The Well of Secrets.
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Sun Apr 12, 2015 12:21 am

Still a work in progress

Violetta see dark clouds in the ski, the rain begins to sudden pour down. Pulling her cape over her head, she run towards the cottage. She closes the door behind her and puts her cape on the hook beside the door. She places a kettle on the stove, and turns up the flame.  Tired from tending to her garden, she curls up in the sofa chair facing the window. the rain continued. She smiles.

My garden will truly be quite happy for the rains visit today. she told herself.    The kettle whisles on the stove. She pull her favorite tea cup out of the cabinet and brews a cup of tea with the berries and leaves from her garden. She was looking forwards to seeing her friend Jalarian . He owned a little coffee and pastry shop in town. She thought about how she first met him. It had been a year back. She had been riding her bike in the rain and nearly ran over him. He was lyng on the grown with his face in the mud. Bags of grocereies were sprauld over the grounds. She got off her bike and helped him pick up the items that fell.

"Sorry about that ." I was trying to get home quickly I didn't think anyone would be on this road now. Where were you heading?

To the old coffee shop. on Brinee Road.

Oh that old shop. It's been abandon for a while. Here, put some of your things in my basket. " she told him. What business do you have at the old coffee shop? she asked.

I just recently bought the place. I'm new to these parts of the country.

Lighting flashed and the sound of thunder interrupted her thoughts. Well it's getting quite late I had better get some sleep. She washes her tea cup and saucer and places them back in the cabinet. In the quiet of the night she put on her nightgown. Looking out her window. She quietly say good night and head off to bed.

 It'a the next day now. evening to be exact. Every thing was tided up and in it's place. She was wearing a beautiful lavender dress.

Her table was set. A tray of ham and cheese sandwiches and a pitcher of cold cranberry apple juice. In the middle were a vase of red roses that she had picked that morning. She always make extra for any visitors who might drop by.   She debates to herself whether on not to plant a group of pansies or tulips. "The begonias are looking so lovely." she said to herself.  She take a pen from her pocket and jots down her ideas for her garden.

It the next day, she notices that the water in her can is low, so she goes to the old well . It was an old stone well, that had been there for ages. It stood by it self in a clearing, not far from the crape myrtle tree.  She cranks the handle, lowering the bucket into the well.    As she began to pull the water bucket up, she felt it snag at something.   She lean over the well. All she could see was darkness at the bottom.  She pulled harder on the rope. Suddenly the rope jerked. Violetta lost her footing, and was pulled down into the well.  She kept falling. It seemed almost endless. she hits the water below.   She feels her body being pulled by a current. She tries to fight it, but it pull her down faster.  As her lungs are about to burst, she see a bright light below her.   The light gets brighter and larger as she is pulled towards it.  She emerges on the other side of the bright light, She gasp and instead of water, she finds herself breathing air.  Feeling the water roll off her face, she wipes her eyes, then slowly looks around.   She was quite surprised to find herself floating in the middle of a large pond.  She looked across the pond and saw a large tree nearby.   She swam towards the tree. Pulling herself out of the pond, she quietly looked around. Not a single leaf was stirring. Then, a small breeze began to blow. 

"This tree look similar to the one I have at home." she said to herself.

Yet also there was something quite different about it. The crepe Myrtle tree which she love to sit under had blossoms of deep lavendar.  However, this one was a bit taller and had a rich hue of magenta in its blossoms.

She looks over at the large pond from which she came out of.  Across it she could see a beautful green field of wild Irises along the edge of the pond.   She watch as they swayed in the wind. Their lovely fragrance rolled across the pond to where she was sitting. It was very pleasing Then another thought suddenly came to her. Was she dead? She didn't want to believe that. Everything felt real . Maybe she was just dreaming. she thought. She was lost in thought when she heard the snap of a twig on the ground from behind her

To be continued.

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Mon Apr 13, 2015 8:01 pm
I enjoyed reading your story! I'd be interested in reading the next installment :3
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