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Thu Mar 08, 2018 2:37 am
LOL Only mod I ever really was interested in was the one for the blue kajiit follower. He's goofy.

Ohhh nice. Now I want to lure you onto 'Wizard 101' just to show you my life school house. And what I did to my boy's house. Also hmmm, rainfall in games is a lovely sound/sight.

How much does SWTOR cost? And someone said that the game was going away. Have you heard anything about that?

Well, what I've seen of the WoW escort quests, the escorted character is more aggressive than that 'RIFT' guy was. He just stayed out of the way unless someone whacked him, the WoW guys seem to want to go fight.

Wow! Fancy names on those mice. How's the PC?
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Thu Mar 08, 2018 1:19 pm
Hehe at least you like something for lil skyrim.

Hehe. Here are pics of the lil old place I got.

Outside the apartment building.

I haven't heard anything about the game closing but I will look into it now to see if I can find anything about it. I actually had fun playing the game. I got to level 13 and my poor son got off at level 9, told me not to get too far ahead, but I got into a flashpoint to go to the new world on accident lol.

Oh ya, if npcs you escort in WoW see a mob ahead of them they attack them. It's like maybe they are protecting themselves from being killed maybe?

Hehe seeing your place sounds nice.

Well hubs friend thinks we might of shorted something when we connected somethings on accident. Something that won't hurt the PC. Just made it get mad at us for a bit. Otherwise the mouse is working out perfectly for me. It's more sensitive but it's more of a softer click I think. I really like it. Nothing wrong at all with it and my Saber I noticed an issue right away but dealt with having to replug it in to use it since I got it.
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Thu Mar 08, 2018 9:59 pm
XD I'm a sucker for neat pet type accessories.

Oh, that's a lovely neighbourhood, and the apartment really puts me in mind of my 'Wizard' Life house. Come see it sometime!

Oops. He's going to frown at you now. XD How much does SWITOR cost?

LOL They stay unkilled better if they don't bring the attack, silly escort NPCs.

Ahhhhh. Bummer, but I'm glad it's working. I don't think my mouse has a name, but it's over ten years old, I think, too.

My computer decided overnight that it wasn't going to be able to hook up with ethernet anymore.
I am Tam. Tam I am, I like green eggs but I don't like ham.

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Fri Mar 09, 2018 12:52 pm
I love dressing things up. The only girly dressing up I do is in games or on avi sites. Otherwise in RL I hate it with a passion. But that might be because being a boy is still ingrained in me. My grandpa raised me as a boy when I was little so that's why.

I gotta find time for that. Glad you like the lil place.

Well it's 14.99 a month for premium sub. But the thing is, if you get it for a month then cancel it afterward you keep all the things the people get with the sub. Like typing in the chats and a few other things. So that's a plus. Get it for a month and then enjoy everything in the game. I just need to figure out how to get the expacs. >.> One thing I can't figure out right now.

Ah the NPC in WoW can be special at times. lol

Wow at least the mouse is still working.

Hope the PC behaves itself soon.

Ugh got sick yesterday. It was a nice birthday present for me. Now to hope it doesn't last two months, but just one. I hate being sick. I stay sick for way too long. And I haven't gotten sick for like 5 yrs. Just feel sick from my tummy. But Symphony is laying on me non stop. Night doesn't seem to like me being sick but she is the runt so it's a bit understandable. At least I got one mommy. Smile
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Fri Mar 09, 2018 9:25 pm Lots of dressup doll sets here. You need to download them and their viewer, and a lot of the sets are junk, but if you sort through, you can find some really nice ones. Also some with too much nudity, so be careful. It says subscription only, but the site's been free since it was pretty much abandoned. I'm not much for RL dressups either, though I have some favourite clothes that I like to wear to church. This reminds me, my necklace broke. I need to find a new string for it.

Very Happy I like green spaces.

Ahh. So no free playing, huh?


LOL I know. And I've even had it in pieces! It's just a little travel mouse with colour changing lights in it.

Yeah. I mentioned what happened with the PC over in the other thread. o_0

Awww. Have you tried a drink of water with a little baking soda in? That can help sometimes. Also, happy birthday, despite the getting sick. *hug*
I am Tam. Tam I am, I like green eggs but I don't like ham.

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Sat Mar 10, 2018 1:05 pm
Wow I should check that site out. I downloaded a couple apps on my phone before to dress up just out of boredom. Though there is a really cute game called My Secret Bistro if I'm correct is the last word, where you run a restraunt but you can dress up your owner in so many cute things. Some might take time to dress up in like the ones with hearts you get for fairytale characters visiting your place once a day give you. Each give you a specific amount until you level up their favorite food. It's cute as heck.

I love anything night sky blue like you see in clothing or nail polish. That color is always my weakness. Oh Van Gogh's Starry Night is a perfect way to show the color that I love.

Well if you don't mind not being able to speak in even general then it's free. It's all up to what you want to do, but with my son, talking if he disconnects from the phone in chat would be a good idea since he never remembers to check his steam messages lol.

My mouse has a program where you can choose the lighting effect and color of their logo. I went with a nice darker blue. Love it.

I drink coffee to wake up and the smootheness of the creamer otherwise green tea. I'm not too fond of water at the moment since that is what I will have to drink during the summer since the sun and heat hate me with a burning passion ; ; And baking soda, that is something I never heard of before.

The cold is ok, more of a head one. Annoying and my throat gets a bit sore on one spot from the hacking up a lung at times. According to our apartment manager she says it's a air borne virus since others here including her are sick. Ugh makes it even worse being sick knowing that.

Thank you for the birthday wish. It was pretty good. Got the 3 final evolutions for the 3 pokemon you can pick from at the begining of sun/moon for free, got espeon, got birthday wishes on animal crossing and even in pokemon and animal crossing pocketcamp. It was so cute. Pokemon center popped balloons and played a cute song everytime I went into it.
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Sat Mar 10, 2018 9:29 pm
Like I say, you have to sort to get the good ones, but some are a LOT of fun to play with. And some artists gave theirs neat stories.

Awww. That does sound neat. Are you going to get that game?

Ohhh. My favourite colour is royal purple. I just mean green spaces like with grass and trees and flowers. I'm a forest baby. XD

Ahhh. I seldom chat much, but yeah. Need to talk to friends you play with.

LOL Your night sky blue?

Baking soda and water settles barfy stomachs sometimes. But clear water is necessary for general health. If you don't have any of that, your kidneys could be affected.

Ahhhh. GERMS. Blah. *hug*

Nice! I'm glad it was good and you got all that. Very Happy
I am Tam. Tam I am, I like green eggs but I don't like ham.

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Sun Mar 11, 2018 1:28 pm
Very true. You always gotta weed through things to find the perfect ones.

Hubby said he would next month, but next month is when my WoW break ends so I gotta figure that out. Only after this evil cold gets a smidge better. Since my body have never figured how to handle them. I rather hate how stupid she is at times.

A forest is rather pretty. I always favored blue. It's said that blue is considered a calm color and looking at it will help calm you. And the night sky is a huge fave of mine. I would go outside at night and chart the constellations as a kid. I was a bit of a odd ball. But boy did I love every single second of it.

Ya chatting in games at times is helpful. Especially if a random person helps you, how will you say thank you. ; ;

Huh didn't know that about baking soda. I always went to my acid pills when I got that feeling. Since I'm so used to using it when I had my ulcer. I do drink water. Just wished my body would absorb it since my mouth is so darn dry it itches at times from it. Get away from me cold. Go bother a normal body!!!

Thank you. I got the rest of eeveeultions yesterday, evolved Umbreon on my own, and the others except for Vapereon from the trading system. You get the lil water girl free later on. And even got a Lapras from the trade, I'm happy as heck. Eevee is a 5% chance of catching in one spot in the game so it will be hard to get everyone. Including my faves.
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Sun Mar 11, 2018 10:35 pm
Yuuuup. Which is why I've sometimes stomped out of the bookstore in disgust, calling it a lot of useless tree murder.

Oh nice, and oh dear. Youcandoit!

Yeah, blue has never calmed me. I just get cold looking at it. LOL I used to watch the night sky, and try to see the faint stars that you can only see sideways. I've heard the Northern Lights make sounds, and seen a perfect arch overhead. But now for some reason the night sky is a boogy monster in my dreams.

It's still hard, even with chat. They often run away too fast! *thinks of the help I got on GW2 the other day*

Yup. It's a natural antacid. I like the taste of it, too. Oh wow. *sympathy hug*

Awesome! I had this happen in 'RIFT' after I failed to stop a death rift from reviving the big skelly dragon that was in it. That orange thing on the horizon is a fire rift.
I am Tam. Tam I am, I like green eggs but I don't like ham.

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Mon Mar 12, 2018 11:25 am
LOL I never thought of that before about books. But considering some of the books out there, you have a point.

I saw the northern lights once as a kid at my grandparents. Forgot why I was outside so late at night.

I don't always get thanked in games when I help people out. Only seemed to happen in FFXI.

That image won't work. I swear some websites are evil.

Hubby went out and bought me Clartin D, he was told at the store that it's good for colds and that is the best thing to get me. My left eye wouldn't stop peeing all day yesterday. Not as bad today but it still wants to. I hate having watery eyes. Wished this wasn't even a thing. Ugh just hope the call I need to make today doesn't go bad, like me break out in a hacking up a kidney or something.

Oh I finished Harvest Moon Light of Hope yesterday. After you get the lighthouse fixed that's when you can do other things, like build a house to get married and have larger land to grow crops on. So now to get everything else done and 'finish' the game again.
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Tue Mar 13, 2018 1:34 am
XD yuup.

Aww. Only once? I think that's the part I miss most about living in town, is not seeing them.

I try to thanks. But yeah. Most of the help is driveby zoom.

Did you cut and paste it? Clicking right on linkks usually doesn't work for Zan.

Awww. My eyes water when I'm outside sometimes, so I know it's a nuisance. How did the call go?

So now you get to settle in and make the character a life, huh? Very Happy
I am Tam. Tam I am, I like green eggs but I don't like ham.

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Tue Mar 13, 2018 11:46 am
Ya only once. I know seeing the northern light away from Scandinavia is hard since you are farther from the pole but it was nice to see it. I just wished I could remember how pretty it was. Stupid memory ; ;

Ah the drive by helps. Love them. I don't even notice if anyone helps me at times. Until it's done with. lol

I tried it and it looks pretty cool.

The call went fine just waiting for a call back to find out if my question can be answered.

I was working on Gabriel as my husband but he is kinda lame I guess is the best to describe him. The second not scene with him is he not even noticing you came to see him, too busy talking to animals. But I told hubby bout them and he said the buff flower shop guy is perfect. So I tried to give him a flower and he was so happy it wasn't funny. Plus the one note scene with Dean, flower shop boy is him talking to a weird girl in town suggesting flowers to her. Plus if we have kids, Dean is more likely to take care of the child unlike Gabriel my first thought is will he remember there is a kid there? lol
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Wed Mar 14, 2018 11:19 pm
You can see them even from parts of the city, here in this Alberta city. And like I say. One night I HEARD them. For some reason, that memory makes me feel wibbly. LOL


Very Happy So strange though. Makes me wonder what the story behind them is.

Have you heard back yet?

XD Husband advice! Yeah, people have commented on how in those games the lady character has to work so hard when pregnant, and her husband doesn't do anything.
I am Tam. Tam I am, I like green eggs but I don't like ham.

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Thu Mar 15, 2018 12:49 pm

I haven't. I had a feeling after I got off the call with them a couple days ago that it was a waste of time and sure it was. Hubby called them when he got back from helping his mom and they closed at noon. So that was a massive waste of time for me. Might as well just deal with this on my own than think people can do their jobs right and actually answer one freaking question. Gotta love idiots with jobs.

I never minded games like Harvest Moon. The first time I played one was the 64 game and I would never see my wife or kid ever since I was out til I passed out or until 1-2am in the field or fishing LOL. But yesterday I went on the PC version and realized I'm not going to be that happy anymore.

I understand that games change over time with a series but this is kinda ridiculous. Other people complain about the same issues. Like in other games we put our crops or animal things like milk in the fridge. But we can cook with things from the fridge without having to put them into our inventory. Now we literly have to keep everything in our inventory to cook or keep track of what we cooked for the achievement. I keep running out of space and it's just cooking ingredients and nothing else. I can't even fish cause I'm so full. But your stuff goes to storage when you are full. But still that's a hassel since you gotta run to grab figure out inventory space to cook.

So cooking everything, discorvering all crops and fish are 3 achievements that I will have a hard time doing since I gotta remember to fertilize everything to get the other crops that can come from one. Like blackcurrents from blueberry. I have no idea what I'm going to do. I just want to enjoy the game but when theirs a achievement I want to work after them too. The last achievements, hubby and new house are all I got left in the game. >.>

And of course we don't have inventory space. Heck one of the 3DS games you cook from the fridge so no idea why they didn't put it in this one. Everyone has issues with that and we have no space pratically for what we need. And it doesn't say the number of spaces either so we can't keep track, it's all guessing.

But at least I got a guild in Swtor. And I found a speeder vendor so I got my first mount finally. The guild was barley anyone last night and now it's huge and so is the discord. I joined it to tell the guy who invented me that I don't have a sub so I can't talk in game but at least if I get the sub for one month I keep keep talking in game after the sub is over with.

So today I hope I can figure out if I will keep trying at Harvest Moon or not. I got 15/28 achievements so this is one hard thought.

Anything fun happening in your games?
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Fri Mar 16, 2018 10:43 pm
Yeah. I hate it when that happens with calls. Especially after you have to wait just to talk to someone, and your minutes are numbered.

Yeah, that sounds like a HUGE 'Harvest Moon' fail. They're going to start losing money. I hadn't even realized they had it on PC now. I only knew about 'Stardew Valley'.

Yay for the first mount! And being able to talk in Discord.

Did you make a decide about the 'Harvest Moon'?

Um. I lost the way to get to a place where I was questing in 'RIFT'? Won something I don't want in GW2. Sat a dragonfly mount on top of a friend's clown car in 'Wizard 101'.
I am Tam. Tam I am, I like green eggs but I don't like ham.

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