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Thu Feb 05, 2015 2:57 am
Hey guys, so I've decided I want to try something. I will write a short story for each person who comments below based on their avatar/character.The rules are simple:

In your comment tell me...
1.) What your character/you would prefer to be called
2.) If you had a specific plot in mind and if you do what is it?
3.) Any other random facts that you think would be interesting to know about and/or used in the story

A.) No requesting a story more than once unless stated otherwise.
B.) If you have constructive criticism I would love to hear it
C.) Please, no hate as I am still developing my writing skills

(Some brave soul comment so that I can do this because my description probably sounds really lame to most people and I promise it's better than it sounds)
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Thu Feb 05, 2015 7:08 am
Personalized stories? Sounds like fun! Very Happy

1. Since it's based on my avatar, Pagan or Paganbeer works for me.

2. No specific plot...go ahead and be creative!

3. You don't have to use any of these, but...

I have a cat named Tommy.
My son is a citizen of Zantarni, and his name is BL00DYCL0WN. (The Os are zeros, if you wanted to look at his profile.)
I have two granddaughters. They are too young to join the site yet. (They are 10 and 7)
My favorite color is green, and I never change my avatar's hair.
I can't think of anything else right now, but if you have any questions, feel free to pm me. Very Happy
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Fri Feb 06, 2015 5:56 am
How not to have a day off

It is spring in the realm of Zantarni. Flowers were blooming, birds are singing, and citizens competed for the Avatar of the week award. The weather is beginning to warm up and people were shedding their winter coats in favour of the new seasonal fashions. All was normal and well in the city.

PaganBeer, an official knight of Zantarni was walking in the mountains surrounding the city walls enjoying the fresh air. She loved to come into the hills and immerse herself for a few hours in nature. It provided a welcome escape from the ever-active town. Before she had become a knight she would hike up into the hills. Occasionally, for a few days she would camp under one of the tall evergreen trees that made up the nearby forest.

She stopped beneath an old and gnarled trunk, one which looked like it had seen many winters. In one spot the tree's roots came together to form a cosy looking niche overlooking the city. This was the spot at which she sat with her golden wings stretched out to either side of her. Today, she planned to do nothing except eat the sandwich she had brought with her and relax in the shade of the old tree for a couple hours. The air was fresh, the birds were singing, and the sun smiled kindly down upon the land giving a sense of peace and contentment to all. It was a day in which nothing seems to go wrong. Pagan was just about to close her eyes when...

"Pagan?" A loud shout rang through the air, foreign and disruptive in this environment.

PanganBeer turned to see a new citizen approach her tree. He appeared to be greatly winded from the climb up the hill and needed to take a moment to regain his breath before continuing.

"Pagan, I'm very glad I found you." He spoke in between breaths "I was looking all over the south mountain and into the valley before Mr. Meldrick told me you were in the north hills. And then I ran into somebody at the gate and then I-" He was cut off by PanganBeer who was a bit irritated that her day off had been disrupted but was doing her best not to show it.

"What is it now?" She interrupted a bit rudely. The serene and tranquil mood now gone.

"Err. Well..." He had obviously just realized that he had disrupted a moment and now would have to deliver his message with a coat of apology layered on top. "You see, umm... well, Blazestorm sent me up here to ask you to help her reorganize her house but now I see that I should probably tell her that you're busy... heh." He laughs nervously and begins to back away down the hill.

Sighing in disappointment that such a beautiful day would be wasted, she unfurled her wings while ignoring the citizen who had disrupted her day. She stands up and and runs to the edge of the hill and leaps off, allowing her wings to carry her to the gateway to Zantarni. She lands lightly and sees a few places away, Meldrick the Elder and Loriel who are talking to a small group of new citizens.

It takes a while to reach Blazestorm's house. The streets were relatively crowded with people who were trying to get to the market to exchange, sell, and buy new clothes. All in order to keep up with current trends. When she finally does, however, she find the door is locked and no signs that anyone is home.

"Well, that certainly is odd" she said to herself. "Perhaps a mistake was made?"

PaganBeer was too busy pondering why Blazestorm would have called her on her day off that she didn't notice a shadowed figure creeping up behind her.

Right as she turned around the not-so-shadowed figure, who turned out to be another random citizen, dumped a bucket of shaving cream all over her. He then turned and ran for it, leaving the bucket discarded on the ground by where he was.

PaganBeer was very irritated. Her day off in the mountains had been interrupted by a childish prank. Of COURSE Blazestorm hadn't asked her for help, it was those meddling kids.

"If it's a prank war you want!" She shouts after the retreating figure "It's a prank war you shall get!" Grumbling, she trudged back to her house to change and clean off her outfit and get the shaving cream washed out of her green hair.

The next day a certain citizen of Zantarni wakes up to find that all of his clothes have been turned into dresses thus making him have nothing to wear. Meaning, he has to go buy more clothes in his underwear.

If one had ventured up onto the north mountains that next day they would have found PaganBeer relaxing amount the roots of an old, old tree eating a homemade sandwich. She would be smiling at the thought of the other citizen's face when he wakes up to realize that his house is now flooded with maple syrup.

Hey, thanks for being the first person to request a story. Hopefully these short stories will help me to greatly improve my writing skills so my future stories will be much better
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Sun Feb 08, 2015 2:27 am
That's not bad at all! Your pm had me wondering if you were trying to make me not like it before I even got to read it. Laughing

One thing, though...try to keep a tighter rein on your verb tenses. They change partway through.

Overall, it was a cute little story, and I enjoyed it. And even though you haven't known me for very long, you didn't have me doing anything that I would have considered totally out of character.
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Sun Feb 08, 2015 4:47 am
For the verbs: will do. Sometimes those evil verbs escape my sorta-all seeing editing eyes. Very Happy

And for the PM... lol I didn't mean to phrase it in that way. My friends tell me I have a habit of expecting the worst and I guess I do get a little odd sometimes.

run, run, run. as fast as you can! *watches from the couch*
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Sun Feb 08, 2015 5:11 am
This is a great idea!

1.) Zege

2.) None~ I want you to be creative ! Very Happy

3.) Honestly I have no idea. I'm really sorry! I hope that isn't too little to go on. (x If it is, let me know and I will give more information.

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