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Wed Apr 11, 2018 11:03 am
Wow that is so sad. Lavender has a nice smell to it. But the tea of it, just plain lavender with a little german sugar is amazing as heck. I love that tea, just wished it wasn't so expensive and only Teavana which is closing down sells it. Ugh the hunt for this will take forever for me to find the perfect replacement.

YAY. I had that 'wished I thought of that sooner' too many times. Recently it was SWTOR..... Simple little things it's like your brain died and really left the planet for vacation that time. ; ;

At least you are feeling better and naps are never a bad idea. I might need a nap today. Symphony started meowing before 6am and I got up to make sure she was quiet. Hubs wouldn't of woken up from her since we sleep with the door shut and a fan running. But I surely wouldn't of slept at all.

I'm not sure how to beat the whole brain vacations thing. Though the pill is doing a great job at making it easier to think things through. I'm still a little slow on response or getting the words out but it will just take time for things to settle completely and my brain will be like... "OH MY GOODNESS, WE LIVE". LOL

Though I did figure out why the last time I was on them... Anxiety meds don't fully get the effect in you if you are on some anti depressants. I was on 3 types of that pill while on my anxiety pill 10yrs ago. According to the doctor OCD meds are also able to be treated for depression so that's why he's prescribing me that one for OCD. But 2 other pills that had nothing to do anxiety? No wonder after 3 yrs on all 4 I lost my mind and had a severe reaction. I took myself off all 4 at the same time that same day while in a breakdown and I felt happier because of that. But taking anxiety pills only now so much couldn't of been cared/treated before if I just had that one pill. And sadly there are people out there that are taking anxiety pills with anti depressants and it might not be working well for them. I know it might for some, but others I just don't want those to go down the same road I did.

On a happier note. I have been thinking of going on SWTOR and cross stitching but hubby has been enjoying our time on our own ARK server but he said until lunch I play SWTOR and after I cross stitch the rest of the day. Now to make sure I go through with that plan. One plan I had for a few days ago but forgot what happened with that not working well for me.

Anything exciting in your games? I read that GW2 is having unlimited tools for harvesting be in a wardrobe. Not too sure what that all means though. I didn't read the article. If you know, could you tell me. Sounds a bit interesting.
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Wed Apr 11, 2018 10:57 pm
I like the flavour, but I'm not sure it agrees with me there, either. Awww. Teavana's closing down? I'm going to have other sad friends too, I think.

XD Well, I just yesterday realized how to aim the rain of arrows skill on my TL1 character. Yet another of those moments!

Silly kitty. Yeah. And I know a lot of doctors still don't fully understand how meds work. That's why they prescribe antibiotics for colds. And yeah, make messes with the feelings meds.

So how'd the day work out?

Ohhh. I hadn't heard that about GW2, but it'll be really handy, because right now the picks and stuff break after awhile of being used. Having unlimited will mean having one on hand when needed. Hmm, exciting? Well, I reached the really scary deeps in TL1 this morning. And fought a swarm of teleporting bosses!
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Thu Apr 12, 2018 11:57 am
Ya it was announced like a few or more months ago but each Teavana says they aren't so I have no idea when it might happen. All I know is Starbucks wants to close them down and just sell some of the teas in their shops. Kinda stinks since I loved that place. Ya the prices were high but they were really good. And who wouldn't want a lavender tea. I just wished I knew when it might happen so I can get a bunch of what I love to keep it on hand when I want a different taste than sencha.

Oh that's good. I love those moments, as long as they aren't.... The speeder vendor is the same exact area that I went to multiple times before lol.

I just wished doctors paid more attention to medicine side effects. Like for me I refuse to touch SSRIs and anything that can cause naseua. One doctor I told that too wasn't too happy. I have great reasons for those meds to not be touched, deal with it doctor. And what I found out with my OCD, depression and anxiety, I just wished more would be able to figure it out if they are having issues still to save themselves from so much pain.

I had a severe anxiety attack in the morning before hubby got up. I didn't want to take the anxiety pill without him so I made sure I didn't accidentally take a second dose cause I forgot I already took it. Plus with us both taking the same thing, it makes sense that we take ours at the same time. Well an hour and half after I got up my head was screaming then after the pill kicked in when I got hubs up, my body started to scream. A nap helped calm me down. But the side effects of having one stuck with me throughout the day. Today wasn't so bad. Had a mini heartattack when I got up. Thought the cats knocked down a lavender incese bottle but it wasn't true. I just walked past some and didn't realize it was the plug in one. >.> lol

Oh wow that would be great for people in GW2 to have. I hope the thing goes live soon so it's alot easier. I know when I looked at the tools they were rather expensive which is why I never got into it. And never really understood how to gather either. The bosses... sound hard to do. I assume you beat their butts?
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Fri Apr 13, 2018 12:42 am
Well, I wouldn't want the lavender tea. But I know I'm weird. XD So Teavana and Starbucks are the same company?

I've done something like that too! JUST now realized there's a shared stash on TL1.

Me too. And I've been given the stink eye for refusing anything that makes for urpy or dizzy, too. But I have only myself to depend on for day to day physical stuff. Nobody around to pick me up off the floor.

Oh no. *hug* I'm glad you're feeling a bit better.

Yeah. Me too. It's distracting to see a chopable tree or a rock and not be able to get it. But at least we can always pick the blueberries. XD Yes. I got 'em!
I am Tam. Tam I am, I like green eggs but I don't like ham.

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Fri Apr 13, 2018 11:49 am
I didn't even know that Starbucks owned Teavana. Seemes they bought Teavana in the early 2000s somewhere. I was shocked to find that out.

Wow that's pretty cool. Hubs watched a friend play Neverwinter Tomb of Annihilation and they have that as well. He even tried out the game and had fun.

Doctors love to push things on you. But if I don't feel comfortable with it I say no no matter what. That's the one thing I know for sure and I always keep in mind. Might be that when I took my son to a appointment because of the issues he was suffering from (the anger part of autism and I didn't know it was that) the doctor kept on telling me throughout one appt that I should go on depression meds and I found it rude that he's talking to me when it wasn't my own appt. *hugs*

I started to take the 10mg pills instead of hubs 5mg. The 10 seems better for me. I have felt a bit depression the past 2 days and the 10 helps alot more for me. My anxiety is most likely so bad I need that extra.

Well at least you get yummy blueberries. Gotta had not being able to hit a tree or rock if they run into you. lol

I finally finished chapter 3 of my class quests so that storyline is finished off. Now to work on quests in her log to get them done since I already worked on parts of the planet quests might as well finish them on her. Then to start Rise of the Hutt Cartel which is her chapter 4. One of my companions even proposed to me yesterday when we played. So there's that going for me. No ides what's going to happen in game. If there is anything that happens if you marry one of them. But I will find out for sure. Kinda excited to as well.
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Sun Apr 15, 2018 1:26 am
Wow. I hadn't realized that. But then, Teavanna's not here. Only Starbucks. And I tend to avoid Starbucks because all their non coffee drinks are too sweet for me.

The 101 games also have a shared stash. It's so handy when you get something good that will work for someone in a different class/school, or for someone at a lower level.

Good grief. That wasn't a well focused doctor.

Ahhh. I'm glad they're helping!

Is the guy who proposed the guy that the lizard guy thought was your character's beau?
I am Tam. Tam I am, I like green eggs but I don't like ham.

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Sun Apr 15, 2018 11:22 am
Well the only thing I can to too sweet is creamer is your friend. Hubs got a really sweet drink from Dunkin Donuts and he had the guy put creamer in it and that helped alot. Ya Starbucks can be too sweet. I don't drink them too often but once in awhile, like every few months or so is all I do.

That is nice they have a shared stash. SWTOR doesn't have that but I might just send things to my others that might be better for them, like schematics of recipes for their crafts. I'm used to sending things from playing FF11 and WoW.

Most doctors sadly are that way where I am from. Wisconsin had lots of doctors pushing drugs on you. The one I saw here mentioned that he will see how the anxiety pills work for me and see if I might need something for my depression. But even if my depression kicks in like last night. Hubs was able to pull me out of it in an hour. I think anxiety meds help me to be easier to be pulled out of it. Which is think is good enough.

Yup he's the one that my lizard guy thought was my beau. I haven't went on in the past day so I should try to get on. I kinda wanna see how a wedding might play out in the game. I could look it up but I want to see if first hand myself in case it is something. Even a cutscene I want to experience first hand.

I did try out Neverwinter though to help hubs friends start a guild. The game is ok. The characters run odd which annoys me but the gameplay isn't for me. The battle system is too easy. I almost died a couple times but it still wasn't too bad. But when it comes to games I have a death wish from playing 11 so much lol. So I'm happy with my SWTOR.
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Mon Apr 16, 2018 7:15 pm
Creamer hates me. LOL

You know, it had only started to occur to me that maybe stuff could be mailed from one of my characters to another in games with mail? *so slow* LOL

Ugh. After all that money into the education, you'd think they'd know better.

XD Lemme know how it works out.

Too easy? Howso?
I am Tam. Tam I am, I like green eggs but I don't like ham.

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Tue Apr 17, 2018 12:21 pm
Most foods used to hate me but they kinda like me know lol.

It's ok. At least you did figure it out that is all that matters. I went a few times already in SWTOR to figure things out that were 'duh' moments. Even my son thought I was an idiot lol.

You'd swear that education would make someone use their things upstairs called 'brains' but that is a hopeless wish I'd think. There is a good one out there. Just gotta find it. Hubs thinks that his one he just saw might be the one for me so I guess I might need to see her sometime. Maybe she can find a good trustworthy girly doctor. That would be great.

I will as soon as I get the butt to give me another quest to up his rep with me. So far nothing. I need more gifts and try to give them to him and see how that goes. Already lvl66 and almost caught up on old quests. Hoth is one I'm not looking forward to. Got 3 story quests to do besides the one to farm the stuff I need for the mount out there.

With SWTOR I have to be on my toes to make sure I don't die. In Neverwinter ToA I almost died twice but it wasn't that hard to fix that situation. Potions heal for a ton and one is full heal. The flashpoints in SW is a huge maze you have to figure out how to get to the place and you can run around mobs if you don't want too much exp. But Neverwinter you go a straight path to the end of the dungeon. Kinda easy and not hard to figure out. According to hubs friend it doesn't get hard til you are max level. That's 70 levels of easy. Not a challenge to me. I'd like a challenge earlier in the game with more to do. Not simple easy to figure out things. FF11 taught me alot about a game. And since I played that for so long I want challenges.

Hubs might be right. I should just buy FF11 and play the darn thing. Even though it's not the challenge it used to be which was death at every corner, at least I would still have some fun figuring how to solo the new jobs to unlock them.
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Tue Apr 17, 2018 8:58 pm
More and more are hating me now.

LOL Hey! Respect the "old lady". ...I bet you're not older than me.

Aww. That would be nice, yes.

Game companion dude, if you wanna get married, then stop stalling.

Ohhhh. You'd probably have the 'Torchlight' games cranked to crazy mode. *is a wimp. Plays on easy, though my new engineer on TL2 is normal* I tend to deliberately OP my game characters as much as I legally can. I am the tank.

Yes. Buy the darn thing and play it. XD And ride shiny horses.
I am Tam. Tam I am, I like green eggs but I don't like ham.

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Wed Apr 18, 2018 12:44 pm
I hate getting older. I think my prescription for glasses are old and the new one I might get might actually have a bit more than a smidge difference in the new and old. Can't cross stitch at night cause my eyes are too darn garbage. And food... Kinda scary that more might hate me. I'm 39 but at times feel like I'm a grandma. lol

I have the body of a womanish since I'm small but the mind of a kid lol.

I think getting companion gifts might help me up the guys rep with me to see if anything happens with marriage. Doing quests hasn't done much either has him going on doing crafting quests so the gifts might be my best option right now. I need to level him and everyone up to 30 rep and my highest is the lizard guy at 25. I'm almost there with him.

Ah I always play games at easy. Gives me time to learn things and keep using it. I haven't touched higher than normal modes in anything yet so I don't see it as wimpy. I see it as learning and having fun.

If I get 11 I plan on figuring out how to get a blue chocobo. I love how you can raise a specific colored one. You raise them from egg to adult. Can't wait to do that again. I remember when I played it people would run with a black one and that was one of the rarer ones to get.

Might try to play SWTOR today. If I can get a decent amount of cross stitching in. Kitties might of eaten floss... About 5-6' of it... Stuff I left on the side to use later from the kit I'm working on. Was too obsessed with figuring out where the floss went yesterday to do anything else. Night could of stolen it and hide it but I checked everywhere possible and no one pooped it out yet. SO Night had to of hidden it. And she's too darn good at hiding things. I wished I knew where her stash was since I'm still missing a bow. ; ; And of course she won't tell me. WHY CAN'T KITTIES TALK??
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Thu Apr 19, 2018 10:03 pm
I hate the dietary restrictions, and miss pickles and slightly spicy food badly, but I see braving all the ow and stuff as a challenge to doggedly bull my way through with God's help.

I'm built like a brick *beep*house, and I still play with dolls and games. XD

Ahhh. Present time. You could try marrying the lizard guy! LOL

Ohhh. Okay! *nottawimp* Thanks!

Oh right. I forgot those were the signature pet and mount for FF. And you can dress 'em up in fancy tack too, can't you?

Eeep. Bad kitties! I hope it's hidden and not eated.
I am Tam. Tam I am, I like green eggs but I don't like ham.

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Fri Apr 20, 2018 12:25 pm
My body is rather retarded. Sometimes a food is ok and others it's a nono. It all depends on what she wants to do lol. But I only avoid certain things for sure right now since I'm allergic to them. Like bananas. Thanks grandma ; ; But I kinda hate them now because my body doesn't like them lol.

Well at least we both don't act our age. Nothing wrong with that. But I keep wondering if I should start acting my age and hubs keeps telling me I'm stupid for thinking like that. >.> I feel the love there. haha

I still need to get on SWTOR. We switched the room with our computers in to prepare for summer for us to buy a air conditioner for the room. This way neither of us in directly in front of the window and we both can be hit by it. And threw some furniture out so we both were too pooped to do a single thing when we finished it. But I did get some cross stitching done. So that's something.

Np! *hugs*

You can dress the chocobos in 14 in nice armors that you get different ways in the game. In 11 I don't think they can wear anything. Not unless they changed it but I haven't touched the game for so long that I don't know. I know they released new mounts just no idea how to find them haha.

Well no one pooped floss so that's a plus. Just don't know where the heck Night hide them..... I know it's in the living room but we checked everywhere. I just haven't pulled the couch apart yet. Since it was put together when we bought it by putting the backs on, it shouldn't be too hard to pull it apart. If there is no sign there... I have no idea where she hid them.. She is too darn good at hiding things. First kitty I ever had that hid stuff and she's beyond good for her own good.... Two tuxedos are a mistake. I think I was cursed with a hider because of that. lol Though she is so darn cute.
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Sun Apr 22, 2018 9:06 pm
Heh. Mine will do that too. I've found if I'm rabidly craving something, I can have it. Even if it's usually a nono. And I've never been good with bananas either. They bloat me painfully.

I think "acting one's age" is a stereotype. Yay! I spelt that right on the first try! lol *hug*

Ohhh. Understandable. I wish I could be productive, but I'm stressed right now, so most of what I do is sit and write in my journal, or sit here and hug a doll.

Ohh. Okay. Well, you still get the pretty coloured birds. XD

XD Such a bad kitty. I've been telling friends the story of bad kitty hiding things. She proly thinks she's doing like you.
I am Tam. Tam I am, I like green eggs but I don't like ham.

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Mon Apr 23, 2018 12:07 pm
I don't really have cravings. Unless a food I like is mentioned and it just sticks in my mind and won't leave. But that doesn't happen often either.

YAY for spelling! So many people say to act your age. Which is one thing that sticks in my head at times. But people I trust tell me otherwise so that's a plus. I think it's because of how I was raised with the reason it sticks in my head at times.

I think alot of people are dealing with stuff right now. Hubs talked to a friend yesterday and she said that it's the spring blues going on right now. For me though I think it's my body having fun with me. ; ; I really wished finding a appointment with 2 special fun times a month is easy to do. We talked last night and he said we need to get one now. But I have no idea how the doctor will be able to examine me with the fun times going on so often. Especially with it lasting longer than it normally would ; ; Gotta love body changes. The fun never stops Very Happy

I have been playing my steam games lately. 2 hidden object games and Onmyouji. Onmyouji is a MMO type game according to steam that you fight mobs with spirits. You can level things up. It's rather cute. I like it. And I'm trying to get more cross stitching in if I don't feel like playing anything else. But when you feel sick because your body doesn't like you, I tend to do nothing to be careful in case I gotta run to the bathroom.

That's the link to the game I spoke of.

I have tried out the beta for Elder Scrolls Online new expansion Summerest. I gotta wait a couple days to let the frustraion from yesterday leave me to try something different in the content. I'm under a NDA to do the beta. But figured I'd test it out and see if I might go back to the game period. One quest I did I'm glad I didn't buy it. Theives Guild is from a different expac from a couple years ago so that is the one I tried. Glad I don't own the darn thing for sure.

Yup gotta love pretty birds. In 14 getting the color you want is easy. Look up online what you want and feed it a specific amount of foods and you get it. 11 isn't that easy. I gotta read up. I think you have a better chance with them if you do certain things while raising it. Nothing like the ease of 14 for sure though.

Hubs is looking into a game for us both to play and that and SWTOR and 11 this is going to be hard for me to figure out time with all of them without getting burned out for sure.

I have no idea what runs through Night's mind but wished I did. She still won't say or show a thing. I ask her and she ignores me and walks off and shows her butt. The dork. She's so darn cute. I know cats can do that but never had it. Hubs had kitties that hid things but he found the stuff. We have no idea where this stuff is going with Night. It's like she's good at hiding things and theres places she shouldn't get to that she is or she's eating it and has a great digestive system. lol.
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