Any plans for Halloween?
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Wed Oct 11, 2017 7:58 pm
I didn't do anything last year, but in 2015 I drove up to Phoenix for a concert event called Monster Mash. Fun was had, and bad decisions were made. xD

I love Halloween and all things spoopy, and wish I could go crazy with decorating our home, but we live in a secluded area where I doubt we'll get any trick-or-treaters. My boyfriend's parents are also pretty conservative (namely, his mom) and find the idea of Halloween to be a bit too "scary", so I don't want to plaster it everywhere simply out of respect. (Let's just say I'd like to cook out of the Necronomicon all throughout the year!)

It would be nice to make it to a party or some kind of event, though. My boyfriend suggested going to the corn maze which sounds pretty fun. Some friends of mine have a kid who I believe will be turning 2 on Halloween as well, so maybe I'll go visit them.

Do you guys have any plans for Halloween? Any traditions for the holiday?
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Thu Oct 12, 2017 12:45 am
Praedyth wrote:
Fun was had, and bad decisions were made. xD

You just described my teens and twenties. XD

I love Halloween too! This is my favorite time of the year. We should be having an event here soon. Very Happy I grew up in the country, and we usually didn't get many trick or treaters either. That was fine though because I was usually out trick or treating myself. Lol My Mom is religious, but she still believed in celebrating Halloween. Most of her church didn't. She just wouldn't let me be a devil. That was her only rule, but I didn't want to be that anyway. XD Like her I believe Halloween is what you make it. I just like fun and candy. Although spooky is pretty awesome too. Very Happy

I think a corn maze, and watching a little one enjoy trick or treating sounds like fun. I hope you have a good time whatever you choose to do. Very Happy

I doubt we do anything, and we didn't last year either. Crying or Very sad The year before that we went to a lame party, but at least it was something. I only have a couple of decorations. I wanted to buy more, but money is tight right now. Growing up we had lots of traditions. Mom and I would usually make caramel apples, and make jack-o-lanterns from the pumpkins we bought at the most awesome pumpkin patch ever. I'd help her decorate the house, and of course I went trick or treating. There's no little kids anymore so I threatened to take my dog, but I'm sure not everyone would appreciate that. XD My son is grown, and I doubt my brother ever has kids. I'm just mostly looking forward to events on the sites I'm on.
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