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Rules of the Creative Exchange
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Wed Feb 09, 2011 7:56 am
If you know how to draw and want to share that talent of yours with the lovely people of Zantarni, this is the right place to be: the Creative Exchange.
But before you jump off to create your thread, there are a few things that you need to pay attention to.

First of all, follow the ToS and The Rules of Zantarni.

Second, here are some specifics that you need to pay attention to, when it comes to this particular forum.

Arrow No Spamming, No Bumping, & No Double-posting.
Copy and paste posting, gradient or tiny font abuse, the posting of emoticons without text, or thread "bumping" of any kind are considered spam and are not permitted. Stretching the page with large images or run-on text, repeat thread topics and topic flooding are considered spam and are not permitted.
Double posting (posting immediately after yourself in a thread with either your main account or a secondary/mule account)-with the exception of a maximum 2 set up posts for new threads- is also not permitted on Zantarni.

Arrow Concerning Off-site trading
Off-site trading is defined as the exchange of Zantarni items or gold (zg), or services for anything other than Zantarni goods.
For example: swapping Gaia Online items for Zantarni items, or buying items from eBay is considered off-site trading. This is not permitted.

Off-site trading is further defined as the exchange of Zantarni services, items or gold, for artwork intended to be used on another website in anything other than a personal manner.
For example: Negotiating the commission of artworks (banners, bases, graphics, etc.) on Zantarni for use on other websites is considered off-site trading, and is not allowed. However, commissioning a drawing of your Gaian avatar on Zantarni for use in your siggy or profile is acceptable so long as the agreement is done on Zantarni and with Zantarni goods only.

Arrow YOUR ART ONLY. This means that all paid art commissions should be your material and your material only. To use someone else's work and claim it as your own (whether for profit or not) is plagiarism and therefore wrong and you should feel very ashamed of yourself. Using someone else's base for dolls or other art is allowed, but only if you have permission from the artist to use them for commercial use.
Also, if you trace a pose from an image, do be kind enough to give credit to the person who took that photo or at least link the photo to your artwork.

Arrow Additionally:
-no copying and pasting pixels from the site
-no copying and pasting other artist's pixels
-no copying and pasting and then shrinking/enlarging and slightly changing


Arrow If you don't know how to price things, please get a second opinion in the Pricing Requests.
Arrow Please make sure that the quality of your examples matches the quality of your commissions and vice-versa.
Arrow Art trades are perfectly acceptable here as long as the artists are in agreement.
Arrow Please let people know if you are on hiatus.
Arrow Do not advertize in other people's threads (That goes for non-owners as well) unless in your signature and if it is something relevant to the discussion.


Arrow No begging for commissions. If you like someone's art and want to commission them, save up the gold and pay for it fair and square. Unless, of course, they're offering free art. In that case, ask nicely and don't feel wronged if you don't get it.
Arrow Be patient with your artist. They are real people, too with jobs and lives. They can't give you what you want the instant you ask for it. Sometimes people forget about commissions and get caught up in real life or other things.
Arrow Pay attention to the WILL DO/ WILL NOT DO sections of the artist's thread; don't ask the artist to do something that they do not feel comfortable with.
Arrow Don't criticize the quality of someone else's work. Likewise (to artists), if someone is criticizing your work in your personal thread, please don't take it as a personal attack until it becomes harassment.


Arrow Someone is stealing your work without your permission or if you notice that they are stealing someone else's work that you are familiar with. Please show evidence of the accused (such as images that have not been credited or being claimed as their own; please use the Print Screen button on your computer to take screenshots of the accused).
Arrow Someone is repeatedly harassing you in your shop.
Arrow Someone is advertizing in other people's threads (unless in signature and appropriate to the discussion)

Rules can be added or modified at anytime something is put into question, and an update will be notified.

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