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Thu Nov 19, 2020 6:13 pm
Hello Lovlies and Lads
Testing.. testing.. *tip taps the microphone*

Thank you for finding your way into this corner of The Realm Heart Its a one size fits all sorta place and I'll do my best to keep the cob webs swept up and out of the way for you. Feel free to hang out here and chat! I am very friendly and the doors are always welcome to new comers! We are primarily a shop, but I will have my quest list available and all forms of conversation are welcome here!

[ The Wears ]
I have no idea what the going rate for items are these days, but I'll atleast start by making a happy list of what I have available for barter.


Frosted Silver Cloak
Frosted Green Cloak
Frosted Gold Cloak
Frosted Cranberry Cloak
Winter Cowl
Rune Cloak
Ghostly Baron Cloak
Royal Silver Cloak
Royal Gold Cloak
Cloak of Royalty
Ladybug Wrap
Ladybird Wrap
Snowfall Cloak
Wintertide Cloak
Druid Black Full Cloak
Druid Black Half Cloak
Druid Brown Full Cloak
Druid Brown Half Cloak
Druid White Full Cloak
Druid White Half Cloak


White Scarecrow Belt
Two Scars Mask
Rarebit Eyes
Pumpkin Flower Scarf
Pumpkin Flower Belt
Green Scarecrow Belt
Fanged Mask
Diabolic Yellow Eyes
Diabolic Orange Eyes
Burlap Scarecrow Mask
Brown Scarecrow Belt
Silver Ruffelen Curls
Liontaur Shoulders
Black Ruffelen Curls
Dicha Mask
Wintertide Swirl Necklace
Vampire Mask
Shamrock Half Apron
Shamrock Bow Tie
Orange Cats Eyes
Ebony Gold Pendant
Golden Starfish Belt
Silver Gilded Belt
Frosted Cranberry Belt
Bell Belt
Collar Chime
Skele-Jackal Mask
Skele-Cat Mask
Ghostly Baron Cumberbun
Bone Mask
Possessed Zombie Eyes
Possessed Phantasm Eyes
Possessed Ghoul Eyes
Possessed Ghost Eyes
Fairytale Gem Belt
Fairytale Belt
Shamrock Belt
Prism Eyes
Knotted Necklace
Clover Sash
Lucky Sash
Undead Mask
Faith Beads
Power Beads
Justice Beads
Revelers Beads
Fools Sash
Eidyll Petals
Eidyll Bud Belt
Eidyll Belt
Amore Sash
Gold Drinking Horn
Silver Drinking Horn
Wintertide Kor Necklace
Winterburst Necklace
Wintertide Belt
Winters Ice
WitchDoc Black Fuzzy Belt
WitchDoc White Fuzzy Belt
Dark Wood Bead Belt
Dark Wood Bead Necklace
Ghost Glendor Mask
Pumpkin Glendor Mask
Bone Necklace
WhoDo Belt Red
WhoDo Belt Green
WhoDo Belt Teal
WhoDo Belt
Druid Tears
Shamans Intent
Druid Dots
Shaman Stripes
Spring Bud


Spithra Gold Crown
Spithra Dark Crown
White Scarecrow Hat
Pumpkin Top Hat
Phantasmal Skull Cap
Jack Face
Green Scarecrow Hat
Brown Scarecrow Hat
Bleached Skull Cap
Beautiful Wig -
Princess Wig
Prince Wig
Liontaur Guise
Beautiful Beastess
Beautiful Beast
Quackers -
Golden Sea Crown -
Blue Hair Bow -
Yoricks Accent -
Dart Frog Hat -
Bullfrog Hat -
Curly Bronze Horns -
Curly Bone Horns -
Winter Bells Hat
SilverBell Headband
Frosted Red Headband
Frosted Green Headband
Feather Hat
Box Hat
White Baron Cap
Black Baron Cap
Ghostly Baron Cap
Stalwart Miter
Stalwart Bronze Miter
Princely Silver Coif
Princely Gold Coif
Fairytale Coif
Fairytale Cap
Christmas Hat -
Red Butterfly Headband
Curly Antennae
Ladybug Antennae
Pale Butterfly Headband
Ladybird Antennae
Gold Ladybug Headband
Red Ladybug Headband
Bunny Ears
Angry Fox Mask -
Spring Clover Hat
Clover in the Hair
2010 Turquoise Ciclet -
2010 Steel Circlet -
2010 White Circlet -
Revelers Hat -
Revelers Tin Crown
Lenes Violet Flower -
Taupe Faun Ears
Pink Faun Ears
Green Faun Ears
Eidyll Starflower
Eidyll Diadem
Brown Faun Ears
Blue Faun Ears
Gentleman Black Hat -
2010 Turquoise Hat
2010 Steel Hat
Gold Flame Circlet -
Silver Flame Circlet -
Deep Snow Hat -
Wintertide Circlet -
Winter Crown -
Frosted Headdress -
Four Point Antlers
Light Twig Antlers
Curved Antlers
WitchDoc Black Hat
WitchDoc Skull Hat
WitchDoc White Hat
Ghost Glendor Hat
Pumpkin Glendor Hat


Denglong -
Brown Mouse -
Possessed Pumpkins
Dark Rarebit
Rene Draconem -
Fire Dragonette -
Gold Bunny -
Spotted Bunny
Purple Butterfly -
Gold Butterfly -
Red Butterfly
Yellow Butterfly
Teal Butterfly
White Bunny
White Sheep
Gold Sheep
Black Face Sheep
Air Dragonette
Rainbow Sheep
Black Sheep -
Wulfie -
Baby Fairie Yellow -
Baby Fairie Violet
Baby Fairie Red
Baby Fairie Pink
Baby Fairie Orange
Baby Fairie Green
Baby Fairie Blue
Baby Fairie Brown -
Gobbler -
Pumpkin Glendor
Ghostly Glendor
Cupid Hearts -


Spithra Limbs
Spithra Ascent
Whispering Wings
Purple MiniWings
Lilac MiniWings
SilverBell Wings
Light Feather Wings
Insect Wings
Ladybug Shell Wings
Ladybird Shell Wings
FaeWings Purple
FaeWings Magenta
FaeWings Green
FaeWings Blue
Dragon Bone Wings
Gold Trimmed Wings


Pumpkin Patch
Castle Window
Castle Step
Peppermint Bells
Hanging Swirl Bells
Falling SilverBells
Bronze Bell Pole
Silver Bell Pole
Blood Moon
Protective Orbs
Cloudy Moon
Spell Dais
Night Castle
Day Castle
Clover Circle
Nola Gas Lamp -
Flower Trellis
Snowfall -
Winters Light -
Bit of Mistletoe -
Tray of Candles


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Thu Nov 19, 2020 6:13 pm
[ The Wants ]
Mostly what I am looking to acquire these days. I have a lot to dig through so Im not sure how fast this will get updated xD

Moth Wings (both)


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Dedicated Citizen
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Fri Nov 20, 2020 2:22 am
Good luck with your shop, Bob! Very Happy

I'm sure I'll find something I want to buy. I'll take a better look tomorrow.
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Fri Nov 20, 2020 3:54 am
Thank you Rayven!! Im not even done putting all the items up for sale xD T -T
But its an OVERWHELMING amount of items, so no worries. I wanted to add thumb nails so that its easier to piece through, but thats going to take some TIME thunk thunk
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Queen of the Realm
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Sat Nov 21, 2020 1:54 pm
That's the thing about our little Realm - we've been around so long, there are lots and lots... and LOTS of items!! XD

Good luck with your shop, Bob Yes

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Dedicated Citizen
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Sat Nov 21, 2020 9:37 pm
I'm back. Very Happy How much do you want for these items?

Spotted Bunny
Gold Butterfly
Yellow Butterfly
Revelers Hat
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Tue Nov 24, 2020 9:10 pm
Blaze These are facts xD Thank you so much!

Rayven Hellooo!! Haha let me go and check which those are real quick lol
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Dedicated Citizen
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Wed Nov 25, 2020 12:00 am
No problem. Very Happy
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