Riley the Wolfling
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Sun May 17, 2020 7:41 pm

Riley the Wolfling

Enough time had passed where she didn't often find herself thinking of home anymore. But occasionally, something would remind her of her forest and her family, and she would find herself longing to return. But she knew that was not possible.

Riley returned to picking apples from her tree and tried not to think about her home in the Fflordth Forest with the other wolves, but today her thoughts lingered on what had happened.

"Riley, leave the humans to themselves." The Alpha had told her. "No good will come from exploring that curiosity of yours. Their ways are not our ways, and they will only bring danger to us."

She had heard this many times before, not only from the Alpha, but from the whole pack. And try as she could, she wasn't long before she couldn't resist giving in to her curiosity. This time, she had been caught watching some humans from the nearby town. While she had not interacted with them, the pack feared that she would be seen, and then the humans would be fearful enough to hunt them all down. Riley was young enough to not truly understand where their fear came from, but she tried to abide by the rules.

"Yes, Forest Heart." Riley answered. She wanted to do as she had been told, but she feared her curiosity was stronger. More importantly though, she wanted to obey the Alpha, since this was her adopted pack.

Months passed without incident. Riley had been able to stay away from the humans even though she still felt drawn to them. It wasn't until one morning she heard cries of pain. Without thinking first, she shifted to her wolf and raced through the forest, toward the sounds of distress. She jumped over logs and flew through brush without stopping, and suddenly found herself in a small clearing, staring at a human boy.

They stared at each other for a moment before the smell of blood hit her nose, and again without thinking, she shifted back to her human form. Riley was suddenly aware of what she had just done when the boy gasped in surprise. While the boy was still processing what she was, she looked at the boy's foot that was caught in a metal trap. She had seen them before and she knew how to help. Without a word, she picked up a rock and a thick stick and approached the boy.

"Stay away!" He yelled.

"I can help you." Riley told him. And before he could protest, she was right beside him, using the stick and the rock to pry open and hold the metal teeth apart just enough so that the boy could free himself.

The moment he was free, he hobbled as fast as he could away from her, in the direction of the town.

Riley sighed as she looked at her almost filled basket of apples. The rest was history. The boy had told the town's people about her, and many people had gone into the forest to look for her. She had allowed herself to be seen again, and had let them chase her out of the forest, hoping that if they saw her leave, they wouldn't keep looking and find the others.

Afterward, she had tried to return to the pack, but they knew what she had done, and she was no longer welcomed among them. And so, she left. Her travels had brought her to Edingtol. The people there seemed friendly to her, and not many knew that she was a wolfling. But those that did know didn't chase her away, and so she called Edingtol her home for the time being.
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