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Fri Feb 17, 2012 2:25 am
its been roughly a week since Kenpachi's adopted kid Kyuuna Reaped the Arrancar Grimmjow and somehow made him become a Reaper alongside her. Though the love-struck duo had yet to tell their CAPTAIN who also happened to be Kyuuna's FATHER about their being together as a couple.

But this isn't their only issue; these two also have to deal with the darker stirring's in their own 'Inner world'. Little do they know one other shares their small 'dark secret'...
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Fri Feb 17, 2012 2:46 am
Kaori's Profile/Info
Full Name:
Kaori Nori
Looks: Click Here (More pics here)
Age: Appears to be 25 years old
Personality: Clever, thoughtful, mischevious, strategical,she's a trickster, and she's somewhat flirty towards men that she picks on.
Favorite Past Times: Sparing, helping Yachiru annoy Ikkaku and Yumichika
Notes: Kaori is a visored and must keep it a secret from the soud society or she will be sent to the Human World. She seems to be rather fond of spending time with Kisuke Urahara and Yachiru... She also seems to have a soft spot for Ikkaku Madarame.

Art by Lyht <3
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Sun Feb 19, 2012 9:04 pm
Username: KyuunaZaraki
Name: Grimmjow Jeagerjacques
[spoiler]Age: looks about 20
Gender: Male * as blind as that quincy?, can't you tell I'm all man?!*
Faction: Gotei 13
Rank: Soldier in Squad Eleven
Looks: Human: (minus the heart hole and Bonemask unless he finally learns how to become a Visored, plus he dresses like a Reaper now)
Released Form:
Zanpakuto: Pantera
Release Command/Action: Grind your fangs PANTERA! is yelled as he claws down the blade which initiates his Release Form that has pretty much become his Shikai now. It still gives him the abilities he'd had before.
Powers: Desagarron *the huge Light Claw attack he used on Ichigo* Gran Rey Cero, Sonido 'normal' Cero Hierro *Stone Skin defense*
Personality: Wild, hot tempered, extremely willing to fight no matter what, has some variety of Honor *he may have only healed Kurosaki to pummel him MORE but hey it proves he has SOME kind of code of honor*
Crush: Kyuuna Zaraki
Other: Is getting used to being one of the Good Guys *that still don't mean Kurosaki's safe from me giving him a beatdown AGAIN 'smirks* Though he and Kyuu-chan have yet to actually reveal their growing relationship to Kyuuna's Adopted Father Kenpachi[/spoiler]

Name: Kyuuna Zaraki
[spoiler]Age: looks about 19
Gender: Female
Faction: Gotei 13
Rank: Soldier in Squad Eleven
Looks: her 'human' form almost looks like she COULD be Kenpachi's kid by blood, but this is just an illusion to hide the way she naturally looks (think female Kurt Wagner from Xmen Evolution with black fur and red eyes as well as silverwhite hair in a long braid) her Shinigami uniform is similar to the black part of Kenpachi's outfit right down to the shredded edges of her Hakama and she wears bells in her hair just like her adoptive dad who STILL dun realize he effectively adopted a Shadow demon since her Zanpakuto holds her powers inside itself, leaving her with only the appearance of her race *cat-like fangs and claws and all*
Zanpakuto: Amon
Powers: Amon's sealed form is a crimson edged obsidian katana when unreleased

Shikai: Release phrase: Lets fight Amon!

Abilities: aside from gaining armor that makes her look somewhat like her Zanpakuto spirit Amon:
her abilities consist of a long range 'grab' attack *shadow claw grappling strike, kinda like Scorpion's 'GET OVER HERE!' move* and a Projectile attack that looks like a set of shadow bullets fired from her clawtips plus the passive skill of enhancing her speed to a slight extent *not too extreme like Kurosaki's but similar* she can also fly for a short span
Personality: Lovably Psycho and Fighthappy just like Kenny-chan!
Crush: Grimmjow Jeagerjacques
Other:has hated Kurosaki a little ever since she learned he BARELY beat Kenpachi in a fight. Though even the crazed adoptive daughter of Kenpachi balks at the thought of how her father might react to learning She was already in a relationship with the new 'greenhorn' of Squad Eleven.[/spoiler]
Imma Grimmy Fangirl!

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