Dark Moon Rising
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Sat Oct 31, 2015 10:45 pm
Hey every one, I figured it has been a while since I jumped up in here and wrote something. So I figured I'd give it a shot. I'm not quite sure where I'm going with it, but I do have a general idea/theme that I am going along.

Any constructive criticism is more than welcome, as well as any other thought about what you may think of it. Even suggestions towards where it could go are more than appreciated.

As always, happy reading. And Happy Halloween everyone Very Happy

Siraf awoke in a pale fright her eyes wide with fear her breath heavy and staggered as she held her left hand to her chest, heart pounding hard against. Her other hand white in the knuckles as she grasped the bedding. The sheets were crumpled and sweaty as they encumbered her. She tried to free her legs from the restraining sheets as she looked around in a panicked manner, her eyes trying to probe through the darkness with no avail. The thrumming of her heartbeat loud in her ears making it impossible for her to hear anything but the ragged breath coming from her.

After much struggling Siraf was finally able to free her legs of the tightened sheets around her which held her captive in her own safe place. She kicked them to the side haphazardly letting it crumple to the edge of the bed. She sat for a moment her dainty paws lightly clutching her knees pulling slightly at her night gown this way and that as she fidgeted uneasily. She continued to scan her room barely able to see past her nose in the unusually dark atmosphere. One which was generally lit up by the bright glow of the moon that was not shining through her curtained window tonight.

It was the dead of night and the air held an uneasy silence about it. Siraf’s ears twitched as she shifted to the edge of the bed. She swung her legs slowly off the edge of the bed steadying herself before jumping down. She felt panic rise in her throat once more as her pawed feet touched something that squished between her toes where the cool floor boards should have been. A small groan of a scream escaped from her lips while she scrambled and jumped back up onto the bed. Heart once more rapidly pounding hard against her chest, tail whipping frantically back and forth, her eyes wide. Cautiously she leaned forward reaching a hand out towards the floor where her feet had met as she tried with all her might to calm her staggered breath. A sigh of relief washed through her as her fingers touched the disheveled blanket that was clumped up on the floor. She muttered cursing softly under her breath at the fact of getting scared over the blanket that she must have thrown off of herself in the middle of the night while she tossed and turned as she fought with the bedding while she slept.

Making her way out of the bed once again this time not deterred from the misplaced blanket that lay in a heap on the floor at the side of her bed. She made for the lamp that lived on the nightstand. Fumbling for the switch in the pitch black of night it took her but a moment to find and depress the little lever that would fill the space with a dim light. Nothing happened. Siraf blinked a few times and tried the switch a few more times. She huffed an annoyed breath and pressed the switch again setting it to the off position. "What a time for a for a bulb to blow out." she thought, slightly irritated. Just below where the lamp sat laid a drawer that set into the nightstand. She felt around for the little knob that was affixed to the face of the drawer. Grasping it she pulled it back hearing the subtle creak and groan of wood scraping against wood as the drawer pulled out. Feeling around at the contents within she managed to find a candle and a set of matches.

Pulling a match out she struck it along the side of the box igniting it the glowing flicker pouring forth little light into the room. Tilting the candle down so that the wick passed into the flame until it took hold. She flicked her wrist that held the match in it extinguishing the flame. A small stream of smoke drifted from it. She looked down into the drawer and found a place holder to settle the candle into and set the used match into the side of the dish that would eventually catch the wax that would drip down into the reservoir. Shutting the drawer as she turned around making her way to the bathroom, the floor felt odd as she ambled across it. Something felt off though she could not place what it was.

She flipped the switch on the wall so that she could see to wash her face the light not turning on once again. She furrowed her brow and heaved a sigh. She set the candle down on the sink counter. The light showing just enough for her to make her way around to grab a hand cloth and so she could grab the soap. Reaching out to turn the handle the faucet handles so that the water could warm up enough to start cleaning herself. She wiggled them about as she got frustrated at the fact that no water was coming out of it. “Surely the water should flow even if the power went out.” she muttered to herself.

Visibly irritated she walked back out of the bathroom. Dirt now under her toes, she wrapped her arms around herself as the wind blew causing a chill to wash over her from the night's air. That odd feeling washing over here again that she just couldn’t place. She tread along in the eerily dark of the night not even wondering why or how she came to be outside after stepping out of her bathroom, she should have crossed over into her bedroom. Yet she was walking towards the woods that looked different than that of her back yard. Trembling slightly as she was under clothed for the chill night air. The night still cloaked in an eerie darkness, she looked up to see the moon which seemed to be covered in thick clouds. It was nowhere to be seen. Yet something was giving off some source of light, though not a light as it was more like something was amplifying her vision just enough for her to see where she was going.

She couldn’t place why, but it was unnaturally quiet all around even though the wind was a light breeze making the leaves in the tree rustle without noise. The effect a hollow one. She couldn’t even hear the twigs breaking beneath her feet as she stepped on them.

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