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501 AMT - Issue II
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Knight of Zantarni
Zantarni NPC
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Sat Dec 16, 2006 8:57 pm

Welcome to 501 AMT!
501 AMT is a bi-weekly magazine all about Zantarni.com
It will reveal upcoming features, interview members, organize competitions, introduce parts of the storyline … and much more. Have fun reading and enjoy your mushroom soup.

501 AMT stands for 501 After Mysterious Traveler. The Mysterious Traveler is when the current Zantarni era began. The stories tell of a prophecy… A traveler would come to Edingtol, and that traveler would be the beginning of the new legend.
So things did not turn out as magically and majestically as expected… but after a great celebration and lots of alcohol and intercourse, slowly the change occurred and nothing would be the same. The goddess, Lilitu Medea, faced her downfall and Zantarni was in distress.
Now, 501 years later… we are yet again at the edge of a new era. The goddess that had fallen is returning, but not with the intentions of doing good. 501 will be a year to be remembered.

On that note, it will be 502 AMT soon. Happy new years everyone! I wonder what the future holds for Zantarni…

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Knight of Zantarni
Zantarni NPC
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Sat Dec 16, 2006 8:57 pm

Hello my dear Zantarnians,

Welcome to the holiday issue of 501 AMT. I will update you on the huge list of things that have been added and fixed… Uncover a couple of (not always fun) secrets… Introduce you to Arthur and Lightning Tail… and of course reveal the grand prize of the new competition.

This issue’s topics:
- Staff updates
- The interview
- Arthur’s Advice
- Wings of Zantarni
- Lightning’s Tail
- Competition
- The Noticeboard
- Adds

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Knight of Zantarni
Zantarni NPC
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Sat Dec 16, 2006 8:58 pm

Staff updates

- user donations fixed + templated + re-added
- most of usernav bars fixed
- add friends fixed in profiles
- foraging templated
- trading store templated
- trading post bug fixed
- link foundations laid
- av creation templated

- gem collection zip code hint added
- Finished Linking Mode
- added click counter in profiles
- quick edit...full friend view in profiles, click the number
- adding pagination to journals
- auto class and av fix done (you will only see this if you have problem so don’t worry)
- gems now donatable to your friends
- small bug in linking fixed
- fixing a feature you guys have never even seen ...

- The menu on the right is now looking shiny
- Clothing shop is IE compatible
- Spambot problem hopefully solved

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Knight of Zantarni
Zantarni NPC
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Sat Dec 16, 2006 8:58 pm

The interview

Today I found myself in a meeting. Oh and the discussion! Codes! What kind of heathen art is that? Well you can say for sure that I was puzzled. A Wizard never lets herself be tricked though! Solution? I interrupted the meeting for an interview. Or well, I don’t think they really noticed I was interviewing… because they just carried on. Anyhow, you’ll see, just read on.

Hold it right there. How did you learn to code anyway?
Josh: I just woke up one morning, and went "Hey, I can code".
Meririm: Tutorials…

So, how long can you bear to code without stopping?
Meririm: 30 seconds.
Josh: Are you interviewing us?

And how do you prepare? Scarf, tea, mushroom soup?
Josh: Ew… tea.
Esmerla: By Lilitu…
Meririm: What?
Esmerla: He doesn’t like tea!

So, what was your very first code? And what was the last thing you just coded?
Josh: while((t_xI = t_str.indexOf(t_x)) != -1)
t_ret += t_str.substring(0, t_xI) + t_y;
t_str = t_str.substring(t_xI + t_x.length);
Meririm: First thing: well, back to when I was... Six or seven? I owned an old amstrad cpc computer, delivered with a lot of books about "Basic" programming. So I mixed the code to have the computer "talk" at me, or have the screen blink in multicolor tones. Let it be known that I never learned to SAVE my code.
Last would be the avatar system.

In his spare time Josh buys odd domains and websites... What about you Meririm?
Meririm: Procrastination is my main activity. Sometimes I write, or pixelate.
Josh: Oh, and sometimes I log on to paypal and stare…

Now, give the members some news about the battle system. (if you can't take a harsh shock, stop reading now)
Josh: Meririm will tell you.
Esmerla: Coward.
Meririm: Batwhat? It is currently progressing at a very fast pace, only backwards.
Josh: This interview is going great…

In that case, do you expect riots to break out soon in Edingtol? What will you do to control them?
Meririm: I have rented an atomic shelter
Josh: We need to get that forum looking good again. Minus the "again".
Meririm: I loved that "minus the again".

This is basically where the interview ended. It’s sad, I know. But keep hoping because without hope there is no beginning. I do apologize but what more is there to write? It is not final that there will be no battle system, but just tell your brain it is… it’ll lessen the shock when the whole plan actually is canceled. Still… this does mean… other exciting features? Well, lets wait and see, no? I will retreat to my office and weep now.

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Knight of Zantarni
Zantarni NPC
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Sat Dec 16, 2006 8:59 pm

Well, as this is a first time for me, I’ll introduce myself. The name’s Arthur. I am a seven month old kettle, previously a very large mushroom. My passions are music and cooking… but above all to give good advice.
As no one knows me yet, I understand no one has asked for advice yet. So, for some self advertisement… I went out into the streets of Edingtol and personally offered help. That is, even the folk of Edingtol does not often see such sophisticated kettles as I… so I gave Esmerla a box for people to drop messages in and asked her to walk around for a bit. This is what she gathered:

Hello dear Box Esmerla is Holding,
I’m the happiest person in Edingtol. Please quit following me.


I’m glad you’re happy!

Ahoy Arthur,
Could ye hook me up wi' th' lass that`s holdin' th' box?


She’s unavailable.

Dear Arthur,
I seem to be stuck with a recipe. It’s for mushroom soup. Could you please give me some advice?


What an interesting question!

This is my own Mushroom Soup recipe, adapted from certain other recipes, and likely to be adapted again in the future; nearly all ingredients are optional or interchangeable, to suit the individual's tastes. It yields, when prepared correctly, a hefty cauldronful of hearty soup that may be more properly called a stew. The recipe is vegetarian in nature, though it can be adjusted for carnivorous diets by the addition of meat or a meat stock, or adjusted to vegan tastes by using olive oil instead of the recommended butter.

2 small baskets of sliced, fresh mushrooms
2 medium carrots, peeled and chopped
2 or 3 celery stalks, chopped
2 cloves of garlic, chopped
1 Turnip, peeled and chopped
2 Potatoes, scrubbed and chopped
1 onion, optional, diced
1 bay leaf
1 or 2 fresh sprigs of thyme, or 1 generous pinch.
Light pinches of basil, sage, salt, and/or pepper, to taste
Butter as necessary--be generous
1 handful flour

Saute the mushrooms and garlic in butter in the bottom of your cauldron until they start to get tender and brown; remove the mushrooms but leave the remaining butter, add the flour. Continue to stir until the flour absorbs the remaining butter and forms a thin paste; once that paste starts to turn golden brown, slowly stir in water until your cauldron is approximately half-full. Return the mushrooms and add the other ingredients and top off the water as necessary.

Cook at a gentle simmer, stirring occasionally, until the vegetables are soft. Find and remove the bay leaf before serving.

Hold on… Esmerla? I’m not some sort of charity! You did not have to ask for advice, I know you don’t need it. Quit trying to be nice to me.

Dear Box With Answers,

With the holiday season approaching, one cannot help but feel a certain sense of despair. Gift giving is traditional, however, I find there is little in Edingtol which would make for suitable gifts to my friends. The shops this year seem to be behind in their holiday spirit, showing the same tired merchandise. I have always found it to be in poor taste to give monetary gifts, but I fear that is what I shall have to give; I lack the talent to draw my friends with any amount of skill, and there seem to be few other options.

Do you have any recommendations for this time of the year?

- Lacking Gifts


Hello, Lacking Gifts!

I recommend you take a look at that recipe I just wrote out for Esmerla. No gift is better than a good meal. The instructions aren’t too hard to follow, I hope. Anyone can cook, with the right attitude. Perhaps it is not an object to cherish forever, but it is at least a happy memory that will last. (Or, if you do fail, a memory to laugh about years to come.)
Good luck!

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Knight of Zantarni
Zantarni NPC
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Sat Dec 16, 2006 8:59 pm

Wings of Zantarni

By Rayinte

Wings are prized possessions among the citizens of Edingtol; everyone desires a set to adorn their backs. All wings are rare, but some wings are especially so, belonging only to the Rulers of Zantarni and those in their favour, those brave individuals who have defeated all others in contests of wits, skill, or imagination. The slightly more common wings are available for limited times from a special shop, and afterwards must be purchased on the secondary market.

The first wings to be spotted on Zantarni were the Fake Wings, a set of three soft, blue-white wings in a range of sizes. The smallest of these are called the Fake Cherubim Wings, tiny, adorable wings nestled in the small of the wearer's back; they are seen with increasing rarity, as only one of Zantarni's Rulers seems to ever wear them. The next size up, the Fake Angel Wings, are seen somewhat more often; two of the other Rulers are spotted frequently sporting them. Another pair was granted to the lucky citizen who won the first Avatar Edit contest, though she has retreated into obscurity of late. The third and final pair of this set are called the Fake Archangel Wings. These are virtually never seen anymore; none of the Rulers seem to fancy them.

More noteworthy are those wings that were, for limited times, accessible to most of the citizens of Zantarni. There is a special shop in Edingtol which takes a currency more valuable than Zantarni's gold pieces; the elusive gems. It used to be, that they would take a slightly different form of currency, though transactions there have run more and more smoothly now that they have converted to the Gem system. For the sake of convenience, throughout this article it is referred to as "The Gem Shop," despite that alternate form of currency which was previously accepted before Gems entered the economy. The acquisition of Gems is explained in greater detail at the Town Hall, and have thus far proven a superior method of obtaining these rarities in quantity.

As of this writing, three different styles of wings have found their way into Zantarnian hands via the Gem Shop.

The first to arrive were the Artificial Wings. These gorgeous wings feature gold-tipped blue-white feathers in a gold framework with red accent jewels. They started to appear on August Eleventh, and quickly became wildly popular; entire rooms were filled with people walking carefully to keep their new wings from snagging on things! The Artificial Wings were only available until approximately August the Twentieth; they were definitely gone by the twenty-fourth. Yes, that means that the Artificial Wings were only available for a very short amount of time, a mere two weeks. Most of the other items to go through the Gem Shop were available for considerably longer durations of time; notably, the Horns and Tomes remained available for more than a month after it was announced they would be removed!

However, in an unexpected move, the Artificial Wings were re-released on a limited basis--at three times their original price--for a week in early November, starting on or around the Sixth of that month. This was met with a great deal of joy on the parts of some citizens who emigrated too late to easily purchase a pair, and met with some scepticism and anger on the parts of others, who had chosen to invest in the highly-sought-after accessories. Judging from the asking prices of the Artificial Wings, however, the re-release does not seem to have had a long-term adverse impact on their value.

After some time of focusing on other accessories, the Gem Shop released a lovely red and black pair of baby Dragon Wings, on September Twenty-Sixth. They were sold with the warning that, having been made from actual wings of baby dragons, adult dragons can and will kill citizens they find wearing these beastly accessories! However, that is little deterrent to the fashion-crazy Zantarnians, especially considering that dragon sightings have been excessively rare in the area around Edingtol.

The Bat Wings made their debut on October Twenty-Ninth, just a little over a month after the release of the Dragon Wings. Less dramatic than their superficially-similar kin, the Bat Wings are metallic silver and black, and make for striking accents to many outfits. Being somewhat more neutral in color-scheme, they appear to share equal popularity with the Dragon Wings.

Some speculation exists that further styles of wings are in store for us, including, potentially, options to customize existing pairs. Many citizens are likely of a mind to take paint or scissors to their wings to better match their preferred outfits, but such modifications would, some feel, be a crime against the artisan who painstakingly designed these masterpieces of clothing. In any event, the odds of seeing such options in the near future are exceptionally unlikely.

It seems time will have to tell.

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Knight of Zantarni
Zantarni NPC
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Sat Dec 16, 2006 8:59 pm

Lightning’s Tail
By Scarz

Lightning’s Tail (A Diary by Scarz’ Noble Steed.)

This is a typical day in the life of a Knight’s horse…in this case, Scarz, a Knight of Zantarni.
“My name is Lightning, I am a Knight’s horse. Many people think that Knights lead such glamorous lives, but the reality of it is that they lead pretty boring lives, filled with tedium and repetitive actions.”
“Whereas I, on the other hand, lead a very colorful and exciting life. One of pampered joy and attention. When I’m not needed I spend my time either in the nice, new stables, eating alfalfa hay or I’m out in the field of sweet clover. Scarz does pay attention to me (if he didn’t I’d do something to make him look silly in front everyone….he hates when I do that .)
“On a normal day, Scarz will get up and come brush me and curry my mane and tail, it is amazing the time and effort he expends to make me look good (and I do look good). He then puts my saddle blanket and saddle on, as well as my bit and reins, for a normal day, although I do have my own armor for special occasions.”
“Then he mounts me for his tour around the Faire Lands of Zantarni, to carry out his Knightly Duties (which seem to include flirting with the ladies and helping the less fortunate.)”
“As we travel the land, many people greet us, They say ‘hello” to Scarz and they give me juicy, red apples. I think it bothers him that people like me more than they like him.”
“He usually stops in “peekaboo” several times during his rounds, to say hello to his friends and then they all pamper me some more, giving me more apples and petting my mane and muzzle and making me feel so welcome, especially Lady Nema and Lady Melfi. But there are so many wonderful people there, I love them all.”
“Sigh, he also drops by the ‘Fan Club’ of his. I still find it hard to believe ‘He’ has a fan club.”
“Then when the night is over, we return to my stall in the new stables. He removes my saddle and blanket and reins and bit. The brushes my coat and curries my mane and tail and gives me a treat, himself; usually sugar cubes. All in all Scarz may not be perfect…..but he is perfect for me.”

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Knight of Zantarni
Zantarni NPC
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Sat Dec 16, 2006 9:00 pm


Results of out very first competition are in! I am proud to announce the winner is Rayinte.
She was… the only person to enter! She wins 501 ZG. Whoo!
Her entries:

After the Mysterious Traveler, but Before the Known Resident!

AMT 501 - More than 501 words per issue!

Come and visit the other side of the Fourth Wall!

Beware of the Wombledops!

New competition!
This one will run for a month, so until mid-January!
Curious to know how much gold I ended up with? I did not only get to purchase these beautiful clothes, but I have 45k left, which will not be the grand prize and not even the third prize... But perhaps just split up into some small awards. Because:

1. Fake Archangel Wings
2. Fake Angel Wings
3. Fake Cherubim Wings

Your assignment: Av edit 2.0

What does avatar really mean?

1. a graphical image that represents a person,
as on the Internet.
2. the descent of a deity to Zantarni in an incarnate form or some manifest shape; the incarnation of a god

So, did you think this competition would be pixel art only? Guess again.
You can do the following things:
- Take an avatar... And edit it the old fashioned pixel way.
[By Yumehayla, winner of the first av edit competition]
- Take an avatar and make a drawing of it.
[By Kafine, who drew Zenobia's avatar]
- Take an avatar and write out his/her life story.
1k words max. This is avatar’s only, not NPC’s or Scarz’ horse.

One catch: In the spirit of St. Yorick’s Day, make them all look like gods/goddesses. He would have wanted everyone to be a hero.

Hint: Not inspired to pixel/draw any avatar? Try Yorick of course, or the banner people!
Or... The admins, or me, or Scarz' horse. This contest is very broad. If
you have any other similar ideas and not sure they qualify, PM me and
we'll see.

Post your entries in the entry topic.
Judging will be done by all Zantarni staff that do not enter.

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Knight of Zantarni
Zantarni NPC
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Sat Dec 16, 2006 9:00 pm

The Noticeboard

(Please note that not all things mentioned here are non-fictional. Osi takes no blame if you can’t find any pickles around the site)

Guards! Guards!
Edingtol is desperately low on volunteer guardsmen to walk the city late at night. The hours are long, the pay is nonexistent, but you can feel confident that you did your part to ensure the safety of the city. The job is easy; walk the walls, streets, or alleys of Edingtol, and if you see any suspicious activity, simply report it to one of the on-duty guardsmen or women. If you are after a permanent job with the Guard, simply report to the Guard House on Alerben Way, the Guard provides free meals to all Guards currently on-duty. Protecting your fellow citizens never tasted so good!

Resistance is futile: prepare to be assimilated!

I’d just like to take a moment to welcome all new users to Zantarni, as there’s been an influx as of late. Please take the time to read the stickies, rules, etcetera; they’re there to help you keep out of trouble!

Olbies, help the new ones out, but remember they’re bound to make mistakes. Don’t be too mean Wink

The Silly Season

We’ve hit December again, otherwise known as the Silly Season. St Yorick’s day, or whatever you celebrate (if anything at all) has made it’s grand circle to bite us in the rear once again, and the majority of us know we’re going to be broke after it. So here, I’m going to post up some little tips on surviving December this year.

1) Don’t Panic.
Need I say more? The same goes for stressing out; just don’t do it, it ain’t worth it. You’ll just end up miserable at the end of it all, and where’s the fun in that?

2) Gift giving
Now I know not everyone exchanges gifts on St Yorick’s, but for those of you who do, remember this: It’s the thought that counts. Cheesy, yes, but true. If you can’t find something you think the person will like, try making them something. I know I much prefer thought and effort in gifts then just another pointless knick-knack to gather dust. Oh yes, and another thing: Try shopping in advance. There’s no shame in buying St Yorick’s day gifts in September, if you see something perfect. Always keep an eye open!
And if you’re really stuck, there’s always this last option. Bake them something. Osi takes no responsibility for the state of your kitchens if you try this method.

3) Don’t be a Scrooge!
I know that, in almost every family, there is someone you’re not going to get along with. That’s perfectly fine; after all, you can’t like absolutely everyone. Perhaps, though, try to be nice to the person for the day. It’s only one day out of 365, after all. Oh yes, and if you’re in a grump, do try not to get everyone down with you. Try to be pleasant; if you don’t enjoy the day, at least let other people enjoy it.

In short, don’t spoil St Yorick’s day for everyone else. If the kids want to believe that St Yorick will bring them presents if they’re good, let them believe in it. And if you believe in St Yorick’s gifts, ignore those spoilsports who tell you he isn’t real! We know that only the believers get the good presents. >.> <.<

4) Be nice
You’re not going to be the only one (possibly) stressed in December, a lot of parents/guardians are too! For those of you who live with your families, try offering to do little things for your parents if they look like they’re getting stressed. It’s the season of giving, after all. The least you can do it lend a hand. Then again, I know we’re all good, helpful people anyway.

5) Enjoy it!
Need I really elaborate? Tell yourself you’re going to have a fun day, and you most likely will!

Missing Candycanes

First pigs, now candycanes. Since it’s the holiday season, several stores around Edington have had candycanes in their St Yorick displays. Now they’re gone. Naturally, we’re blaming Sir Lonewolf on the matter, as we all know he has a sweet tooth.
If any user finds some oversized Candycanes anywhere in Edingtol, could you please return them to their owners. Thank you.

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Knight of Zantarni
Zantarni NPC
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Sat Dec 16, 2006 9:01 pm


Artists wanted

You are truly forcing me to repeat this? I can’t believe it… Fine then, here it comes.
Did anyone notice those amazing illustrations? Well those were all drawn by Yumehayla. And this time also by PockiFille. And poor, poor Yume and Pocki are all alone in providing art for this magazine at the moment. If you would like to contribute to 501 AMT and prevent Yumehayla from exploding… Mail me examples of your artwork!
Please understand this is very serious and that we are looking for high quality artwork. You need to be able to work fast and on a regular base… and at the moment there is no payment whatsoever. Doesn’t that sound appealing?
Contact me through e-mail! 501amt@gmail.com

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