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Sat Apr 13, 2013 2:31 am

For those of you who don't know me, I'm Dusty. I've been on Zantarni for a number of years, had a number of different threads, and I've gone by a number of different names (Blue Jay and Scarlet Ibis). My mules are Serah and Ambition.
I have made over 8000 posts.
Blue Jay - 1,821
Scarlet Ibis - 2,387
Dusty - 7,757
Serah - 119
Ambition - 69
Total on December 26, 2015: 12,153

I'm a 23 year old office manager, and I have an amazing boyfriend whom I love dearly.
I'm always looking for art, so if you'd be willing to draw for me, send me a message.

Dragon Age, Star Wars (especially SWTOR & anything relating to Mandalorians), Mass Effect, and Skyrim are probably my top fandoms right now.

Other than that, there's not much to say! I'm pretty friendly, and I love chatting, so feel free to help me keep this thread up!

2/17/18 ~ Thread Revived, Dusty is Back
2/18/18 ~ New Banners & Name, Lists Updated

Goals, updating soon

Links Updating Soon

Anastasia, Tetki, Zinn, lnspire, Toxic Rainbow', Nema, Scarz, Celestrya, Lantis, Glassy, Mouynaka_Senshi, Ryver, Shinigami2, Peregrin Took, Ambiguous, .:.kAt.:., HH, LillieRose, Asami, Non-Toxic,
Kpop_junki, Echolisa, Faded, Mallymkun12, Tivian, Miss Sarah, AnimeLove, Nvs, Paxjah, Lady Miko, Lumi, Ducky_333, Ivykitsami, Lady Ice, ShuggaMagnolia, Anastasia, Death, Epitaph, Tian, Anonymous Donator, Nen, Shuggamagnolia, MungoBoo, keres corvax, x-holy-cross-x, Freodwyn, Cross-Eyed Bunny

Items Needed:
Yorick's Day Wings
Happy Mask
Black Heart Top

** Ask me about my offer on any of these items if you're interested in selling yours!

Items Achieved:
Astrid's Cloak
Black Dinky Horns
Starry Belt
Starry Slippers
White Black Thigh-High Stockings
Black n White Gloves
Skull Shoulderpads
Red Velvet Short Skirt
Black Puffy Shorts
White Heart Fan

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Sat Apr 13, 2013 2:32 am

Pink Mermaid Ankle Fins
Samurai Sword
Minotaur Garment
War Plate Arms
Druidic Staff

Purple Dinky Horns
Blue Dinky Horns
Pink Dinky Horns
Bronze Dinky Horns
Big Green Horns
Big Pink Horns
Big Bronze Horns
Big Red Horns
Elf Moon Pants
Elf Moon Shoes
Dragon Arms
Skull Boots
Skull Armor Shoulder Pad
Dark Armour Helmet (Style 2)
Dragon Wings

Gold Dinky Horns **
Yorick's Day Wings **
Blue Cat Top
Black Cat Top
Red Cat Top
Black Heart Top **
Blue Heart Top
Hurricane **
Happy Mask **
Sad Clown
Moon Mask
Fake Arch Angel Wings

** = Priority, ask me about my offer.

Favorite Avatars coming soon

ps. I hate Photobucket. New art gallery coming soon.

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Sun Apr 14, 2013 3:06 am
*steals first post*

Good luck on your questing Dusty. Heart


*carrying on from your locked thread*

Yeah, I got all kinds of event items from that set. yep yep, I was a crazy posting girly that event. :3

And oh my yes 55k is and was certainly enough. Heart Thank you very much. :3

Awe I wanna see the newest one you drew Heart
1/263 easter eggs
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Sun Apr 14, 2013 2:34 pm
Thanks Keres! Heart

XD That's awesome. :3 Hopefully if we have more of a summer-ish event I'll be able to participate in that more. I just don't have the time with school. XD

You're very welcome. :3

I'll scan it in later and post it. I'm quite proud of her. XD

Art by BettyxMe
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Sun Apr 14, 2013 7:39 pm
Well, tell me have you ever licked a lamppost in winter?
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Sun Apr 14, 2013 11:58 pm
Hi Karla!

-laughs- I haven't actually, there aren't many lamp posts around where I live. XD Though, I did lick one of the icicles hanging off a tree in my yard at one point... Probably had the same effect as licking a lamp post. My tongue got stuck to the icicle and I had to wait for it to melt.
You just made my day by the way. XD

Now that the warm and fuzzy part of the day is over we can get back to the ritual dismemberments. Oh wait, it's not Tuesday is it?

Art by BettyxMe
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Mon Apr 15, 2013 1:18 am
Dragon Age is one of my favorite games. I could sit around just listening to the banter all day.

Some of my favorite ones are:

Flemeth - Such manners! Always in the last place you look, like stockings!

Just about anything from Flemeth really.

Alistair - Yes, but she seems more..."Ooh, pretty colors!" than "Muahaha! I am Princess Stabbity! Stab, kill, kill!" (When you recurte Leliana)

Oghren - That dog! Mangy mongrel. The sodding thing took my pants! But Ill show him. I don't need my pants, anyway. But the dog doesn't know that. And it will be his sodding downfall! (Scoffs and laughs) Asschabs!

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Mon Apr 15, 2013 1:47 am
Same here, I love Dragon Age, Origins and Dragon Age II. Flemeth is always amusing, I love keeping either Alistair, Wynne, and Morrigan or Alistair, Oghren, and Wynne in my group in Origins, just because they're hysterical. In Dragon Age II I keep Fenris, Anders, and either Varric or Isabella around, again because of their banter.

Probably my favorite conversations:
Wynne: (Chuckles) You were watching her. With great interest, I might add. In fact, I believe you were...enraptured.
Alistair: She's our leader. I look to her for guidance.
Wynne: Oh, I see. So what guidance did you find in those swaying hips hmm?
Alistair: No no no, I wasn't looking at...you know her...hind-quarters
Wynne: Certainly.
Alistair: I gazed...glanced, in that direction, maybe, but I wasn't staring...or really seeing anything even.
Wynne: Of course.
Alistair: I hate you. You're a bad person.
Alistair: Soooo, what would you do if someone told you that they loved you?
Wynne: Check their eyesight first, perhaps. Is this someone I should know about?
Alistair: No. I mean, pretend you're a woman...
Wynne: I am a woman, Alistair. That shouldn't be too hard, but I'll give it a try.
Alistair: Ahhh, that's... not what I meant. Just... pretend you're another woman. And someone told you that they loved you. How would you react?
Wynne: Well, that depends. Does this someone just blurt it out? Do I love them back? I need context.
Alistair: I... I don't know if you love them back. Maybe you do. You've... spent a lot of time with this person.
Wynne: Perhaps you need to wait for the right moment? You could get her alone in camp, give her a gift perhaps.
Alistair: Oh, I wasn't talking about me... just... forget I said anything.
Wynne: (Chuckles) As you wish.

Art by BettyxMe
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Mon Apr 15, 2013 6:32 pm
I hope to see more of Flemeth in DA III.
DAII has more banter and conversations than DAO, but I would pick DAO over DAII. It just seems to be deeper, if that makes sence.

My friend says I remind her of Varric because I'm super sarcastic lol.

Any conversation between Alistair and Morgana will be good, most conversations involving Aveline are pretty good, any with Varric.

I play a female rogue in DAO (marry Alistair) and a male Mage in DAII (romance Fenris because I don't like the other options lol)

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Mon Apr 15, 2013 6:43 pm
I hope so too, it'd be interesting to see more of Felmeth/Morrigan and what happens after the Warden chooses to go through with Morrigan's ritual/how that effects Flemeth, ect...

I understand that, I think I like Origins more as well, maybe for me it's my attachment to my characters. I really like the playable origin stories. And, I think the plot line is a bit deeper too, and the bigger map is nice.

I have a couple of different files on each game. XD On Origins, I have two rogues (one is a female noble that married Alistair, the other is a Dalish Elf that is in a romance with Alistair, but I think I'm going to let Anroa rule by herself on that one), and I have a female mage, who hasn't romanced anyone yet (I'm not super far into the game). On DAII, I have a rogue who is romancing Fenris, a warrior romancing Anders, and a mage that is in a romance with Anders. I understand not liking the other options. XD I like Anders, but he's a bit whiney sometimes, and I didn't like how he confronted my rogue about dating Fenris. XD

Art by BettyxMe
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Mon Apr 15, 2013 7:03 pm
//Cauation Spoliers ahead for people who have not played the game//

Well so far the choices in DAO had little effect on DAII. So I'm not sure how the choices in O+II will have on III. I would like to say a huge effect, but think how many different conbinations that would be, maybe a bit too much. :/

Personally I would like a side-chapter. Like...a solo game. A short version of Skyrim if that helps. Where you have a character you make that goes through the events too but in a different location. (Since DAO and DAII are same time just different locations) Maybe meets up with the rest of the characters in DAIII.

I try to go through and play each race/gender/option to see the story in different ways. I did romance every character too. (I felt dirty saying that lol)

Well, you have Anders, Fenris, Isabela, and Merrill.

Merrill and Anders are pretty much a male/female clone of eachother as far as personality goes. I avoid using them.

Isabela is ok, though the one time I tried to romance her, she ditched me and ran away with the stupid book anyway lol. I think I missed a key conversation or something to keep her around.

Merrill is just crazy. I don't even know how to explain her.

Anders, the main reason I don't like him is because he blew up the Chantry and killed the Grand Cleric, who was the only sensible one out of the three leaders (Grand Cleric, Meredith, and Orsino). It was funny because I was at a friends house the frist time I played and was like "if she dies I'm going to be so upset" then BOOM! lol.

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Mon Apr 15, 2013 7:17 pm
//Spoilers in this Post
Yeah, granted, I'm highly amused in DAII when someone references the warden. XD Or something that changed with my file that I uploaded from Origins.
True, but maybe they'll take key elements from both at least.

A side chapter would be interesting.
But yeah, I'd love to see an over lap between O+II and III. I think the game designers hinted somewhere that you might end up finding some of the O/II characters, but they didn't say whether or not they'd be companions.

XD I'm trying to play through as every race, I might try the opposite gender with one of my characters. XD I understand that. I might try romancing the other II characters, but I think Alistair will probably be it for my female warden characters.

Isabella has ditched me all my play throughs of II to date. XD I just can't get enough friendship/rivalry points with her. XD

Merrill amuses me, she's insane, but it's the kind of insane that is amusing to me I suppose. XD

I understand that. XD He annoyed me with that too... It was one of those wait... "Why didn't you blow up Meredith?" moments. I liked the Grand Cleric. I thought about making Anders fight the mages for killing her too, but at the same time, I knew I'd feel guilty for fighting the mages... With my mage. XD

Art by BettyxMe

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Mon Apr 15, 2013 7:30 pm
Yeah, I read that III was going to have some characters from O+II in it. But so far there is not much information about III. We really have no idea what to expect at this point. It would be cool to have the main character from Antiva though. Get to run around in silly overly pretty clothes and stuff lol.

I do try to get through all the options, but after the like fifth play through I need a break lol. I think the most powerful starting option was a female city elf. That story was really...just...wow...a punch in the face?

lol Isabella ditched you too. My friend always picks her and gets her to stay. IDK how. A hack probably lol.

After Anders blew up the Grand Cleric I always sided with the Templars. :/ Even if I was a mage. I fail to see why kill her, when if he had the abality to blow up the Chantry, why not just blow up Meredith lol. Though I didn't like Orsino that much either. I wished he would have blew up Meredith, her boss fight was a pain lol.

In both O and II there were a few options that I did not agree with either choice. Like one was too far in team A and the other was too far in team B. Not saying that one was a Good option an the other was evil, just there was no middle ground.

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Mon Apr 15, 2013 7:44 pm
//Spoilers Agian
That would be cool. XD I'm rooting for the possibility of having an elf or dwarf as a main character again, but I don't think that's incredibly likely.

Yeah, I understand that. I switch between Origins and DAII frequently, and when I get bored with both get on Zantarni and watch Netflix. XD
Yeah, I started a city elf file last night. XD I think I was a little harsh to Cailan when he asked about the Alienage...

XD I don't know how people get her to stay. Maybe I'm too nice? XD My boyfriend had his rogue romance her and she stayed with him. XD But, I don't even know if that would have helped my case. XD

I understand that. XD I like the mages/have some weird attachment to them. Granted, I did think about making a blood mage that sided with the Templars in the end, just for amusement's sake.
Meredith is a pain. XD And Orsino was a weird little mage... Maybe the solution should have been to lock them in a room together and let them kill each other? And then let everyone else go on with their lives. XD

Yeah, I think so too. I think there should have been a middle ground between mages and Templars, and I don't know... Maybe there should have been a save Riodan so neither Alistair or the Warden had to die... Or sleep with Morrigan. XD And, picking between killing/recruiting Loghain or Alistair is a little harsh too.

Art by BettyxMe
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Tue Apr 16, 2013 12:18 am

lol you got your tongue stuck to an icicle. XD I think I would have broke the icicle an brought it inside with me.

1/263 easter eggs
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