Nature's forest
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Knight of Zantarni
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Sun Mar 05, 2017 5:07 am
*Nature's Forest*

You step out of the portal and feel much more disoriented then you've ever been before. All you see are the colours green and brown swirling around before you lose your balance. You nearly fall on your face but feel your arm being steadied. You look up to see who helped you, but all you see is a tree.

You must have grabbed onto it without realizing.

In fact, when you begin to look around, all you see are trees. You must be in a forest somewhere for some reason. Wait, there was a reason, wasn't there? Weren't you looking for someone?

But why?

You're not sure, but maybe they can tell you when you find them. You take a careful step forward and find that your balance has returned to you. You make your way through the trees and look for any sign of other people around.

Hearing a rustle in the bushes, you see a figure dressed in odd clothing ahead of you. You quickly move toward them, but lose them once you reach the bushes. Hearing rustling again, the figure appears far ahead once more. You call out to them this time as you move towards them, but you still can't catch them. The third time it happens, you hesitate to keep following them. But this time, the figure turns to you and beckons you to come to them. You slowly make your way toward them and then look to the ground where they are pointing.

You see hoof prints there.

However, when you look up the figure is gone. You wonder if it was magic or just a hallucination. Whatever the case, you need to find someone who can tell you what is going on.

You move on through the forest, looking for some more tracks.

the thespian
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Knight of Zantarni
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Sun Mar 05, 2017 5:07 am
You follow the set of tracks until you end up in a clearing. You see the back of a lean, brown-furred centaur before you. You call out to the centaur and he turns toward you at the sound. But when you see his face, you see a memory flash before your eyes.

You've seen this same centaur before, but in a different place. However, before you can ask him this, you feel your knees go weak again.

"Woah!" the centaur says as he rushes over to help you. "Are you alright?"

You nod and pull yourself back up. "Sorry," you say, " I know you?"

The centaur tilts his head as he looks more closely at your face. "Oh! You're the soup-person! What are you doing, here? Though I guess I shouldn't be surprised to see you." He pauses for a moment as he notices a look of confusion on your face. "I suppose we've never formally met, have we? My name is Ulixon, nice to meet you."

You cautiously take his outstretched hand. "Hello, I would tell you my name, but... I can't seem to remember it at the moment. In fact, I'm not sure where or why I'm here."

"Oh...Olivor told me about this. That he couldn't remember who he was when he got out of the portal either...but, don't worry! You're with a friend! I'm not sure where we are either, but I'll try to help you out, like you've helped my kin."

"I helped your kin?"

Ulixon nodded. "My people were attacked by Trolls during our migration. We survived but many were injured and we lost many supplies. I volunteered with Olivor and Aystral to go ahead and look for supplies but what we found instead was a tricky little fae creature.

He told us that he could bring us to a place where we could restock but that we could only go one at a time. Thinking back on it, I should have known it was too good to be true.

There were two portals, and my friends volunteered to go. I should have gone myself, but...I didn't. I don't know why..."

"Were you scared?" You ask.

Ulixon carefully considers your words. "Maybe, I was...In any case, I stood there waiting but they didn't come back. I tried to get the Little Fae to bring them back but he wouldn't. He disappeared, and all that was left was the clover I managed to grab from his hat.

I heard that that was how you got the Fae to agree to let you travel through the portal and get my friends back. Speaking of, how is Aystral? Did you manage to find her unharmed?"

You shake your head, "Sorry, but I don't remember..."

"Right, how silly of me! I forgot you have amnesia." Ulixon rummages through his satchel. "I wonder if it didn't affect me because I still have this." He takes out a deep red flower, shaped like star.

Instinctively, your hand reaches for it, but you stop yourself when you realize what you're doing.

"Go ahead, take it!" Ulixon says, "Starflowers have always been a symbol of my people, but I've been seeing these ones practically falling from the sky in Edingtol. I've got plenty."

You reach out and grab the red starflower. As you stare at the flower, you feel your memories begin to return.

"I remember..." you say. "I came here to find you, Ulixon!"

"Huh, Olivor said he remembered after receiving a starflower, I guess it worked on you too." Ulixon said with a smile. "Well, you found me!"

You nod happily. "Starflowers don't only represent your people. They represent the bond between both our peoples." Ulixon smiles at these words. You then say, "Everyone's waiting for you, we should get back."

Ulixon shakes his head. "I came in here to go after that Little Fae. I can't go back until I've dealt with him."

"I'm sorry Ulixon, but he's not here. I saw him with my own eyes before I came after you. I don't think that he will let you find him so easily again."

Ulixon casts his eyes to the ground as his front left hoof paws the ground. "But how can I go home like this?"

You put a hand on his shoulder before saying, "Don't worry about that. All they care about is knowing you're okay. Come on, let's head back."

-Return to the Portal-
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