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Fri Sep 20, 2013 9:41 pm
Okay so I am trying to regain confidence in my writing again. I used to be able to write a lot but then things happened and now I can't even seem bothered with forum sites anymore. I am hoping by returning to Zantarni that I am able to improve my writing again. I hope you will assist me in my journey to improvement!

Writing History
Been Rping for like 11-12 years now. First started with Neopets, then Gaia, then Avidgamers, then Acornrack as well as Zantarni. Been surfing the web ever since. Currently taking a break from forum sites, Rping on avatar sites again.

I am not above writing any type of plot. I've done really creepy dark plots, really mature plots, really sweet, really comedic, really tragic, really angst whatever you feel like I bet I can do it.

Writing average: 200-250 words. More if we get into it.

Writing style: One-liner, Paragraph, 3rd Person (I can change it though if uncomfortable with my prefered writing style)

Genres I like to Roleplay
(If you have suggestions of a RP don't hesitate!)
Harry Potter
Slash (Yuri/Yaoi)
Real Life
School (High School/College)

Slash Plots
Note: if you want to go mature we can do it by email. PM for my email address if interested otherwise let's keep the Zantarni rating!

(*) means most interested in
Also I usually play submissive types.
Plots can be used for either yaoi or yuri

Gang Rivals*
Dragon lovers*
Elf/Wizard or Witch
Goblin/Elf (Our Goblin can be handsome or a sexy lady)
Childhood Sweethearts*

Detailed Plots (do not have to be slash)

Gang Rivals: Person A and Person B are rival gangsters. Person A hates Person B, and Person B hates Person A (it's mutual). So Person B

Amnesia: Person A bumps into Person B and gains Amnesia. person B then has to care for Person A. Person B could be grumpy and anti-social but falls in love with Person A. Finds out that Person A loves someone else so tries to win their heart.

Childhood Sweethears: Person A and Person B come across each other in a some setting. They remember each other, more specifically Person B remembers Person A's promise that they would be together forever. So Person B is determined to make Person A keep their promise. (Could be a group actually if we wanted a triangle)

Human/Selkie: Human finds a Selkie's skin so captures the Selkie. The Selkie tries to escape often but the Human will not let them. So the Selkie stays with the Human. Eventually the two start to fall in love. However, Selkies cannot ignore the call of the ocean. Will the Human let the Selkie go? Or will the Selkie become Human for its Human?

(More to be added, edited or removed as I see fit)
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