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Thu Aug 04, 2011 10:10 pm

Welcome to Shugga's Flight School, a charity focusing on helping citizens obtain their first pair of wings...

I have a small supply of wings that I have obtained during events (and some from kind donations :3) that I would rather give away than sell, because I remember that when I first came here I envied all the people who had pretty or awesome looking wings, and that was the first thing I saved up for here (abraxas blue :3)...
Also, if you think you will likely leave, please don't request wings, I would like them to go to people who will use them and go on to quest for better wings...
As well as giving out some cheap wings, I think I will eventually give out nicer, DI wings as prizes whenever I can obtain them...

I've changed the rules a bit because I want this charity to help everyone, not just those without wings, so now everyone is allowed to claim one pair of wings from me, so long as they need them for themselves or a mule, and as long as they aren't claiming them with the intention to sell them...

-edit again-
Since I have so many wings in my possession now, I've decided to change the rules a bit yet again...
Now, if you are someone who sticks around Zan and posts at least fairly often, if you see some wings in here that you'd really like and you have already claimed a pair, you may request them... Its just kind of a way to reward those who post and keep this place active... Yes

So if you would like to learn to fly at Shugga's Flight School, fill out a form and we'll get you fitted with a pair... :3
Don't worry, its a very short form, its just there so I can more easily see when a person is requesting wings...

[color=blue][size=18][b]Enroll me in Shugga's Flight School!!![/size][/b]
Which wings would you like:[/color]

- Insect Wings x6
- Ladybug Shell Wings x20
- Ladybird Shell Wings x14
- Light Feather Wings x15
- Feather Angel Wings x29
- Light Angel Wings x16
- SilverBell Wings x24
- Sharlou Blue Wings x3
- Sharlou Gold Wings
- Sharlou Green Wings x2
- Sharlou Red Wings x5
- Sharlou White Wings x5
- Sharlou Purple Wings x2
- Sharlou Pink Wings x2
- Frozen Wings x5
- Wicked Pumpkin Wings x3
- Dragonfly Wings x8
- Dragon Bone Wings x2
- Butterfly Ribbon
- Bold Ribbon
- Purple MiniWings x31
- Lilac MiniWings x32
- Whispering Wings x26
- Lightstar Flight x30
- Eidyll Sky Wings x9
- Eidyll Rose Wings x9
- Eidyll Glade Wings x8
- Eidyll Leaf Wings x7
- Eidyll Petal Wings x6
- Twinspur Wings x8
- Larkspur Wings x8

SummerLoveZ - ladybird shell wings
Flora - frozen wings
Kahvikuppo - dark angel wings
PennyLayne - black phoenix wings
Rain of Terror - dark angel wings
logan9959 - sharlou blue wings
lydia1020 - fae wings green
Deleted - ladybird shell wings
SinX_franz - frozen wings
Moiraine Damodred - dark angel wings
Mikuhiko - sharlou black wings
AnordAine - sharlou purple wings
Irishrain - dark angel wings
Strider - sharlou green wings
Stalker Turtles Exist - frozen wings
Black Lotus - faewings magenta
Lady Freya - insect wings
That One Guy - frozen wings
Gingersnap - dark angel wings
iheartu - frozen wings
RouroniKenshinFanGirl - pink heart wings
Ddyyuu - red heart wings
Pixel de Sang - dark angel wings
The Blue Fox - dark angel wings
MicaMi - tattered bat wings
'loki - red heart wings
ToushinYusuke - tattered bat wings
Peoria - tattered bat wings
Prosperity - frozen wings
Kirin Rosenbaum - spiderweb wings
King John - wicked pumpkin wings
La Coquette - dark angel wings
Spoodee - gold trimmed wings
Faery Tails - purple faewings
Twilight Elwrin - blue faewings
Kathryn - blue faewings
xtiina - frozen wings
crimsoncolours - red wings of death
KarKittyKat - sharlou blue wings
ToxicLullaby - sharlou blue wings
DragonflyFae - insect wings
FenrinJRaten - spiderweb wings
SCH0NH31T - silverbell wings
SKYRIED - faewings green
Thrixia - tattered bat wings
michanforever - dark angel wings
Nightclaw - dark angel wings
Reyoki - faewings magenta
Nuruhanj - spiderweb wings
Troll - orange wings of death
PsychoticDevil - black wings of death
neko-goddes - black heart wings
Tevani - black heart wings
Rhumbullion - sharlou green wings
Flash of Color - holly leaf wings
LadyHalli - dark angel wings
holy kris1 - light feather wings
Bubble Pop - insect wings
Kyuuna Zaraki - dark angel wings
w i l d f l o w e r - light feather wings
Caramel - pink heart wings
Paradoxtheparadox - orange wings of death
Ruque - light feather wings
Illumine Darken - insect wings
Faltaecia - light feather wings
LaceNFrills - silverbell wings
Lumi - wicked pumpkin wings
CastielsAngel - light feather wings
Liebchen Alptraum - light angel wings
MssPinkyBear - light angel wings
Sage NightShade - dark angel wings
Introvert Extrovert - silverbell wings
Blue Lotus - silverbell wings, orange wings of death, light angel wings, lunar moth flight
Chrysothemis - feather angel wings
WildFae - black heart wings
Naya - light angel wings
MothWing - light feather wings
Fancy Quills - lunar moth flight
Nettie - dark angel wings
Avionics - dragonfly wings
BurningGirl - dark angel wings
cheddahbobit - dark angel wings
witchkitty33 - black heart wings
cateyes orange - dark angel wings
Minyaagar - red wings of death
Squiggle - dryad branches
noirist - lunar moth rest
Lady Kronos - pink heart wings
Skeetix - insect wings
Ruvenea - light angel wings
Supernova Starchild - faewings purple
Ketsueki Kyuuketsuki - dark angel wings
AriHime - faewings blue
Feuer und Eis - faewings blue
The Vladislav - light feather wings
fireflaze - dark angel wings
rambo - ashen phoenix wings
mackenzi - pink heart wings
Vanessa - red heart wings, whispering wings
Ceri - black wings of death
Mintfrosting - skyward phoenix wings
--Luna-- - light angel wings
keres corvax - lunar moth flight, frozen wings, faewings magenta, sharlou blue wings, butterfly ribbon, dragonfly wings
Insperins - lunar moth flight
Grey Poetess - ashen phoenix wings
ShiloWilliams3 - silverbell wings
Halloween Nightmare - dark angel wings
Enchanted Whimsy - lilac miniwings
Lost Panda - frozen wings
Xenaurelia - dark angel wings
KokiriSoul - faewing magenta
XzoriMoon - faewings green
JesterOwl - feather angel wings
SlenderVant - lunar moth rest
A Sacred One - dark angel Wings
Sciathan - dark angel wings
icywind1980 - sharlou blue wings
lizrd356 - light angel wings
Moonless Midnight - dark angel wings
raindropss - frozen wings
Kianra - purple miniwings
Skyailia - light angel wings
Nightwish Faerie - lilac miniwings
Dartane - whispering wings
Eva Lokita - light angel wings
Poetlore - whispering wings
LunarStar - whispering wings
Lethallan - whispering wings
Tokilia - faewings blue
Shnook - dragonfly wings
Wolfgang Templeton - light feather wings
WishingMoon - black phoenix wings
Banni - silverbell wings
x-holy-cross-x - lunar moth flight
Strangemwarn - purple miniwings
Paganbeer - lunar moth flight
Rayven - skyward phoenix
Anthy - gold trimmed wings
TCream - sharlou white wings
Devillea - light angel wings
snow_evee - faewings blue
Algophobic - dark angel wings
Ah-na - eidyll glade wings
Draca - light feather wings, whispering wings
lilith deamon - ashen phoenix
Durango - skyward phoenix wings
vylqun - wicked pumpkin wings
Valkyrie Steel - light feather wings
Cryssy - skyward phoenix
Damifox - gold trimmed wings
Ranebow - whispering wings
The Undertaker - dark angel wings
Selangel - feather angel wings
Polly101 - eidyll petal wings
(GaelicBubble) - lightstar flight
Red Lead - insect wings
Pheasco - lightstar flight
TurtleSensei - lilac miniwings
Lilo Crym - dragon bone wings
firefly1985 - silverbell wings
Luciferr - light feather wings
Vivid Tales - eidyll rose wings
Starfire2530 - light feather wings

I decided to make this list to keep track of wings that people have called dibs on for when I get a hold of them... This list is for everyone, whether you have wings or do not, no matter how long you have been here, and it is for the harder to obtain wings that I don't currently stock in my Flight School... It doesn't mean that I will for sure be able to obtain them all, but it means that if and when I do, they will go to whoever asked for them... :3

The Blue Fox - mechanic blue wings
SummerLoveZ - mechanic black wings
WishingMoon - Spectrum FaeWings
(GaelicBubble) - Artificial Wings

Thank you guys so much, you are what makes it possible for me to keep doing this... Heart
Scarz - Dark angel wings x8, Red Heart Wings, Pink Heart Wings, Sharlou Gold Wings, Tattered Bat Wings x3
Katey - Insect Wings, Ladybird Shell Wings, Ladybug Shell Wings, Sharlou Black Wings, Sharlou Blue Wings, Sharlou Gold Wings, Sharlou Green Wings, Sharlou Pink Wings, Sharlou Purple Wings, Sharlou Red Wings, Sharlou White Wings, 50k for the purchase of more wings
Tisiel - The first banner-
Dusty is Mine - Frozen wings x2
Meldrick the Elder - Fae wings green, frozen wings
Riley - Frozen wings x2 , red heart wings, black phoenix wings, sharlou blue wings
SummerloveZ - ladybird shell wings, the second banner -
sky_ann - pink heart wings
Phoenix Luna Blaze Cloud - frozen wings, sharlou blue wings x2, sharlou gold wings, sharlou green wings, sharlou red wings x2, sharlou purple wings, sharlou black wings, light angel wings x6, feather angel wings x6, lightstar flight x5
Mysterious Blackbird - FaeWings Magenta, Insect Wings, Sharlou Green Wings
Irishrain - 20k for the purchase of more wings
Kiyo Ayanami - dark angel wings, faewings blue x2, ladybird shell wings, faewings green, faewings magenta, faewings purple
Katalyst - gold trimmed wings x2
Kyeshia - Black Heart Wings x2, Black Wings of Death, Dark Angel Wings x5, Frozen Wings x7, Gold Trimmed Wings x2, Holly Leaf Wings, Hollyberry Wings, Leaf Wings, Orange Wings of Death x2, Pink Heart Wings, Red Heart Wings, Red Wings of Death, Sharlou Blue Wings, Sharlou White Wings, Spiderweb Wings x3, Wicked Pumpkin Wings x4
Nema - Gold Leaf Wings, Red Heart Wings, Yorick's Mini Wings
Denniss - Black Phoenix Wings, Black Wings of Death, Fairy Wings Light Green, Frozen Wings x2, Mechanic Silver Wings, Orange Wings of Death, Red Wings of Death, Silver Yorick Wings, Yorick's Mini Wings
Kahvikuppo - tattered bat wings, dark angel wings
Lipsa - holly leaf wings
Celestrya - 50k for the purchase of more wings, dark angel wings x2, butterfly ribbon wings, lightstar flight x2
Black Lotus - silverbell wings, faewings blue, faewings magenta, faewings purple, feather angel wings, insect wings, ladybug shell wings, light angel wings
Kyuuna Zaraki - light angel wings
Lady Ice - 36k for the purchase of more wings, 1mil for the purchase of more wings Heart Shocked
Holy Kris2 - feather angel wings x2, light angel wings
WishingMoon - feather angel wings, sharlou blue wings, sharlou pink wings, sharlou purple wings, sharlou red wings, sharlou white wings
Rhumbullion - feather angel wings, light angel wings
Clausey - orange wings of death
keres corvax - light feather wings x3, purple small wings x12, lilac small wings x12, lightstar flight x5
MothWing - lunar moth flight
TurtleSensei - dark twilight wings, dragon bone wings, dragonfly wings, ladybird shell wings, red dragon wings, red wings of death, black wings of death, ladybug shell wings, light feather wings, mechanic orange wings, sharlou red wings, sharlou white wings, spiderweb wings, waterfae wings
Lumi - wicked pumpkin wings, poisonous wings, natural leaf wings
Lady Kronos - Yorick's Mini Wings, light angel wings x2, bluebird wings, cardinal wings, dark angel wings, feather angel wings x2, light feather wings, lilac miniwings, mechanic purple wings, pink heart wings, skyward phoenix
Jackels - feather angel wings, light angel wings, ashen phoenix wings, whispering wings x2
Ketsueki Kyuuketsuki - light feather wings x2, silverbell wings
Dorothy84 - pink heart wings, silverbell wings
my_lion_bob - the current banners
Plaidgirl - lilac small wings, purple small wings
Blazestorm - lilac small wings, purple small wings
Mintfrosting - dark angel wings
Moonless Midnight - whispering wings x3
WildFae - whispering wings x24, lightstar flight x30, feather angel wings x4, light angel wings x4, lilac miniwings x6, purple miniwings x7, whispering wings x14
Dusty - ladybird shell wings, ladybug shell wings, leaf wings, lilac miniwings, purple miniwings, sharlou blue wings
Manah - sharlou white wings
Rakurai - lightstar flight x2
Paganbeer - eidyll sky wings
Rayven - eidyll glade wings x10, eidyll leaf wings x9, eidyll petal wings x9, eidyll rose wings x10, eidyll sky wings x10, larkspur wings x9, twinspur wings x9
Da-kuTenshi - eidyll glade wings, eidyll rose wings, eidyll sky wings
Ah-na - dark angel wings, light angel wings, 46840.46zg

Page prizes
First poster on page 200 wins -

Airfae Flight
First poster on page 300 wins -

Dark Twilight Wings
First poster on page 400 wins -

Black Phoenix Wings

Add me on Facebook

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Knight of Zantarni
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Sat Aug 06, 2011 7:04 pm
Very nice of you to make this charity. I remember when I was deciding to join Zantarni, I was looking at the avi's first and really loved the wings I saw.

As for names, I thought of:
- Sprouted Wings or Sprouting Wings
- Winged Wishes

Can't think of anything else for the moment, so I hope that helps!
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Sat Aug 06, 2011 7:08 pm
"If we could Fly"
"Flight is not just Imagination"

Mmuh. Ain't got much ideas either.
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Defender of the Realm
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Sat Aug 06, 2011 7:17 pm
I sent thee a few wings, milady, I love this idea. . .Perhaps it should be called "Shugga's Flight School" or "The Wings of Hope."
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Sat Aug 06, 2011 7:20 pm
Sir Scarz, thank you so much for the wings... :3

And thank you guys for the name suggestions, after I get a few more I'll choose...
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Sat Aug 06, 2011 7:27 pm
"Flight Delivery!"
"Wings of Sharing"
"Shugga's Sufficient Wings"

There's a few more.
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Sat Aug 06, 2011 7:30 pm
"Birds of a Feather"
"Wings of Glory"
"Raining feathers"
"Falling Feathers"
"Gracing Wings"
Permissum obscurum repo in pectus pectoris illorum non dignus futurus amoung lux lucis vel obscurum
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Defender of the Realm
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Sat Aug 06, 2011 7:30 pm
Thou art most welcome, milady.
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Sat Aug 06, 2011 8:51 pm
I have chosen a name, I really liked Sir Scarz's suggestion, Shugga's Flight School, it kinda matched the vibe I was thinking of with "Learning to Fly"...
So yeah, thank you for the suggestion Scarz... :3

Now I just need to fancy the first post up a bit, I'm no good at this part, my threads are always so plain looking...
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Sun Aug 07, 2011 6:30 pm
*throws wings at you*
There we go ^^
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Sun Aug 07, 2011 6:35 pm
Thank you so much, I can't wait to give these wings to people... :3
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Knight of Zantarni
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Sun Aug 07, 2011 8:03 pm
What a nice idea! Good luck with your charity, Shugga! Very Happy
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Sun Aug 07, 2011 8:17 pm
Thank you Celestrya... :3

I've been thinking about it for some time now but finally decided I would actually do it... I'm glad I did, everyone seems to think its a good idea...

Now I just need someone to teach to fly...
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Knight of Zantarni
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Tue Aug 09, 2011 3:37 am
Yay on finding a name! Hopefully some newbies show up to enroll in your school x3
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Tue Aug 09, 2011 3:40 am
Thanks... Very Happy

And me too, I want to help get people flying...
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