A trip to Eldor (Xarlota and Ceran)
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Fri Nov 08, 2013 11:24 am

Eldor is a bustling city far south of Edingtol, and far west of Caernaur. The people of Eldor aren't quite as friendly as the northwestern folk, and far less sinister than the dark elves to the east. The city of Eldor is protected by a great forest called Retchwood. The Retchwood is an expansive forest with many living and perhaps not living people and creatures who call it home. Few novice explorers have ever been reported coming out of the forest alive. And if they have, their minds were taken by madness.

Far to the North, in the city of Quadrilla, Ceran and Xarlota are beginning a journey to this land of Eldor. Ceran has her reasons, and Xarlota has hers. The hour is nearly dusk, and the clouds are slowly rolling in. The horses in the stables outside of the city gates are anxious and noisy. The flames in the lamps flicker in the wind as residents and bar keepers light their wicks.

On the northeast side of the city, the part mostly owned by the Dark Lady herself, Ceran and Xarlota stand outside the property gates. Xarlota flicks her wand and a green stone at the end closest to her glows. The lock on the gate clamps shut.

"Shall we go, Ceran?"
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Fri Nov 08, 2013 1:04 pm
A week has passed since her stay, and Ceran was beginning to feel homesick. Staying in a city can be suffocating, which was the reason why she didn't bother living inside the gates of Eldor. Retchwood was a better home for her. The thick trees, the cool moss and the bubbling swamps, it was a place where Ceran could freely stretch and forage to her heart's content.

Now was the time to head back home, and this time she has company. Xarlota was kind enough to lend her assistance in helping to find her pet Salamantern. Poor thing got away from the back of her hut, and it wouldn't do if went on a hunting streak. The Eldorians would complain on the lack of tourists and game if it had any plans to bite travelers and prey on the elk.

She wouldn't have any problems finding it back if she wasn't on such awkward terms with the people of Eldor. While she did help cure odd diseases and curses, most of the mothers there still used her and the other successors before her in tales to scare children to go to bed early.

"Yes, let's." Ceran replied, watching Xarlota's magic in action. She clutched the strap of the worn leather bag that hung around her shoulder. It's going to be a long trip.

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Fri Nov 08, 2013 1:52 pm
The two pass by homes, and shops. All inside stir and prepare for a night of bed. The bard inside the local pub plays his strings and sings a tune. the patrons inside sing along and drink to forget the woes and strife faced during the day.

The Dark Lady and her companion reach the gates and the Gate Watch opens the gate, and admits them passage to the outside world. They proceed down the dirt road.

"We'll stop by Delcontos on our way, then head South to the Eding Fork."

Xarlota and Ceran continues on the edge of the path. The road is narrow, and carved by wooden wagon wheels. Passerby's pass here and there as the sun creeps behind the treeline, and darkness falls over the land. She turns to Ceran with questions.

"What exactly does your friend look like?"
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Sat Nov 09, 2013 7:29 am
Ceran nodded approvingly at the witch's plans. She could buy some spice tobacco at their stop in Delcontos, the town's signature blend. The Witchdoctor realized that she hadn't had a smoke during her stay in Quadrilla, using up most of the stash during her travels to the city. She could have bought a cigar or two there, but Ceran still preferred using her own pipe.

"Here," she said, pulling out a rolled up small poster from her shoulder bag. "It's a copy of the one I posted in Eldor." Ceran unfurled the poster, handing it to Xarlota. "Sparky's a black salamantern with a yellow stripe that goes down from his back to the tail."

A crescent moon peeked hazily behind the clouds, shedding some light on their path. Some bats can be seen looking for food, beating their leathery wings in the air from the distance. The darkness of night time didn't bother her, but there were other things that did. Such as bandits. Ambushers liked to hide in the dark, then leave bare corpses by morning.

"Forgive me for my ignorance, Lady Xarlota, but," she started, meeting the Dark Lady's eyes respectfully. "Why travel at night?"

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Sat Nov 09, 2013 8:56 am
She unrolls the poster and gives it a look. Xarlota stops in the road just before a stranded wagon. It has one missing wheel and the dirt is still fresh on the remaining wheel.

"These creatures aren't native to this land," she recalls her travels across the sea, "and I believe the rest of it's kind are from The Medea Islands."

Her memories of sailing the seas for one hundred years, and crossing blades and wands with brigands and crooked traders, came back to her. In the past year, most of the men and women she traveled with have split up to take up honest and sometimes inscrutable jobs to make ends meet. Some have even begun raising families.

"I choose to travel at night because Defenders are easy to spot because of their torches, and we aren't on friendly terms." Xarlota Scoffs.

"Besides, I still have a few associates who would normally mug travellers." she rolls the poster up and points to a row of trees a few meters from the road.

"These gentlemen will keep us from harm that would come from crossing paths with the Defenders."

The Defenders and Xarlota are on bad terms. They regularly visit her estate in Quadrila to ensure upstanding behavior. Since the Masquerade Ball, hosted by Lord Xarxes, they have been more bold.

As Xarlota hands Ceran the map, branches among the trees begin to move and dark silhouettes of three or four villagers step forward.
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Sat Nov 09, 2013 10:40 am
"Indeed they're not," Ceran nodded, looking at her own poster with Xarlota. "Mother dearest picked him up from her travels. Sparky made a good guard dog.. That is, if he was rewarded treats at the end of the day." It wasn't Ceran's fault that the butcher wouldn't spare her a few scraps these days.

Defenders? This was the first time she heard of such a term. Ceran blamed it on how rarely she travels outside of Retchwood and Eldor, spending most of her life mastering on how to get around the thick, maze-like forest. That aside, she was glad to hear that the muggers and bandits were mostly on Xarlota's side. They wouldn't dare try and turn against her.

After their short contemplating, the Dark Lady handed her a map, which she opened gingerly with her green fingers. However, she was only able to skim through it, because she suddenly saw a party of villagers before them. All four walked side by side, forming a wall, which blocked the narrow path that the two witches were on.

Seeing a crowd compress together always made Ceran uncomfortable. The witchdoctor quickly shoved the map into her bag under her cloak, then searched around for a knife. One she carved out of animal bones. Her hand gripped around the handle, ready to use, but no one would be aware of that since her entire body was covered by her dark cloak.

They were coming closer and closer now.

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Sat Nov 09, 2013 12:44 pm
"Anyone associated with the league of Dark Arts is protected by their brothers and sisters." Xarlota sighs.

One of the four villagers approached Ceran with a stoic face, sheathing his blade and presented an open hand in friendship. The other three stood by with their attention fixed on Ceran.

Who seemed to be the leader spoke to Ceran,"My name is Narl."

The three remaining villagers began to utter their names.

"My name is Darium, and I'm a trader." He smiled with moonlight reflecting his cheeks, "I trade things you won't find licenses for..."

"They call me Smetz." A roguish man brandishing two sharpened daggers spoke proudly.

A cloaked figure stepped forward. He was very quiet, but managed his name "Melcor"...

Xarlota swiftly took the hand Narl generously had reached out for Ceran. She shook his hand and greeted him with a half smile before letting go. from the corner of her eye, she noticed two glowing lights began to glimmer in the distance.

"Do you four mind handling this situation?" Xarlota scoffs again, and looks to Narl, "What do you think, or should I ask your brother, Smetz?"

Narl looks anxiously at the approaching lights, "I smell Defenders!" He unsheathed his sword again, "Let's get 'em boys."

Darium, the trader, sighed before his retort, "I am not a fighter. I am simply trying to get back to Delcontos." He stepped aside and gave a nervous smile to Ceran.

"Ceran." Xarlota looked back to her. "Defenders are actually rarely seen in the south-west. The Retchwood around Eldor is a formidable defense against evil doers, and the city watch in Eldor is capable of driving them off." She gives an irritated twitch, "That Knight Scarz is actually the leader of those Defenders."
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Sat Nov 09, 2013 4:07 pm
Ceran didn't really caught what Xarlota said about the 'league'. If she did, she knows little about it. Mother used to say she has a meeting once in a while and would go out in long trips, then come back with supplies Ceran rarely sees.

Her eyes followed from person to person as they greeted her one by one. They seemed polite enough, and if they weren't allies then they wouldn't be taking their time introducing themselves. A hand extended towards her, and Ceran stared at it blankly.

Was she to shake it?

She calmly put back her knife in her bag as she prepared to return the handshake, but Xarlota took his hand instead. Ceran was thankful for that - she wasn't used to making physical contact with men.

"Do you four mind handling this situation?"

Ceran's eyes followed the direction where Xarlota was talking about, finding curious-looking lights that bounced softly in the dark.. Those are Defenders?

"Surely you have a few tricks up your sleeve?" Ceran asked Darium. One didn't need violence to win a battle. It was Mother's favorite way to fight.

Xarlota then explained to her about these Defenders. "Ahh.." she nodded. Now she understood why she and Mother never had to worry about them so much. "Well, shall we continue the-"

She was cut short when an arrow pierced through the air between her and Xarlota, narrowly missing her nose. A thud and a twang was heard as it landed on a nearby tree. A milky white smoke sizzled from it, but Ceran had no time to admire it.

"Shooting already?" she hissed, turning to the lights again.

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