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Fri May 24, 2013 8:05 am
So, I looked around, found an ancient thread and decided it was time to make a new topic to revive this topic. 'Cause sewing just deserves it's own thread. *And 'cause I want to ramble about the thing that keeps me away from the computer/tv lately... hehe*

Anyone into sewing? Ever tried anything? Hand sewing or machine? Clothes, home decoration, whatever? Any projects to show off? Or you just want to drool over fabrics? Get inspiration?

Join me! Very Happy
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Fri May 24, 2013 8:37 am
My story: ;-P

A few years ago I got my gran's sewing machine, mainly 'cause I wanted to be able to fix some clothes, hubby has often holes in his overalls, work clothes, whatever. Then he was about to throw out a LOT of jeans (hole here, fixed there, doesn't fit, whatever) and I was like... What a waste! D: So after reading lots of blogs and whatnot, I though I could make a quilt of it. It was supposed to become a rag-quilt, but I didn't quite understood I had to use 2 layers of fabric at once, so eventually I added a seperate layer of backing and batting. Took a LONG time, mainly 'cause I was on & off with sewing (and my machine didn't like the bulk of fabric), but even though there are mistakes, I still love the result:

But seriously, a 2-year project is not really for me. in between I made a tiny quilt, which really turned out to be a rag quilt: XxX XxX.

After that I bought fabric for the first time and fell in love with fabric. Found a store with so many cottons, SO hard to pick! D: Made a bag, baby gifts for a friend, prolly some more tiny things and then I had my son, resulting in no energy to sew.

So, start of this year after rebuilding the house, I had spare time, got a box of fabric scraps from my mom, decided the empty desk in the office would be a good place for my sewing machine and I started sewing again. And after reading more & more, gathered the guts to start on clothes for my son. Smile I'm not planning on making him EVERYTHING, just a few things, mainly things I think are fun to sew. So far he got a pair of shorts, a cardigan, hat and a blazer. Made another baby gift... And I was also working on spring-house decoration, but stuffed that aside again... So only one WIP actually, hehe.

Current project is a sleeping bag for my son, mainly 'cause I cannot find the type I want and it's good to have a spare one. Also have a maternity shirt I made for me and I think I want to take in the sleeves of that shirt... Not entirely happy with the way I measured.

Next projects: (mainly after the very recent fabric splurge)
- Dress for me
- Another vest/hoodie for son
- Kimono & pants for baby to come
- Hoodie for baby to come
- Baby gift for sis in law (hoodie or also a kimono/pants set)
- Maybe another hat for nephew (if the mom approves, haven't asked yet. Wink )
- 2nd blazer for son (larger size, for next year I think)

And I also bought a pattern for boy pants (cargo's), so those will come as well, not sure when.

Since I'm only sewing in the evenings, when hubby watches movies, it does take some days to finish something. But having my "spot" does help, sewing for 15 minutes? Why not? Very Happy I'm not a great sewer btw, just like to try out new things and I love finding cute patterns online (if anyone is interested in some, lemme know. Smile ) Plus, I gave drawing several tries, forums and all, it's a popular thing in the avi community, but I just suck at that. Hehe, I like this WAY better. Smile
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Sun Jun 02, 2013 10:32 pm
*Peeks in*

I sew a little bit here and there. Smile Nothing too terribly fancy. Some pouches here and there, and some tube-tops made out of old pant legs. :3
Pro Lurker
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Mon Jun 03, 2013 11:42 am
Oh, pics? x3 I made a bag last year too and though I love making bags, I refrained from making more. Eventually I always stick to using one bag anyway, so it would've been a waste really...

this is the pattern for the bag I made, made it from the same fabrics as the baby dress up here (I bought those fabrics for the bag, just had some leftovers. Wink )

Tube tops, from jogging-pants sort of pants I suppose? Or are you super skinny? O: That's actually a neat idea. :nod: I like reusing old clothes, but so far that only resulted in my quilt a few pillow cases from old knit sweaters and last week a top for my kid from an old T-shirt. Though that one turned out too small, so it goes on the baby pile, lol.

Working now on this baby hoodie, making it from a thin jersey though, so contemplating whether to line it or not. Might be better with a heavy hoodie/semi heavy cuffs/waistband... :>
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Mon Jun 03, 2013 1:47 pm
I'll have to search around and see if I have any pictures. :3

That is a cute bag. Smile

I made it from an old pair of black dress pants. the fabric is a bit stretchy but not terribly. I sewed velcro on the back to attach it to it;s self because I didn't have a long zipper on it.
yep yep I am skinny, I wear between a zero and a three in pants size.

Though I think the pants I was using were bell bottoms? well the had a bit of a flare to them Smile

I have some left over blue jeans that I have from my room mate and I am going to make some tops from those as well. Though I think I am going to find a a zipper or some hooks to close it up for next times. Smile Velcro is really hard to set through. :3
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Mon Jun 03, 2013 7:15 pm
There are way too many cute patterns on the internet, seriously. It's evil. xD

But pff, I doubt I could even fit in one boob. xD For jeans I wonder if adding some darts would be needed, unless it's a bit stretchy, but might be more flattering? And a blind zip could indeed be perfect. Or lace it up like a corset if that would suit your style. Smile Somehow I have a patched-jeans-top in mind... Could be pretty cute! Very Happy Might be comfy to line it too. :3

Top-parts of jeans are also often used for bags, seen many already. But it might be a bit 90s. ;-P Still thought this one was pretty cute. :nod:
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Mon Jun 03, 2013 7:42 pm
I very much agree. :3

XD I can understand that. Yes Surprisingly it wasn't terribly flattening. that could be because it is a bit stretchy as well.

Also it is a bit more it the same of a corset style. It covers most of my belly and all of mt boobs. I had cut from the knee down on the pants.

That is a pretty cute bag actually Smile
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Mon Jun 03, 2013 8:43 pm
Or maybe not stretchy enough? Tube tops shouldn't really squish out the female shapes... xD But I know what tube tops are. Wink

Waay easier would even be to turn the pants into (mini) skirts, hehe. easier fit too, mainly hemming and adding a piece where the crotch used to be, unless they're a bigger size jeans... :> Not sure I'd dare to draft a pattern with darts and all. Though reusing clothes is a great way to practise, hehe.

I actually cut a bag like that once, from an old pair of jeans, but never finished it up, 'cause mom started about lining, zipper and whatnot. So it's in a far, far away WIP box. Sealed & almost forgotten about. >.>
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Mon Jun 03, 2013 11:01 pm
Holy moly you sew really well! That little cardigan you did is soooooo cute, as is your little one in that adorable hat you have him wearing in that picture. I love your quilt you did with the jeans, nice. I have some fabric I pieced together years ago...I should finish it.
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Tue Jun 04, 2013 8:58 am
Thanks, but I don't think it's deserves the "really well" tag yet. Wink I'm learning as I go. So far I've put in one zip and used elastic a few times. Put in 6 or 8 sleeves and that's about it. XD Usually I follow patterns with very, very clear instructions (pictures and everything!!) so it is a lot easier to figure out what they mean. Didn't dare to try a commercial pattern yet with only 5 lines of instructions, hehe.

You started on an actual quilt with lots of tiny pieces? You should finish it! (if you still like it, that is) And I'd still love to see how your doll dresses turned out! Very Happy

Edit: Pics from my last projects. x3 Prepare for lots of pics & wall of text.

Blazer (lined) XxX XxX XxX
Collar part was pretty tough, lot of fabric layers, a few interfaced as well, and sewing around the corner with all those layers, gotta try to baste better the next time I think. And maybe cut more from the seam allowance, so I can sew more on the edge

Hat XxX XxX XxX
Only added elastic to the back, otherwise I totally followed the pattern. Without head I can show off the lining. xD Topstitching on this one went really well. Proud of that one. Smile

Baby Kimono + pants [/url=] XxX XxX XxX
Thought it'd be easy, but getting the knit binding around was tough. And it's not as neat as I wanted. :> Learnt how to shir though and I think I got the right way for my machine. Smile Also picked bias instead of grosgrain ribbon and it's also too much. Going to try to finish off the edges with a universal needle, hope that will keep my machine from eating the ribbon.

Sleeping bag XxX XxX
Traced his current sleeping bag and added a few cms at the bottom for extra room. I cut 2 right front sides at first (stupid) so the stripes & lining are perfect for hiding that too. xD Buut the stripes were planned from the start anyway. Used old night gowns from me for the lining (were too short, so 2 pieces, a well... :>). Zipper, well... experiment too. It's in, but a bit wavy. Not too bad for a first zip I think though. Also, I should've cut the bottom, "zipless" part of the front wider for seam allowance. I planned on adding a seperate piece at first and I cut one front side larger, but then noticed the left-right fail, so yeah. Sorta run out of fabric and all. 'Cause of the binding I just need a bit more fabric there, should've know that. x3

Will try to remember it for a next time. Cause those bags are great imo. Smile Kiddo still kicks off the blankets and here the one's you can buy are all a weird, stiff fabric, this is all knit/sort of sweatshirt fabric, very soft & cosy. Because of I considered to leave the lining out, but for the zip (the stupid mistake) and a bit of extra warmth I added it anyway. And I've seen those in fleece, but they charge €60 for those. I might make a sleeved one in fleece for winter if needed. :nod: If I'd keep it simple (not sewing on the stripes), just one or 2 layers of fleece/flanel, it can be finished pretty quick I think.

Think I;ve been pretty productive. xD Still sweating on the sweatshirt, trying to get all the slippery layers together, ripping loads of seams (and gave up on 100% perfect topstitching) and debating now if I'm going to try to hide the raw edges or just stitch through and leave the sleeve/side seams raw on the inside. It's all knit, wouldn't fray, but doesn't look so nice. :> Also have to add a waistband and I want to hide as many raw edges as possible. So still puzzling.

Just because it was in the hallway where I took the photo's, I photographed the bag I made last year. Still like the pattern a lot. Next time I'd cut the red strip more even to get it sewn in better, but it was an... experiment. xD XxX
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Wed Jun 05, 2013 6:31 pm
Jode I am so amazed, you are REALLY productive. If only I could be so productive. I LOVE the blazer, wow, and OMG the little kimono outfit ooooohhhh that is just so cute, lol. Heehee. Nice sleeper and really nice purse/bag. I saw the pattern for that. Tempting.
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Fri Jun 07, 2013 8:45 am
Thanks. x3 Think it all together took a month or so, I'm just not really a photographer so that took a long time. xD

Overall there are quite some hours in it, differs a bit. I cut out all tv-time, most of the internet time (and some cleaning time Embarassed ). Evenings I sew, instead of watching Terminator or Die Hard again with the bf. He does complain sometimes, so then I join him again (when I'm ripping seams again, hehe), buuut of course those are the evenings when he goes to bed at 9:30. Laughing Another hour for me, yay! xD

Also, I don't really put any of my sewing stuff aside, I claimed a desk, leave my stuff there, so I can even sew for 15 minutes and leave it again.

I think that some stuff turns out way more expensive than when you buy it, but I like being able to create something from scratch. Or to reuse something that else would've been thrown away. And the fact that it's unique, especially with the mistakes I make, hehe.

I think that in a way it's like the Lego I used to "steal" from my brother, hehe. And building Ikea furniture, I love that too. (contemplated this morning at 4:30 to get up and put together the wardrobe we got yesterday, lol).

Don't forget that I'm on baby hormones too, I spent the afternoon yesterday cleaning like a madman, 'cause a friend is coming over. And I was afraid that it'd be a bit dusty in that room again, so I cleaned it all. While it was clean. Just, not used for 3 weeks. :>

The bag was a great pattern imo! Very clear instructions, just donīt believe the amount of fabric you need. I used a quilting cotton, not very sturdy, which made it easy to sew, but for the handles it might have been better to use some interfacing too, they really squish together, wrinkle a lot. Itīs not a fancy-bag style, but it could definitely be made fancier with a sturdier cotton. The size is perfect too imo. And in this pic it's already been used as a diaper bag for almost a year, so considering that, it doesn't look too bad. x3

I also considered making this bag (Amy Butler Blossom bag), but eventually decided that it'd be a hell lot of work for a bag and for a beginner sewist. I did print it, so maybe one day... Last bag I made was with this pattern, not too fancy, but easy to make and not a fabric hogger either.
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Mon Jun 10, 2013 8:52 am
Update, the sweater. xD Still love the hippo fabric, hate on the velvet and the 2 layers. I ripped WAY too many seams... D:

Fixed the pattern now (back was drawn too small, figured that out too late) and working on a simple gray-orange/red version. Think I'm going to applique a star or something to the back of that one... :3 Four evenings left to finish one. And maybe the hat, but I haven't had the chance to ask about the head-size... D:

XxX XxX and the evil velvet... :>
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Sat Jul 20, 2013 9:21 pm

Jode - Yikes I thought I posted in here sooner.

It doesn't so much squish my shape, but is more formed to my body because of how I sewed it together.

Making mini skirts out of old pants sounds interesting and creative. Very Happy

Oh goodness, sounds like it needs a little bit of love.

That is a cute little sweatshirt. :3 Heart

(30/45 posts for today)

Pro Lurker
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Sat Jul 27, 2013 5:16 pm
looks like there are some very talented people up in this thread! It's so much fun to create items that you sew. I used to watch my mother do it all the time.

I want to sew a little dress for stuffed dog I have. I figured that would be the easiest thing for me to do right now.
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