The Scroll of Edingtol: April 22, 2013
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Knight of Zantarni
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Tue Apr 23, 2013 1:42 am

Greetings my dear Zantarnians! Happy April to you! This month's newsletter starts off egg-ceptionally well as we scope out the latest Donation items to arrive in the Gem Shop. We've also sent out our correspondent, Riley, to feature some of Zantarni's finest charities. Keep on reading to find out everything else going on around the realm and enjoy your mushroom soup!

In this issue...
~ Introduction
~ Donation Items
~ Around the Realm
~ Forum Spotlight
~ Zantarni Fun/Birthdays
~ In Closing

To go along with the silliness, the pixelists have created two jovial colored jokester sets - the Chromatic Jokester and Prismatic Jokester sets. Not in the mood for such silliness? The Farmer in the Dell set is perfect for those of us who have work to do on the farm. These sets won't stay in the Gem Shop for long, so be sure to help support our realm by donating for Gems today! Wink

A strange occurrence happened on the 1st of April when eggs began falling on our heads. Some citizens seemed to like the look and decided to wear them for a while.

These weren't the only types of eggs that came flying towards our realm. White goose eggs started appearing everywhere, and they can't seem to hatch all the way. Whether they are afraid of further shenanigans, or they are much more comfortable in their shelled home - remains a mystery.


While you're busy picking the egg out of your hair, why not let your mule out to have some fun?

Mule day first started during the weekend of Jan 26th 2013, and now our host Reinhart has decided to do it again! Check out the Mule Day thread here!

Are you a new member trying to find something to wear? Or maybe you are a citizen who has been with us for a while, looking for that special item to complete your quest? Whether you are new or old, there are many charities that are here to help! Here's Riley to tell you about just a few of them.

Need a little help with the quest you're working on?
Why not stop by Edingtol's Gates and check out the many charities.

For example, if you're looking for wings, poke your head into Shugga's Flight School. She definitely has a wonderful assortment of wings looking to go to a good home. Maybe she has what you're looking for? And don't be shy; there's always a page prize to win too!

Looking for pets? I know just the place for you! Go swing by Turtle Sensei's Pet Adoption Center. There are many lonely pets looking for someone to love; maybe you'll find a special friend!

If you're looking for items other than wings or pets, you might want to check out Dusty's Passing on the Kindness charity. Many of us in Zantarni have been donated to or have been helped along in our quests. Dusty has kindly opened a charity to help return the favor to other citizens of Zantarni. Go stop by and say hello, she might have what you're looking for!

If you don't find what you're looking for in these charities, don't fret, there are other charities that have an assortment of items and gold. Go stop by and chat a little with the owners - you may find a surprise in your inventory Wink

2. An agricultural tool used to lift and pitch hay.
4. ...has sprung.
6. An agricultural by-product used for livestock bedding, thatching, and basket-making.
7. the Dell.
8. Sometimes served over easy.

1. One who tells or plays jokes.
2. A mischievousness trick or practical joke.
3. for horses.
4. A building in which livestock are kept.
5. The goose who shares an adventure with Tom the Cat.
7. A person who acts unwise.

It's that time again to take a moment to wish the users who celebrate their birthdays in April, a very happy day, and congratulations on reaching another year older! Enjoy this day and eat some cake!

  • Dead Molly Says - 3rd
  • Harafas - 4th
  • Lyht - 7th
  • Tessibaby - 7th
  • Chimera - 7th
  • Eir - 8th 1987
  • x-holy-cross-x - 10th
  • Asami - 15th
  • toxic rainbow - 20th
  • LadyJezebel - 21st
  • Irishrain - 21st
  • dragondude - 26th
  • ducky 333 - 26th
  • DragonflyFae - 27th
  • witchkitty33 - 27th
  • Her Royal Eggcellence, Queen Blazestorm Royalty

We know we haven’t got every user who’s had a birthday this month; this is just what we’ve compiled from Fehvy’s When is Your Birthday thread. Be sure to visit and share your birth date if you haven't already. Wink Happy birthday to all those users and any not listed!

If you would like to contribute anything, be it a poem, comic, or suggestion, please visit the Zan Project Newsletter thread. I hope you have enjoyed this issue of our newsletter, stay tuned for the next Scroll of Edingtol!

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Tue Apr 23, 2013 10:16 pm
Oh snap, my main is featured up there! Very Happy

Thanks for mentioning Mule Day, too Yes
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Dedicated Citizen
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Tue Apr 23, 2013 10:37 pm
Thanks for mentioning my charity! Heart
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Wed Apr 24, 2013 5:33 pm
A nice scroll as usual... :3
And thanks for putting in my eggy avatar and my charity...
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