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Sun Mar 05, 2023 3:32 am
"Forgive me," says Nightwish softly, though still clearly as she bows her head slightly and causes a ripple through that river of nearly iridescent hair that runs perfectly down her back between her wings. "I seem to have forgotten many of the aspects of interacting with other living beings. I will come with you, Admiral Fortier, though I don't require reenergization at this time."

Then she raises her head and once more studies the woman that she can now see with her eyes as she waits for that woman's response. Dash is still cradled lovingly and protectively in her arms, though otherwise her responses have been unemotional and reserved, though not unfriendly.

* * *

"It's not gonna rain!" the other bar goer snorts.

Orville ignores him, busy frowny pouting at Marcel over being thought capable of hurting a Keira. The expression is both comical and strangely touching as the big man projects just a little of the kicked puppy feeling he's experiencing. "What kinda thing's that ta say?" He glances at Morris. "Fuzzy, did I do somethin' ta make him think... What kinda *bleep*'d wanna hurt a cute little thing like that?"
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Mon Mar 06, 2023 7:24 pm
Fortier's eyes flicker mysteriously. "I see. There are certainly many things I would like to ask you." She closes her eyes and tilts her head in thought for a moment before returning her gaze to Nightwish. "But we'll get to that in a moment. And do let us know how we might make you more comfortable." Fortier smiles.

The admiral looks around the room at the awe struck faces of her crew. Her gaze darts back and forth a bit before she turns to face the room again and says, "Back to your duties. Brigadeer general Hughes will return from the auxiliary observation deck soon to oversee operations here." The shift in her tone, though not drastic, is immediately noticeable. The admiral may do her best to be amicable - especially in the presence of a guest - but she remains a commanding officer. Her authoritative presence is palpable. She points out the window at the pale sphere ahead of them. "Maintain our position until then, and notify me of any new developments with the reconnaissance team."

"Yes ma'am!" Is the unanimous reply. The crew return to their duties promptly, though not without some curious and nervous glances at Nightwish. But it was clear from their energetic reponse that not only did they hold the admiral in high regard, they trusted her. After all, fleet admiral Fortier had a reputation for running tight ships with record-breakingly low casualty counts. Though her methods remained mysterious, the results of her work were clear.

The cold, stern gaze of the admiral softened as Fortier turned her attention back to Nightwish. She turns and gestures to the well lit hall again. "Please, join me down the hall in meeting room. It's a much more confortable space for a chat, I assure you!" She lets out a warm but strangely authoritative chuckle.

((Edited: some words about where we are and how it looks Very Happy ))

The main passages of the Faramund are lined with with nonmetallic synthetic materials that help maintain heat, and the lights built into the ceiling are warm and bright. The whole bridge is like this; welsh stone brown walls extend all around and contrast the eggshell white geometric shells that hide the support beams, vents, and intricate wiring of the ship. On either side of the massive viewing window, thin LED strips proudly display G.A.I.A. colours. The deep blue, warm gold, and ocean teal lights curve around the left and right sides of the circular port but don't distract from the immaculately framed sphere in front of the ship's bow. From where Nightwish is standing she may only see the upper two thirds of the window. The image of the moon sits behind and atop the mild gray hill of Faramund's massive structure, but the lower section of the image is obscured. The sides of the bridge slope down on stair cases that turn on landings and extend below the viewing balcony. The lower floor is still warm in colour, but gives way to mechanical and technical panels for the computers above. Some way behind the railing of the upper balcony is an open holographic display projected from overhead lenses and surrounded by staff who come and go. Many of the work stations line the sides of the room or occupy spaces below, but behind the hologram and toward the window, the main operations for the Faramunds controls are lodged into the balcony. There are seven seats there, each with a different function in mind. A pathway from the main area curves around a massive untouched seat, and just in front of that sits the admiral's station. Her seat is worn some, and her display-fitted desk is clearly well used. Her lidded coffee mug sits empty but securly in a cupholder next to the seat. The stations around hers are similar: neat, but clearly occupied. Below the balcony the underbellies of these main computers extend downwards, decorated with blue and green indicator lights like computerized chandeliers. The hall behind the admiral extends the themes of the main bridge, with one shallow ridge extending from the floor and across the ceiling on a pentagon shape proudly displaying G.A.I.A.'s coat of arms on either side.

((TL;DR: ship interior is big, warm, and colourful, and the admiral flirts with the idea of a messy desk.))

The more the admiral spoke, the more dash's processors were restless again. Though it had a speaker that it could use to vocalize its newformed thoughts, Dash surmised it didn't need to use it to communicate with Nightwish. In its core, it pleaded, hoping dearly that Nightwish would listen. Its clear wish was to be let down so it could address its 'commanding officer' properly. In Dash's new formed mind, it was still a crew member of the ship, and a military member of G.A.I.A. It clasped its hands prayer-like as it turned its cameras to Nightwish in its best impression of a puppy-dog pout.

On Ethea, Dagran gives a wide, pleased smile to Marcel. "I'm a man of my word - no harm will come to her." His eyes are sharp and clear as they glisten in the lamplight of the tavern and failing daylight of Ethea's suns. He eases up a bit as he releases his left hand and rather naturally scratches the back of his head with it. "I wouldn't exactly be earning my keep if I didn't now would I?" He chuckles both at his own remark and at Orville's kind, drunken disposition.

Kentis nodded and chuckled a bit himself. "Aye, mate, that's true." He gave a nod to Marcel. "And you've my word as well. I have my pride as a pilot, after all! Couldn't live with myself if I let a passenger get hurt." He grins heartily at the uneasy body guard, though his somewhat furrowed brow seems to communicate that he understands the gravity in Marcel's voice.

Finally Kentis addresses Orville's burning concerns. "You needn't worry about me, mate," he says as he begins walking slowly to the door, "I have my own private quarters on my ship. And besides, I've got preparations to make this evening." He stops as he approaches the door and looks toward the small party. "I'm afraid the ship is currently laid out to take cargo, not passengers." He smiles warmly and raises his muscular arm stiffly as a still wave goodbye before lowering it and slowly continuing to walk on. "But I'll see the lot of you in the morning. Come to the air-port docks around the corner whenever you're ready!" He gives Orville a wry smiling look out of the corner of his eye as be begins to pass through the doorway. "Rest well, and don't let the morning hit you too hard!" His laugh bellows as he walks out.

Dagran snickers softly at Kentis as he watches the pilot leave. He turns to Orville to adress his offer. "A place to sleep would be great, thank you." He smiles.
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Fri Mar 10, 2023 12:18 pm
Morris gave a little chirp. "Marcel worries too much."

"Enough talk; let's get going," Marcel said, turning on his heel towards the door. The sudden turn made his body remind him of all the alcohol he had consumed, sending a wave of dizziness that made the room spin. But he remained on his feet, keeping his composure, if only closing his eyes for just a moment.

"Marcel?" Keira called to him.

"I'm all right." The alcohol was doing what he intended; he wasn't in pain, for now at least. He took the lead out of the bar with Keira following behind him. When they stepped outside, he paused and turned to her. "I'll go get our things from the inn," he said. "I'll find you. Morris, make sure she doesn't wander off." Morris gave an affirmative meow, but Marcel hesitated. He stepped closer to Keira, offering his hand to her. "If anything happens..."

"I'll be fine," Keira insisted. Besides, she wasn't going to put Morris down just to free her hands up. "You should hurry. I'm afraid you will get caught in the rain at this point."

Marcel reluctantly dropped his hand and, after giving a final look at the men Keira would be traveling with, turned and made his way towards the inn.
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Fri Mar 10, 2023 9:53 pm
Nightwish watches the admiral's interaction with the crew, her face impassive and her molten eyes closed away as her mind flirts with memories. She nods silently when Admiral Fortier addresses her, and steps to follow, only to pause and glance down at Dash to show the little guy that she sees him.

"Forgive me, Admiral. Baby Dash wishes to pay his respects to his commander," she says, her eyes going back to the CO.

* * *

-Hrrmph.- There wasn't real anger in Orville's response to the cat, only weary sadness. The bearded man nods absently to Kentis and Dagran, then steps protectively near to Keira, managing to do so without looming or invading her space.

Little Kitty, seeing the interesting new boy so near, hops down daintily and lands right on top of Morris with a little chirp of innocent greeting.

"Whoops!" Orville pauses in mid step toward the door to look down with surprise before looking quickly at Morris to see what he thinks of the gentle invasion. "Hey, ask a guy first. And Keira's already got a lot ta carry." His hand raises, ready to remove his little friend, who is busy rubbing her cheek against Morris and purring her tiny eversong.
I am Tam. Tam I am, I like green eggs but I don't like ham.

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Sat Jun 03, 2023 4:47 am
Fortier stops in her tracks. Turning to Nightwish again, her face is cold and unreadable. "Very well, Dash Three. Speak your piece."

A few of the crew have turned back to watch the strange woman again with some confusion at what they're hearing. When Dash speaks, all heads turn and the room is silent aside from its little digitized voice.

"My apologies, Admiral!" Dash pleads, still humming a little one-track mind request to be put down. "I know I should not have left my post, but I found the source of the moon's anomaly!" It is all too aware of Fortier's cold, piercing gaze that seems to see right through its would-be soul.

Fortier's expression slowly turns into deadly seriousness as she comes to understand Dash's newfound sense of self. "Yes, I see that Dash Three. The energy signal we detected on the moon was at an unprecedented level." Her gaze is fixed on Dash's little frozen form. "And yet you saw fit to bring that anomaly directly on to my lead ship without first going through the proper channels?"

Wait, am I defective now? But if that's true, I could be... Dash's nuts and bolts shudder at the thought: Disassembled!

The admiral stares deeply at the frozen lenses for a moment, as though searching for an answer. Suddenly, her face cracks into a smile and she lets out a hearty laugh. The crew giggle tensely with some confusion.

"Oh," Fortier waves her hand as if to dismiss the topic. "Not to worry - I'm well aware that the situation is an exceptional one, Dash Three!" She beckons again for Nightwish and Dash to follow her once more with a wry smile. "Please, come!"


Outside the tavern, Kentis' break neck walking speed means he is already nowhere to be seen. In the very least, he takes his job seriously!

Dagran stays with Orville and Keira, but keeps a fair distance away from the cat. He didn't expect to have his allergies kick up on this job, but he bears with it as best as he can. He sniffles a bit before addressing Orville, "So, where is this place of yours?"
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