Seat Belts: Forced or Choiced?
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Should wearing a seat belt be your own choice or forced by law?
My own choice.
 51%  [ 25 ]
Forced by law.
 48%  [ 24 ]
Total Votes : 49

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Fri Feb 04, 2011 6:39 pm
In the US it's forced to an extent (At least here in Michigan). You can get pulled over and get a ticket if the driver and/or the front seat passenger aren't wearing seatbelts.

...Personally I find it kind of sad that they had to make that law in the first place Mad

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Fri Feb 04, 2011 6:49 pm
It's a law in Missouri and they show in your license renewal how many lives have been saved but they don't show many lives were ended due to seatbelts.
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Fri Feb 04, 2011 8:32 pm
I am confused why a law would suddenly take away everyone's choices. You still have the choice. The only difference between not wearing a seatbelt when there is no law against it, and the same where there is a law against it is an added possible consequence: Paying a fine. Considering the other possible consequences it is not that bad.

Fehvy wrote:
Only problem with that is you cannot predict if the other vehicle is going to be at risk or not. =P

Whoops, I forgot to mention what I was talking about. I am not mainly talking about other vehicles, I am mainly talking about if other people are in your car. If your car hits something while driving as low as 30 mph, you will be flung with a force about 30 times your weight. In higher speeds, there's even more force - force that will hurt anyone hit with it. That is what I mean by "make sure only you are at a risk" - it does not matter if for example a child is wearing a seatbelt if they get an adult flung at them.

I am sorry about your father's accident and that the other driver wouldn't take responsibility. It is incredible lucky that in his case he was not wearing a seatbelt or hurt when falling outside... but that is just it. He was lucky. Nothing about your story says the other driver and passengers would have also survived or been unhurt after being flung out of the car or hitting each other. It's more likely than not they would have been seriously hurt, even died, if they had not worn their seatbelts. (Were the passengers hurt? You only mentioned that they were pinned.)

I have heard of FAR more cases of seatbelts saving people from dying or getting seriously hurt than killing them. Same for cases where a seatbelt could have saved someone's life or stopped them from being seriously hurt. To me that proves that it is far more dangerous to not wear a seatbelt than to wear it.

Once again, you do as you like, but... the seat belt is a safety measure for a reason. Exceptions does not suddenly make is unsafe.

@Kiolentia: I find it strange that they do not care about the back passengers as well. Confused In Sweden you can get fined for them as well.


@Water Dragon: Probably because lives saved thanks to it far outweigh lives lost because of it.

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Sun Feb 06, 2011 9:15 pm
I don't know about the rest of the world, but In Italy there's a forced law about seat belt and I can say that 70% of the people I know or meet don't wear it.
But I've to say that It should be a COMMON SENSE to use it, but OFC! Humans are so stupid that if there's a low about something they usually do the contrary. But in my country people is afraid of taking off points form the driver card if you don't use seat belt.. but What do you think when People talk with someone by mobile, during driving?
This is much more dangerous then not to use a seat belt!
A lot of studies demonstrated that with seat belt there are other kind of dangers: it can choke you, if the airbag doesn't open or you can crash your dorsal spine if the seat belt is not used properly!

I usually use it, but If I don't have to go too far from my house, i prefer to walk! XD
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Mon Feb 07, 2011 7:28 pm
I refuse to speak in the mobile while I am driving. Some people can handle it, but I can not. I only get distracted. I think there are very few people who can handle it, Mythbusters even had a test about it. It was at least as bad as driving drunk.

I would not mind a law against driving while on the phone, or at least not speak for too long... but I have the feeling my fellow landsmen would throw a fit if we got a law like that. At the same time, I also think it depends on where you are driving. In a city I think it is very bad since there is a lot going on that you need to keep attention to. On a empty, straight high way though I do not think there are as many dangers.

What studies, Nuruhanj? I know there is a danger of getting whiplash and broken ribs if you get hit. Though I am more willing to risk that than death.

There being dangers if the seat belt is not used properly is hardly surprising though - that goes for anything not used properly.
I prefer walking too! Unfortunately no one I knows lives close to me, and there are no fun paths to walk either. Sigh

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Mon Feb 07, 2011 8:11 pm
First of all you're my myth 'cause You watch Mythbusters which I love (I can't see it anymore, unfortunately).
Secondly, Studies from an Italian resources about dummies for the speed test.
And well I'll agree if there'll be a law against people talking on the mobile while driving.
A long time ago (when I was young, maybe 14 years old) I was coming back from school, after afternoon classrooms and I was walking on the sidewalk (very little and not so high), when a camion went near me..
If I wasn't lucky I was for sure dead!!
WHY? 'cause the truck driver was talking to the mobile...
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Fri Feb 11, 2011 9:33 am
It shouldn't be forced, because honestly it should just be second nature to you to put it on. I admit half the time I don't were mine. I think that's just because a lot of our old family cars didn't have them sometimes. Now I have to remind my mother to put hers on.
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Sat Feb 12, 2011 4:11 am
I personally always wear a seatbelt half because I don't have the money to pay fines and half because I believe it helps in alot of the accidents not all but some.

It should not be forced in the case of adults if you are old enough to vote, smoke, drive, and in some countries drink then you should be allowed to make you own decisions about life risks. The government has too much control over personal life choices. When it comes to children, they should wear them simply because in the majority of cases it saves lives and children are not mature enough to make life decisions.

In some places it is illegal to commit suicide they will fine you if you fail at a suicide attempt. Wearing or not wearing seat belts have nothing to do with suicide however it just goes to show the ridiculous government control over our lives and deaths. I think that it should be an adults choice if they want to place their lives at risk in anyway shape or form. Seat belts can cause deaths as well as prevent them, same with helmets.

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Sat Feb 12, 2011 4:48 am
It should be required by law. Anyone who doesn't wear a seatbelt and gets into an accident deserves whatever happens to them. Just like people who don't wear helmets.

My father has never worn a seat belt and throughout the vehicle accidents he has been into it was always stated that if he were to have worn a seat belt, he surely would have died.

If your father is getting into that many serious accidents, I think that is a problem in and of itself.
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Sun Aug 14, 2011 4:54 pm
I would must rather choose to have my seatbelt on. While I appreciate law enforcement and understand that nosy officers are simply doing their job (and earning a paycheck), I don't find seatbelts particularly safe anyways. If you were to be in a car crash, or, perhaps, being thrown off a bridge into the sea, wouldn't it be more helpful if you had no seatbelt and could simply jump out the door and swim to safety instead of panicking and fumbling with the seatbelt to escape and possibly die?

I don't force a seatbelt on anyone, until we're in the rain and the car skids and said person slides across the seat uncomfortably. However, I agree on the utmost importance of keeping a small child in a seatbelt, however, when I've deemed them and they've proved themselves mature enough, I trust them without a seatbelt. It's an insecurity issue.
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Sun Aug 14, 2011 7:12 pm
Moonstorm17 wrote:
If you were to be in a car crash, or, perhaps, being thrown off a bridge into the sea, wouldn't it be more helpful if you had no seatbelt and could simply jump out the door and swim to safety instead of panicking and fumbling with the seatbelt to escape and possibly die?

No. If you start to panic, you WILL panic no matter if the seatbelt is on or not. Instead of fumbling with your seatbelt you will instead fumble with the door or window.

Jump out the door? That would require you to not only see the accident or crash happening in time to react, but also that you will not freeze up or panic - which are the most common reactions people have when faced with danger. If you are somehow able to overcome that AND get out in time, which I find very unlikely... well, lets look into the situations you mentioned separately. This is assuming you are the driver and alone in the car.

You jump out of the door onto the road. This will most likely be into oncoming traffic, meaning you will either 1. be hit or 2. cause other cars to steer away to avoid hitting you, most likely causing more accidents. And since your car is moving with a lot of force, said force will be involved when you land... most likely causing you serve injury unless you are really lucky.

Jumping when thrown off a bridge? Let me put it this way: Have you ever made a belly flop when jumping into water? It hurt, right? That is because, unlike what movies and games tells you, water is not a perfect cushion. If you dive incorrectly into the water you could get seriously hurt... and that's assuming you are attempting to dive. Fall from a big enough height - like, say, the typical bridge - and it will not matter how good diver you are. You WILL get hurt if not outright killed. Good luck swimming when in pain, or unconscious, or with water in your lunges because you gasped when hitting the water.

Okay, so let us instead assume you stay in the car until it hits the water. There is still force involved when you hit the water. Good luck not getting hurt because you get flunged around! Also, Mythbusters tested what to do in these cases. You know what was most important? STAYING CALM. The second most important thing? Having one of those cartools that easily breaks the windows.

Keeping children in seatbelts? As I have said before in this thread it will not matter one bit if they get an adult flung on them.

And "mature" enough? It's "an insecurity issue"? The belt is not there because people are insecure or immature, or to confine children as you seem to imply. It is there to protect people from being hurt or killed.

Confused Or do you believe that maturity and security will magically protect them from that? From being flung at the people in front of them, or flung out from the car into 1. the car in front of you or 2. oncoming traffic or 3. down the valley/bridge?

EDIT: I managed to switch from talking about kids with seatbelts to kids without them in the same sentence. Hopefully this is clearer.

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Sun Aug 14, 2011 8:07 pm
I think people should have to wear their seatbelts. We watched a lot of crash videos when I was in drivers ed, and statistically speaking, if you wear your seatbelt, you have a greater chance of survival. We saw a video where everyone in the car but one person was wearing a seatbelt. They got in a crash, and the one person who wasn't wearing a seatbelt ended up killing everyone by becoming a projectile. In my car, you either wear a seatbelt or walk.
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Mon Aug 15, 2011 8:33 am
The statistics are why I am so baffled at people, both in this thread and in other places, who act like since there's a small risk of seatbelts causing deaths they will not wear them. Is there a risk of death? Yes. But know what causes a MUCH bigger risk of death? Not wearing one.

To me it is like saying that since there is a risk that I will be hit when using the crosswalk, I should just ignore it and cross the street whenever I want.

Which reminds me... sky_ann, the government making sure people are not killed unnecessarily is hardly an example of "too much control over personal life choices".

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Tue Aug 16, 2011 11:49 pm
I prefer to wear a seat belt. Before the law was enforced in our city, I would practice putting it on, so that it would become second nature. You don't realize how important they are until you have an accident.
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Wed Aug 17, 2011 12:59 am
I say both.

I think drivers should have a choice as to wearing his/her own seat belt or not. However passengers should be required to wear them because the driver is responsible for them and could be held liable if they were killed in an accident.

Just my two cents. Smile
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