Greetings, Traveler! Welcome to my salon!

Seeking to look your best, or just need a change in hairstyle? Choose a style and I will get right to work!
  • Haircut/style: 50 zg
  • Haircolor: 15 zg
  • Highlight Color: 5 zg
Sir, are you looking for a beard, perhaps ... or a shave?
  • Beards/Shaves cost 15 zg, Coloring them costs 5 zg


Short straight hairLong straught hairRoman haircutFashionable haircutSpiky hairCurly hairSlick haircutFaceup straigh hairWaxed hairMonk haircutMedium fancy hairMedium fancy hair Type 2Long fancy hair Type 1Medium fancy hair Type 3Very long male hairLong fancy hair Type 3Short male hair Type 2Medium male hair Type 4Short spiky male hairShort male hair Type 5

Hair Coloring

Highlight Coloring


Remove Beard
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