The Old Leprechaun
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Wed Mar 20, 2013 6:30 pm
This is my original story for the Leprechuan Story Writing Contest, however, I could not get it under the 750 word limit of the Contest so I am posting it here. . .I hope those who read it will enjoy:


Colleen and Sean had been told stories about Leprechauns all their lives and how that if you are slick enough to catch one they have to give you their treasure. They didn't believe there was any such things as Leprechauns but the stories were always fun and interesting.

They didn't believe in Leprechauns, that is, until today. As they were taking a shortcut through the woods to get to Colleen's Grandmother's house, they saw him.

Not the young creature with red hair that they always heard about, this one was older. His grey hair still carried a hint of the fieriness of its youth and his green clothing was a bit more threadbare than they had been told a Leprechaun's should be.

When he saw them, the creature took off apparently heading toward the stream, so Sean, who was the fastest runner, took off to try to head him off. Colleen kept right on the creatures tail, making sure that he was paying attention to her and hoping he hadn't noticed Sean's absence.

She smiled when she heard Sean yell out, "I have him, Colleen, I have him."

The lass giggled when she saw Sean holding on the squirming bundle. "Let me go! Let me go!" The creature yelled.

"No, we caught you fair and square and you have to give us your treasure." Sean held him more tightly.

The Leprechaun stopped squirming and sighed, "All right, all right, ye caught me fair and square," he paused to take a deep breath, "Let me go and I'll give ye my treasure."

Sean looked to Colleen, "Do we trust him?" The lass bent to look at their catch, who was now panting.

"Sean, go ahead and let him go. . .he doesn't look well." Sean started to say, "Are you sure. . ." when he saw the look of concern on her face. He sighed and let the Leprechaun go.

The creature sat down on the ground and was trying to catch his breath. Colleen sat beside him and offered him her canteen.

He eyed her suspiciously, then bowed his head slightly and took a drink and then poured a little on his head.

Looking from Colleen to Sean, then back to Colleen, he bowed his head, "Thank ye, Miss Colleen. I am in yer debt."

Sean sat down beside Colleen, ever vigilant in case the Leprechaun took off again. "You're welcome. . ." Colleen said, "Are you all right?"

"Other than being old and out of shape, I am well Lass. I had forgotten how fast children could be and I didn't think anyone would be in the woods today." He tried to straighten his disheveled hair, "I be Patsy O'Hoolihan."

Colleen giggled as she had not expected an introduction, "I am Colleen Fitzpatrick, and my friend here is Sean O'Boyle." She smiled, "It is a pleasure to meet you Patsy."

Patsy handed the canteen back and closed his eyes a moment. "There was a day ye would not have been able ta catch me. . .when I was young, I was the fleetest afoot. . ."

He chuckled, "and I made the finest whiskey in the land. . .none could compare." He opened his eyes, But ye not be interested in all that now are ye?"

Sean moved a little closer as Colleen answered up, "Why would you say that, Patsy?"

The creature chuckled again, "Well, perhaps because ye both chased me down ta catch me and ta get my gold. . ."

Colleen smiled, "Well, we did do that, Patsy. . .up until today, we didn't even think that Leprechauns were real." She brushed a few stray hairs away from her eyes. "I'd love to hear your stories." Sean reluctantly nodded, "Me, too."

Patsy smiled and there was a twinkle in his eyes that wasn't there before. He told them of how he once put a dye in the town's drinking water and it turned everyone's tongue blue and how he once took Widow Brown's unmentionables and hung them up in front of the Blacksmith's shop. He had even added his famous whiskey to the tea for the town's social and how everyone loved the tea that year.

The children chuckled and smiled at each story, realizing that some of the stories they had heard before, though not from the perspective of a Leprechaun. The afternoon passed by quickly. Colleen was just about ready to tell Patsy that they had to go when a small voice was heard calling out.

"Grandfather. . .Grandfather, are ye there?" Patsy sighed and stood up, "Over here, little one."

Both Colleen and Sean's eyes grew wide as a small faerie landed close to Patsy. "Grandfather, what are you doing out here? Mother will not be pleased."

She looked up at Colleen and Sean, "And have you been filling their heads with nonsense?" She shook here head.

Patsy stood with his hands on his hips, "Now hush, little one, yer mother need not know I was out and I was just tellin' Colleen and Sean a few stories is all."

The little faerie took his hands, "come along then, we must get back before mother notices you're gone."

The Leprechaun sighed and looked to the children, "I am sorry, I must be off." Colleen and Sean stood up.

"Thank you for the wonderful stories Patsy," Colleen said, "It was a pleasure meeting you." Even Sean smiled, "Yes, thank you."

Patsy turned to go and stopped, "I always pay my debts," he reached into his pocket and pulled out two gold coins and tossed one to each of the children. "I may not have much treasure, but I gave ye my word." And as the children thanked him, he and the little faerie disappeared.

Colleen and Sean smiled and pocketed their coin and headed off to Colleen's Grandmother's house. When they got there, they told her Grandmother about Patsy and his stories and the little faerie. Colleen's Grandmother smiled.

"And did he give you his treasure?" Both children smiled as they pulled the coins from their pocket and set them on the table. "One gold coin each. . .that's all he gave you?"

She shook her head, "It looks like Patsy had the last laugh on you two. . .he's the King of the Leprechauns and he only gave you a coin each."

Colleen, "No Grandmother, he gave us a treasure worth more than all the gold in Ireland. . .he took the time to tell us his stories. . .he spent the afternoon with us and even though we didn't demand his treasure at the end, he gave us each a gold coin before disappearing."

Sean chuckled as he took Colleen's hand, "and best of all, he gave us a story that we can pass to our children." Colleen blushed as her Grandmother's mouth gaped open and the table crashed to the floor spilling piles of gold coins about the room.

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Thu Mar 21, 2013 7:57 pm
I love this. Thank you for sharing the full version of your contest entry, my Love. *smiles*
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