The Faerie and the Chocolate Bath
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Defender of the Realm
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Tue Aug 20, 2013 7:11 am
The Faerie and the Chocolate Bath

In the middle of Edingtol's marketplace sat the shoppe of Alvin the Chocolatier. He had been making chocolate for many years, but the taste and style of it was never very popular among the citizens of Edingtol as there were much bigger shoppes and so many other choices for the discerning chocolate lovers that Alvin's shoppe was just overlooked.

It didn't bother Alvin as there were still a few who often visited his shoppe and liked his chocolates and though he wasn't rich from those sales, he was still able to do the thing he loved most. . .making chocolate.

His normal process involved melting the chocolate makers chocolate in a pot and mixing it with the other ingredients required to make it 'milk' chocolate. He then would put the bubbling concoction into small bowls to cool down a little before he laid it out on his candy sheets.

One day, after he had finished pouring the bubbling chocolate into the bowls, he was distracted by something that was happening in the street outside his shoppe. One of the small, empty shoppes had caught fire and he rushed to help those fighting the fire.

While all that was happening, a small mud faerie was flitting about behind Alvin's shoppe and mingled in with the smell of the fire, she noticed another more pleasing smell. . .the smell of Alvin's chocolate.

She flitted in through his partially opened window and landed on the table where the bowls of chocolate were cooling. The smell of the chocolate was heavenly to the little faerie. She approached one of the bowls and dipped her hand into the warm, sweet chocolate and smiled as it reminded her of the hot, mud springs where she had grown up. Looking about and seeing that she was alone, she slipped out of her gown and into the bowl of warm chocolate.

It was heaven for the little faerie as the warm chocolate covered her and her mind drifted to those happy times. She was so lost in thought and lost in the warmth of the chocolate, she didn't hear Alvin return.

Alvin stopped in his tracks when he saw the little faerie bathing in one of his bowls of chocolate. He had seen other faeries, like Loriel, Meldrick's companion and a few others that made Edingtol their home; but he never expected to see one in his shoppe.

As he moved in for a closer look, he bumped a chair and startled the faerie who dove under the chocolate. The chocolatier moved closer, trying to calm the little faerie down.

"I'm sorry little one, I didn't mean to startle you." He smiled as the little faerie popped her head out of the chocolate.

"And I'm sorry, too. . .the chocolate looked so tempting and reminded me of home. . .only sweeter." She tittered as the chocolate around her rippled slightly with her laughter.

Alvin smiled, "My name is Alvin, welcome to my Chocolate Shoppe."

The little faerie bobbed her head, "It is a pleasure to meet you Alvin, pardon me if I don't stand up, " she blushed a bit, "My name is Cecille."

The Chocolatier smiled, "It's a pleasure to meet you, Cecille," he paused a moment, "Cecille, do you need a towel or something to dry off?"

She tittered again, "No, Alvin, I am a mud faerie and we just absorb the mud. It is what gives us our golden brown coloring."

Alvin chuckled, "Then I guess you are now a chocolate faerie as you just bathed in my finest milk chocolate." He then turned his back so that the little faerie could get dressed. He half expected her to be gone when he turned back, but to his surprise Cecille was still there.

She smiled and walked towards the edge of the table, as she walked, she left a trail of faerie dust. Alvin smiled and slowly reached out to examine the faerie dust. Cecille watched him, wondering what the man was doing.

He wet his finger and picked up a few motes of the faerie's dust and without thinking he put his finger in his mouth and smiled. "Cecille, this may be a bit forward of me, but, if you don't have anywhere to go."

Cecille looked up at him, quizzically, "I don't, what do you have in mind Alvin?"

He paused a moment, and smiled, "My chocolate is good, but it could be much better. . ." he pointed to her trail of faerie dust, "I think your faerie dust could make my chocolate much better."

She looked back at the bowls of chocolate and smiled, "If you provide me with some privacy and as well as chocolate baths, I might be convinced to stay," she winked.

And that was how Cecille and Alvin's Faerie Dust Chocolate was born.

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Knight of Zantarni
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Mon Aug 26, 2013 12:14 pm
A wonderful story, as always, my Lord. :3

Seems like I was not the only one inspired by the almighty Mud Muse. XD

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Defender of the Realm
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Mon Aug 26, 2013 8:02 pm
I thank thee, Professor. . .the idea came from a discussion, where Lady Lika mention that the header looked like a faeire taking a bath in chocolate. . .
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