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Mon Dec 24, 2012 8:40 am
Angel was listening to her iPod as she was walking out of her house, she hated her parents. One was well a druggy and alcoholic. She sighed she couldn’t believe how messed up life she has. She is beaten up 24/7. She smiled lightly at a thought well the sighting of the forest. She put the music on low and she then put her hand on a soft tree. She felt the bark. She smiled lightly as she ran her fingers over the roughness. She looked up into the brightness of the sun, slightly thinking. She giggled and tried to step forward but tripped over a branch. "Dang it!" Picking herself up, she fixed her dress. She looked at her ankle which seemed to be twisted. She rolled her eyes and then sat on a log. She turned on her iPod to listen to music as she looked around.

William's shaggy dirty blonde hair blew in his face as the wind picked up slightly. He brushed his bangs back with his fingers and continued his walk through the forest. His boots made soft thuds and indents as he stepped on fallen leaves and twigs. His bow was strung and slung across his broad back, as he searched for dinner. A sack hung loosely from the side of his worn pants to collect herbs, berries, and other edible finds. His keen hearing picked up the low hum of music and he crouched, slowing inching towards the sound.

His eyes searched the clearing, coming to rest on the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. She perched on a log, one leg crossed delicately. A bit of pain crossed her face as she sat there, ear buds in, listening to an unknown song. For a moment, he watched her mesmerized by every little movement.

Without even knowing, he straightened and his feet carried him slowly step by step to the awaiting girl.

Angel sighed, hating her clumsiness and her hurt ankle. She closed her eyes and smiled as Mozart started playing. The sky darkened and she didn’t want to go back to her mother's and step dad's house.
She looked down at her feet, her black flats dirtied and frayed. Thinking about her flats, she wanted to cry because of her mother’s words for her. She hated that she had a druggy mom. A tear ran down her cheek.
She had no where to stay. She had run away with her cell phone and iPod. Her phone was in her bra but that’s where every girl puts it. Right?

She needed to change her number so her mother couldn’t stalk her or worse her stepfather who put a big bruise on her shoulder and leg. She sighed and looked up from hearing a noise in the trees.

He approached cautiously, not wanting to frighten the girl. She looked young and a forlorn look crossed her beautiful face. Even when she looked sad, she still looked perfect. His eyes took in a partial bruise spread along her calf and anger bubbled inside him. Who would dare hurt this precious angel? Another bruise caught his eye. It peeked from her dress across part of her shoulder. Her red hair cascaded over her shoulder and lay partly in her face.

Slowly he stepped closer, hands held out to show that he meant no harm. He searched her face for signs that he was unwelcome. "Miss why are you here?"

Angel sighed upon seeing the guy. Turning off her music she looked up once again to see his hands up to show no harm was meant. She looked in his eyes, blushing lightly as she noticed how handsome he was. Hearing a question she she listened then replied,“because I have no other place to go." She sighed looking down feeling ashamed. When she looked up she noticed the strange yet beautiful yellow eyes.

She smiled her beautiful sparkly red eyes looking directly into his. Peaceful. Quiet. Love spread through her leaving a warm and pleasant feeling. She smiled,“I love the woods that are the only thing that gets along with me unlike my parents."

She sighed and rolled her eyes sadly. She stood up her ankle weak a little. She was shorter than him, just reaching 4'11".

William listened to the sound of her soft melodic voice. He heard the slightest touch of pain as she stood. He towered over her, her head barely reaching his chest. His head jerked down noting that she favored one foot. He bent down, reaching for her ankle. He stopped and looked up at her questioningly. "May I?"

Angel looked at him and she smiled a little. What was this warm feeling in this chest? She never left this ever before. She sighed when he asked a question after towering over her. “Yeah sure."
She smiled once more,happy for the first time in a long time. She took her hair tie out, her bruise on the shoulder would be hidden she looked to the side feeling like she doesn’t belong to this world.

He gingerly touched her ankle, feeling the muscle twitch and tighten. Satisfied it was only a slight sprain, he straightened up. He smiled showing a full set of white teeth. "It looks like it’s just a sprain. Ice would do that wonders."

His heart thumped painfully in his chest as she gave a small smile. Without meaning to he reached out to touch her shoulder. "If you'd like, you could rest back at my place. It's not far from here."

He blushed at the bold statement. "If you don't want to that's okay too."

“Okay at least it’s nothing big." She smiled lightly then she felt her hurt shoulder being touched, wincing as a dull pain throbbed. She closed her eyes, willing the pain to fade. Hearing words, she looked down and blushed. “I would be delighted to."

She smiled. She then looked up at him she moved some of her hair out of her face she was twirling her soft long hair. She bit her lower lip, not knowing how to act. "Well,um, you don’t have to act like it’s not a good thing because it is. Because well I don’t have very bright parents." She sighed she didn’t want to tell him what happened to her leg and shoulder.

William felt her tense just a moment after he touched her shoulder. It registered that he had probably touched the bruise. Mentally he slapped himself. He stepped away and motioned her towards him. "Can you walk? My home is just about a half mile from here."

Angel smiled and then said,“yeah I can walk." She saw him gesture her over to him and she put her headphones away. She was kind of cold, shivering just a bit as she walked towards him. She noticed his height, but she didn't care about their height difference. “So what type of music are you into and what is your name?" she looked up at him as she was talking, limping a little.

He slowed down his pace to match hers. He knew it was painful, but he thought it would be too bold if he asked if she needed to be carried. He thought for a moment to her question. "Before I use to listen to old rock, now I listen to nothing but the forest." He paused. "And my name is William Avarice. Yours?"

Angel smiled her ankle felt like it was getting worse she looked at him with painful eyes and blushed then said "Would you please carry me please?" She then looked straight and replied "My name is Angel Lee."

She liked William’s name. She would call him Will if he didn't mind. She sighed closing her eyes as an automatic pain came to her ankle making her stop. “Okay that hurt." She looked at her ankle meanly. "I want to walk on my ankle,truly I do, but it just hurts."

A faint blush spread to his cheeks. Carefully he wrapped one arm around the middle of her back and the other just behind her knees before scooping her up. She was surprisingly light and he carried her with ease. For all his bulk, he moved light and swift, barely making a sound. "Angel is a very pretty name. It suits you."

Angel was in his arms,blushing and hid her face in his shirt. "You really think so?" She now knew that he'd be asking why there was marks on her legs, all scratched up she felt disappointed in herself and said "Thanks."

William saw her legs and decided not to say anything. It was not his place to butt into her affairs and he did not want to offend her. He could smell the embarrassment that was in the air. He gave her a warm smile. "Yes I really do think so."

He carried her for a good half an hour before his home was in sight. It looked to be just an ordinary cave, partially hidden by hanging vines. Brushing them away with his shoulder, he had to crouch in the opening with Angel in his arms. His eyes immediately adjusted to the darkness, his superior eyes spotting the path to his home. He walked in silence, hearing the trickle of water from above. Two minutes later, the light up ahead told him he was home.

His foot hit soft grass as he made his way into the clearing. It was a secluded place, surrounded by a high wall of rocky mountain. Clothes were drying on a hanging line between two trees and a pot was stewing something over the fire. A shack was set under the shade, big and sturdy and enough to fit two people comfortably. Carefully he deposited Angel on a medium rock before heading inside.

A moment later he came out, an icepack, bandage wrap, and a bowl of water. Putting the items on the grass he carefully grasped her leg before starting to clean and disinfect the cuts on her legs. Once that was done, he wrapped the bandage over it and gently pressed the icepack to her ankle. "Feeling better?"

Angel was tired; it was a long way there. But when it got dark she held onto his neck. She was scared she hated the dark. Her father did that to her. She frowned, but smiled suddenly when light came looked near. "Don’t go into the light!"

She giggled at her own joke and he in turn smiled. Once they got to the place and her ankle hurt but then she just put her fingers on the cold rock. She smiled. She closed her eyes as felt disinfectant on her cuts. It stung. A pain, it hurt. She then felt an ice pack on her ankle. She sighed and said “Yes. Thanks for everything."

He smiled. He was glad that she was feeling a little better. He rose, walking the short distance to the cooking pot. Picking up the long smooth wooden spoon, he stirred the contents. As the contents were stirred, a pleasant aroma filled his nostrils. William turned towards her. "Are you hungry?"

Angel smiled and then put her hand over the ice pack and well she heard the question she smiled,“Yes please." She added a fact about her,”I love cooking."

She was starting to get sleepy since it was night time. But she had to eat before she went to bed.

William nodded, heading to the shack and coming out a moment later with a pair of bowls, spoons, and cups. He put the items on a rock, taking each bowl and scooping several ladles of stew into each. He filled both cups with fresh water from a nearby stream. The stream flowed directly from the rock, and he knew that the water was untainted. He held out the bowl and the cup to her before sitting down on the grass next to the rock she sat upon. Quickly he began to eat, famished from not eating since noon.

Angel saw the stew, the delicious aroma reaching her nose. She loved it. She wanted to sleep but she then took the bowl and then ate. She loved it. It slowly warmed her up. She liked that about stew.

He could feel her pleasure and the expression she made pleased him. Ever since being turned, he had eaten alone. Having company was a refreshing change, one that he welcomed. He noticed the weary way she ate and the slow slump of her shoulders. Her eyes started to droop and finally she fell asleep. The bowl was held loosely on her lap, empty. Gently he pried the bowl from her hands and put it next to his. Going inside he got out a few extra pillows and another blanket. The bed was big enough for two people. He came back outside and carried her inside, careful as to not wake her. He lay her down on one side of the bed, propping a pillow under her hurt ankle. Going back outside, he cleaned up and came back inside. She looked so peaceful sleeping and he smiled. He placed a blanket over her and moved the other blanket so that he could sleep on the other side. Closing his eyes, he was asleep in moments.

Angel sighed, when she was being picked up she was leaning against in buff chest. She was smiling. She then, slowly, stayed right where she was. She felt a soft pillow she smiled. She put her hands on her stomach, one hand on top of the other. She looked like an angel, her name. She dreamed of the forest. She felt a blanket on her. It was soft. She twirled her hair in the sleep. This was a dream come true. Her dream was for someone to take care of her nicely, not meanly. Unlike her parents.

Morning came around. She was always the early riser. But it seemed like it was 10 o’clock. She just stayed where she slept she looked over to her side and seen the guy. A smile came to her face when she looks at him. Warm feelings were going to take over her. She didn’t know what the warm feeling was. It felt like her heart skipped a beat when she would think about him.

William slept peacefully, dreaming of the family he once had. His mother was stirring something on the stove. His father sat at the table with the newspaper in his hand. He was just about to go to school, the last day of freshman year and the last day that he would ever show his face to them again. He had been walking home from school, it was getting dark and he was having a hard time seeing. Making his way through the woods, he took his usual shortcut home. Half way there, he heard a growl, the moon was out and he noticed it was full. A howl sounded quite near to him and he started to pick up pace. Heavy breathing and fast movements sounded to the left. A sharp pain shot through his side. Reaching down with his fingers he felt something hot and sticky. His head started to pound and shock made him unable to process what was happening. Next thing he knew, he blacked out.

William sat up in bed, he was panting heavily and sweat dripped down his face. It had been a few years since he had that dream. He noticed that Angel was awake, watching him with a small smile. He gave her a smile of his own. "Hey."

Angel saw him sweat and wake up. Concerned she said “Hey." She then looked at him and twirled her hair and then said my ankle is better than yesterday." she smiled a little.
He smiled again. "That's great."

He shifted the blanket off of him and stood up with a yawn. "Are you hungry? Still have that stew last night outside."

Angel smiled and said “Yeah I know. It is." She smiled and then heard a question she said jokingly,“that stew made me sleepy... I shouldn’t."

He chuckled. "I'll go get you a bowl."

William got out of bed and came back with a bowl of stew and a cup of water. "I'm going to go take a bath. I'll be behind the waterfall and won't take too long."

Getting a towel, soap, and a change of clothes, he waded into the stream and onto the other side behind the water fall. He stripped, soaping himself before washing. Ten minutes later, he returned to the shack, in clean clothes and drying his hair. "I'm done. If you'd like to take a bath too, go ahead. You can borrow my clothes if you'd like."
Angel smiled and then sighed she leaned back she ate and leaned back against the wall she continued to eat, She was thinking for a minute. Then he came back and dang was he hot oh wait... sexy... she looked down and blushed... She said " thanks but I took a shower yesterday...” she smiled. She then finished her bowl. She took a sip of the water. It was refreshing.
He nodded. "Okay."

William finished drying his hair and went outside to hang the towel. He came back inside and sat on the bed. "I'm going hunting for a bit. You go to stay here?"

Angel said "I promise I'll just get to know my surroundings okay?" She smiled at him and then stood up and said "Tada!"
She giggled. "I’ll be safe I promise."

He smiled. "Alright."

He got up and left. Once outside, he looked around. Seeing no one, he shifted. It was natural already and he shifted into his huge wolf form with ease. He sniffed the air, looking for the scent of prey. His nose picked up the fresh trail of a deer and a couple of rabbits. A low growl escaped his lips and he bounded forward. He followed the path his eyes watching for signs. Soon he came upon the deer. Its eyes lit up in fear. With a flash claws and teeth, he brought it down. Leaving it there, it took off on the scent of both rabbits. Soon, he came back to the deer in his human form and the rabbits slung over his shoulder. William carried the deer and the rabbits to one of his secret storing rocks and left it there. He sniffed the air, looking for the scent of edible mushrooms, roots and berries. An hour later his sack was full and he headed back to the rock. He started back home, arriving fifteen minutes later with his hunt. Depositing the sack, rabbits, and deer near the fire, he washed off in the stream. He smiled when he saw Angel. "I'm back. What did you do?"

Angel, once he left she walked outside just exploring but then smiled her mind wandering. Seeing the waterfall, she put her fingers through the water. Thinking that he would be back she ran back to the house,smiling. She sat on the bed thinking of what she should do since he wasn't back yet and she grabbed some paper and a pen and started drawing. She drew a bunny. She loved bunnies she could never ever eat them. She sighed and then once that drawing was done with detail she heard his voice she smiled and said “exploring and draw...” she shown a picture of a good detailed rabbit she seen rabbit she got wide eyed. "Poor bunnies..."

His eyes shifted from the bunnies to her. "Do you not like eating rabbit?"

He blushed with embarrassment. "You don't have to eat it. That's what deer is for. I'll make sure not to bring any home when you're here."

He looked at the detailed drawing in her hand and smiled. "It's such a pretty picture."

Angel said “I like bunnies, but I don’t want to eat them... I like deer." She sighed but when she started sketching him, she smiled. She said “thanks" after the comment was made. She kept looking at him and then drawing.

He got out a hunting knife and started to skin the deer expertly. When he was done, he laid aside the slabs of meat on a rock, cutting some into thin strips to dry for jerky. He skinned and cut the rabbits as well. When all of that was done, he went out to throw the remains away before coming back. He took the stew off the flames and put more wood on. Skewering the meat onto smooth sticks, he put them over the fire to roast. William washed his hands in the stream. He noticed her sketching something on a pad. "What are you drawing?"

Angel sighed and continued to work on the drawing. She smiled and then she wasn’t drawing for a minute she heard a question “Um... nothing"

She smiled looking at him and drawing more details. She then closed her eyes for a minute then said “Do you have any colored pencils?"

She giggled not wanting to tell him what she was drawing because she knew or thought he would be mad and doesn’t want that.

"Nothing?" He chuckled. "Okay."

He shook his head when she asked about the pencils. "Sorry I haven't had the need for them."

Angel finished and closed the pad. "So what do you want to do?" she stuck out her tongue cutely. She was happy. She was glad that well she was with him. She was in love with him, but she met him just a day ago...she bit her lower lip.

He smiled and chuckled. Even when she was sticking tongue at him she was cute. "There isn't much, but anything you want to do?"

Angel smiled and then said “well..." She went through her drawings and when she went to the one of him she blushed and giggled and then added more features. She said “Um. What do you want to do?"

She loved him like love at first sight kind of thing. She looked up and said “hmm" she went to an empty page and then started to draw them kissing, as she had her tongue sticking out she wanted this perfect. She was waiting for his answer.

He smiled. "I want to see what you're drawing."

Angel looked up at him and said "Will you be mad?" she smiled and then flipped it to the one with just him just to make sure that he doesn’t see the one of them, yet she then got up and walked over to him and smiled and then showed him. “See?" She put the pad in his hands.

"I promise."

He smiled when she handed him the pad. Looking down he saw a sketch of himself. He was surprised how she had captured him so well with just a pencil. "Wow you're really good. Do you mind if I look at the rest?"

Angel bit her lower lip and said " I need to finish the one I started hang one then I’ll let you look through the rest okay." She smiled when she was handed the pad she went to the bed and went to the drawing that had them kissing she bit her lower lip as she slowly finished.

He smiled. "Okay. Let me know when you're done."

He left her to her drawing and went to go take down the laundry and rotate the meat. He folded the laundry and put it away. William washed the berries, roots, mushrooms, and herbs in the stream. He also washed out a small cooking pot that he put the roots, mushrooms and some of the herbs inside. He filled it halfway with water and put it directly on the fire. It was for dinner tonight.

He took the berries and set them out to dry in the basket hanging on the line. He looked over at Angel smiling as she was engrossed in drawing whatever it was.

Angel nodded and then finally finished her and then on the bottom 'we will be together forever' in bubbly letters. She giggled, drawing him, warping his arms around her. She finished and went outside to him. "Okay.." she gave him the pad as she put the pencil on top of her ear.

He smiled and blushed, looking down at the drawing. "Is that what you really want to do right now?"

He couldn't believe that the girl that infatuated him, wanted to do those things. It was such a vivid drawing, that he could actually see them kissing.

Angel shrugged "If you want to."

She smiled,"I'm wanting to be an artist because can make anything. Anything you can think of I can draw."

She then bit her lower bit, blushing a little.

"That's amazing." He smiled again. William couldn't help but stare at her lips. They looked soft and they were the slightest pink. Slowly he reached out to cup her chin in his hand and let his lips brush hers.

Angel smiled and felt her chin being held she smiled. Her lipstick that she was wearing was light pink and then felt his lips brushing hers. She smiled and leaned a little and kissed him lightly. Her soft lips felt softness.

He wrapped one arm around her waist and lifted her so that he was half carrying her. He smiled against her lips. It was everything he imagined and more.

Angel smiled and then still was kissing him she felt that she was lifted, She then felt um her off the ground a little she closed her eyes a little. She thought, and a drawing can bring you closer.

After a little while, he pulled away and put her down. He couldn't help but smile. "Well that was...nice."

His inner wolf started to beat on him from the inside and his smile faltered. Please, not yet... He winced as the urge became stronger. Kissing her made his heart race too fast and the wolf waken. He bent over and put his hands on his knees, squeezing his eyes shut and urging the wolf to calm.

Angel smiled and “You just kissed an angel" she joked.

She saw him wincing she knew all about the supernatural stuff she said “Are you okay?"

She smiled at him she then looked at the pad. Then looking at him who was on his feet, his hands on his knees. She knelt on her knees looking up at him, feeling hopeless.

His breathing got heavier and the pain more intense as he fought the wolf. He shook his head. "I need to go...."

With those final words he started to run and in the middle of the tunnel he shifted. Everything instantly became clearer and the smells, sharper. He growled. Crap I almost shifted in front of her.

The thought that she would be terrified of his other form scared him. He didn't want to lose her, ever.

Angel sighed she didn't know what he was she said “Wait." she got up and after him.

She didn’t want to lose him. She thought it was her so she walked deeper into the forest and though it was getting dark she didn’t care. She wanted to find out where he went.

William followed her, keeping low and hidden. His wolf form didn't want to go away like usual. He had no control at the moment. A low growl escaped his lips, perhaps a little too loud.

Angel heard a growl. A loud one. She turned it was dark she only could see a pair of eyes she snapped her fingers light came from the fingers she then smiled and then seen a wolf she smiled and then the hand that didn’t have light she reached out to pet it. She loved wolves.

William grew startled as light snapped into being from her fingers. He started to back up, but grew still as she touched his fur. He couldn't help but lean into her hand. Another growl escaped from him, this time more like a low purr. He was large, twice the size of a normal wolf and he wondered why she was not afraid of him. He nosed her, pushing her towards home. On another thought, he crouched down and looked at her expectantly. He shook his head, waiting for her to climb on.

Angel smiled and said " I like it here."
Slowly stroked the soft fur it was like her pillow and she wasn’t afraid because of what she was, a witch and demons chasing after her. She wasn't scared of anything except vampires.

She looked up thinking. She felt that she was being pushed towards the house she sighed and crossed her arms looking at him but then crouched down looking into his eyes the one that looked like Will's. She liked werewolves. They didn’t scare her. She sighed looking more into the eyes. She then seen him sit she then said “You want me to get on your back and go home?" She was wearing a skirt well she would have to sit side ways.

William let out a soft whine, urging her to get on his back. It wasn't safe out at this time. Too many
creatures walked the forest.

Angel said “What?" She didn’t know what to do.

"What are you trying to tell me?" She hated people or animals crying. Then seeing how he was urging her to get on, she sat onto his back, one leg on each side.

Once he felt her get settled on his back he slowly rose on all fours. He started to trot and once she grabbed onto his fur and steadied herself, he started to run. He was just a blur by that time and he quickly made it inside to his home. He wasn't even panting and he crouched to let her off. He shifted then, his wolf finally letting him take control. "Sorry about that."

Angel sighed and she steadied herself she then felt that she got faster she grabbed tighter she closed her eyes tightly she then got off once she got into the house. She smiled and said “thanks" she then seen his transformation and heard him apology. “What? Don’t be sorry for who you are. I'm the one who has to be sorry."

She walked over to the bed and lay on her stomach. She liked and loved Will. She sighed,"See I'm not normal. I look normal don’t I?"

She looked at him she has to keep her emotions under control because if she gets mad she'll be surrounded by blue flames but it doesn’t hurt people.

He went and sat on the bed, putting his arms around her, he pulled her closer. "I'm surprised that you weren't afraid. I saw that light you made earlier. How did you do it?"

Angel sighed and said “It’s easy. I’m a powerful witch and we only come once every 50 years or so."

She closed her eyes and felt him love cloer to her. “Well, hi...’’ She smiled and then said “I'm a charmed one. Have you heard of us?"

He shook his head. "No I haven't. Been alone for years and haven't come in contact with any. Mainly a few lone werewolves and I tend to avoid the vampires. Haven't met a nice one yet. Tell me about the charmed ones."

Angel looked at him “Are the wolves nice?" She heard him ask a question. She smiled. “It’s a curse really. We can do anything with our hands and wands. We say spells. We kill the demons with spells with a book." She added,“a cool book.”

He shook his head. "Most werewolves aren't nice at all. Either they are with a pack, or alone like myself. Seclusion has made them angry and being shunned doesn't do anything for their mood either."

He listened to her answer about the charmed ones. "I see...what happened to your book?"

He thought for a little bit. "Wait what about your home? Someone must be worried no?"

Angel nodded and stood up. "I’ll show you."

She smiled and giggled putting her hands together. "Okay be quiet for a minute"

A few words were recited and a book on a stand appeared right in front of her.

"Anything evil can’t touch this book." Listening to the next question she answered. "They don’t care about me... the cuts are from my parents and the bruises from my parents... they treat me poorly.”

She sighed she rubbed the cover of the book.

He smiled, seeing her so happy. He listened to her answer on her parents.

He growled instinctively. "Do you still need anything from that house? We can go back to get your things that you need and then we're coming back here. I'm not letting you live with those so called parents."

Angel looked down and then said “I know, I ran away. They're going to beat me if I get the rest of my stuff. It’s too risky for you to go I don’t want you to change in front of them because well they can’t get over the fact of my being a witch. They will just treat you poorly okay?"

She sighed and went to him, hugging his waist. “Though I do have some stuff that wants to bring" She smiled and sat.

He relaxed. "Alright. I probably wouldn't be able to keep myself from doing some damage if I was there anyway."

Angel sighed,"okay."

She made sure no one was in her room by closing her eyes. She kissed Will," I’ll be back."

She smiled and then orbed to her room. Making stuff appear where she wanted. Her colored pencils, her sketching stuff, everything she wanted or needed she popped into Will's room. Orbing back, she put everything away by waving her hand and said “I'm back."

He watched in fascination as things started to appear in the room and put away. One minute she was gone and the next she was there again smiling. He smiled. "That was fast."

Angel said,“yeah I have to be or my parents would have gotten to me and well..." She felt blood trickle down her leg and it looked like a knife slashed her. "When did they? How did they? I didn’t see them!"

William tried to quell the anger that was boiling inside him. How dare they hurt his loved one! He tensed and got up to get another wrap and disinfectant. Gently he cleaned the wound and bound it with the wrap. "If they ever touch you again, they will die."

Angel sighed,“baby... " She looked down at him as he put the disinfectant, closing her eyes. It stung her then after he was done she hugged him. "Calm down."

She brushed his hair and she was on her tip toes becuase he was taller than her. She looked down and put her head on his chest and said "We'll stay together right? No matter what happens?"

He started to relax. Having her near him made him calmer. He kissed the top of her head. "Of course we'll stay together. No matter what happens."

Angel smiled and then felt a kiss on top of her head. She sat down on the bed. "What should we do? I brought my board games that I bought and cards.”

She smiled she did this for him so he can at least know how humans act. She looked at him and smiled.

He smiled. "What board game would you like to play?"

Angel giggled and said “It’s up to you and it’s in that box over there" as she pointed to the brown box right next to the dresser. She smiled looking at him.

He got up and searched the box. He looked from one game to the next. "I really don't know. I haven't played any of the games since I can remember."

Angel felt sad and said "I'm sorry..." She looked at her phone that was in a pocket of her skirt. "It's midnight already, jeez." Yawning, she leaned back on the bed , just looking at him.

William stared at her for a moment before he just smiled. "Scoot over," he said playfully.

He turned off the light and slipped into bed. Wrapping one arm around her waist, he kissed her on the top of her head before falling asleep.

Angel smiled but then heard William she giggled and scooted over she then seen him in bed she slept close to him. She smiled at him and then put her head on his chest falling to sleep and then felt a kiss.


William woke up to Angel sleeping on his chest. He smiled softly and gingerly scooted from beneath her. He took a quick bath and took the meal off the fire. The deer and rabbit were done and so was the other small pot. He ate with a smile on his face. Washing the dishes in the stream he put them away and left deer and a bowl of mushroom surprise on the table near the bed. He gave Angel a soft kiss on the cheek before slipping out to go hunting.

Angel sighed she didn’t see him when she woke up. She then closed her eyes, He must have went hunting. she thought. She rubbed her eyes as she reached for the pencil and then the pad she started to draw. She drew a picture of what vampires look like because she did know a nice one. She sighed. She wondered about him so she put down her stuff she got dressed and then smiled and then ran to go look for him.

William shifted. Sniffing the air he found faint traces of blood. It was odd, not one trail of prey could be found. He ran, deeper and deeper into the forest, trying to pick up anything. It was over an hour before he found something. His eyes and smell became sharper as he zoned in on his prey. Lunging forward he sped along its trail.

Angel started to run and then she thought of what he might be doing. She didn't stop though and continued to run deeper into the forest. Thirty minutes later, she stopped to look around, noticing that she no longer recognized her surroundings. Scared, she circled some of the trees and sat on a stump, sighing. Though it was likely mid-morning it was dark in this part of the forest. She could barely see in front of her. Out of breath, a single tear slid down her cheek.

A couple of vampires lurked in the shadows. The trees were dense enough to be able to walk during this time of day. The sun had not yet reached its peak. One heard a little sob and went to investigate. They smelled a human. Coming around the corner they saw a lost girl crying softly. Both came out of the shadows and walked towards her. "Well, well. If it isn't a lost little girl."

Angel gasped and then stood up quickly. "I'm not a little.." She glared, putting her hands up in the air and closing her eyes as she tried to summon a light. A little came, but died out. "Dang it!"

She frowned,"What do you want?"

She pointed the way she came then smiled. Trying to escape she just realized the way back. Still out of breath she fell, laying there in the grass.

The vampires looked at each other and grinned. A chase was always thrilling. They took their time following the messy trail she left behind her. Speeding up, they came across her lying down on the grass panting. One stepped forward. "Tired yet?" His fangs peeked from his upper lip, glinting in the weak light.

He grabbed both her arms and yanked her to a stand. "You're coming with us girl."

Angel frowned looking up and then seen the fangs and him squinting she said “so you are... vampires!' she frowned she was breathing heavily. She then said “no" as she was forcefully stood up and said " I can’t leave will" she frowned. Scared right now... she tried to use her magic but it didn’t work maybe it was because of the, she was defenseless.

The vampires gave each other a look. "Who's Will? Actually either way we don't care. Our leader has been looking for something like you so we can't just let you go."

He tugged on her arm, forcing her to stumble after them.

Angel frowned she hated this she had to follow because of the tug. She kept thinking how to escape... these. Vampires..." she cried and said” like me... what do you mean?!" she was freaking out... She tried to struggle but he was stronger than her but she still tried a little, her cell phone was in her bra. She tried to squirm out but it didn’t work. She crossed her arms

The vampire shrugged. "You'll see when we get there."

The two kept going, pulling along Angel. Soon they came to a cave which they pushed her ahead of them. It was dark, just to the liking of a vampire. Light lay ahead of the tunnel and it opened into a huge cavern. The light was dim, even weak to human eyes. They pushed her until she was standing in front of a throne. The vampire that sat there stared at her hard. He lounged in the chair, a glass of what looked like blood in his hand. Golden eyes pierced her and looked over her like a piece of meat. A few bats fluttered overhead. "Who's this?"

The vampires bowed low. "We found her wandering the woods looking for someone. You said that you wanted a human girl and we just happened upon this one."

The vampire leader snarled. "Are you telling me what I want?"

He stammered. "No...I'm...not."

"Good." He looked at her once more.

"Just take her to my chambers. I'll deal with her there." He took a sip of blood before waving his hand away.

Angel looked around scared. When she came to a throne she crossed her arms and rolled her eyes and when he asked who she was she didn’t bother to answer but then when bats fluttered she gasped, really scared she wanted her will she had a tear running down her cheek and thought " I should of listened to William..' she then felt herself being pushed she frowned and said " imp not a frisking toy!" she glared at him but she seen their fangs but immediately was afraid... she closed her eyes tightly. She then seen just barely a face and a pair of eyes she hated being human well she could do a little magic..." a smile came to her soft lips... she then said” where am I going?!" she was confused.

The vampires took her to a chamber, pushed her in, and then bolted the door from the outside. Feeling their job was done, they walked away.


The vampire dismissed the court and turned to leave for his chambers. Walking down the tunnel, he thought about the brief meeting with the girl. She was beautiful, for a human, and the scent coming off of her mouthwatering. Never before had he smelt something so good. But then again perhaps he was hungry. Coming to the doors of his chambers, he unbolted it and threw the doors open. He searched the room, his eyes coming to rest on the girl. Slowly he closed both doors and locked it behind him. He smiled, perhaps a little coldly. "You never did tell me your name girl."

Angel sighed and sat in the middle of the room she closed her eyes tightly this place scared her. She then heard someone coming so she faces the other way. She hated this so much that she didn’t want to look at anybody... she heard a voice and then said “whets in it for me... I can kill you in seconds. “She glared at him from the side and said “besides I don’t feel like to tell you." she turned around and looked at him. She then looked down as she sat to her side... she couldn’t even if they were stronger than her. She would be stuck here forever.

Sezar smiled coolly his fangs peeking out. "Is that so human? Perhaps you could, but you'd have to catch me first."

In less than a blink of an eye he was in front of her. He gripped her throat with one hand and light squeezed. "Cheeky aren't you? Good thing I happen to like this cheeky side of yours."

He released his hold and walked around to the window looking out. It had darkened already and now he was truly awake. "Now let's try this again. I am Sezar Fang, leader of the Fang Clan. What is your name?"
Angel sighed and then when he grabbed her neck she tried to make him let go and when he did. She gasped for air and then heard the question, she had to answer or else it would of been her life... she glanced up at him. Whose fangs were popping out she then said “I am..." she still was gasping for air she then said” angel, a witch...and a bookbinder" hopefully he didn’t know what a bookbinder was so he couldn’t use her poorly and use advantage of her. Besides if he didn’t know she wouldn’t tell her. She wanted her ill werewolf back; he would still be searching for her. Once she got under controlled she stood up she was short though.

He smiled. "A bookbinder eh? I haven't met one in over a hundred years. How fortunate for me."

His smile was almost cruel and there was an evil glint in his eye. "Perhaps even a human has its uses besides food."

Angel slapped herself in the face and thought ' oh no... Not what I was going for....’ she sighed and then looked at his face which was cruel she gulped she was scared from that look she turned away and went to the other window hoping to find her werewolf boyfriend. A tear went down her cheek as she put her fingers to the glass.

He stared at her and watched as a tear glided down her face. It had been too many years since one tear moved him so much. His face softened a bit. "Who are you waiting for?"

Angel looked at him and then said "like imp telling you" she rolled her eyes then moved from the window and said " and it doesn’t matter" she then went in the corner her back facing him then she was tried to conquer ice.. She then looked at him with her hands behind her back and said " why did you want me?" she then closed her palm making the ice break and then went to her and then crossed her arms.

The softness was gone from his features. "Why do I want you? You'd like me to answer your questions when you don't answer mine?"

He chuckled. "For each question you answer of mine, I'll answer one of yours."

Angel crossed her arms and then sat down. She thought 'why did he want her. ‘She hated that she was being treated this way... again. She then looked at him and said “imp not afraid of you." she rolled her eyes like he was pathetic. “I go after demons and they are worse then you... silly little vampires..." she then looked at the ground it smelt like dead bodies she held her nose...

He laughed aloud, deep and melodic. "I've yet to meet someone like you Angel. Most do not address me like you do. I'll tolerate it, for now."

He smiled. "Most demons do not hold a candle to my power girl."

Angel sighed and then looked at him and said " but imp not going to answer your last question because all I know it’s your enemy..." she looked at him with her beautiful eyes and then said “I rather not know my last question... I don’t want to be frightened." she was away from him she didn’t like him. Though she was lying about the whole afraid thing she was truly afraid of him. She then grabbed her phone and started to text her best friend.

He raised an eyebrow amused. "I have many enemies my dear."

He looked at her as she took out her phone. "I hope that you aren't texting for help. If you were I'd have to take it away."

As angel was going to push send because she did want to send ' help ' to her best friend... she gulped and then gasped then started to get away. She was almost going to push send it and was going to she hated how human she was because she was going so slowly. She then said “well then natural, enemies...”

He chuckled once more. "Sometimes humans can be so predictable."

He steps closer to where she was. "And if it was a natural enemy it would have to be a lycan. Is your friend a lycan? If so I'd love to meet him."

Angel frowned and then thought, ' no' she then tried to back up but ran into a wall and said " what do you mean???" she frowned and then added " no I won’t let you meet him, he'll tear you up" she frowned and then was going to send it and seen how close that vampire was too her she was whining and said " let me go be free. Please..."

She looked at him with sappy eyes hoping he would go for her eyes because she is cute.

Sezar only laughed. "Yes I'd love to meet him to have a little chat." He put his fingers in quotation marks at those works.

"I'm afraid that you won't be free. Not while you're here."

Angel glared at him and said “well I won’t give you his name and where he is at." she crossed her hands and then put one hand up she was cold from what she was wearing, a belly shirt and a mini skirt. But then had her finger over the button and she went to push send. And she did. She glared at him and said " I texted it" she put her hands on her hips. She liked to push buttons.

Sezar grew more amused. "Fine."

In less than a second he grabbed the phone from her fingers and was back in his original place, tossing the phone in the air and catching it. That is the last text you'll ever get with this phone."

With those words he slipped the phone into his pocket. He smiled again. Sear saw her shiver in the chilled air. Grabbing a long sleeved shirt he tossed it to her. "There put that on. I won't have you freezing on me."

As he pried the phone away from her fingers and she whined “no!" she frowned and tried to go for it and then looked at the long sleeved t-shirt. She still wanted to see William. Though if this pathetic vampire wants him he'll have to force it because she won’t tell him. Nothing. Nothing at all. She frowned and said "maybe I want to die so I don’t become food" she tossed it on the floor it was a clean floor.

He shrugged. "Suit yourself."

He opened up another door. It was small, more comfortable to at least sleep in. "You'll be in here. Unless you'd rather stay in the same room as me."

He bared his fangs. "I wouldn't mind that at all."

Angel frowned and seen the room she crossed her arms and said “no." she crossed her arms but seen his fangs it was a definitely no. By then. She then closed her eye , rubbing them and then looked through the window she wanted to go to William. She whispered " oh William. Can’t you save me please.” she picked up the shirt then she went to the corner and she still glared at the guy until he left. Why did he want her? What was so special about her besides the whole magical things in her? She grabbed a tight grip on the wand in her boot then she loosened her grip and patted it. She put the shirt over her and then fell asleep. She was uncomfortable.

Once she was in the room he locked it behind her. Soon he heard the steady deep breathing of one that was asleep. Satisfied, he stepped out of the room to go and get some stuff done.


William got home from hunting and put the sack down along with the deer. "I'm home!"

The clearing was silent. Carefully he sniffed the air; she hadn't been there for quite some time. A feeling of panic settled into the pit of his stomach. Where was she?

He searched the shack. Everything was still in place. Perhaps she had just gone out for a stroll. He waited, and waited until it was getting dark. He knew then that something had gone terribly wrong. William shifted going from the clearing he sniffed for her scent. He found it, it smelled faint, and she had not been here for hours. Following the trail he went on the hunt.

Angel whimpered in her sleep, wanting William she said “William please come get me please...” she was scared, her heart was pumping fast she was redreaming her kidnap that she had from the vampires. She was kicking and screaming...

The trail got fresher, which he followed all through the night. Finally it led to a cave entrance. He growled and pawed at his nose. The stench of vampire was so strong it was unbearable. He sniffed the air and the ground again. Yes, she went in there. Anger clouded his vision. How dare they take his Angel! Shifting back to his human form, she started to search for another entrance.

By morning angel woke up she whimpered and said “William?" she felt his presence. She wanted him she was in the small room she rolled her eyes and then tried to get up but she fell, she basically tripped. She got back up to see if there was a window. She can orb but they'll now by her scent she has gone somewhere. She tried to orb but it was magic proof she sighed. Crossing her arms angrily.

Sezar looked up from what he was doing his golden eyes tinged with red. He tasted the wind and spit the foulness from his mouth. A werewolf had come. He smiled eager to meet his new foe. He signaled to the guards to do nothing to the werewolf. Let him come for his lover. He would be waiting.


William searched, and found what seemed to be another way in. Carefully he took a cautious sniff of the air. The vampire scent was too strong to sense anything else. He put one foot in front of the other, listening hard for any sound at all. He heard nothing but the sound of dripping water from the cave ceiling. Slowly he made his way in, stopping now and then as a precaution and all the while following the scent of his Angel.

Wait for me Angel, I'm coming.

Angel heard a thought from William she sighed she couldn’t see it was so dark. Well she couldn’t see because of the human thing. She sighed and sat back down she hated to be trapped. She frowned. She wanted out she was underneath the bed so if Sear came she would be hiding.... She wanted William she frowned.
William slowly turned the corner and came across three tunnels, branching off in different directions. He took a deep breath, inhaling the putrid smell of vampire and the faint scent of Angel. He took the tunnel to the left. Several times he had to hide from vampires that were coming down the tunnel.

Finally he came to a door which Angel smelled the strongest at. Unbolting it, he slipped inside. He was just about to open another door when he felt a presence behind him. He turned, snarling and baring his teeth.

"Well, well, look what we have here." Sear was leaning against the doorframe, arms crossed and eyebrows raised. "Looks like I have a little werewolf that has run into a trap."

He smiled, his fangs peeking through at the shocked expression on William's face. "Yes my dear werewolf, you ran straight into my trap."

William's features grew vivid with anger. "You took my Angel and now you're playing with me. I am not your freaking toy!"

Sezar shook his head. "Tsk. Tsk. No need to throw a tantrum. I merely wanted to see Angel's lover. She was right; you really did come after her."

He smiled cruelly. "Too bad you won't be leaving and Angel will definitely not be leaving either."

William clenched his teeth. "We'll see about that." He leaped at Sear, shifting midway through the air.

Sear smiled, stepping away from him and backhanded him across the room. William crashed into the wall and grunted as he felt a few of his ribs crack on impact. Painfully he got up on all fours and rushed at him again.

"You'll never win against me. I am much older and stronger than you are." William just snarled in response.

Sezar's speed took him behind William where he grabbed him and started choking him. Within a few minutes he had William shifted into his human form and unconscious. Satisfied, he left him on the floor and opened the door to Angel's room. "Here's your lover Angel. Now that I have him you'll never be rescued."

Angel gasped she was only hearing noise and couldn't see him no more she then said " oh no... will " she then back up hearing the door start to open she frowned at Sear and then passed him she seen him she cried and said " no!" she ran to him and hugged him she looked at Sear who was smiling " how could you!?" she had tears running down she said " no" her whole body started to flame... Her clothes didn’t burn it was her magic. She said “why" she put her hands up trying to burn him but she kept missing because he kept moving...

Sezar only laughed, amused. "Sorry, but you'll have to control your temper if you want to see him again."

He sped around her, picking William up like a sack and locked the door behind him. He sped down a few levels of tunnel. He stopped before a heavy door and opened it with a few words. Only he could open it. As the door swung open, he placed him on the floor. Taking the chains attached to the wall, he cuffed them on all four of his limbs. The shackles were long, but fit snugly.

Satisfied that he was locked up, he left the room to return to his own.

Angel seen William leave she said “no!" she frowned and made the fire burn out and she said No" she saw him return she just sat in the center of the room crying... She was sad...Angel whimpered.... She just looked at the mean vampire. She cried... She said “I want to see him..." she cried. She frowned and then glared at him she kept trying to burn his feet but he kept on moving fast with his powers.

"Tsk, tsk. Perhaps if you behave you'll be able to see him again. Until then it’s a no."

He stopped for a moment. "Maybe if you'll book bind for me, I'll consider letting him free."

Angel looked around. She closed her eyes and said "So then I’ll never be free ...” She put her hands together thinking. She looked at him and then said

"Fine." She glared she hated the idea that she would be bookbinding for someone who is so evil.

He smiled. "Good."

"Tell me what supplies you need and I'll tell the others to get it."

Angel was having second thoughts... She had to do this then again he didn’t say if it had to bad or good... she sighed and then said “paper, pencil, pen, linen cover. Glue" she listed off all the things she couldn’t believe this was happening.... She closed her eyes.

Sezar memorized the list she rattled off and nodded when she was finished. "Those things will be in your room tomorrow morning. For now, you must be hungry. What do you eat?"

Angel sighed and then said “a bagel. Human food" she sighed she had to do this for him. She had to... She closed her eyes and she was starving right now.

He nodded sharply once. "I'll be back in a few minutes then."

He left, bolting the door behind him. He sped down the corridor, stopping to talk to a few people about supplies. He came to the kitchen and requested food. A few minutes later he was handed a steaming plate of sausage, eggs, and potatoes. He grabbed a bagel and a bottle of water before heading back. He opened the door and handed her the food. "Here eat up. Can't have you starving on me."

Angel nodded. She was starting to get thirsty. She smiled fakely then went to the corner playing with her magic. In ten minutes she seen food she said “because I have powers right." she rolled her eyes once the food was given to her she started to eat. She liked the feel of warm food. She was still wearing the clothes that they got her in. She was cute. She wondered why he wanted her. She said “why do you want me?"

He shrugged. "Besides the obvious?"

He shook his head. "That you'll have to find out later."

Angel sighed and said " oh great" she put her legs up and put her arms around her legs and sighed. She rolled her eyes and then stood up she was a virgin she was a pervert though but that didn’t matter now... She wanted her William she hated how vampires can read thoughts she thought ' I hate this vampire'

He chuckled. "I don't have to read your mind. It's written all over your face."

Angel rolled her eyes and said " oh really!" she sighed and then finished her food.

He smiled. "Yes I've become very good at reading people."

Angel sighed and then said “well you vampires are no
fair" she glared and then sighed. She then was starting to think about her little sister but then seen her little sister orb there she said “sis get out now... it’s a bad place."

Ashley sighed she orbed to her older sister she said" but why" she didn’t see the guy. Right behind her.”
Sear grabbed the girl by her arm, fangs bared and ready. "Who's this pretty little thing? Your sister?"

Angel said “don’t you dare hurt her and besides you never answered my question!" she frowned and then seen how confused her little sister was.

Ashley screamed and said “let me go!" she tried to squirm out and said “that’s my older sister" she frowned at the guy but seen the fangs as she was really scared now.

Sezar ignored her outcry of rage and turned to Ashley. "What's your name dear? And are you the same as your sister?"

Ashley gulped and seen her sister but then looked at the guy and said “let go and I’ll tell you!" she glared at him. She hated being strangled like she is now....

Angel frowned and crossed her arms she didn’t want her sister being stuck like she is. She rolled her eyes...

Sezar released his hold on her, relishing the hate coming off both the girls. "Well, I'm waiting."

Ashley ran to her sister and then hugged her tightly... Not wanting to speak...

Angel sighed and said “yes she is just like me and her name is Ashley" she hugged her she sighed\
He thought for a moment. "Well I guess you can join your sister then."

Angel stood up and said “no you will let her free" she narrowed her eyes she couldn’t believe this was happening to her. She closed her eyes and then opened them and then held her sister's hand.

Ashley sighed and felt her sister get up she then just kept her hand. She was more powerful than her sister then made his insides burn making him scream, she knew that he couldn’t tell which one it was.... She then seen a different person come her... she is still trying to kill Sear.

Sezar felt his insides start to burn. His eyes narrowed, concentrating on the power that was being build up in the room. He closed them for a moment and his eyes snapped open once more. Even with the pain, his speed was no match for them. He broke them apart, the pain disappearing from the broken concentration of one of the sisters. He pushed Angel back in her room and bolted it. He turned on the other sister, his golden eyes turning red with anger. "It seems you tried to kill me. Shall I do you the same favor?"

In a split second he was in back of her. He based his fangs and sank his teeth into the base of her neck, starting to slowly drain her. He felt her getting weaker and weaker and finally she collapsed in his arms. He felt for her pulse, weak but still beating.

Sezar carried her to the other side of the room, open yet another door to an unused room. He lay her on the bed, taking chains from all four sides and locking them onto her wrists and ankles. Finally he got a tablet and stuck it on her tongue. It would dissolve and bring her what was needed to replenish blood.

Finally bolted the door behind him.

Ashley seen him move she stopped and gasped she seen her sister go in the room she said " no!" she then felt him behind her in a second she gasped and said " no please don’t..." she then felt fangs in her neck... whimpering a little and then she felt weak... slowly she got weaker... She then felt her on a bed and chains on her. She wasn’t a doll. But then she felt a pill instantly dissolve.... She slowly got stronger.

Angel felt herself pushed in the room she screamed " no!" she tried to opening the door but it didn’t work she hoped her sister would be okay.. She couldn’t believe her sister tried to kill him. She teetertautered in the room scared.... She didn’t want to lose her sister it was the only family she had now... She whimpered... quietly...

Sezar leaned against the door frame of Ashley's room. Knowing that she was probably conscious now. "You try that ever again, and next time I'll kill you."

He walked across the room to where Angel was locked up. "Next time your sister does something like that I'll do worse than just drain her."

Ashley whimpered. Her neck was stinging from what he did. She was starting to black out. She just laid there unconscious. Her arm up over her head and her legs crossed...

Angel frowned and said " if you touch her ever again I’ll kill you!" she frowned standing up on the other side of the door and said " now I won’t book bind for you" she narrowed her eyes and then sat on the steel chair that was in the room and glared at the door.

He smiled, although she couldn't see it. "I'm sure you don't care what happens to dear William then either."

He shrugged. "Oh well. That's such a pity."

Angel cried and said "please... don’t hurt him.” she whined she didn’t want him to get hurt.... she went onto her knees putting her hands to her lips. "Please. Don’t hurt him" she looked at the door.....

Ashley sighed she wanted out. But she was weak...she couldn’t break these easily...But then she felt a lot stronger by now. She said “help...” she then tried to get up but there were chains on her legs too.
He shook his head. "Then I assume you'll still book bind?"


William slowly came to. Everything seemed really fuzzy and dark. His eyes snapped open, his werewolf senses kicking in. Chains rattled and he looked down to see him cuffed to them. He pulled on them, testing their strength. They held tight. He tried to stand up, but his legs wobbled and crumpled underneath him. He sat there, panting and trying to catch his breath. He looked around searching. Not seeing her he put his head on his knees. "Where are you Angel....?”

“Fine, but don’t hurt him!" She hurried to the door, giving it several weak whacks in a desperate, but futile attempt to get out. A single tear slipped down her cheek. "William please come here."

She listened for a moment before a sigh escaped her lips. She closed her eyes and willed herself the spirital plane. The vampire could not follow her here. She searched until she came to the room of Willam and stepped through the bolted door. Upon seeing him, she ran to him and knelt by his side. "Will.." "Trust me, I’ll get you out. I have to book bind for him then you'll be free but I can’t guarantee that I will be free." She rubbed the tears off her face. She grew scared of the vampire would find out.

Ashley gasped and tried breathing still weak she heard Sezar she tried to pull at the chains but they were really strong she said “No!!"

Sezar smiled smugly, "Good."

He walked to the other door and unbolted it, his eyes resting on Ashley. Seeing her awake, he smiled dangerously. "Try anything and not only will you be killed, but I'll parade anyone you ever loved in here to see them killed first."

He laughed at her horrified expression and came to sit on the edge of the bed. His hand picked up a lock of hair and he let it fall through his fingers. "Be good and perhaps you'll receive better treatment than chains."

He bent down, running his tongue over the wound he had created on her neck. "Fail to behave and I'll bite you over and over again until your human parade is killed."

Ashley gasped as she fel
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