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Fri Aug 12, 2022 4:38 pm
Specifically, this part right here:
Image Size.
Images posted in the forums should not exceed 575 pixels in width or 500 pixels in height [Visual Reference: Posted Images]. Player signatures should not exceed 575px in width and 350px in height [Visual Reference: Siggy Size], cumulative dimensions.

Hypothetically, that's great, practically, it's a problem.
As I've mentioned, I want to start a webcomic here and have it spread so that people join Zantarni, to bring people in.
Also because Webtoons is... let's call it "a pair of buttocks" when it comes to handling webcomics.
"the second you upload something here you forefit your intellectual property in favor of Webtoons and you can't even sell YOUR CREATION because Cha-CHING for us! $_$"
Maybe even do extra/hidden episodes on Zantarni.

Enter... my phone.
My phone can't do 575x500px.
Technology has advanced and it's literally impossible to find a phone that does this.
Ideally? Photograph several pages and put them all in a single post - a full episode per post.
Sure, I'd crop it a little bit here and there to remove the table and excess paper, but it's not gonna be 575x500, it's gonna be more. I recon twice the width, and 3 times the height.
...or the other way around...

I opened my smallest pic taken and its resolution is 2112x4608. Pretty sure it's width x height.
Strangely, it doesn't exceed the (PC) screen, despite the resolution set to 1920x1080.
I can zoom in to see the individual lines and pencil scratches with better clarity, but that's it.
Either way, the post would be very large.

I can, hypothetically, photograph the entire page and upload it in sections, panels, but that would only make the post twice (at least) the size.

I suppose I can downscale the whole thing via Krita to fit the resolution requirements SLIGHTLY better (the whole page\s), but since it's a comic, it'll still be 575xN where N is the number of cuts I'd have to do to technically fit the resolution requirements (per image), but we're still looking at a gigantic post made of images.
Also, speech bubbles will be hard, if not impossible to read.

I don't want to be rules-lawyering - "haha, I technically DO fit the requirements, if not in the way you intended."
All that'd do is make you, mods and admins, angry.
I don't want to do that.

Throw me some new ideas because I lost all of mine.

edit: I SPECIFICALLY want to have the... original? The main series be on Zantarni, and some very small pieces, previews in other places.

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