Giveaway With A Twist!
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Thu Dec 01, 2011 6:10 pm
Hello there!

Some of you may know who I am, most probably do not. I have been inactive for many many months and I don't feel right about having such sought after items, if I do not use my account very often; and will never do so.

I am giving away:

Pink magical eye
Shamrock jacket
Yoricks mini wings x2
Level 4 Earth boots
Vibrant Pink Flag
Green thigh high stockings
Emerald gold pendant
Golden mummy pants

HERE is the catch.

You have to create a story between 100-500 words maximum. Telling me about your favourite animal. Not just facts about the animal, but why you love it so much and why it is dear to you. You will not win with fancy words, there has to be passion behind what you say.

You will have from now till December 8th to Submit your story. Anybody who does not follow the word amount requirements, or story topic requirements will be disqualified.

The person with the best story will pick first. They can have one thing out of my list that they want. Second person picks after them, and so on, and so forth.
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Thu Dec 01, 2011 8:57 pm
-drools over the white cloak-

Well, here's my shot at the giveaway, it's 498 words cause I didn't add the title in. XD

Having three animals that tie for my favorites, I would have to choose my oldest favorite from my childhood, the frog. I know frogs are not on the top ten favorites list for females, many of my girlfriends growing up would run half across Maryland if a 'slimy' frog, which is actually false, a frog's skin is actually quite smooth and by no means slimy, would even dare hop out in front of them.
As an only child and living out in the country, I couldn't wait for the nights I would spend at my grandparents house during the Summer, for the morning after a huge rainfall, mainly cause it always meant one thing, there would be lots of little playmates swimming around the pool waiting for me to come out and join them for a swim even through my grandfather would later come out and scoop out any frog that I had left in the pool.
And the frogs didn't just stay playmates in the pool, I would always try to sneak one or two inside the house but always got caught before I could take one step inside the door. I even took one with me to visit my great grandmother on her birthday, the frog was sitting on my hair, under my hat which no one knew I had successfully smuggled a frog with me till I took the hat off.
Even today, on the occasions when I spend the night over at my grandmother's house, having lost my grandfather to cancer shortly after my graduation in 2003, the morning after a rainstorm, I still love to go out to the pool and scoop up any of my little playmates who happen to wander in for a little visit. Many times, I will sit there on the pool steps, my feet dangling in the water with a frog sitting on my palm of my hand and maybe one sitting on my head, just running my finger down it's back, I guess sort of like how you pet a dog or cat and just talking to the frogs. If one did jump back into the pool, I usually could put my hand down in the water to wait for the frog to swim back into my hand.
Either in the backyard pool, pond or your front yard, watching a frog in it's environment just doing what comes natural can be a thrilling experience especially if you get to manage to find a frog in the middle of catching it's dinner, a rare treat. It's hard to believe for such a little creature, how far they can jump or what type of falls they can easily survive -I should know, I have dropped a few on concrete by accident and all of them have survived- Living in the country, I would always go asleep with the frogs croaking outside, listening to one of mother nature's best bands and actually hearing a frog croak while holding it, heaven.

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Thu Dec 01, 2011 11:38 pm
Hello good sir! Smile
I'll have to give it a shot!

253 words Smile

My Baby...

When I was growing up, we have a couple of dogs... but I had never been connected to any of them until my toy poodle came around when I was 6. One day my mom came home and set up the baby play pin, left and later came in with a small baby dog... which she placed lightly into the pin. Inside was my baby blanket, my slipper, and my little pillow. Of which my mom had placed inside to entertain the new puppy. Through the years, he became attached to me. He would drag around his slipper (my old one), sleep with me at night, and follow me constantly. We had built a loving relationship. Until my mother had decided she had wanted him to sleep with her... but even then, in the early morning I would hear scratching on my door until I let him in. Then we would both go back to bed, with his little head sticking out of the covers.

Because of this, dogs became my favorite animal... because of the relationship that I was able to create with one very special puppy. He's still with me today. He lays around my head when I'm ill and I hold him when he is. I couldn't care more for anything. He's my baby. I refuse to admit that he's coming to his end, because I know when he's gone, I will be forever empty. I've practically created a mother/son relationship with him. I love him so.

I am a snow angel Very Happy!
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Thank you MintFrosting!
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Fri Dec 02, 2011 1:44 pm
Oho interesting. I'll certainly be back to post when I have more time XD
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Fri Dec 02, 2011 5:54 pm
Here is my entry:

The night is dark and the air is cold; my golden eyes gaze up at the silver moon above me. I turn my head back to my pack, my family, as my thick tail swishes behind me. Our breath rose in steamy clouds as we rested from our run but we felt no fatigue. The pack is strong together, ever faithful, ever loyal. We can do anything together; nothing can stop us. We were filled with spirit tonight as we frolicked and pranced with each other, dancing with the Earth. The bonds between us were strong and unwavering as we endured life’s obstacles together. We faced everything together, unflinching and unwavering; we left no one behind. The spirit within us moved as one as we ceased our play and lifted our heads. Our voices slid up the harmonic scale and settled on each of our favorite notes as we joined our voices into one. Even the young pups joined us, inspired by our unity. The lands echoed with our voice, letting every living creature know that we are family. Our song ended in licks and playful pawing before we once again, rose to our paws and padded purposefully across the land. The Earth’s spirit moves us as our paws commune with its force. We are wild and free; no force will ever tame us. We are loyal, we are proud, we are strong. We are beautiful, we are fierce, we are loving. We are wolf.

245 words
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