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Dedicated Citizen
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Mon Nov 18, 2019 11:49 pm
I'm looking for items from my quest! The bold items are the ones I want the most. If you have any of these items, and you want to sell them, please let me know. Thanks for stopping by! Very Happy


Aglar Roch
AirFae Cluster
AirFae Constellation
AirFae Star
AirFae Wand of Gales
Amanita Cap
Angelic Rarebit
April Showers
Aqua Diadem
Aqua Forked Trident
Aqua Pearl Bow
Aqua Pearl Staff
Aqua Pearl Sword
Aqua Pendant
Aquamarine Gold Fete Surcote
Aquamarine Silver Fete Surcote
Arabian Dome
Archer Band
Aristotles Square
Autumn Glow Boots
Autumn Glow Crown
Autumn Glow Mask
Autumn Glow Top
Autumn Glow Trousers
Autumn Glow Wings
Axe of Blooming
Baby Dragon Dark Blue
Baby Dragon Dark Green
Baby Dragon Light Blue
Baby Dragon Light Green
Baby Dragon Red
Baby Dragon Yellow

Bakerís Chemise
Basket of Poinsettias
Basket of Turnips
Bat Wings
Beaded Leathers
Beaded Moccasins
Beaded Shirt
Bejeweled Daffodil Crown
Bengal Ears
Bengal Feet
Bengal Mask
Bengal Paws
Bengal Tail
Big Blue Eyes
Big Bronze Horns
Big Purple Horns
Big Violet Eyes
Bishop Crozier
Bishop Guide
Black Cat Top
Black Half Cape
Black Halloween Cloak
Black Heart Top
Black Pumpkin Skirt

Blaue Butterfly Wings
Blithe Jester Shoes
Blossoming Apples
Blue and Teal Peace
Blue Array
Blue Hair Bow
Blue Halloween Cloak
Blue Heart Top
Blue Spiked Tail
Bluebird Jacket
Bluebird Pants
Bluebird Sash
Bluebird Shoes
Bluebird Tail
Bluebird Top
Bluebird Wings
Bluesky Feather Wings
Bottom Blob Chestplate
Bottom Blob Gloves
Bottom Blob Hat
Bottom Blob Staff
Bottom Blob Tail
Bright Green Miniwings
Butterfly Garden
Candy Corn Tree
Candy Walk
Cardinal Tail
Cardinal Wings
Carnelian Headdress
Castle Hall Background
Catnap Slippers
Celestial Cloak
Changeable Gem
Changeable Paint
Chinese Fan
Cloaked in Embers
Cloak of the Harvest
Copper Blade Axe
Copper Bronze Spear
Copper Mask
Cortinarius Cap
Creepers Gaze
Creepers Shadow
Creepers Visage
Crescent Diadem
Crescent Magic
Crystal Ball
Cupid Arrow
Cupid Bow
Curly Blue Horns
Curly Green Horns
Cyclops Arm Bands
Dark Pink Spiked Tail
DarkFae Crown
DarkFae Gloves
DarkFae Sandals
DarkFae Tunic
DarkFae Wings

Deer Antlers
Dinky Pink Horns
Dinky Purple Horns
Dinky Red Horns
Dinky Silver Horns
Djinn Coif
Djinn Collar
Djinn Cuffs
Djinn Lamp
Dragon Wings
Druid Red Full Cloak
Druidic Staff
Early Fall Foliage
Easter Bunnys Paintbrush
Eclipsed Jester Breeches
Eclipsed Jester Cards
Eclipsed Jester Collar
Eclipsed Jester Gloves
Eclipsed Jester Hat
Eclipsed Jester Mask
Eclipsed Jester Shoes
Eclipsed Jester Top
Eclipsed Jester Yoyo
Edingtol Fairground
Emerald Sceptor
Enchanted Blue Silk Cloak
Enchanted Purple Silk Cloak
Enchanted Serpent Staff
Enigma Amulet
Enigma Eyes
Euterpes Quill
Evergreen Angel
Fairy Wings Light Green
Fake Angel Wings
Falcon Arrows
Falcon Blouse
Falcon Boots
Falcon Bow
Falcon Gloves
Falcon Perch
Falconer Guantlet
Falconer Pinned Cloak
Falconer Shirt
Fall Concealment
Fall Dryad Branches
Fall Dryad Collar
Fall Dryad Corset
Fall Dryad Cowl
Fall Dryad Sleeves
Fall Dryad Top
Fall Dryad Trunk
Fall Dryad Tunic
Fall Flame Hat
Fall Leaf
Fall Parasol
Fall Path
Fall Staff
Fall Window
Fall Wings
Fallen Log
Faun Wand
Fayerye Clip
Fayerye Fancy Belt
Fayerye Knotted Belt
Feather Guide
Feather Hairpin
Feather Staff
Fir Tree
FireFae Tunic
Fireplace Background
Fish Mask
Food Prep Background
Forest Spiked Tail
Garnet Spiked Tail
Gilded Arch
Glendor Steed
Gold Butterfly
Golden Lantern
Golden Ruby Belt
Golden Ruby Necklace
Golden Ruby Single Bracer
Golden Topaz Belt
Green Array
Green Baby Sharlou
Green Bruce
Green Fur Lined Cloak
Green Fur Lined Hat
Green Hair Bow
Green Lily Pad
Green Sharlou
Green Songbook
Green Spiked Tail
Greusaiche Overcoat
Growing Apples
Gryffe Blue Dress
Gryffe Green Dress
Gryffe Purple Dress
Gryffe Red Dress
Gypsy Divinatory
Halloween Cake
Harvesting Doublet
Harvesting Pantaloons
Harvesting Scythe
Heartflower Bouquet
Hearth Background
Holiday Basket
Hollow Pink Heart
Hollow Red Heart
Holly Bottom
Holly Hood
Holly Top
Hollyberry Wings
Hoppity Plushie
Ice Spiked Tail
Jinni Lamp
Kuiper Belt
Lang Syne Confetti
Lapis Headdress
Lapis Kite Shield
Large Paintbrush
Large Palm Fan
Large Water Diablo Wings
Late Fall Foliage
Leaf Wings
Level 3 Water Sword
Level 4 Air Boots
Level 4 Air Bow
Level 4 Air Chestplate
Level 4 Air Pants
Level 4 Air Sword
Level 4 Water Bow
LightFae Wings
Lion Tapestry
Love Sonnets
Lunar Moth Quarterstaff
Lunar Moth Staff
Lunar Moth Tunic
Magic Purple Skull
Magical Blue Heart
Magical Starry Potion
Magus Cloak
Maharoni Choli
Main Deck
Malachite Magus
Mallard Head
Marion Marionette
Marionette Body
Marionette Feet
Marionette Hands
Marionette Head
Marionette Headpiece
Marionette Legs
Marionette Tunic
Mark of the Fallen
Marvin Marionette
Mask of Caves
Mask of Embers
Mask of Fields
Mask of the Celestial
Mask of the Sea
Mask of Twilight
Masquerade Cuffs
Masquerade Shoes
Masquerade Top
Masquerade Velvet Hat
Matrix Big Horns
Matrix Bottle
Matrix Dinky Horns
Matrix Emerald Wings
Matrix Phoenix Wings
Matrix Spiked Tail
May Flowers
Meraqua Tail
Mermaid Pink Wings
Milky Way
Minty Spiked Tail
Misty Rainbow
Monarch Blade
Monarch Bow
Monarch Chiton
Monarch Cloak
Monarch Crown
Monarch Slippers
Monarch Staff
Monarch Whispers
Monarch Wings
Monsoon Cuffs
Monsoon Drape
Monsoon Garment
Monsoon Lantern
Monsoon Headdress
Monsoon Slippers
Moon Necklace
Moon Pedestal
Moonstone Robe
Moonstone Wraps
Morning Snow
Mr Teddy
Mud Pet Fuzz
Muse Bangle
Muse Cape
Muse Crown
Mushroom Forest
Mystic Amber Sight
Mystic Azure Sight
Mystic Emerald Sight
Mystic Golden Sight
Mystic Might
Mystic Might Boots
Night Owl Cap
Night Owl Shift
Night Owl Slippers
Nightmare Horns
Noel Belt
Noel Candle
Noel Cloak
Noel Robe
Noel Slippers
Noel Gas Lamp
Opal Spiked Tail
Orange Amore Flower
Orange Crush Miniwings
Orange Halloween Cloak
Orange Pumpkin Skirt
Orange Spiked Tail
Orc Mask
Over the Rainbow
Overhead Glow
Painted Socks
Pale Berry Silver Surcote
Pantry Background
Parasol of Mourning
Party Blower
Party Hat
Party Horn
Peacock Backpiece
Peacock Dress
Peacock Silk Gloves
Peacock Tights
Peacock Wand
Peppermint Boots
Peppermint Coat
Peppermint Jackpot
Peppermint Pants
Peppermint Pole
Petit Black Heart
Petit Pink Heart
Pharaoh Ankh
Pharaoh Cane

Phoenix Wings
Picnic Time
Pine Forest
Pink Amore Flower
Pink Heart Fan
Pink Leaf Wings
Pink n White Gloves
Pink Ribbon Choker
Pink Roses
Pink Sharlou
Pink Spiked Tail
Pirate Chest
Pixie Leaf Belt
Planetary Orbit
Plush Springtime Sun
Poinsettia Earmuffs
Poinsettia Top
Post Lang Syne
Prismatic Jokester Wand
Pumpkin Glendor Hat
Pumpkin Hat
Pumpkin Shirt
Purple Carnival Horns
Purple Carnival Tail
Purple Cloak
Purple Flamed Staff
Purple Leather Leaf Mask
Purple Pirate Kitty Mask
Purple Pirate Kitty Tail
Purple Sharlou
Purple Sheep
Quiet As Slippers
Ranger Bracers
Red Array
Red Black Thigh-High Stockings
Red Hair Bow
Red Heart Belt Pouch
Red Heart Black Stockings
Red Heart Pink Fan
Red Heart Top
Red Heart White Stockings
Red Magenta Wings
Red Mini Wings
Red Ornamental Gypsy Dress
Red Over Coat
Red Pink Thigh-high Stockings
Red Room
Red Roses
Red Sash Tunic
Red Songbook
Regal Ruby Diadem
Regal Light Chain Shirt

Revelers Hat
Revelers Mask
Robe de Magique
Royal Green Cloak
Royal Jade Veste
Royal Kitteh
Royal Green Cloak
Royal Teal Cloak
Royal Teapot
Ruby Silver Collar
Saturn Hat
Scroll Map
Shadow Caster Garments
Shadow Caster Opal Belt

Shaman Armguards
Shaman Feather Cuffs
Shaman Garments
Shaman Mantle
Shaman Mask
Shaman Symbol
Shaman Wrap
Shaman Skull Staff
Sharlou Purple Mask
Shield of Blooming
Silver Dragon Wings
Silver Collar
Silver Flame Circlet
Silver Ruby Crown
Silver Sea Crown
Silver Seashell Pendant
Silver Seashell Sandals
Silver Spiked Tail
Silver Starfish Belt
SilverBell Staff
SilverBell Waistcoat
Single Yellow Rose
Skull Dress
Sleeping Apples
Sleepy Orange Wings
Snowy Pines
Solar Bow
Solar Cuff
Solar Diadem
Solar Fire
Solar Flare
Solar Flare Magic
Solar Mace
Solar Magic
Solar Pauldrons
Solar Top
Solar Vest
Solar Vial
Solar Waistguard
Solar Wings
Sorcerer Crystal
Sovereign Crown
Spaced Out
Spectral Socks
Spectrum FaeWings
Spirit Staff
Spithra Waistcoat
Splendid Belt
Splendid Boots
Splendid Cloak
Splendid Coat
Splendid Gilded Mask
Splendid Gilded Mirror
Splendid Stockings
Splendid Tunic
Spooked Skirt
Spotted Bunny
Sprig of Holly
Spriggan Leaf Belt
Spriggan Shirt
Spring Bees
Spring Dryad Branches
Spring Female Top
Spring Parasol
Spring Path
Spring Showers
Spring Staff
Squire Boots
Squire Halberd
Squire Shield
Staff of Blooming
Staff of the Harvest
Starbright Belt
Starbright Swirl Pendant
Starburst Necklace
Starburst Wand
Starling Silk Gown
Starry Night
Starry Picnic
Stellar Fan
Stellar Hem
Stellar Magic
Stellar Pillow
Stellar Shield
Stellar Tunic
Stormy Ghost Ship
Straw Picnic Basket
Sub Zero Skirt
Summer Azure Wings
Summer Falls
Summer Window
Sunrise Boots
Sunrise Breastplate
Sunrise Pants
Sunrise Shield
Swallowtail Cowl
Swallowtail Halo
Swallowtail Lashes
Swallowtail Staff
Sweet Death
Sword of Blooming
Sylph Leaf Belt
Tandayapa Silk Gown
Teal Jester Shoes
Teal Jester Top
Tealish MiniWings
The Blue Rose
The Dunes
The Epic Cape
The Epic Hat
The Epic Shoes
The Epic Staff
The Epic Tights
The Epic Tunic
The Library
The Patch
Tinker Lantern
Tinker Wings
Tinkerer Coat
Tinkerer Hat
Topaz Gem Diadem
Topaz Scepter
Treasured Water
Treasured Water Waist
Trik Green Cat Ears
Trik Green Dinky Horns
Trik Green Horns
Trik Moon Cat Ears
Trik Moon Horns
Trik Moon Kitty Tail
Trik Moon Yur Tail
Trick Pale Cat Ears
Truzlanan Kjut
Tuaghadair Top
Twilight Belt
Twilight Boots
Twilight Hairclip
Twilight Pantaloons
Twilight Sleeves
Twilight Staff
Twilight Tunic
Undead Dragon
Undead Monkey
Uni Araneae Top
Valentineís Shield
Vanilla Cake
Verdure Belt
Verdure Cowl
Verdure Gloves
Verdure Shoots
Verdure Shorts
Verdure Top
Vikings Black Helmet
Violet Flower Bouquet
Violet Wand
Warrior Strap Gloves
Warrior Studded Armor
Warrior Studded Boots
Warrior Studded Pants
Warrior Studded Shoulders
Watchers Gaze
Watchers Reach
Watchers Shadow
Watchers Skin
Watchers Step
Watchers Touch
Watchers Visage
Water Armor
Water Sleeves
Water Warmers
WaterFae Cascade
WaterFae Falls
WaterFae Hightide
WaterFae Lowtide
WaterFae Shoes
WaterFae Staff
Wharfie Tunic
White Black Thigh-High Stockings
White Heart Black Boxers
White Heart Black Slippers
White Heart Black Stockings
White Heart Fan
White Heart Red Fan
White Heart Red Slippers
White Roses
White Sharlou
White Sheep
White Spiked Tail
White Tiger Ears
White Tiger Feet
White Tiger Mask
White Tiger Paws
White Tiger Tail
Wildfire Bottom
Wildfire Head Wrap
Wildfire Shawl
Wildfire Shoes
Wildfire Top
Wings of the Fallen
Winter 06 Basket of Stars
Winter 06 Starry Belt
Winter 06 Starry Mask
Winter 06 Starry Necklace
Winter 06 Starry Slippers
Winter Window
Wintertide Angel
Wintertide Cloak
Wintertide Lake
Wintertide Path
Winterwarmth Angel
Wise Old Owl
Wizard Top
Wrenched Top
Xing Ma Banner
Xing Ma Pennant
Yellow Butterfly
Yellow Rose Hairclip
Yellow Roses
Yellow Spiked Tail
Yoricks Armband
Yoricks Bell Necklace
Yoricks Day Wings
Yoricks Fan
Yoricks Feathers
Yoricks Fury Armguards
Yoricks Fury Boots
Yoricks Fury Chausses
Yoricks Fury Chestguard
Yoricks Fury Shirt
Yoricks Fury Whorl
Yoricks Fury Wings
Yoricks Grace Armguards
Yoricks Grace Boots
Yoricks Grace Chausses
Yoricks Grace Chestguard
Yoricks Grace Shirt
Yoricks Grace Whorl
Yoricks Grace Wings
Yoricks Hanging Lanterns
Yoricks Headband
Yoricks Mask
Yoricks Pink Circlet
Yoricks Red Circlet
Yoricks Regalia
Yoricks Resplendence
Yoricks Ribbon Belt
Yoricks Necklace
Yoricks Slippers
Yoricks Splendor Whorl
Zantarni Crest
Zanto Steed
Rayven, I look at your avatar and think "Queen Sparklebutt!"-Tam

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Phoenix Luna Blaze Cloud
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Dedicated Citizen
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Wed Jan 01, 2020 7:32 pm
I'm going through my inventory to see if I have anything you're wanting! I know for sure that I have:

Hibiscus Sandals
Hibiscus Wrap

but I haven't went through the whole list yet. I'll come back and edit this once I make it through.


Alright, here's what I have:

Aurora Lights
Beached Blue Top
Beached Wrap
DarkFae Staff
Ghost Glendor Mask
Hibiscus Sandals
Hibiscus Wrap
Palm Beach
Regal Silver Bottom
Regal Silver Shirt
Wee Men Stump
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Dedicated Citizen
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Wed Jan 01, 2020 9:33 pm
Awesome! Thank you! Very Happy I'll send you a PM to sort out the details.
Rayven, I look at your avatar and think "Queen Sparklebutt!"-Tam
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Dedicated Citizen
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Wed Feb 12, 2020 3:21 pm
Sent you a few things! I hope you enjoy them! Heart
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Dedicated Citizen
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Thu Feb 13, 2020 3:18 am
Thank you so much, Dusty! Heart They're gorgeous. Very Happy I will add you to my lovely list of donators on my quest thread.
Rayven, I look at your avatar and think "Queen Sparklebutt!"-Tam
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Dedicated Citizen
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Sat May 15, 2021 5:57 pm
We'll have to compare lists once I get my selling list in order

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Dedicated Citizen
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Fri May 21, 2021 12:24 pm
That sounds like a good plan. Very Happy
Rayven, I look at your avatar and think "Queen Sparklebutt!"-Tam
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Dedicated Citizen
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Sat Jun 05, 2021 4:50 am
Someday I will I swear XD

I am starting to think what was listed in my thread is still there on my mule


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Dedicated Citizen
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Sun Aug 15, 2021 12:45 pm
Sorry, I just saw this. Embarassed

I hope you find what you're looking for on your mule. Surely nothing disappeared. Shocked
Rayven, I look at your avatar and think "Queen Sparklebutt!"-Tam
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