My crazy week....
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Sun Jan 24, 2021 1:36 pm
I know I haven't been as active lately. Embarassed I've been going through some stuff. My dad and I haven't been getting along very well and the toxicity is really getting to me. We did better yesterday so maybe things will be better for a bit even though it doesn't actually fix things between us. Unfortunately, there's no fixing it anyway. *shrugs*

I'm also unhappy with the preacher at my church for many reasons. Most of the people there are unhappy with him but it's a very small church with a small budget so it's hard to find a preacher that's willing to preach there. I guess we'll just have to see what happens with that. It's making me not want to go to church and I don't want to feel that way. Sad

My son has been in jail since the 13th I think. I wasn't on speaking terms with him before he was arrested but I've had to speak to him while he's in there. For one thing, I had to set up the phone card and the video chat so my mom could talk to him. Rolling Eyes I've had to talk to his PO too but that was actually the best part. She's so nice (I've talked to her before) and I basically got a free therapy session out of her. XD All joking aside, she validated my feelings and understood my family dynamic without me needing to tell her everything. She told me that she would be very resentful of my son and my parents if she were me. Someone understands what I go through! Hallelujah! She said my parents need to quit enabling my son and told me to tell them she said so. It won't do any good though because I've been saying that for years. *shakes head*

As for what happened yesterday, I will copy a post I made on another site:

So I had quite a day yesterday. Partly great, partly bad/exhausting. I've been helping my parents pre-register to get a Covid vaccine this week and my mom was able to get an appointment but by the time I got my dad's done it said there weren't any appointments left. :/ Mom's appointment was yesterday and they called to make sure she was coming and said that some people weren't showing up so Dad told them about what happened with him and they told him to come on in and get one too! :qg: I know God had a hand in that. I thought my aunt had signed up too so we took her with us but it turns out she hadn't because she said she was having trouble with her email (she wasn't, she just doesn't know what she's doing:/). They wouldn't let my aunt get one but my mom and dad got their first shot and the appointment for the booster shot! I helped my aunt with her email and signed her up to get the shot in several different places so hopefully she'll get hers soon. I'm glad everything worked out and I praise the Lord for His help, but I wish I didn't have to take care of every old person I know. I don't know why I'm the only person who knows how to work a computer or is responsible enough to help those who don't know how. I have a brother and cousins but no one seems to care about getting the elders in my family vaccinated but me. I hate to complain but it's pretty exhausting to be the only responsible person all the time. *sighs* Don't get me wrong, I want to help, but I also feel that others should help too and I don't want to be taken advantage of.

I'm going to try to convince my neighbor, the one with lung cancer that I've been helping, to get the shot and help him sign up this week because I don't think his son is doing it. He'll have to ask his doctor if he can have the vaccine first though because he has cancer and I don't know if it's safe for him to get it. If they say he can get it, I'll take him when we can get an appointment. I helped him organize his living room the other day. He had DVDs piled up everywhere and one day when I was visiting a pile fell over and nearly landed on his head. XD

Back to yesterday, the place we went to get the shot is like 45 minutes one way so we did a little shopping and ate a late lunch/early dinner while we were there. Then we went home and relaxed for just a bit until we had to go pick my son up from jail. We drove another half hour one way to get him only to find out that he was being kept on another warrant and that we'd made the trip for nothing. :/ I had to drive in the dark, which I hate because I don't see well at night, but we made it home safe. All's well that ends well I suppose. I was able to talk to my son when I got home and I expected him to be very upset about not getting out but he was doing ok all things considered.

I will try to be more active but I've been experiencing some depression and I'm just exhausted most of the time. Due to that I have a lot of moments where I just don't feel like talking. But I love you all! Heart

And this whole needing to register to get a vaccine is just ridiculous. Rolling Eyes Grr Mad So is being forced to video chat with your doctor. Don't they realize that they have a whole host of elderly people that don't know how to do all of this?! Confused For that matter, I'm having to learn because I don't normally do all of this either. They should make things easier. I'd like to have words with whoever is making these decisions. End rant. XD
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Sun Jan 24, 2021 2:19 pm
Whelp, I just scared the crap out of myself, sitting in basically the dark with the only light coming from the tv and I have one of those travelling neck pillows hanging behind my door. I thought that thing was a skull. Embarassed Embarassed

Anyways, moving on now. XD

I kinda understand the whole frustration with helping older members of the family with computer things. My dad asked me, probably about 4 times over a few months if I could check out something for both parents and I was like, "sure, I'll do that later", because honestly, almost every time he asked me, I wasn't feeling well in my head and was basically useless, so when he asked me the other day, I sat down and did it and made both my nieces wait before we could go to the shops. At first I couldn't see where I could download the information and tried to explain where to look to mum, because she is definitely more technically able than dad and as I went through the steps a second time, I found where I could download a file and save her time.

We don't have video chat set up with our doctors from what I know. I saw my GP last week and everyone had to wear masks. Hell, I took my niece to the ER and I got a sticker! Ok, ok, it was just a confirmation dot to declare me checked out as uhhhh, "safe"? I guess? But the only person not wearing a mask when we went in was the receptionist who was basically a metre away with a screen up as well. I know when my sister had counselling sessions to help her cope with her miscarriage last year, she'd had a couple in person and when covid basically shut down everything, switched to video and phone chats.

I can understand the whole registration for the vaccine, because that way it makes it easier to keep track of who has had the first shot, who needs a booster shot and providing that they make a note of the batch number that they use to vaccinate someone, make it easier to find and contact people if they used a bad batch and need to notify them immediately about it. I shared something about the vaccine from I think the Australian government health facebook page and it wasn't about getting the vaccine today (I think they are still testing to make sure that it is safe and effective), I think it was basically what you can expect and 3 of my older cousins (all siblings) jumped in and said they aren't getting the vaccine because it kills people. I had to resist the urge to say, "Ok Karen, but it doesn't actually say to get the currently unavailable vaccine today..." Rolling Eyes

And as for dealing with toxic family members, don't ask me for advice, my sister and I cut off dad's side of the family right after Uncle John's funeral in 2019. As much as I love his property, I'm never ever going to return to that town...unless the entire family of the current eldest brother suddenly died. Then I'd go up there and dance on their graves. And pretty sure my sister would join me too. Yes

I think I may have started getting ranty near the end there, especially when it comes to family. Embarassed
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Mon Jan 25, 2021 1:12 pm
It can be hard not to rant about family.
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