Dorothy84 and FantacyEdward 1x1
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Tue Jan 08, 2013 2:55 am

Hero, Sidekick, or human:

The pairings

Hero x Hero
Sidekick x Sidekick
Human x Hero
Hero x Sidekick

I'll make my characters in my next post.

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Tue Jan 08, 2013 3:13 am
Reserved for characters~

Name: Edward Vlown
Age: Eighteen
Gender: Male
Hero, Sidekick, or human: Hero
Powers: Power absorption & negation
Appearance: Edward
Personality: Quietly forceful, original, and sensitive.
Other: Has a 'vault' of powers (limited).

Name: Dorian Gordon
Age: Eighteen
Gender: Male
Hero, Sidekick, or human: Sidekick
Powers: Flying (Small wings) & teleportation (Limited)
Appearance: Dorian
Personality: Clam. Nonchalant.
Other: When not in use, his wings fold onto his back like a tattoo.

Name: Jack Justice
Age: Seventeen
Gender: Male
Hero, Sidekick, or human: Human
Powers: -
Appearance: Jack
Personality: Quiet, serious, and kind. Creative, open-minded and loyal. Dislikes conflicts and prefers to support rather lead.
Other: Exceptional intelligence and memory.

Name: Adrian Stone
Age: Sixteen
Gender: Male
Hero, Sidekick, or human: Hero
Powers: Telekinesis
Appearance: Adrian
Personality: Playful and outgoing. Though, he can be a totally new person when things get intense.
Other: -


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Fri Jan 11, 2013 2:28 am
(Sorry this took so long.)

Name: Rachel Martin
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Hero, Sidekick, or human: Hero
Powers: The power to create realistic illusions you can feel, Energy blasts
Appearance: Rachel Martin
Personality: Rachel can be harsh at first, but once you get to know her, she can be very nice. She doesn't like getting help from others though.
Other: n/a

Name: Dorothy Williams
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Hero, Sidekick, or human: Sidekick
Powers: Super hearing, Power sensing
Appearance: Dorothy Williams
Personality: Dorothy loves listening to music. She also loves playing songs on an instrument and singing. She can be easily angered though, especially if you insult her or her friends.
Other: n/a

Name: Kelly Wilson
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Hero, Sidekick, or human: Hero
Powers: Invisibility, ability to manipulate ice and water
Appearance: Kelly Wilson
Personality: Kelly loves helping others. She can be very kind. She is really shy though.
Other: n/a

Name: Isabel Thompson
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Hero, Sidekick, or human: Sidekick
Powers: The ability to enhance other people's powers,
Appearance: Isabel Thompson
Personality: Isabel is a girl who likes being alone. She also likes reading more than doing anything physical.
Other: n/a

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Fri Jan 11, 2013 5:15 am
[It's fine. Let's start this off as the first day. And maybe with like an orientation/power placement?]

It felt really good to be back here. Sky High hadn't changed at all except for the decorations which were now reflecting the colors of Autumn. It was his last year, he would definitely miss this place. It had become a second home for him, especially now that he had moved out and was living alone. He walked through the slowly forming crowds and made his way to the front entrance and among his fellow peers.

Dorian teleported off the bus and onto the ledge where the pole and flag hanged, sitting down. He tilted his head toward the crowds in front of the main entrance, seeing a few faces he recognized in the midst of all the freshmen. He watched, like he did every year since his first year.

Jack stood by the side entrance, looking over the crowds and taking in every little detail. He listened to the Senior Committee make their introductions, along with the lot of them showing off their powers and attempting to scare the freshmen. For a second he wished he had powers of his own and then remembered his dad and reminded himself that his skill was just as good as any power.

Adrian grinned, rushing through the crowd and pushing people away with his telekinesis. He made it over to the seniors and stood next to Edward. Turning to the crowd he laughed at all the surprised faces of the freshmen that he had shoved out of his way. He remembered being in there shoes, but to be honest, he didn't act no where near as scared as they looked. He crossed his arms over his chest and stood there looking down at the freshmen as he listened to the Senior Committee's intro.


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Sat Jan 12, 2013 12:26 am
Rachel walked across the schoolyard, getting pushed by all of the people there. She was happy when she was finally through the crowd of people. That was one of the things she wouldn't miss next year.

Dorothy got off the bus after everyone else. She looked around the school yard, hoping to find her friends. She wouldn't be able to see them in class since they were heroes and she was a sidekick, so she hoped to find them before they had to go to their classrooms. She couldn't see them though.

Kelly was leaning on the school wall. She looked at all of the other students. Look at all of those people. They seem to be having a lot of fun. I wish I could hang out with them, she thought, knowing her shyness wouldn't allow her to do that. She just continued leaning, waiting for someone she knew to come.

Isabel stood alone in the schoolyard. She wanted to be alone, but she had to stay there because she needed to hear what the the Senior Committee had to stay. She hoped they would be finished soon.
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Sat Jan 12, 2013 1:10 am
Just like every other year there was always one or two freshmen who had some spine and stood up for themselves. Edward smiled, he watched as the boy stepped away from the crowd and to the no man's space in between. Without wasting a moment the freshman powered up, his entire body coating with slithering flames. Before the kid could do or say anything Edward walked up to him, "You got guts kid," he said and then leaned over and blew in his face. In a blink of an eye, as quick as he powered up the boys flames disappeared and he was returned to his normal self. As the kid's eyes widened and the freshmen cried out, he turned his back and began leading everyone inside for power placement.

Dorian spied with his little eye a girl, Dorothy. The girl hung around with heroes all the time, sort of like their pet. He had never really talked to her but he had seen her in some classes and occasionally in the halls, stalked by heroes. It was just plain wrong, there was a reason why they were sidekicks and not heroes themselves. He had even more reasons to dislike heroes than the average sidekick. It wasn't exactly great having two super hero parents and ending up being the first sidekick in the family ever. He had pretty much grown up in the shadow of his older sister and it was all too obvious that he was the least favored.

Jack laughed along with everyone else, Edward's act occurred every year and it never ceased to amuse him. It was especially funny because last year he had confronted Edward and took him by surprise when he didn't have a power for Edward to negate. He began following the crowd, walking toward the front entrance and noticed Kelly. "Let's go," he said, smiling at her and gesturing for her to come along inside.

The freshmen's reactions were hilarious! Edward had done the same thing on his first day on him, it surprised him but his power wasn't flashy so it didn't have such an effect like this guy. He laughed and then began following the committee inside. As he turned he noticed a girl who looked so focused yet impatient. Walking over, he poked her on her side, a smile already playing on his lips anticipating her reaction.


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Sat Jan 12, 2013 1:46 am
Rachel was watching when Edward stopped that freshman's powers. She always wonder why he liked doing that, but she never asked. She decided to let the other students go in first, knowing that she may get pushed around if she went now.

After searching for awhile, Dorothy finally found her friends. "Hey guys," she said when she finally caught up to them. Her friends said hi back. They then had to leave. Dorothy entered the school with her friends.

"Ok," Kelly said after hearing Jack talk to her. She didn't really know him, but she was happy that someone talked to her. She entered the school after that, hoping to see that boy again.

Isabel felt someone poking her. "What do you want?" she said while turning around to see who was poking her. She really didn't like anyone bothering her like this.
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Sat Jan 12, 2013 2:13 am
Edward led everyone to the gym and then slipped away from the crowd and stood by the head instructor. He listened as the instructor told them what they had to do: show off their power. The freshmen were directed to the far end of the gym while everyone else was arranged throughout to the other end. Having already shown off his power he simply moved to the side and took a seat on the bleachers.

Dorian sighed and teleported inside and made his way to the gym. His powers remained the same, but being a sidekick he had to go through power placement. They believed sidekicks could develop their powers further as they grew and so it allowed a slight chance of becoming a hero. At one point he had believed in that too, but after three years of this he had lost all hope. He patiently waited on the line, saying hi to some friends and familiar faces.

Jack walked over to the instructor and after a short conversation he went over and took a seat at the bleachers. He was to record the powers of everyone that went through power placement and with his skill, it was as easy as blinking. This was somewhat boring, not being able to take part in it but he didn't mind. It was always interesting to see what people could do.

Dorian laughed, "Relax, my bad it was an accident," he said trying to play it off. This chick was no fun, "Someone sure isn't excited to be back," he murmured as he began to walk away. "Bye," he said, turning to the girl and giving her half a wave.


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Sat Jan 12, 2013 3:06 am
Rachel eventually entered the gym. She looked at all of the students waiting to show their powers. She wonder how many of them where going to become heroes, and how many were going to be sidekicks.

Dorothy had to leave her friends now since she had to take the power placement again. She didn't really enjoy being told she had to be in the sidekick class, but she knew her powers weren't the kind heroes have. She got into the line, and was standing behind a boy with blond hair.

Kelly arrived at the gym with a lot of the other students. With so many people around her, she was starting to feel uncomfortable. The staff knew that, so they never made her show her powers in front of others. She took a seat in the bleachers and watched the other students show their powers.

Isabel decided to ignore the boy, since she was late for power placement. She didn't like showing her power, since unlike the other students, she needed another person to use it. She entered the school and eventually made it into the gym.
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