Poems Written For The Users of Zantarni
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Thu Jan 03, 2013 5:53 pm
These are poems written in the freebie shops that I run during events. This thread is so that everyone can see what I have written and enjoy them!


For Mally
Mally, darling, you're an amazing friend,
I hope our friendship never ends,
You make me smile,
And laugh a lot,
You're sweet as can be,
And you draw amazing art.

For Asami
Asami is the prettiest and fairest in the land,
The morning glow upon her face makes the sunrise look bland,
As sweet and caring as she is, her friend hate to see her sad.
If anyone messed with Asami, Dusty would get mad,
A frightnening sight Dusty would become if they hurt Asami bad.

For Asami 2
A blaze in colors,
Illistrated with riches,
Sweet and caring,
The sun rises up,
And makes her look spectacular,
Morning Beauty,

For Shugga
A lonely robot sat on a hill,
he needed a friend to bring along,
He didn't want to be alone,
He needed to make a freind, but how to was unknown.

As the hours passed by, the robot sat still,
Deep in thought, on what to do,
A bird flew up and perched on his head,
It made a nest and went to bed.

Shaken from his thoughts but a 'tweet'
The robot looked up,
And the bird looked down,
The bird didn't fly away, but instead settled down.

The bird nuzzled against the robot's head,
And the robot realized he'd made a friend.
The robot sighed quietly to himself,
Apparently friendships were formed by themselves.

For Karrah
An elf sat quietly, watching her young pet.
Her pet was a phoenix, and the phoenix hadn't quited yet,
Usually the phoenix cried only in the dawn,
But it was near midnight, and the elf began to yawn.

She sat there pondering how to shush the majestic bird,
Maybe if she read a story, the bird would feel that its cries had been heard.
The elf began to read for her vast collection of lore,
And the bird began to drift to sleep, against its cage's door.

The elf smiled softly to herself,
As she placed the book softly back on its shelf.
She she pulled the covers over her head,
She smiled softly, knowing that everyone had finally gone to bed.


On Inspiration
Inspiration comes
drifting into our lives.
Passion, faith, future

Dear Shopping Carts
Why can't people put you up?
You always seem to be in the way.
Abandoned in parking lots or at the register,
You're almost always left somewhere, a stray.


Sir Meldrick and Loriel
Relaxing patiently beside the Gates,
Sitting patiently they wait,
Greeting newcommers with a smile,
Hoping that they'll stay a while,

They are Zantarni's favorite elf and fairy,
Loriel sits on the staff the Sir Meldrick carries,
They tell tales that seemed once forgotton lore,
When citizens think of them,
Their smiles grow,
They are a vital part of Zantarni that when have com to know.

The Fairy's Warm Glow, For Da-kuTenshi
Glowing brightly in the dark,
Humming a melody like a lark,
A serene smile laid upon her face,
She looked more beautiful than the finest lace,

Like a fire flickering in the dark,
She looked like a glowing ember or a spark,
Warm and inviting, she will always be,
She has always been quite a sight to see.

For Manah
Shoulder length brown hair,
Green and gold robes that look fair,
She had a noble air.

Llamas, llamas, every where,
Llamas, llamas, with fuzzy hair,
Llamas, llamas, here and there,
Llamas, llamas, schemeing in their lairs,
Llamas, llamas, are to be found no where,
Llamas, llamas, think the world will be theirs.

Baby on the Way
Preparations under way,
Waiting excitedly for the day,
Soon there will be a newborn baby boy,
The day he is born will be one filled with joy.

To Love a Mage
He was just like the rest of us,
But there was one thing that set him apart,
Avoiding magic was a must,
But I couldn't, he had my heart.

I was neatly wrapped around his finger,
No matter what society said,
I wanted my time with him to linger,
He was nothing like the mages about which I had read.

Freedom For the Glowy Things
Please free the glowy things,
Man, elf, drawf, glendors, and glowy things alike,
We all deserve our freedom,
Even if you're just a tiny ball of light.

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