The Storm [Eidyllion 2019 Quest Intro]
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Sat Feb 16, 2019 12:39 am
A knight sat perched on the top of the castle walls. Usually it was a pain to be on guard duty, but the weather had been so nice lately, that it was nice to be able to enjoy it. The knight knew that this warm spell must be a sign of the People of the Hoof approaching Edingtol. Somehow, their very presence just made the cold go away and make nature become even more alive. There even had been flowers that had seemingly sprung up out of nowhere. With their vines creeping up the walls, it almost felt like the city had become a walled garden.

However, a chill suddenly came on the wind. Looking to the west, the knight noticed storm clouds approaching...


The next morning, the knight resumed his usual opinion of hating guard duty on the walls. An ice storm had hit last night and nearly everything had been encased in ice. However, the knight did notice that there was a distinct plot of land in the distance that had retained its green colouring. The knight wondered if this was the Herd's current location.

Tracing the path that the herd would have to take with his eyes, the knight quickly noticed movement on the road. There was a group of 3 people approaching and the sound of hooves was getting louder and louder.

The knight scrambled to get himself up and run down to the gate. He gets there just in time to see three centaur enter.

"Ulixon?!" The knight exclaims. "Is that you?"

The lean, brown-furred centaur smiles. "It's good to see you!"

"Hey, you didn't forget about me, did you?" A burly voice exclaimed as the knight felt himself being pulled into a hug.

"Of course not, Olivor!" The knight exclaimed as he smiled at the large chestnut-furred centaur.

Hearing a small giggle, the knight notices that a petite female centaur is also present. "It's good to see you too, Aystral!" The knight adds. Looking back at Ulixon, the knight says, "But how come it's only you three? What about the rest of the herd?"

Ulixon sighs. "Unfortunately, we've hit a bit of a snag. I'm sure that you've noticed that ice storm, right?" The knight nods. "Usually," Ulixon continues, "the Herd is able to warm up any weather, but this storm is so strong, we have not been able to break through it so easily."

"That is why we came ahead to seek out help!" Olivor added.

"Help?" The knight asked.

Aystral nods. "We were hoping that you all could help us open a path toward the rest of the herd."

"Well, we can try to set up a path," the knight said, "But it may take a while for us to do so with this storm raging so strongly."

Fishing out something from his pocket, Ulixon reveals a red gem. "We were able to get through the storm by ourselves, due to the help of these warming gems. The last time we were here, I felt the presence of this magic. If we can find some of these stones, it will allow us to thaw the ice and make it easier for the rest of the herd to travel."

"That sounds like a plan!" the knight says, "So you know where to get more gems?"

Ulixon cheeks redden. "Not exactly..."

The knight smiles. "Well, I'm sure that if we get enough people to look for them we'll find them in no time!" The knight snaps his fingers. "We can even set up a station in the town to see if we can find volunteers!"
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