avery clarke; main character.
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Mon Jun 23, 2008 6:04 am
gahh. sorry it's so long, but this is a character profile type of thing for a story i'm writing. he's the main character. :3
avery clarke is a young man, just leaving college and entering the real world. he's twenty two years old, and very bold. although constantly paranoid that someone is out to get him, avery is very calm and cunning. he's smart and witty, and can control his emotions very well; almost too well. both an introvert and an extrovert, avery knows when to shut his mouth, and when to stick up for himself or those around him. mostly quiet, avery has been known to astonish people with his outbursts of confidence and lack of fear. avery appears to be very two-sided, but not in a necessarily bad way. he's very contradictory. he has his quiet, curious side who always listens and generally stays out of others' businesses. the same side which is very paranoid and cautious of who he talks to and what he talks of. his other side, which can become apparent in a split second; the bold, confident side, not afraid to say what he wants, not afraid to be strong and stick up for what he believes in. avery appears to have some sort of bi-polar disorder, but it's never known if it's true or not, since he hasn't been to a doctor since he was young.

avery is five foot ten, and on the muscley side. not jacked, but strong. he's got a stocky figure, very meaty and built, which can be easily hidden by a t-shirt and jeans (which he generally wears). his hair is naturally black, buzz cut on the left side, and longish and straight on the right. it appears frizzy and teased, but he doesn't do it on purpose. the tips of his hair are poorly bleached, and have turned out a reddish/yellow color. the longer part of his hair reached down just past the tip of his ear. his face was round, and he wore black rimmed glasses, but not the real thick kind, just simple black glasses. he was as blind as a bat without them, and contacts bothered his eyes, so he stuck with glasses. avery has a broad nose, a greek nose, that was thin, but big-boned and stuck out a bit. avery has a flawless smile; naturally perfect teeth, with just a slight overbite, plump pink lips that curl up to reveal each front tooth smoothly. his hands are worked and callused from working at his dad's construction company from when he was 16 until his 19th, birthday, where his uncle took over the business when avery's dad died.

avery clarke was born in the united states, but grew up on the very south shore of ireland in wexford. he grew up with his dad, because his mom died birthing his younger sister. avery has a fraternal twin brother named hunter, and a sister named parker. parker is four years younger than avery and hunter. they grew up all together, where his father worked a construction company at which hunter and avery worked. they lived well, but had to be very careful of what they bought, and what they needed, since they were a little short on money, but they never fell in debt, so they lived happily. when avery was nineteen, his father died at work in an accident. as a result, parker moved to the united states with their aunt jessica and uncle dave (dave was avery's dad's brother). avery, who had decided to attend college, tried to work with hunter to keep the business going, but being in school, it was hard for avery to keep up, and hunter couldn't do it alone. their father's other brother, jeff (also living in ireland), decided to take over the business for them. hunter remained there while avery went off to college to study biology.

"And instead of saying all of your goodbyes, let them know you realize that life goes fast. It's hard to make the good things last. You realize the sun don't go down, it's just an illusion cause by the world spinning round."
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