Wolf Journey
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Thu Apr 09, 2015 12:00 am
I'm not sure where I'm going with this, but I wanted to start writing again. I haven't been able to while I was in school, and now that I can, I can't seem to find that creative part of me again :/ For the moment, this is just a little practice - I plan to partake in NaNoWriMo this year, and I have no ideas Sad

Comments, questions, corrections, critique - all are welcome :3


Chapter 1

Tired, golden eyes searched the clear skies. He had been traveling for so long and so far, he had not the faintest idea where he was. The raven who had been guiding him was nowhere to be seen, so he laid down and began licking the sore and bruised pads of his feet. The forest was peaceful and serene as the birds sang and smaller creatures rustled about. His heart felt heavy as he was reminded of his own home and knew that it was no more. Before he got too lost in memories, a sharp caw startled him back to the present. A large, black raven had landed in front of him.

“Lazy wolf!” It cawed angrily. “We must keep going!”
“How much further?” He answered as he struggled to his feet.
“Too many questions!” Without another word, the raven took flight, once again leading Moon further into the forest.

He liked Tabitha even though she could be a little odd at times. She never told him why, she always told him that he must. Which is how he found himself far from his homeland and not knowing where he was going or why he needed to go. There was no denying the urgency Tabitha had for him to get wherever it was he was going, so Moon pressed on, putting one paw in front of the other.

By the time the afternoon was turning into evening, Moon was so exhausted and delirious from hunger and fatigue, he gave into his body’s wishes and collapsed onto the cool Earth. Tabitha’s pace was not relentless, but they had been going without rest for the past two days.

“Moon must keep going!” She cawed from above him. The raven took perch on a tree branch above Moon.
“Tabitha,” he sighed. “I’m tired, I’m thirsty, and I don’t have any strength to find food for myself.”
“Moon does not have to find food.” The bird cawed down to the exhausted wolf.
“I need rest.” Moon spoke in a low voice, too tired to argue with the stubborn raven.

Tabitha simply cawed at him in annoyance before gliding down and landing so she was in front of the grey wolf.
“Come, wolf!” She hopped closer to him so that she was directly in front of him. When Moon did not reply, she gave him a sharp peck on his muzzle.
“Hey!” He growled and snapped his teeth at her. Unafraid, Tabitha simply hopped back a couple of steps and flapped her wings at him.

The two of them stared at each other in silence for what seemed like a long time. Suddenly, Tabitha took flight and flew off to who knew where. Moon craned his neck, gazing after her as she flew away. He sighed and rested his muzzle on his front paws. He was too fatigued, sore and hungry to wonder if she was going to come back. Within seconds, his eyes had closed and he drifted off to sleep.

He found himself with the rest of his pack at what used to be his home. Excited puppy yipping came from the clearing in front of the den as they wrestled and tumbled over each other. Most of the pack was out hunting, while Meadow stayed and watched the pups. Moon turned to the left of the clearing as he heard the pack return. Somewhere in his mind, he knew that something bad was coming, but he pushed it aside, wanting to feel the peace of being back home with his pack. His eye caught the dark shape of Tabitha as she returned with the pack and landed on a fallen log. She had been a friend to his pack for quite some time. Just when Moon was beginning to relax, the serene moment turned into a nightmare. Without warning, there were loud sounds followed by yips and howls of pain.

“Dreaming wolf sleeps too long!” Tabitha’s sharp caw pulled him out of his dream.

Moon jerked awake, and only after his heart had slowed down did he remember where he was. He let out a long breath. It was only one of many nightmares he had had of that day. Fear and panic had taken hold of everyone, and try as the might to stay together, Moon had gotten separated from his pack. He had run so far, he had found himself in part of the forest he had not known. It wasn't until Tabitha had found him and she had told him ‘hunters’, had he realized what had happened. He had no idea if everyone else had managed to stay together or even if they were safe.
When his breathing returned to normal, his mouth was suddenly filled with saliva at the wonderful smell entering his nose. Moon looked at the raven and saw a long strip of meat hanging from her long and gnarled beak. She set it down in front of him.

“Moon does not have to find food.” She repeated as he swallowed the tiny morsel in one gulp. It was enough motivation for him to find his feet once more.
The raven led him through the forest for a short period of time before he came to a ravine and saw where the bird had gotten the meat from. Moon padded up to the carcass of a small deer and immediately began eating his fill.
“Moon did not have to worry about food.” Tabitha landed next to him. It wasn't until had had eaten as much as his stomach could hold and he was resting comfortably in nearby brush that he realized that this had been what Tabitha had been crowing about. Somehow, she had known there was food here. As he drifted off to sleep for the night, he wondered what else the raven knew.
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