The Grand Pet Hotel {Updated 10/14/21}
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Dedicated Citizen
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Sat Oct 27, 2018 8:23 pm
This must be the right place... You think to yourself as you approach the front door of an old Victorian mansion. You're pretty sure, since the sign above the archway you passed read: The Grand Pet Hotel.

"Hello?" You linger in the entry hall for a moment before a purple glendor approaches you. You blink a few times, unsure of what you're seeing, until you realize that it is beckoning you to follow it.

Is that glendor wearing a monocle? You wonder as you follow the creature further into the house.

"Welcome to the Grand Pet Hotel!" An enthusiastic girl with wolf ears greats you. "Are you looking for any particular pet today?"


"No matter! We have everything here: fur, feathers, scales, you name it! All of our wonderful pets are adoptable here, so please take a look around and let me know if I can be of any assistance."

"Thanks?" Just before you begin looking around the house, the wolf person calls out to you.

"It's not uncommon to find our residents engaging in strange behaviors. I believe there is a card game being hosted by the Zantosaurus', and the sheep are probably still playing hide and seek."


Wondering what sort of pet adoption place this is, you begin looking around, hoping to find the perfect pet.

> If you find a pet you would like to adopt, have your request be in the form of an RP post. It can be as simple or as detailed as you'd like. Do include what the pet was doing when you found it. This sounded like a fun idea at the time, so we'll see how this works out.
> My account Pawz will be giving and receiving all pets
> Donations will be accepted but are not required

Here at the Grand Pet Hotel, every pet is welcomed to stay until they find their forever home. If you have pets that need to be re-homed, rest assured, they will have a place with us until they find that special home.

*Spoke with TurtleSensei and she is okay with me making a new pet adoption thread*

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Dedicated Citizen
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Sat Oct 27, 2018 8:24 pm
Pets seeking a home

Baby Fairie Yellow
Baby Fairie Violet
Baby Fairie Blue
Baby Fairie Orange
Baby Fairie Pink
Bagged Gift
Batwing Cat
Bells x2
Betsy Pegagoat x3
Billy Pegagoat x3
Blue Goblin
Brown Mouse

Cat and Mouse x2
Cedric Frost
Chickaroo Dyed
Cool Cube
Creepy Spider x3

Dark Rarebit

Eggsellent Medium

Fairy Heart x3
Fairy Rose x2
Fete Teddy
Floating Hearts
Floppy Foo Foo
Flutter x9
Fool Violet Glendor
Fool Onyx Glendor
Fool Leafy Glendor

Gandalf Cat x2
George Pegagoat x3
Ghost Gryffe
Ghost Pet

Happy Bat
Hissing Cat

Jake O'Lantern


Last Love Topaz Glendor
Leaping x2
Love Spots Ruby Glendor
Loving Kiss Amethyst Glendor
Loving Touch Amethyst Glendor
Loving Touch Ruby Glendor
Lucky Banner x2
Lucky Coin x3
Lucky Glendor x5
Lucky Pig x2
Lucky Piggie x2
Lucky Rabbit x2

Mini Tree
Morgan x2
My Love Emerald Glendor


Peggy Pegagoat x3
Pend Love Amethyst Glendor
Pend Love Emerald Glendor
Peponem Cat
Piglet x3
Pinked Ink
PJ Party Pillow
Possessed Pumpkins x2
Pot of Gold x9
Pumpkin Cat
Pumpkin Pet

RareCat x4
RareMouse x4
Renzle x2
Rose Petals x2

Sakura Glendor
Samantha Cat
Sharlou Cutie x6
Sharlou Heart xx6
Sharlou Rose x6
Sharlou Trinket x21
Snowflake Pet
Snowman Kit
Snowman Pet x3
Spider Cat
Spot x4
Spotted Bunny
Spuds x2
Stacking Toy x2
Sue Pegagoat x3

Teal Butterfly
Toy Bear x2
Troupe of Elves x2
Turtle of Fortune

Vampire Cat x2
Violet Glendor

Witches Cauldron x6

Yellow Sharlou Cutie x6
Yeti x4
Yeti Blue Drum
Yeti Drum
Yeti Green Drum
Yeti Sock x2
Yeti Wraps x3
Yoricks Clock

Zanny the Snowman

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Dedicated Citizen
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Tue Oct 30, 2018 10:24 pm
*Walks into the Grand Pet Hotel with her hopes up yearning to find another companion during her stay in the great land of Zantarni*

Oh my oh my... There are so many little ones here. I wish that all of you can find a forever home.

*As I walk around looking and listening to all the sounds, a small, little Wisp from St. Yorick lands on my shoulder*

Oh... You startled me, little one. You are quite the sneaky fellow.

*The Wisp nudges on my shoulder and flies onto the top of my head*

It seems that you like me. You are quite the sweetest little one to like me. Would you like to come with me on an adventure?

*St. Yorick's Wisp digs itself into my hair and makes a "purring" sound*

Excuse me, ma'am... I think that I will bring this little guy with me.

A little mysterious o___o
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Wed Oct 31, 2018 12:13 am
"Most excellent! You two will have lots of fun together!"

She turned to the St. Yorick's Wisp. "You take care now! And remember, apples go in pies, not stew." She smiled at the little chirp the Wisp gave her. "Good to hear." She nodded and sent them on their way.
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Dedicated Citizen
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Thu Nov 05, 2020 11:51 pm
Adoption list has now been updated!
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