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Dedicated Citizen
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Sat Dec 05, 2020 7:28 pm
I'm having a little existential crisis at the moment. How do you know who you are? When you change (because we all change throughout life), how do you relearn who you are? How connected is who you are with your purpose in life? What if the person you are is not who you want to bee? And all similar questions.
Would like to hear anyone's thoughts on the subject.[/code]
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Queen of the Realm
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Sat Dec 05, 2020 9:35 pm
Usually your friends and family, as well as your society and/or social and cultural groups help define "who you are" - your expectations, your morals, your likes and dislikes, etc.! This can be a good thing if you're looking to stay with the familiar and known and expected... or not if you're trying to change things about yourself or your life.

Ask yourself:
    Do you want to re-learn "who you are" at this point?

    Or do you want to reinvent yourself? Change? Grow?

Your purpose in life is to live a happy joyous life, doing those things that give you direction, a sense of accomplishment, and hopefully, joy. For many, this includes doing things to help others in one capacity or another, being creative, etc.

[is stopping here for the moment because I am distracted with iRL as well as Zan things ATM]
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Established Citizen
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Sun Dec 06, 2020 1:54 am

I am Tam, Tam I am. I like green eggs, but I don't like ham.

My parents didn't give me an ID, at least not a workable one. I didn't really know who I was til I was baptized by my own choice and became a child of God. But yeah. Now I am Tam. I have worked out who Tam is on my own with God's help.

Tam is a nerd. Tam is a princess. Tam is a friend. Tam is here to try and brighten the world, despite being rather a grouch herself a lot of the time.

Aaaand I'm also a babble brain, and I'm not sure my reply is any good to you at all. So here's another *hug*.
I am Tam. Tam I am, I like green eggs but I don't like ham.

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Dedicated Citizen
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Sun Dec 06, 2020 12:39 pm
Riley, I'm sorry to hear you're going through this, but I think most of us do at some point. *hugs* And I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing, although, it may feel like it at the time. This will bring you closer to the person you're supposed to be.

I like Queen Blaze's perspective. I would like to add that maybe you could talk to someone in your life that knows you really well and ask them who they think you are. It might help you "see" yourself in a different light and remind you of important things you may have forgotten.

I also like Tam's reply. (You did a great job, Tam. <3) Sometimes we have to decide who we want to be and, like Tam, I have found a peace after getting right with God. I understand that religion isn't right for everyone, but maybe you have other things you find meaning in that can help you.

Personally, when I've felt this way I was always in a really bad place because of high stress, bad relationships, abuse, etc. And I always wind up blowing up my life and starting over. However, I don't recommend that unless your life is irretrievably broken. Mine was and there's nothing like starting over from scratch to figure out who you are. XD I'm still not perfect but I like myself and I'm so strong now, stronger than I ever thought possible.

Just some questions you might ask yourself:

Do I like myself? If not, why?

Am I depressed? If so, why? (I have always found it to be more because of my environment or toxic people in my life than because of a chemical imbalance. When I get rid of toxic people and change my life I instantly feel better.)

What changes can I make or what can I do to feel centered and get back on track?

That's all I can think of right now, but, as always, my inbox is always open if you need to talk. Heart
Rayven, I look at your avatar and think "Queen Sparklebutt!"-Tam
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