Broken Glass (Opinions + Critique?)
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Wed Jun 25, 2008 1:58 pm

If you asked me to describe life I would describe it as a comic tragedy. You may call my description of it oxymoronic, perhaps I'm even contradicting myself, however that is how I view it. I often find myself thinking about subjects like our free will and destiny. I often feel as though I am a doll, and the world is a toy box of some sadistic superior being. Maybe we're nothing but pawns in a game of chess. Death is another subject I find myself thinking of. What happens when we pass on? Do we sleep forever or do we go to some other realm. The idea of death is a mystery to me and I believe it will stay a mystery for many years.

I ask that you do not think me some kind of morbid freak. I have good reason to view life in this way, seeing how I no longer have a real life. Life is a funny and unpredictable thing. I believe that our lives are influenced by the hand the Fates deal us at birth. A human life can end anytime, without warning, you can open your eyes one morning to find the love of your life gone forever. My story is a dark tale, and not advised for the faint of heart.

My life ended nearly a century ago. Now you are probably wondering exactly how I can be telling you this if I no longer live. I will not lie to you, I will tell you exactly what I am, but it is not pleasant. When I was a small girl I was given the gift of immortality but also the curse of perpetually becoming a creature of the night. Call me what you'd like, a bloodsucker, a vampire, a member of the undead, all of those names fit me. I am a vampire, a creature of the night, forced to feed on the blood of others for eternity.

I can remember my first day of school perfectly. I was five years old and much smaller than the other children who I went to school with. That day my mother dressed me in my favorite white dress; and new my dress shoes she bought for me the week before. My mother was careful making my lunch; sure not to mess anything up and still she worked quickly. That particular day she seemed rather fidgety; which was peculiar for her, my mother always had been a rather calm woman.

We left early, a few minutes after eight even though my school did not start until nine. I would be going to Rosewood Primary School, a school students in grades kindergarten through second grade. I walked briskly eager to get there soon, I was convinced that day would be perfect. After all the weather was nice, my teacher; Mrs. Edwards; was really kind and enthusiastic about her job, and to top it all of I was ready to make friends. Unlike the other students I was starting late that year, my parents had just moved to the large city of Rosewood from a small town called Leeks. I had lived there ever since I was born and when they first told me we were leaving I threw fits on a daily basis; after I found out about my new school I was singing a different song. You see learning has something I have always loved; no matter what the subject was I would do anything to learn about it.

Now you probably are wondering who I am and why I'm telling you about the boring life of a five year old girl. My name and Alina Yorke, I am the daughter of Deserae and Zack Woods, and no matter what I am that is one fact that will never change. though it may not seem like it this day was of great importance to me. That was the day I met a person who would change my life forever. Literally. At the time I refused to believe things unless I saw proof; I was a little too stubborn for my own good I'm afraid. A flaw that has stayed with me to this very day. I can honestly say I wish I would have just listened without demanding proof for once. Now I'm telling you too much; there are more details you need to hear before I can tell you the rest of the story.

When my mother and I arrived at the school I was fifteen minutes early. My mother didn't drive and my father had already left for work so of course we walked. We arrived and she signed me in at the office (A procedure the school was strict about. If you an adult and weren't an familiar face you had to sign in or you would not be allowed to enter the building. It is odd but that was how they did things.) My mother walked me to class and she talked with my teacher for a few minutes. When she turned to leave I was instantly filled with a dread I hadn't felt earlier. I had been excited until I realized my mother was leaving me here alone. (Though I should have known that sooner. It wasn't my first time being in school.) To be honest it was because I was in a new place. The idea of change has always terrified me to a point beyond belief. I've never been able to welcome it happily which makes it a bit obvious as to why I have constantly tried to avoid it.

It took my mother a few minutes to reassure me that everything would be fine after she left I was still nervous. My teacher told me I could sit anywhere I wanted. She questioned me about what my life had been like before I'd moved and as I told her about it I began to feel even more homesick than I already had. She talked to me about it until the bell rang; the other students began to come in quietly however nobody paid any mind to me. Mrs. Edwards introduced me to my classmates but I remained quiet.

None of them really caught my interest except for one. A boy with silvery blond hair and dark eyes sat alone at a table. Even I, the new girl was sitting with people, but he was sitting all alone. At lunch he sat at the end of the table by himself so I decided I would talk to him. I sat down across from him and smiled.

"Hiya!" I exclaimed brightly, "I'm Alina! Who are you?"

The mystery boy eyed me wearily. He was frowning as he brushed his hair out of his eyes. "Nick." He said calmly, still their was something hidden in his tone and it sent a chill up my spine. He said nothing else to me and returned to picking at his food, but still he eyed me warily. I didn't think that it would be a good idea to continue try to start a conversation; he definitely didn't seem willing to talk. As the other kids children started to sit down I watched in silence. My teacher had already told me that once I chose my seat I wasn't allowed to get up. None of the others were sitting at the same end of the table and this confused me a little. Sure the boy seemed a little anti-social but that was no reason to stay away from him. Was it?

-Dreams And Reality-

The area was dark, and the floor was like ice on my body. Dust coated everything, and if there were windows within the dark building they were definitely not visible. Crates lined the walls, stacked neatly to the high ceiling. Only part of me was vaguely aware of my dismal surroundings, I was out cold, shivering, curled up in a ball in an attempt to keep warm. I would continue to sleep until the scream came.

I continued to sleep as peacefully as a person who was lying on concrete could. I remember jerking awake, hearing a very loud - very terrifying for that matter, sound. It was a sound that would continue to plague my life for years to come. A sound that sill haunts me to this very day.

''Not Oliver! Please! Not Oliver!''

The scream had come from a woman, I could tell that much, standing up shakily, I was able to feel every sore muscle in my body, ever little pain in my nerves, even the fear running down my spine. As far as I knew, I was completely alone in the area, so where could that scream have come from? I won't lie, I was paralyzed with fear, after all, if you were a five-year old girl, alone, in an unfamiliar place, I doubt that you would be the most happy-go-lucky-person in the world. I was finally able to take in my surrounding, the only source of light in the area, was a dim light overhead. I had a feeling that the light was about to go out so I wanted to get out as soon as possible, but there were no exits in sight.

Another scream made me jump, this scream was clearly from pain, a loud thud, and then stifled sobs. The strangest part was, the sobs were coming from a point beneath me. I could feel the hair standing up on the back of my neck. I wasn't sure of what to do, I was beginning to get claustrophobic the walls seemed to be closing in on me. I took a step forwards, that one step seemed to take up most of my energy. It seemed like everything was in slow motion, almost as though time had stopped completely.

I walked a few feet and then time started once again. The floor seemed to cave in and I fell, the fall was quick, but I was sure that it had been a long drop. Down here everything was dark, absolutely no light penetrated the room, and I could here thunder rumbling outside. At least the proved I wasn't underground. My whole body ached now, I had landed on my stomach, and I rolled over, tears beginning to form in my eyes. I just wanted to get out of this place, I was sure that it was my own personal Hell. I just wanted to be with my mommy and my daddy.

I sat up carefully, and examined my arms, and legs, they were bruised but at least they weren't broken. I stood up, and looked around, along the opposite side of the room were three doorways, one of them was lit up brightly, instinctively I hurried in that direction. I heard squeaks around the room and shuddered, I figured they were rats and I had always hated rodents in all shapes and forms. It sounded like there were quite a few too, I closed my eyes and ran straight, trying to get to the doorway as soon as possible.

I was disappointed to find the brightly lit room was in reality a small corridor which led to a pair of stained glass French doors. I opened the doors and entered the room, looking wary as I glanced around. This particular room was dark but brighter than the previous room that I'd fallen into. I wondered briefly what kind of place this was, before my attention was attracted to something else. The room was empty except for three people.

The first was a girl, who seemed to be maybe in her late teens, with short hair that reached her shoulders, her appearance was unusual, her pale skin held a tint of blue and her large eyes were a bright shade of red, not too mention she seemed to have no pupils. Like an apple almost. Part of her hair fell over her right eye, and she was breathing heavily. A metallic looking substance was spilling out of a deep cut located on her left arm. She was laying on the ground, holding onto her leg which was bent at an odd angle. Tears were running down her face as she watched the other two, fear in her eyes, silently pleading over something.

The second figure was once I couldn't see clearly. I could at least tell he was a boy, who didn't seem to be much older than the girl, I could tell he was tall, and that he had orange hair, but nothing else. My eyes strayed to the third figure and I felt my eyes widen in shock. I couldn't think of anybody who resembled him and yet he seemed like somebody I knew. Somebody close to me. All three seemed that way, the girl especially.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, something wasn't right, I couldn't place my finger on what it was but I could tell something wasn't the way it should have been. Why hadn't they noticed me? I didn't walk quietly, and the entire place echoed to begin with. I decided that maybe it would be best if the three paid me no mind, in any case, I didn't think I'd be much help to the situation before me.

I watched in silence, my pulse racing, and my eyes unable to stray away from the scene. The third figure, a man with silvery hair, and pale skin was staring at the other two, a smirk on his face. Nobody out of the free moved except for the girl who was still whimpering. The orange haired male was silent and seemed to be in shock of something, I immediately felt as though I was missing something.

The male with silvery platinum-blond hair spoke first, and it sent an all-to-familiar-chill down my spine. His voice was quiet, and seductive, the type of voice that could immediately earn a person's trust and put him or her on guard at simultaneously. He was staring at the girl, his smirk widening, and she was blatantly averting his gaze.

"Don't worry Alina, it'll be quick, I promise. He won't suffer much at all." He was still smirking, and even to me, a five-year old, it was obvious he was lying through his teeth. Still, when I heard my name I couldn't help except to stare, open-mouthed as I heard him call the girl Alina. The girl who shared my name looked both utterly terrified and to use a proper phrase, **** off as hell.

Closing my eyes, I gripped the ledge running along the wall, I could feel the blood rushing through my veins as I watched. The silvery haired man turned towards the other, his eyes focused on the orange haired boy's neck. Ivory fangs seemed to gleam in the darkness and I gasped when I realized that he was no ordinary human. I thought his gaze flickered towards me but if it had, it hadn't been there for long. The orange haired teenager was frozen stiff, the other lowered his fangs to his neck., and that was when I woke up screaming.


My mother hurried into my room, and sat down next to me on the bed. I had managed to tangle myself up in the covers, and I was clenching my fists to the point I could feel my nails digging into my palms through the velvet material. My whole body was trembling, and I thought I could feel the injuries I'd gotten in the dream. Looking at my mother, I laid back a little and tried to will my heart to quit beating so fast. Brushing a tangled strand of hair out of my face, my mother shook her head. I knew for fact she knew that I'd only had a nightmare.
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Wed Jul 02, 2008 5:50 pm
I love Nick <3

Rping is a love I have. Pm for a private rp or request.
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