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Thu May 31, 2012 1:08 am
Taiven sat for the next hour and watched as the sun went down completely getting to his feet he adjusted his long coat and walked down the stairs and onto the street.He nodded as a other man passed him.
Taiven walked to the near by alley and looked over his shoulder to make sure the alley was empty.Under the cover of the night skies Taiven opened his wings and took to the skies.
Twenty minutes later he landed and walked up to the large door and entered seeing one of Drakes servants Taiven nodded his head slightly..
"Tell Drake Taiven Bloodrayne is here" He said and walked to the sitting room and took a seat.

Jezaray covered her head once more with her cloak and left the house.She had been summoned to a meeting at Drake Chisholm home what he wanted a meeting with her for she had no idea.
"Well only one way to find out i suppose" She said and headed off towards the Chisolm house.

With tears in her eyes Jehs whispered "she's alive?" and rushed upstairs she found Celeste siting near the window looking up at the night sky "CELESTE!" Jehs screamed running towards her grabbing her up in a hug crying happily "I have missed you so, so much baby I was so scared they got you to."

Drake chuckled, "I havent touched her.... yet." he added with a wink. "So..a sister? Well you had better come upstairs." he said and sighed, "However, if you hurt her, I will kill you. You are only a baby and I could crush you with one hand tied behind my back," he added

Jehs on instinct bared her fangs un unfurled her wings "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY SISTER!!?" she yelled at him pushing back and pinning him against the wall "If you touched her I will kill you" she whispered menacingly.

Drake dropped the parcels he was carrying and the bag of food and moments later, the red haired woman was pinned against the wall by the powerful vampire. "Just what do you want with Celeste?" he asked, his teeth bared and shining in the twilight.

Jehs looks around the street it seems really empty.....the last place her family would have been is here "Please be alive for me Celeste" Jehs whispered to herself walking through the door. She looks around seeing its dusty and abandoned but not giving up on hope she starts walking up the stairs to the top floor.

Jezaray walked into her house and put her packages on the wooden table then flipped the hood of her cloak off and shook her hair out.
She had seen this Taiven around the city a number of times but always kept her distance she had heard stories about this man and the ladies and he was someone she did not want to get involved with she had other things to worry about.

Taiven growled and walked back to the seat he had been sitting in and stretched out his long legs once more.
"I know who you are Jezaray Knight and where you are and my dear our paths will cross again i will make sure of it." Taiven said to himself and looked up as the sun was getting ready to set.

Drake tilted his head to the side, "I am assuming you are a gargoyle and not just some vagrant with no clothing on that somehow grew wings," he said and shrugged off his jacket and handed it to her.

Celeste grabbed the jacket and wrapped it around her body. "I have a blanket and some clothing that I usually wear, however it must have blown away with the storm the other day," she said and frowned, "So how are you so calm about this?" she asked.

Drake smiled, "I have a very open mind," he said. "Now come in side, out of the cold and you can tell me why you are the only one of my gargoyles that comes to life," he said.

In the blink of an eye, she shifted her wings into her body and put the jacket on properly. That one small ability had saved her life on many occasions when the gargoyle hunters came. All of her kin, her brothers, her father... dead. Celeste had stood like a Grecian statue and the slayers passed her by. "They were killed. They will forever stay as stone," she said simply.

Drake rose his eyebrow, "When did this happen? The Grail have no knowledge of any Gargoyle slayers."

Celeste sat on on old dusty couch, ignoring the cloud of dust that erupted, "It was two years ago, they killed my family as they came to life. As stone, we are unbreakable and when we are alive, we are almost undefeatable. When we turn, that is our weakest time." she said and almost swore as she told a complete stranger her one weakness. However, instinctually, Celeste knew she could trust him.

Drake thought for a moment, "I wish you to come with me tonight to my meeting. I wish to bring vengeance down on these people because no one makes a move in this city without my knowledge," he added with a growl. Anything supernatural that went on in New Haven was his business....

Taiven moved his head from side to side and sighed as small kinks in his neck cracked back into place.leaning back in his seat he stretched out his long legs and crossed them at the ankles and surveyed the people walking passed.As the ladies walked by they always gave him a smile which Taiven returned and the young ladies always got a wink making them blush much to Taiven's amusement.

Jezaray her arms full of packages walked to the stairs just as she reached the top two men bumped into her making the packages fall and fly of in all directions.
"Sorry Miss" One man said and helped pick up the packages then nodded his head slightly and continued on his way.

"I believe this belongs to you" Taiven said and extended his hand with the small package.

"Thank-you" Jezaray said and started to walk away not even really giving Taiven a second glance.

Taiven raised a eyebrow and fell into step beside Jesaray.

"Maybe i should escort you home just in case you drop your packages again." He said.

Jesaray turned her head and looked at Taiven with her sapphire blue eyes.

"Go back to your seat iam not interested." She said and quickened her pace.

Taiven stopped walking and started after her not knowing how to deal with the rejection.

Drake walked through the dark and dusty old mansion, his footsteps leaving marks in the thick dust on the floor and balustrade of the steps he was climbing was now glowing with old polish as his hand brushed off the thick covering. Any normal person would have been sneezing and such, but what happens when you are an entity who cannot breathe? Instead, Drake kept walking, his eyes focused on the huge window at the top of the stairs. He had paid a small fortune for the mini palace, but in his mind, it was worth every cent. The architecture and the marble statues adorning the roof gave the place a dark Gothic feel and he felt right at home. The sun had set and there was a soft orange and pink glow in the sky. He loved this time of day, still light enough to see the sky but dark enough for him to venture out into the world. Akasha's blood had given him the ability to walk in the light, however he had not had the privelidge of tasting it for some time and venturing out into the light was damaging and draining. Finally he reached the top of the stairs and walked to the huge window that stood almost twice his height. Drake opened it and the soft evening breeze blew in, making the tattered grey curtains blow and billow. Stepping out into the night air, Drake closed his eyes and took in the scent of the evening for a moment. Dark eyes turned red and flew open, "Who is there?" he asked in a low growl and turned to his right. No one. Drake kept moving then sensed something behind him, something moving. Within seconds, he had the creature by the throat and up against the wall. "Damn," he said as he looked down into silver coloured eyes. "And who might you be?" he asked with a smirk as his gaze roamed over her body and his eyes focused on her huge wings that graced her back.

"Celeste." A simple sweet word that fell from her full lips, her eyes huge with fear of being found out.
I have loved you all my life even before we heart knows now my eyes just have to find you...
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Thu May 31, 2012 9:34 am
Jehs turned to Drake and rose her eyebrow, "Well I am taking Celeste from here, I dont trust you. I have heard about you and my sister is not safe in your care." she said.

Drake's eyes glowed red, "You go too far woman. Leave before you regret coming here."

Jehs bared her fangs and hissed, her eyes glowing red also.
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Thu May 31, 2012 9:50 am
Taiven sat in his seat waiting on Drake wondering what this meeting was about but his mind also wondered to Jesaray and wondered why she was so distance from everyone.

Jesaray entered and nodded at the butler..

"Jesaray Knight I was summoned for a meeting with Drake Chisholm." She said the butler asked her to follow him.When she entered the room her eyes opened wide at who else was there..

Taiven grinned..

"So we meet again Miss Knight." Taiven said.
I have loved you all my life even before we heart knows now my eyes just have to find you...
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Thu May 31, 2012 10:09 am
Drake flew at Jehs before she could even think about reacting, his hand clasping around her throat as he slammed her against the wall.

Below in the sitting room, the plaster from the roof began to fall on the group that was assembling. Daemon, the man who everyone assumed would be Drakes next right hand, bolted upright and looked up.
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Thu May 31, 2012 10:16 am
Jesaray was just about to answer Taiven when she gasped as plaster began falling from the ceiling..

"What the hell is going on up there?" Jesaray asked..

Taiven shrugged.

"Maybe Drake is having a good time who knows but I know one thing he can look after himself." Taiven said glancing up at the ceiling..
I have loved you all my life even before we heart knows now my eyes just have to find you...
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Thu May 31, 2012 10:58 am
Celeste screamed as Drake ripped Jehs' throat out, the woman turning to dust as he threw the body to the ground. She backed away from Drake whose eyes were glowing red from the vampiric blood he had just tasted. He looked to Celeste, "I did not want her taking you from me, you belong here." he said.

Celeste nodded, "Alright," she said simply and sat down on an old dusty faded chaise.

Drake knelt down, "I will be back alright, I have to sort this out and make sure you are not attacked again." he said and smiled, his eyes gone back to the dark coffee brown they were before. "Dont go anywhere," he added and winked.

Drake entered, wiping his mouth, "Sorry, just having some breakfast," he said with his charming smirk. "Alright, some of you are new," he said and looked to Jezaray, "And some of you are old friends," he said and looked to Tavien and Daemon. "For those who are new and dont know me, I run this city. Anything supernatural, I know about and if I dont, then it is hunted down and killed for daring to fly under the radar." he added. "Now, as we know, Cordelia, my right hand was murdered. We are all grieving, but undeath must go on. I need a new right hand and I will start by naming that person." he said and paused.

Daemon smirked and cleared his throat. However, the smirk was short lived.

Drake spoke, "Tavien Bloodrayne."
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Thu May 31, 2012 11:06 am
Jesaray gave Drake a nod as he looked at her.Taiven raised a eyebrow he knew as soon as she walked into the room she was one off them.

Taiven got to his feet as Drake was just about to tell them who was going to be his right hand man.

Taiven nodded and shook Daemon's hand.

"I know you thought you had this in the bag but this job was always going to be mine." He said and looked to Jesaray..

"As Drake said nothing gets pass him and that aslo applies to me Miss Knight." He said with a wink.
I have loved you all my life even before we heart knows now my eyes just have to find you...
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Thu May 31, 2012 11:41 am
Drake looked to Daemon, "I know what you were plotting, again, nothing gets past me. I know you were planning to overthrow me, take my position and kill me, what you dont realize is that three quarters of your so called followers were reporting back to me," he added then looked to Tavien, "Take care of him." he said in a even voice.
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Thu May 31, 2012 11:47 am
In seconds Daemon was laying in a pool of blood his throat sliced from ear to ear.

"Never did like this guy,Now if you will excuse me for a few minutes I will take his body outside and finish off the job." Taiven said and throw Daemon over his shoulder and left.

Jeraray stood stunned she hadnt even seen Taiven move until daemon went to the floor.Getting her wits about her Jesaray looked at Drake.

"Well you have your right hand man now can I ask why was I summoned here for?" She asked.
I have loved you all my life even before we heart knows now my eyes just have to find you...
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Mon Jun 04, 2012 11:34 pm
Drake nodded, "Good man, prefer not to have the place stinking up, besides, the workers might get scared off seeing a dead body." he said in an off handed manner. He then looked to Jezaray, "You my dear have come to my attention of late. I heard that you cleaned up the mess that the Jester Boys made, those young ones are causing more trouble than they are worth and drawing attention to us. We like our anonymity." he added. "So I have asked you here to join my Council. We are the eyes and ears of everything supernatural. Whatever goes down, I know about it. If someone leaves the city, I know. If someone new comes in, I know about it. It is up to you if you wish to join, but someone of your morals would be welcome."
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Tue Jun 05, 2012 2:58 am
Jezaray nodded..

"Well someone had to they were getting out of control,as for joining your council I would like to take you up on that offer." She said with a small smile.
I have loved you all my life even before we heart knows now my eyes just have to find you...
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Tue Jun 05, 2012 3:10 am
Drake nodded, "Good to have you aboard Jezaray," he said and looked up to see Tavien come in, "You missed Jezaray agreeing to join us," he said with a smirk, easily seeing that he was interested in the dark haired woman. "Now onto rather alarming business. I have just found out that Gargoyle hunters have been into this city, killed a whole family and at this stage, they have left as far as I know. I do not like this one little bit. Ask around your territory, be discreet but I want information." he added and nodded for Celeste to come forward. "This is Celeste, the last of her family. I need someone to look after her until this house is renovated. Any takers?" he asked.
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Tue Jun 05, 2012 3:54 am
Jezaray raised a eyebrow..

"Out of the two of us she would be safer with me.So Celeste can stay with me." Jezaray said.

Taiven grinned..

"Harsh Jesaray she would have been safe with me I swear." He said.

"I know of your reputation need I say anymore." Jezaray asked and smiled at Celeste.

"Lets go I will get you settled in then we can get to work on this information." She said and nodded to both Drake and Taiven.
I have loved you all my life even before we heart knows now my eyes just have to find you...
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Tue Jun 05, 2012 5:59 am
Drake chuckled, "Jezaray is right. Tavien, the poor girl would not stand a chance, besides, she is under my protection." he added and tossed a roll of cash to Jezaray, "She will need clothing." he said and winked, "Including a long cocktail dress," he added then looked around the table at all that were seated, "By the end of the evening, I want answers." he said and dismissed the meeting and walked over to Celeste. "I would ask you to stay here, but not knowing all of the information, its best you are kept safe." he said.

Celeste nodded and smiled, "Of course, I understand, but this building is my home, I do wish to come back eventually."

Drake nodded, "Of course, you will come back, but Jezaray will look after you."
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Tue Jun 05, 2012 6:16 am
Jezaray nodded her head..

"We will get onto that as soon as Celeste is settled." Jezaray said and lead Celeste from Drakes home.

About fifteen minutes later jezaray into her own home and lead her to her room..

"You can put your things in here and then we will head off to get you some clothes." Jezaray said and went and freshen up.While they shopped Jezaray would try to find the information Drake was looking for.
I have loved you all my life even before we heart knows now my eyes just have to find you...
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