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Tue Aug 16, 2022 7:54 pm
Posssible Rares I'm Selling :
angel scythe
pirate sword
frost bite
skull shoulderpads
black phoenix wings
dragon wings
nightmare bow
green cloak
red cloak
gold trim boots
big pink horns
phoenix wings
witch mask
halloween bat mask
winter 06 starry hat
winter 06 starry slippers
big orange horns
dinky orange horns
gold skull ribcage
gold skull shoulders
gold skull helm
gold skull shoes
gold skull belt
gold skull pants
Yorick mini wings
full druid cloak
dragon bone wings
curly bronze horns
black halloween cloak
pumpkin hat
pumpkin shoes
blue magical eye
xmas horns
twin xmas peaks
xmas ruby
crowning glory
devils pitch fork
blue ribbon hat
green ribbon choker
blue ribbon choker
holly cloak
sky wings
rose wings
ashen phoenix wings
frosted silver shoes
frosted silver shirt
frosted silver pants
firefae staff
firefae sandles
firefae headband
firefae gloves
firefae tunic
hooded white cloak
mechanical brown wings
shard weapons(all)

Main Questies:
My Questies:
******Gold Dinkies
*****Black Flower Top
*****Red Flower Top
****Red Heart Top
Crystal Dark Orb
Dark Orb
Happy Mask
Enchanted Black Silk Cloak
Enchanted Blue Silk Cloak
Enchanted Red Silk Cloak
Sub Zero Top
Natural Leaf Wings
Hooded White Cloak
Black Sharlou
White Sharlou
Blue Sharlou
Autumn Glow
Yorick's Splendor
Yorick's Grace
Yorick's Fury
Crystalline Belt
Elegantly Ribboned
Accented Ribbons
Boldly Ribboned
Fairytail Female Set (have some of it)
Spithra Set
Dark Rarebit
Inferno Wing Set
Spectrum Wings
Yorick 2015 sets
Leather pirate hat
Conquistador artillery set
Yorick slendor set
Yorick grace set
Yorick fury set
Aurora set
Dark twilight set
Second aurora set

*Items with stars are first priority!
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Help me get my dream avatar!
Still Needed: Gold DInkies, black flower Top!
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