Where Do Your Eyes Turn?
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Thu Apr 19, 2012 9:30 am

In a cold laboratory he walked in on to something he had never expected to see. No, he knew he would see it. Where he worked science had to move forward and would by any means necessary. His name was Ty Ty, a person who worked there for many years that at the age of fourteen was already a master at DNA and genetics.. But his parents had broken the laws for science. They had used DNA they had extracted from a corpse found on the moon, and created their own child with that DNA inside. They thought the best experiment was your own child. He could never live normally, and as time went by he knew that more and more all too well. These days he had barely any human DNA in him. When he was fifteen he had his parents arrested, he had turned them in to the police. They had left him missed up emotionally and mentally in many ways..

One of those ways was the inability to think straight in certain situations. This was one of those situations. He was 24 but thin and his height was only at 5foot2(157.5 cm). From heat to toe he was covered in strange non uniform clothing that covered him far too well. The glasses to cover that his eyes didn't always look green and the hat to cover his pointed ears.. The rest to cover anything else on him that he could. He tried to contain his fear, his irrationalities after he entered the room. The struggle of those couldn't be seen, no not behind his orange lens tinted glasses.. But he lost the struggle to hold on to sanity and reason at the looks of pain the strange looking person being held captive and experimented with broke his will.. Because being tested and held and put through pain for being something unknown to humans, to modern science..

He couldn't handle it. The small thin framed scientist started to tear apart everything he could touch or run in to, and anyone that got near him. People swore and put out alarms and fled. Every time he had a break down of mentality it always happened this way. Everything in his mind went blank and things started to get destroyed by his small weak body as if he was a mammoth of sorts, and all people really knew what to do was flee and watch the expensive equipment get totaled. Through the blankness of his mind though, some clarity started coming back when he felt a larger hand, person grabbing one of his hands. When was it grabbed? Was that the person that was captive? The wasn't held down to a medical table anymore? ...Well he probably ended up destroying that anyway so it would be hard getting held down by a destroyed object..

A sting was felt on his back and he knew he had been struck by a tranquilizer, likely by one of the scientists that had fled. He watched the strange person, strange type in one of the machines. It was the one that made gates. It wasn't broken? But he soon found himself falling to darkness. When he woke back up the feeling of everything was entirely different. Well.. at least he knew the gate didn't leave earth.. But he had never really left laboratories his entire life unless it was for short walks. Sterile, clean, near, familiar, safe. He could feel fear creep up on him as he opened his eyes. The scent of herbs and the sight of beautiful fabric hanging far over his head. Were was he? What happened in the hours he was out?

The lunar person started to feel himself over. His glasses, his mantle, gloves, arm warmers, shirt, under shirt, pants, socks, boots, and gloves were all missing. He was in attire he was unfamiliar with.. his ears, eyes, and scars exposed. Yes, over his right eye he had scarring from when he had ripped out that eye with his own hand. Of course he had made himself a new eye but the scar from the incident was still on his face, though it was nine years ago, almost ten. He was almost afraid to get up, no he WAS afraid to get up. "Maybe if I keep laying here and close me eyes back I will find this is just a very strange dream.. and I'll wake up.." He wanted it to be a dream, the very idea of the current reality around him was just frightening and strange to him. Inside though, the lunar person knew this was far from a dream.

I'm a demon, an actual demon. A spirit puppeting a soulless body. Because of that please consider my feelings when talking of demons and refrain from saying any raciest comments like 'all demons are evil' and such.

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Thu Apr 19, 2012 12:33 pm
Flesh knitted together, hiding the bone that had been exposed to the air for quite some time. It was the last wound he had to close. Su'en grumbled. Those jerks had cut him up like he wasn't a living being. Like he wasn't sentient. As if the words and pleas he had uttered didn't reach them. Humans. They sucked. How they had found out what he was, was still a mystery to him. He was careful. Always careful. He thought no one knew about him, but all his safety measures and all his days alone were for nothing.
He looked at his healed body. Going over every patch of skin to see if all the healing was done. Su'en was naked, lying in a luxurious bath in his domain. A spacious mansion located far away from the laboratory that was his prison.
A few hours ago he was there, lying on a cold slab of metal. The scientists poking and prodding at his body, trying to know what he was. He hadn't told them. If he did, it would mean the end of all. They would have abused him to benefit themselves. So he had escaped. Fixed the machine that made gateways to several places on earth with his telekinesis. Slowly and patiently. His powers were still weak and he hadn't thought he'd actually achieve it. Today he had done it, though. And now, back in his own comfort zone, he felt like a god again.
Su'en wrapped the linen cloth around his body, forming a loose fitting toga. Then walked slowly to the room where he had left the small body of one of the scientists who had tortured him. He didn't really remember the odd looking person actually hurting him. But then, he didn't really remember all of it. Which was a blessing. The young looking man was there in the lab, walking freely. So they should be one of them. Right? He didn't really know what to do with them. Hold them captive? Make them suffer for what he had gone through? He was almost inclined to do just that. But after much thought, he figured he could question the worthless human on how much mankind had discovered. About him, about his kind. Though, he himself had already discovered that this human was not an ordinary human. Because he had never ever seen ears like those on a mortal.
He walked through the archway that made up the only door of the room and willed the lamps to shine brighter. Then leaned against one of the bedposts, watching the figure on his bed. After a while he spoke. "I know you are awake. I can hear it in the way you're breathing." Su'en folded his arms in front of him and waited for a reply.

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Fri Apr 20, 2012 12:32 am

A voice had spoken to him, one that sounded not so pleased. Was that the one that had grabbed him while he had been going berserk and had brought him here? His open eyes moved from looking at the spot above his head he had been staring at him. It was the person that had been experimented on in the laboratory at the room he had walked in to. Any change in the light he easily ignored as a trick of the eyes. Who knows what happened while he was out? Well, this person likely did but with such an unfriendly expression expression he doubted they would tell him anything. "Didn't my open eyes give it away as well?" Well, it was true that his eyes had been open before this person entered,he was just.. rather stiff. He would he moved to sit up but Ty Ty was generally a very shy person about his body, to the point that he disliked showing his bare hands. If he sat up his bare neck and hands would be exposed at the least, and briefly his bare back would likely be as well. Such thoughts mortified him.
"If you didn't want me here you should have left me at the laboratory.." It was obvious this person didn't seem too happy, and it was aimed towards him. If the pointed ears seemed a bit strange, the snow pale white skin would have just been a topping on the cake. The final touch of course being the best, his green eyes shifting in and out from a metallic silver color that looked as if it moved and had no pupils. For now at least though his eyes finally settled on the normal green eye color. Could the metallic silver be forgotten? Humans didn't have pointed ears, rarely ever had skin like his, such a well proportioned body at his height, and never had that metallic silver color of eyes. That person was dressed pretty strangely to him.. But said nothing about it. This place, wherever he was might be this persons home. Maybe if he spoke to them reasonably they would let him free to go back home to the laboratory.. and with his clothes back of course. He needed to get his clothes back. Why was he naked?

"..Where are my clothes? I need them back.. There are a few things.. I can't handle. Everything goes blank and I just start destroying things.. I cant handle.. experiments on people, being naked, being half naked, wearing white, wearing a cyan color, wearing a blue green color, being in a room with too much white, being too close to doctors.. Which may sound strange for a scientist to say but.. I just.. have issues. It's why was destroying things in that room you where in, they likely kept whatever they were doing to you from me because they hate it when I do that. The only way they know how to stop me when I get that way is with a tranquilizer..." Okay, he had a few issues. Well, no he had a crap load of issues. "I don't feel comfortable anywhere outside a laboratory or my apartment there. I'm one of the few happy that scientists working there up to a certain rank have to have to live in an apartment on the complex to assure certain secrets don't get out to the public. I'm a little.. okay very nutty but I'm by far the best expert on DNA and genetics they have.." okay, that probably sounded strange to them.
What should he do? Should he apologize? "If I hit you during my rampage then I'm sorry, but now you know if I did it wasn't intentional. I just want to go back... and get my clothes back, my clothes." They were his comfort colors, black and orange. Should he explain how someone in their early 20s could be an expert in genetics when all other experts at his level are much older? Well, maybe not, there was no reason to. This person was a stranger, he just wanted to go back. "I wont say anything about wherever you are and hopefully you wont tell anyone about me not being human.. I just need to get back. I don't feel comfortable outside a laboratory.." Well, be it his eyes were or where not silver or if they were or were not currently green it didn't matter as much. His ears were still very none human, very pointed lengthy not so human ears. They had to be a dead give away, anyone who say those would be able to figure out he wasn't human right? He just had to hope they would let him free, trust the idea of one persons silence for anothers, give him back his clothes and let him leave. He wanted to get back, to look at the moon and soothe his nerves. He didn't like this situation at all. He just wanted to go back.

I'm a demon, an actual demon. A spirit puppeting a soulless body. Because of that please consider my feelings when talking of demons and refrain from saying any raciest comments like 'all demons are evil' and such.
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