The Hidden Glenn: Sell Me Wings OMNOMOMOM!!!
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Sun Jun 29, 2008 3:07 pm

The first few weeks of me joining Zantarni in 2008, I started this insane quest of getting the Fake Archangel Wings. I had no idea how much they cost until my boyfriend pointed them out, and even then, I wasn’t going to rest until I got them. He had doubts, because a newbie like me is going after an item that cost 3 million? I worked my butt off for a month and wasn’t even close, until someone snuck into my wardrobe and answered my wishes. Lantis, donated the pair she had and I was filled with so much happiness, that I was actually running around my house yelling with joy! My poor parents. XD That was the first donated item I ever got on Zan, and the factor which made me stay permanently here. I was so inspired that I created a charity in mostly her honor, but also in honor of others who touched my heart.

I have a connection with the Fake Angel Wings. March 10,2010, Ryver traded her Fakes for my green dinkies, which was the first time I had the wings in my possession, and the second to last winged item I needed. I felt like that wasn’t a fair trade, but she reassured me the dinkes were making her drool more. I couldn’t thank her enough! But then my dilemma started. I probably had the wings 7 or more times, and I am always giving them away as a present, or trading them with friends who I felt were more deserving. I cannot explain it, but I feel like I cannot own a pair until everyone else is happy having one first. Once that is completed then I will quest them again and keep them for good. A bajillion down…one beautiful golden pair to go before obtaining them all!

From 2008-2010 I made amazing friends, helped the community, and found my obsession. Yoari got me hooked on wings, thus my quest to collect them all was in play. I was doing so great thanks to my friends and mysterious donators helping me collect most of them. However, I was still missing one…the Mighty Yoricks. As I slowly collected items to add to my offer, I was also helping others obtain their items. It was my way of saying, “thank you for everything you did for me”. March 29, 2010 I received a PM from Lady HH who explained to me that she and another member were having a private talk about me. I was a little bit worried, but then she completely dropped the ball, and said they were giving me exclusive rights to the Yoricks. Lady HH said she saw how caring I was to others and wanted to see my dream come true. She felt like I was deserving of the wings. My hands were shaking so much I couldn’t believe I did the impossible; I earned my golden wings!!! It was, no IS the most memorable moment on Zantarni thus far. I still have the PM’s from Lady HH about the wings in my savebox. Heart

After I completed my goal of owning every winged item on Zan, I was going to start questing all the other Donation Items and open a really awesome rent shop. However, Blaze just HAD to take the crown and HAD to release more winged items on me….THUS ROUND 2 BEGAN!!!!

Meet the newest addition to my wing collection!!!

WINKS MEAN I HAVE THEM ALREADY AND BOLD MEANS I AM QUESTING. IF THERE IS/ARE ANY WING ITEM I AM MISSING PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I can guarantee I did not miss any, but if I somehow did and you spot one then a GEM is on me.

Abraxas Blue Wings Wink
Abraxas Golden Wings Wink
Abraxas Green Wings Wink
Abraxas Red Wings Wink
Abraxas Violet Wings Wink
AirFae Flight Wink
Amethyst MiniWings Wink
Angel Shark Wings Wink
Angelic Demon Wings
Animated Blue Fairy Wings Wink
Animated Green Fairy Wings Wink
Animated Red Fairy Wings Wink
Artificial Wings Wink
Ashen Phoenix Wink
Autumn Glow Wings Wink
Azure Wings Wink

Barn Owl Wings Wink
Bat Cookie Wings Wink
Bat Wings Wink
Beach Mixed Wings Wink
Beached Shark Wings Wink
Black Heart Wings Wink
Black Phoenix Wings Wink
Black Wings of Death Wink
Blacktip Reef Shark Wings Wink
Blaue Butterfly Wings Wink
Blue Dragon Wings Wink
Blue Leaf Wings Wink
Blue Mini Wings Wink
Blue Shark Wings Wink
BlueSky Feather Wings Wink
Blue Xmas Wings Wink
Bluebird Wings Wink
Bold Ribbon Wink
Bright Green MiniWings Wink
Butterfly Ribbon Wink

Cardinal Wings Wink
Celestial Wings Wink
Changeable Marks? <--Are these even wings?
Crescent MiniWings Wink
Crescent Wings Wink
Crystal MiniWings Wink

Dark Angel Flight
Dark Angel Wings Wink
Dark Twilight Wings Wink
DarkFae Wings Wink
Darkstar Flight Wink
Dawning Wings Wink
Daybreak Wings Wink
Daylight Wings Wink
Diabolicus Wings Wink
Draconem Wings Wink
Dragon Bone Wings Wink
Dragon Wings Wink
Dragonfly Wings Wink
Dryad Branches Wink
Dusk Wings Wink

EarthFae Wings Wink
Eidyll Glade Wings Wink
Eidyll Leaf Wings Wink
Eidyll Petal Wings Wink
Eidyll Rose Wings Wink
Eidyll Sky Wings Wink

FaeWings Blue Wink
FaeWings Green Wink
FaeWings Magenta Wink
FaeWings Purple Wink
Fairy Wings Blue Wink
Fairy Wings Light Green Wink
Fairy Wings Light Pink Wink
Fairy Wings Pink Wink
Fairy Wings Violet Wink
Fake Angel Wings
Fake Archangel Wings Wink
Fake Cherubim Wings
Fake Diablerie Wings
Fake Diabolic Wings
Fake Diabolus Wings

Fall Dryad Branches Wink
Fall Fae Bough Wink
Fall Fledgling Wings
Feather Angel Wings Wink
FireFae Wings Wink
Forest Feather Wings Wink
Frozen Wings Wink

Garden Bloom Wings Wink
Garden Wings Wink
Gargoyle Wings Wink
Gilded Shark Wings Wink
Goblin Shark Wings Wink
Gold Trimmed Wings Wink
Gold Xmas Wings Wink
Golden Leaf Wings Wink
Gloa Wings Wink
Gloen Wings Wink
Glo Wings Wink
Great White Shark Wings Wink
Green Dragon Wings Wink
Green Mini Wings Wink
Green Xmas Wings Wink

Heavens Wings Wink
Holly Leaf Wings Wink
Hollyberry Wings Wink

Ice Dragon Wings Wink
Inferno Demon Wings
Inferno Devil Wings
Inferno Imp Wings

Insect Wings Wink
Iris Fairy Wings Wink

Ladybird Shell Wings Wink
Ladybug Shell Wings Wink
Large Water Diablo Wings
Larkspur Wings Wink
Leaf Wings Wink
Light Angel Wings Wink
Light Feather Wings Wink
LightFae Wings Wink
Lightstar Flight Wink
Lilac MiniWings Wink
Lunar Moth Flight Wink
Lunar Moth Rest Wink

Matrix Phoenix Wings Wink
Matrix Shark Wings Wink
Meadow Wings Wink
Mechanic Black Wings
Mechanic Blue Wings Wink
Mechanic Brown Wings Wink
Mechanic Cream Wings Wink
Mechanic Golden Wings Wink
Mechanic Orange Wings Wink
Mechanic Ordinary Wings Wink
Mechanic Purple Wings Wink
Mechanic Silver Wings Wink
Medium Dark Angel Wings Wink
Medium Water Diablo Wings
Mermaid Blue Wings Wink
Mermaid Pink Wings Wink
Midnight Wings Wink
Mini Bone Wings Wink
Mini Dark Angel Wings Wink
Mini Phoenix Wings Wink
Mini Water Diablo Wings
Mint Green Feather Wings Wink
Monarch Wink
Moonstone Dragon Wings Wink

Natural Leaf Wings Wink
Nightfall Wings Wink
Nightmare Wings Wink

Opal Phoenix Wings Wink
Opal Shark Wings Wink
Opalescent Wings
Orange Crush MiniWings Wink
Orange Wings of Death Wink
Orchid Butterfly Wings Wink

Pasture Wings Wink
Pearl MiniWings Wink
Peppermint Wings Wink
Phoenix Feather Wings Wink
Phoenix Wings Wink
Pink Dragon Wings Wink
Pink Heart Wings Wink
Pink Leaf Wings Wink
Pixie Wings Wink
Poisonous Wings Wink
Prairie Wings Wink
Purple MiniWings Wink
Purple Xmas Wings Wink

Rainbow Fairy Wings Wink
Rainforest Mixed Wings Wink
Red Dragon Wings Wink
Red Heart Wings Wink
Red Mini Wings Wink
Red Wings of Death Wink

Scarlet Feather Wings Wink
Sharlou Black Wings Wink
Sharlou Blue Wings Wink
Sharlou Gold Wings Wink
Sharlou Green Wings Wink
Sharlou Pink Wings Wink
Sharlou Purple Wings Wink
Sharlou Red Wings Wink
Sharlou White Wings Wink
Silver Dragon Wings Wink
Silver Leaf Wings Wink
Silver Mini Wings Wink
Silver Yorick Wings Wink
SilverBell Wings Wink
Sky Wings Wink
Sky Feather Wings Wink
Skyward Phoenix Wink
Sleepy Orange Wink
Solar MiniWings Wink
Solar Wings Wink
Spectrum FaeWings Wink
Spiderweb Wings Wink
Spithra Ascent Wink
Spithra Limbs Wink
Spriggan Wings Wink
Spring Dryad Branches
Spring Hatchling Wings
Sprite Wings Wink
Stellar MiniWings Wink
Stellar Wings Wink
Summer Azure Wink
Summer Nestling Wings Wink
Sunrise Wings Wink
Sunrise Scaled Wings Wink
Sunset Scaled Wings Wink
Sylph Wings Wink

Tattered Bat Wings Wink
Tattered Blood Bat Wings
Tattered Blue Bat Wings Wink
Tattered Ice Bat Wings Wink
Tealish MiniWings Wink
Tempest Shark Wings Wink
Tiger Shark Wings Wink
Tinker Wings Wink
Twilight Wings Wink
Twinspur Wings Wink

Uni Araneae Wings Wink
Uni Osseus Wings Wink
Uni Sanguinem Wings Wink

Verdure Shoots Wink
Viceroy Wink
Violet Feather Wings Wink

WaterFae Wings Wink
Whispering Wings Wink
Wicked Pumpkin Wings Wink
Wings of the Fallen
Winter Dragon Wings Wink
Winter Full Wings Wink
Winter Shadow Dragon Wings Wink

Xmas Wings Wink

Yorick Dragon Wings Wink
Yorick Day Wings Wink
Yoricks Fury Wings Wink
Yoricks Geared Flight Wink
Yoricks Grace Wings Wink
Yoricks Mini Wings Wink
Yoricks Resplendence Wink
Yoricks Splendor Wings Wink

Zebra Swallowtail Wink
Zephyr Wings Wink

Town Shop Wings
Dark Angel Wings--50k
50k in Gold once I have the funds

Contest Wings

Fake Angel and Fake Cherubim Wings--5 million each

Fake Diablerie, Fake Diabolic, and Fake Diabolus Wings--3 million each

Inferno Demon, Inferno Devil, and Inferno Imp Wings--3 million each

Large Water Diablo, Medium Water Diablo, and Mini Water Diablo Wings--3 million each

Smuggler Shop and Set Shop Wings
Mechanic Black and Mechanic Brown Wings--150k Each
2 Gems

Spring Dryad Branches--40k

Tattered Blood Bat and Tattered Blue Bat Wings--65k Each
Table Cloth Cape--55k
Blue Skull Belt--40k
Defender Chestguard--35k pending offer for Rakurais

Event Wings
Yoricks Geared Flight

Simply Beautiful Banners <--Credit for my shop's banners go here
Zan Jokes: You Know You Play Zan When...
Flight Of The Yoricks
Zantarni Log-In Blog-In
Chasing Dust Bunnies and The LilyPad (Dusty and Ryvers Shop)
The Avatar Closet
Sir Scarz' Shoppe of Curiosities and Assorted Items
The Shop Around The Corner (Nema's Shop)
MungoBoo's Epic Contests and Giveaway


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Sun Jun 29, 2008 3:11 pm
Good Luck I Don't have any starry items

Also i'm selling dragon wings in my thread if you want to buy
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Sun Jun 29, 2008 3:12 pm
Yes I will be putting up all my wings and items for rent, which means you have a chance to wear your dream avatar while you still quest for that missing item(s). New travelers also have the opportunity to wear their favorite items if they do not have loads of pure. If there is anything I can do to make this easier and better please give me your feedback.

How This Works
Exclamation One person may rent TWO items at a time
Exclamation THIS IS IMPORTANT: There will be a fee in order to rent. This will ensure you will not, in any form, sell, trade, or donate my items. The fee will be 10% of the lowest value each item costs. By the end date I will return 80% of the fee and keep the remaining 20% for myself. The gold will go to charities, questers, and for me to buy more items to rent out.
Exclamation All items must be returned on the end date. I will allow items two days late with no penalty because I understand real life can cause issues. If you are more than TWO days late I will take 2% of the fee for each date you are late. I apologize if this is harsh but I have to be to protect my items. As you can see I am putting up the very rares for others to use.
Exclamation Items will be rented a week at a time, which means you will get 7 days to keep the item. If you would like to keep it for more you will have to rent it out again.
Exclamation Items I put in sets are the complete sets. Just let me know which color you would like to rent out. If this is a little confusing, I promise once we start rolling, you will understand. Wink

~$*~$*~$*ITEMS FOR RENT~$*~$*~$*

~$~$~$~$~ WAITING LIST ~$~$~$~$~
Coming Soon!

Item You Want:
Date Rented:
How Can I Improve My Rent Store:--you can leave this blank if you are unsure.


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Sun Jun 29, 2008 3:13 pm
ooooo yeah i hope you get your items Very Happy
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Sun Jun 29, 2008 3:16 pm
You too
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Sun Jun 29, 2008 3:19 pm
good luck Ivy. im working on getting the set too ^^
MaraciaNiAsa Heart Heart
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Sun Jun 29, 2008 3:21 pm
Oh boy this is going to get messy Laughing
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Sun Jun 29, 2008 3:36 pm
it would be a good idea to ask Scarz Nema or Lantis if they have an extra one
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Mon Jun 30, 2008 9:10 pm
Still no luck T_T
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Wed Jul 02, 2008 6:24 pm
This was on the second page, just bringing it up so I can keep this open
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Thu Jul 03, 2008 2:18 pm
G'luck hun ^^

Working on your banners, as well.~

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Thu Jul 03, 2008 5:22 pm
I've give ya 70% of the store price for your commons..
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Thu Jul 03, 2008 7:27 pm
Sure, I just really need to get rid of them I don't care what the offer is
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Thu Jul 03, 2008 7:32 pm
Nice, I'll send the 11480g :3
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Fri Jul 04, 2008 12:21 pm
Ivylin stretches to the sky as a huge yawn escapes from her mouth. She had woken up a few minutes ago and is already headed off for work. Her dragon Eukra, balances a tray of fruit and two glasses of Orange Juice for their breakfast beside her. A big breakfast will have to wait since today they still have a lot of unpacking to finish.

"Eukra will you be so kind as to be my guard in case we have a customer, I don't want to keep them waiting at all"

The little dragon let's out a willing chirp and hops to the door, staring out into the world from behind the glass.

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