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Wed Jan 30, 2013 4:29 am
As per requested in this thread, I am starting this up for anyone and everyone to attend.

I am not sure how to organize this properly, so let's just make it a casual thing: If you want to help the writers out, post one or more list of five words, be they nouns, verbs, adverbs and/or adjectives. If you want to write, simply pick a list of five words, and get cracking. Be sure to post what you did so the rest of us can enjoy. Smile

As mentioned in the previous thread, I already made a few of these on another site, and will share if prompted. Until then, I will start things off by posting a list of five words for other people to use:

Five words:
Murky pond
Wooden box
Stella Nova - New Star
Five Word Challenge:
I love to poet. I am especially good at limericks. Ask me for one! <3
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Wed Jan 30, 2013 7:40 am
This is a great idea, Stella Nova.


Janie walked purposefully through the woods, pickaxe slung carefully over one shoulder. She reached the wooden box just after Bear (the unicorn) did. "Hey, Bear," Janie said.

"Hey Janie," Bear answered. He bent over the box, blocking her view of what was inside. He was in super-handsome human form today. The only clue to his true species was a rather large one -- an opalescent horn that tapered out from his forehead to form a formidable point.

"You ready?" Bear asked. At Janie's nod, he let go of the box lid, and slung a small pack onto his back. The box was Bear's. He kept it in the woods, close enough to town that his family wouldn't find it -- they didn't approve of him changing form willy-nilly -- but far enough that the townsfolk wouldn't find it either. It was a super-duper-top-secret box. Even Janie wasn't allowed to look inside, and she'd been friends with Bear since they were both toddlers.

Actually, Bear was much older, but when he shape-shifted, he tended to choose an age similar to hers. He was a little older than her today, which meant that he wanted to be in charge. Fine, Janie thought, as the two tromped toward the cave they were planning on spelunking that day. Let him be in charge. But why does he have to dress up like some fairytale prince?

As someone who had been bearing the brunt of an apocolytpic prophecy since birth, Janie had no patience for such things. As Bear picked his way carefully around muddy puddles, Janie stomp-splashed along behind him, wearing an old pair of her father's enormous boots.

Whenever he dressed like that, Bear would go all day cringing and screeching at every speck of dust that befell his boots. His imitation (or was it?) of the gentlemen who passed through town usually made Janie laugh, but today his affectation jarred too much with the increasing pressure on her to save the world. As they navigated a log that crossed over a murky pond, Janie fought the urge to dump Bear into the water.


5 Words:

Siggeh by Manda of
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Sat Feb 02, 2013 12:33 pm
CrystalCharee: I really liked that! Feels like a part of something larger, and something that I'd very much be interested in reading Very Happy I'll see if I can't get your challenge completed right away; no guarantees though.
Stella Nova - New Star
Five Word Challenge:
I love to poet. I am especially good at limericks. Ask me for one! <3
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Mon Feb 04, 2013 10:53 am
Thank you, Nova. Your five words did actually inspire me to write about characters I came up with a while ago. I haven't done much writing on them, but I know them fairly well.

Take your time. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Siggeh by Manda of
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Tue Aug 13, 2013 6:37 pm
Murky pond
Wooden box}

"The Daring Adventurers begin their journey, making their way through the Dark Forest! A forest so dark, they couldn't even see their hands in front of their faces!"

"Mack, shut-up!"

"Their journey had hardly begun, when tension grew between the Daring Adventurers!"

"Mack, seriously!"

"Oh, Jenna, you never let me have any fun!" Mack crossed his arms over his chest.

"Why are we even out here?" Jenna whined. It was obvious that she did not want to be in the Dark Forest, which, by the way, was not as dark as Mack had said it was.

"We're Daring Adventurers! We're looking for treasure!" He climbed on top of a fallen log and struck a pose. Jenna only rolled her eyes in response. "Come on, Jenna, don't be like that."

"Fine." She conceded with a huff. "Where are we going?"

"I found a cave a couple of days ago! I want to explore it! I think it's an old mining cave."

"Is that why you're carrying around that old pickax?" Jenna asked as she adjusted the strap of her pack across her shoulders.

"Exactly! With this, we will unearth a mountain of treasure!" He struck another pose with the pickax.

"Oh good grief." She muttered. "Okay, can we get moving again? I don't want to be out here when it gets dark." Fear crept into her voice.

"Oooohhh, Jenna is scared!" Mack jumped down from the log and walked over to Jenna.

"Am not!"

"You should be afraaaaiiiiddd!!" Mack made ghoulish noises. "There is a monster roaming through the forest! A monster so big, it blocks out the sun! It preys on Daring Adventurers, eating all it sees!"

"Mack! Cut it out!"

"Oooohhhhhh!" Mack made more ghoulish noises.

Suddenly, they heard the sound of snapping twigs and rustling leaves. They both grew quiet as they listened to the approaching sounds. As the shuffling steps grew closer to them, they stepped closer to each other, almost holding one another as they held their breath. Then, there was silence. After a few seconds, they sighed with relief.

"That was a close one huh?" Mack chuckled. Then without warning, a very large grizzly bear lumbered into their clearing.

"AAHHHHHH!!" Both Mack and Jenna screamed in fear as they took off running. They ran wildly through the forest, jumping over branches and rocks, trying to get as far away from the bear as possible. Not knowing where they were going, they stumbled and rolled head first down a steep gully and landed in a murky pond.

"Ewwww." Jenna complained as she pulled algae from her hair.

"I don't think the bear is following us." Mack panted as he sloshed his way out of the pond.

"Can we go home now?" Jenna begged as she stumbled to dry ground.

"The Daring Adventurers don't run from the first sign of danger!"

"Like we didn't run from that bear?" Jenna asked.

"Um, yeah." Mack cleared his throat. "Well, the cave is right there." He pointed on the other side of the pond.

They walked around the pond in silence. The cave was large enough for a bear to live in.

"Mack, are you sure this isn't just the bear's cave?" Jenna asked nervously as they stood outside it's mouth.

"I'm sure!" Mack answered but Jenna wasn't convinced. They both took out their flashlights from their packs. Mack entered the cave first, with a trembling Jenna behind him. The further they walked the more Jenna believed that that cave was too long to be the bear's home and so she started to relax a little.

"There!" Mack suddenly yelled enthusiastically. Jenna yelped in surprise.

"Don't scare me like that!"

"Sorry." Mack shrugged. "Let's start digging here!" He ran over to a mound of dirt.

"You dig, I'll watch." She sighed, wanting very badly to go home. While she held the flashlights so Mack could see, he began chipping away at the dirt with his pickax.

Some time later...

"Mack," Jenna sighed. "We're not going to find anything, can we just go home?" She asked, for she was tired and dark was going to fall soon.

Suddenly, Mack's pickax struck something. "Hang on!" He said excitedly as he dropped his pick and began digging out his find. It took some effort, but he unearthed a small wooden box.

"What do you think is in here?" He asked as they stared at it. No one offered up a guess as they continued to stare at the wooden box. Before Jenna could protest, Mack opened the box.

Inside, there was a rolled up piece of paper and a compass. Slowly, Mack unrolled the paper, careful not to rip it.

"What is it?" Jenna asked as she came over to stand beside Mack.

"It's a map that leads to buried treasure!" He whooped with thrill. "The Daring Adventurers are on a quest for buried treasure that will make them rich beyond their wildest dreams! Let's go!"

"Oh no..." Jenna sighed.

5 words:
Strange noises
Knitted Sweater

(I fail at words at the moment - you can always check out Muse Misuse XD )
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