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Tue Sep 08, 2020 5:09 pm


The story of Samantha, the cat ghost, has often been forgotten. She doesn't show herself very much anymore, but woe to those whom she visits. Some say she is a demon, but those people don't know the true story.

Long ago, in a small village far away, there was a cat named Samantha. Samantha was a beautiful, black cat with piercing golden eyes that belonged to no one. She roamed the streets, and even ventured into the forest. Some thought she was a witch's familiar. For sometimes, she would stare directly at you, and it was as if she was peering into your very soul.

Unfortunately, during that time, it was not as safe for black cats. Many thought they were bad luck and needed to be driven away, especially when All Hallows' Eve approached. As people turned more cruel toward cats, black cats in particular, odd things started happening. A pumpkin would be knocked over, paw prints with scratches would be found on doors, a dead rodent or bird would be left on doorsteps. Things like that. I'm sure those things were meant as a warning for the people, but it only served to scare them more into thinking black cats were evil.

One day, the town tried to run Samantha out, and it did not go well. She hissed and yowled at them, but they continued to push her out with a broom. At last, she turned her back on them and walked into the forest, but it was not the last of her. Every night, she prowled into the town, leaving more warnings and causing more destruction. She did not concern herself with staying hidden. No, she wanted the village to see her, because every night she returned, she brought more cats with her. She had gathered all of the cats that had been run out of the village, and they were all seeking their revenge.

The village became afraid when the sun went down. No longer did anyone stay out when it grew dark, and every window was closed at night.

Their terror continued on for quite awhile, before one night, Samantha and her fellow felines found a bowl of milk outside of a door. She sniffed at it, and determined it was safe. Her brethren lapped up all of the milk while she took none for herself. No, she was watching over them, to make sure they stayed safe. That night, they did not cause any destruction to that home.

It wasn't long before more villagers began placing bowls of milk and food out each night for the cats, and as it was with the first one, anyone who left gifts to the cats were spared from their wrath.

As the time of All Hallows' Eve passed, the cats left the village in peace, and returned to the forest, with Samantha watching over them. And while the cats left them in peace, some villagers still reported seeing Samantha pad through the village, but she did not cause any destruction. Many were certain she was keeping her watchful eyes on them.

Over the years, people swore they began seeing Samantha as a wispy ghost. And each year, when All Hallows' Eve approached, Samantha and her cats would appear again, causing mischief and destruction, until the people left them gifts and offerings.

Indeed, this has been occurring for much longer than the lifespan of a cat, but Samantha is still seen from time to time, paroling the village, ensuring the people are never again cruel to her fellow cats.
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