedicated Citizen
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Thu Dec 04, 2008 1:40 am

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Thu Dec 04, 2008 1:43 am
:3 NP! >w< I wanna help!

^^^ please help my eggies? ;w; ^^^

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Dedicated Citizen
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Thu Dec 04, 2008 1:44 am
Oh and you do Ugh Wink

thread would die without luff givers

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Thu Dec 04, 2008 1:49 am
I don't really have anything but gems...

"Too misfit for even the misfits, I belong to an army of people who have gone through the same trials and tribulations I have"---Jinxx

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Dedicated Citizen
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Thu Dec 04, 2008 1:50 am
Yeah not selling for 6 gems XD

sorry <<

Tian like that item so I kind to trade it to her unless I get a good offer

Reply with quote
Thu Dec 04, 2008 1:55 am
Yea...didn't think so...

Good luck my love!

"Too misfit for even the misfits, I belong to an army of people who have gone through the same trials and tribulations I have"---Jinxx

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Dedicated Citizen
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Thu Dec 04, 2008 1:56 am
yes and good luck with the gems love!

God I didn't notice that even though the shop items are cheap they take a nice hit on our wallet

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Thu Dec 04, 2008 2:00 am
I'm sure some people will be biting soon.

"Too misfit for even the misfits, I belong to an army of people who have gone through the same trials and tribulations I have"---Jinxx

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Thu Dec 04, 2008 2:01 am
>w< *luffles more* OwO I wish I had something your looking for ;w;

^^^ please help my eggies? ;w; ^^^

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