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Thu Nov 01, 2012 9:31 am
{Insert banner here}
OKay So I have a Know a couple really talented guys who are pretty popular because of their music. Though they need a bit more help to get noticed.. Here is their newest video, You will enjoy it I promise.

http://youtu.be/MimYEBq-o54 <--Christmas Wrecking Ball Parody...Please check it out and pass it on!

Hello there. Welcome to our shoppe. Rakurai and I will be selling and buying lovely things here. all are welcome to come in and chat with us.

1. Follow Zan ToS
2. Be nice or ill lick your face
3. Items pricing is mid price in price guide. Items in Green are meant for my buying items but i may be persuaded to trade them off.

Lots just ask i may have what you are looking for! Give me your best offer, I have many items in my inventory just sitting there so ask I may have it.

For Sale:

Gold Half Cape
Frosted Silver Cloak
Monk Cowl
Cloak of Mud
Off White Half Cape
Red Half Cape x 1
Frosted Green Cloak
Winters Embrace
Holly Hood
EarthFae Hood
Silver Half Cape
Blue Half Cape
Purple Half Cape
Cloak of Water
Pink Half Cape
Constable Fur Cloak
Green Half Cape x 2

Fishmonger Apron
Opal Shark Wings x 2
Uni Araneae Mask
Sleeping Apples
April Showers
Ashen Phoenix
Matrix Phoenix Wings
Seahorse Collar
Larkspur Wings
Bright Green Mini..
Tiger Shark Wings
Goblin Shark Wings
Blue Shark Wings
Blacktip Reef Sha..
Blaue Butterfly W..
Eidyll Leaf Wings
Light Feather Wings
Feather Angel Wings
Stormy Ghost Ship
Darkstar Flight
Eidyll Sky Wings x 2
Light Angel Wings
Mire Pendant
Draconem Mask
Beached Shark Wings
Gargoyle Mask
Fireplace Background
Food Prep Background
Lilac MiniWings
Purple MiniWings
Pantry Background
Castle Study Back..
Lanterns at my Back x 2
Worker Tool Sash
Sharlou Purple Wings
Great Pit Viper
Copper Spectacles
Bluebird Tail
Phoenix Tail
Black Phoenix Wings
Justice Fur Belt
Deer Tail
2014 Fireworks
Sharlou Black Wings
Sharlou Green Wings
Sharlou Pink Wings
Sharlou Gold Wings
The Fishing Hole
Bold Ribbon
Sharlou White Wings
Quintessential Tr..
Sharlou Red Wings
Natural Spiked Tail
Mud Dragon Tail
FaeWings Purple
FaeWings Blue
Sharlou Blue Wings x 2
Eidyll Rose Wings x 2
Pink Spiked Tail
Crystalline Spike..
Silver Spectacles
Trollshroom Arms
EarthFae Wings
FaeWings Green
Twilight Belt
Werewolf Collar
Large Silver Gear
Mechanic Cream Wings
Bat Moon
Bakers Apron
Siamese Tail
Yamabushi Belt Ye..
Bewitched Cincture
Blue Leather Fete..
Purple Leather Fe..
Brown Bow Belt
Pumpkinpatch Belt
Alheir Amethyst Belt
Alheir Teal Belt
Swell Wave
Gargoyle Wings
Gargoyle Collar
Gravedigger Doubl..
Banshee Sight
Banshee Aura
Mechanic Blue Wings
White Scarecrow Belt
Jolly Roger
Ahoy Thar!
One Sided Mask
Dragon Bone Wings
Purple Leather Le..
Orchid Butterfly ..
Orange Leather Le..
Mystic Golden Sight
Mystic Emerald Sight
Gold Leather Leaf..
Garden Wings
Mire Belt
Aqua Pendant
Aqua Belt
Hippocampus Collar
Water Dragon Tail
Whispering Wings
Eidyll Glade Wings
The Dock
Watery Eyes
Poissonier Apron
Pearl Diver Belt
Pink Waist Sash
Constable Gold Belt
Kitchen Towel Belt
Weald Waist
Weald Strand

Uni Sanguinem Top
Uni Osseus Top
Coal Top
Holly Top x 2
Weald Tunic
Justice Padded Tunic
Bottom Blob Chestplate
Bakers Smock
Zombie Cowhide Top
Tinkerer Shirt
Worker Shirt
Troll Top
Twilight Tunic
Twilight Sleeves
Tinkerer Coat
Kraken Kelp Cover
Bakers Chemise
Darkstar Robe
Pumpkin Blouse
Assassin Top
Mink Chestplate
Mink Jacket
Edingtol Tunic
Peasant Tunic
Eding Green Tunic
Ruby Wizard Top
Ruby Wizard Coat
Gargoyle Chest
Gravedigger Tunic
Banshee Shroud
Yoricks Fury Chestplate
Water Dress
Yoricks Fury Shirt
Poissonier Shirt
Poissonier Coat
Pearl Diver Top
Fishmonger Shirt
Fishmonger Coat
Seahorse Top
Angel Shark Jacket
Red Casanova Top
Peridot Corset
Ausos Knotted Corset
Quicksilver Shirt
Starling Silk Gown
Eidyll Leaf Top
Quintessential P..
Valentines Dress
Quicksilver Jacket
Duske Corset
Dark Twilight Top

Red Trimmed Trousers
Red Trimmed Skirt
Crimped Green Skirt
Bakers Pants
Werewolf Pants
Ladybug Skirt
Conifer Pants
Mermaid Blue Tail
Mermire Tail
Bottom Blob Tail
Zombie Cowhide Pants
Troll Wrap
Twilight Pantaloons
Dolores Red Skirt
Twilight Pants
Coal Pants
Black Scarecrow O..
Kraken Kelp Wrap
Pumpkin Shorts
Assassin Pants
Grisera Pants
Mink Shorts
Ruby Wizard Pants
Orange Puffy Shorts
Tied Grape Pants
Purple Breeches
Erin Orange Pants
Chryeth Orange Pants
Ochre Brigand Pants
Tied Orange Pants
Tied Green Pants
Orange Breeches
Pink Breeches
Violet Breeches
Green Breeches
Purple Knee Breeches
Seaside Wrap
Gargoyle Legs
Banshee Wrap
Emerald Crystal H..
Emerald Crystal B..
Emerald Crystal P..
Emerald Crystal S..
Ishroth Pants
Meraqua Tail
Hippocampus Tail
Evening Eclipse S..
Fishmonger Pants
Poissonier Pants
Pearl Diver Pants
Seahorse Tail
Crystalline Pants
Quicksilver Pants
Quintessential Pants

Pale Butterfly He..
Fairytale Coif
Fairytale Cap
Gold Skull Helmet
Elf Ebony Locks
Elf Silver Locks
Ice Dragon Horns
Prince Wig
Zombie Cow Head
Tinkerer Hat
Twilight Hairclip
Fayerye Laurel
Bakers Hat
Siamese Ears
Pumpkin Cap
Assassin Hat
Fishing Hat Green
Ruby Wizard Hat
Gray Fox Ears
WDoc Brown Hat
Curling Ebony Hai..
Gargoyle Horns
Gravedigger Hood
Banshee Locks
Emerald Crystal Cap
Emerald Crystal D..
White Scarecrow Hat
Golden Horn
Spithra Gold Crown
Curly Blue Horns
Feathered Hairpin
Mire Diadem
Aqua Diadem
Bottom Blob Hat
Hippocampus Crest
Ice Dragon Helm
Big Purple Horns
Opal Big Horns
Matrix Big Horns
Crystalline Headdress
Poissonier Hat
Pearl Diver Scarf
Fishmonger Hat
Seahorse Crest
Egg Headed
Metal Colander
Gathelik Crown
Quicksilver Hat
Quintessential Crown
Weald Horns
Silver Horn
Green Scarecrow Hat
Dryad Gem Diadem
Big Orange Horns

Justice Fur Boots
Werewolf Gloves
Glacial Gloves
Bakers Shoes
Worker Boots
Tinkerer Shoes
Skull Boots
Twilight Boots
Coal Boots
Darkstar Boots
Pumpkinpatch Gloves
Assassin Boots
Mink Bracers
Mink Boots
Fishing Boots Green
Ruby Wizard Sandals
Ruby Wizard Cuffs
WDoc Brown Shoes
Gargoyle Hands
Gargoyle Feet
Gravedigger Gloves
Gravedigger Boots
Banshee Grasp
Emerald Crystal S..
Emerald Crystal S..
White Scarecrow Boots
Bottom Blob Gloves
Hippocampus Sleeve
Green Silk Slippers
Royal Purple Silk slippers
Wu Shu Jade Slippers
Wu Shu Opal Slippers
Siaw Opal Slippers
Fishmonger Shoes
Poissonier Shoes
Pearl Diver Tattoo
Pearl Diver Sandals
Seahorse Sleeve
Draconem Boots
Draconem Gloves
Quicksilver Bracers
Quicksilver Shoes
Quintessential Boots
Weald Wristlettes
Weald Shoes
Weald Bracers

torhilds cloak**********
viking items*****
Skull armour belt*********
Hallows Eve
Nightmare Horns
Nightmare Staff
Nightmare Wings
Purple Magic Bag
Winter Bow

anything in Rakurai's wanted list

I can offer items in my inventory and gems and zg[/b]

sold/payment due:

Moon Mask/keres corvax

Please visit my Pets:



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Tue Nov 13, 2012 1:53 am
its a long, almost all inclusive list,.. specifically looking for backgrounds and wings.... will consider selling most things in my inventory, so make an offer Smile

Current interest: This will b e a section i update from time to time with a few things i really drool over, and can reasonably achieve.

Questing For- Yorics Splendor/Grace sets, Yorics Dragon Tail.

Black Cloak
Ghostly Baron/ess Cloak
Headless Cloak
Ikos Cloak
Pharoah Cloak
Table Cloth Cape

Abraxas Golden Wings
Artificial Wings
Bat Wings
Black Phantom
Blue Dragon Wings
Blue Skull Belt
Blue Skull Eyepatch
Celestial Wings
Fake Angel Wings
Fake Archangel Wings
Fake Cherubim Wings
Gold Trimmed Wings
Holly Leaf Wings
Kijia Belt
Scary Mask
Skyward Phoenix
Winter Dragon Tail
Winter Dragon Wings
Winter Dragon Horns
Yoric Dragon Tail

Gypsy Divinatory
Cloudy Moon
Beach Side
Palm Beach

Shirts and Tops:
Algific Vest
Beast Top
Black Knight Jacket
Black Ruffelen Jacket
Black Skull Shirt
Blessed Dragon Arm Plate
Dead Chestplate
Defenders Chestguard
Defenders Shoulders
Duske Jacket
Elegant White Shirt
Elven Top
Gold Fete Chestplate
Golden Chestplate
Knights Tempered Armor Black
Knights Tempered Armor Blue
Knights Tempered Armor White
Ornate Gypsy Top
Silver Fete Chestplate
Tempered Steel Chestplate
skele animal top

Pants and Skirts
gemmed pants
skele-animal bottoms
silver mountain pants


Accessories 1
Accessories 2
Accessories 3
Accessories 4
Accessories 5

Tops 1
Tops 2
Tops 3
Tops 4


more to come...[/u]

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Wed Nov 14, 2012 12:32 pm

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Wed Nov 14, 2012 2:41 pm
Hello! Loving the artwork; your thread looks ace. Smile Mine is just a big wall of text hehe.

May I ask how much you are looking at for the Twinkle?
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Fri Nov 16, 2012 3:05 am
It will be more organized eventually. still working on it. art work is old i did it about 2yrs ago.

for that pet i am looking for 7k.
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Fri Nov 16, 2012 4:50 am
Sent you one of the 'pets' you wanted. :3
I don't need anything for it. Wink

Art by BettyxMe
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Fri Nov 16, 2012 12:54 pm
oops sorry dusty..i am not actually looking for it i was working on the post half asleep last night and didnt realize where i put the pets. I thank you though for the kind gesture. i will be sending the pot o gold back to you. Embarassed
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Dedicated Citizen
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Fri Nov 16, 2012 3:17 pm
Do you have a price in mind for the big black horns?
Moon's Youtube//Blog
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Fri Nov 16, 2012 4:08 pm
mouynaka_Senshi wrote:
oops sorry dusty..i am not actually looking for it i was working on the post half asleep last night and didnt realize where i put the pets. I thank you though for the kind gesture. i will be sending the pot o gold back to you. Embarassed

XD Okay, no problem.
Thank you Mouy. :3

Art by BettyxMe
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Sun Nov 18, 2012 9:54 pm
Hmm where is Rakurai?...the slow snothead needs to get his booty over here.
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Defender of the Realm
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Sun Nov 18, 2012 9:58 pm
Milady, I have a spare blood red dragon tunic, if thee would like to make me an offer?
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Mon Nov 19, 2012 12:30 pm
So here is my first shot at an offer for your item sir scarz:

Celestial Diadem - 75,000-125,000
Celestial Collar - 75,000-125,000
Celestial Top - 75,000-125,000
Celestial Garments - 75,000-125,000
Silver Half Cape - 50,000-70,000
Blood Tunic - 300,000-450,000

@moon: no i dont really have a set price for them but not really wanting alot of zg at the moment.
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Thu Nov 22, 2012 4:52 pm

been looking for that...
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Dedicated Citizen
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Thu Nov 22, 2012 5:01 pm
I'll see if I have any items.
Moon's Youtube//Blog
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Defender of the Realm
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Thu Nov 22, 2012 6:01 pm
Sorry for taking so long to get back to thee, milady. . .thy offer is acceptable. . .I shall send the tunic; send thy items when thou doth get a chance.
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