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Mon Oct 31, 2011 8:22 pm
Now you know why Finland formerly had the best education system in the world. (China and something else took over the positions, we're still up there in the top though).

At the same time during 3.5 years we study having our own company/firm, do the intern stuff and study all the economics and general stuff as well. Efficiency. Then again our vocational college is pretty... BLOODY rad.
It's probably everywhere a good paying profession, accountancy.

Yup! That we were! Every half an hour was a tour in the toilet to empty our bladders xD Had about a week of time so... yeah. Was fun.

I don't have anyone to share anything with, never did and most likely never will. So that would be an all new thing for me. I do enjoy being alone more than most people. Most people here are the ones who get butt-drunk and moan about petty love matters all the time and such. I got two friends of which the other one is a similar loser like I am and the other isn't. All of us understand what ***** it is.
The social one of course does get butt-drunk but they do some funny and fun stuff instead.

We don't really pretend much, and I'm happy with that. Mostly fun moments with us, just about everythings fine between us and our silly little friend circle of three persons + 1 + some more.
In High School we had a little group name and the other two drew lots of comedic comics about it.
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Mon Oct 31, 2011 8:41 pm
Hmm yeah, but now I wonder. What level is it that you're doing the accountancy. You said you're at your last year, but you're eighteen right? In the Netherlands you have several levels of education and you get a pretty wide spread of general education in "highschool". That's twelve to sixteen and up to eighteen. I think Dutch education is at a good world level. I know you can get into pretty much any uni in the world if you decide to go abroad without going through extensive entrance exams and such.

Eek gawd, why do you like so many bathroom breaks xD

Hey now, a friend can be a loved one too...So what you're saying is that you actually have people to share such things with xD Lucky man! Wink

I don't see my highschool friends anymore -le sigh- I think I don't even want to see them all. I actually only liked one from the three. She's always been quite honest and had the same general interests. Now, I only talk with her via messenger and the yearly or so get together. My childhood friend clung and the people from uni and several temp job co workers xD

Doood, you shouldn't call yourself a loser. You ain't one. Grrrr... -headbutts- Don't be so silly -pokey poke-

Joined 20 sept. '06
Engaged on 20-12-2012, became a mum on 29th of June '16
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Mon Oct 31, 2011 8:51 pm
You know how seldom I actually use bathroom... Every second day I take a dumb and I take a **** about once a day xD Sometimes more, but usually this seldom.

Nah, can't really share stuff with them friends I have. Don't really have anything to share either, or anything have to speak of.
And I am still not a lucky man.
I meant the loser to not be literal. More like a stereotype of "Those anti-social dudes who mostly play games at their home and laugh at memes all day". Not the actual losers xD

I'm glad I don't see the lot of people I know. Actually I only see one at school because he's studying the same stuff I am on the same classes. Yes the other "loser". He plays all Nintendo games on Xbox, Wii and those... I play all the PC games and RPGs and the stuff that are best on PC.
The other's busy with college (not vocational) and getting drunk and making homebrew booze. They're actually pretty successful, t'was good. :3

Level? I don't think we even have levels. The normal college has Magna Cum Laude and those shizzles, we don't. And I'm glad of that. After I'm done with the school, I'll get work and gather some money before running off to army. After army I'll move out and continue studying what I have dreamed of... game programming and the kind.
See I received good news today, I don't need any other separate grade in anything else, as long as I have completed this last year and gotten through.
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Tue Nov 01, 2011 7:42 am
I'm guessing you meant dump and leak ^^' Ermm, yeah, sounds unhealthy to me. Do you get any fluids other than coffee? O.o

And yeah, I kinda figured you meant that...Those people who are anti social and play games and look at memes all day aren't losers imo. They're just a different brand of people. My bf looks at memes all day, sends them over randomly throughout the day and can laugh at them for ages. Even ones he has seen several times. Like this meme they got with a dog on a phone. I have no clue why that cracks him up every time he sees it, but it makes me happy that he's happy...and I think that anti social part isn't that bad. You're just not comfortable with everyone. You seem to do fine with people you know...Sometimes, I'm anti social too. For instance I tend to ignore people when they say really stupid things -read people who are spoiled and say stuff about others they don't even know-. I'm a jerk like that. Anylo, that has gotten me into the 'authistic' box a few times, but I explain it to people when they simply ask me my reasons for ignoring someone.

Oh homebrew, huh? What kind? I know a few people who make beer and wine. Don't really like either of the drinks that much, so can't give an opinion on that. They seem good to drink, though xD

Ah right, you told me about the army stuff. I see, then I guess that explains. Here, you can't be a full blown legit accountant at your age. They probably won't even hire one as young as you, because you don't have several years of actual business experience (not tied to school that is).

Joined 20 sept. '06
Engaged on 20-12-2012, became a mum on 29th of June '16
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Tue Nov 01, 2011 12:22 pm
Sush, you know I had a really horrible state of mind and feeling overall. I felt very sick and my head was pounding and aching.

I do fine with people online xD That's true. That's just because I have time to think what I say and I can actually speak all kinds of random stuff. If done in reality... yeah I best now. One needs a decryption device within the head to understand what I'm going at xD I either mumble to myself (but that's when I really do mumble for myself) or I talk too fast and people are left confused and literally "behind".
Your honey would probably crack at all the stuff I have. xD

Spirits... moonshine... you know. All the nice stuff xD Now that I thought of them I got thirsty again. Annoying. Thankfully there's pineapple soda in the fridge!

That's a shame. Of course people are less likely to hire young people and especially ones who don't have a year full of experience. But luckily, they're sort of short in accountants.
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Wed Nov 02, 2011 7:17 am
xD True true, all is forgiven.

The bf loves a lot of memes and those short comics. He got a whole daily routine, checking out threads on his fav site.

Ah but everyone needs some decryption at times. The bf can be totally out there with his mathematical stuff and I'm making odd connections that needs deciphering as well. It's good that you have it.

Spirits? Wow, that's having some skills. Those can be tricky to make. Hope he knows what he's doing and not making the poisonous variety xD

Well yeah, they're always needed. Not many love to work with numbers >.<

Joined 20 sept. '06
Engaged on 20-12-2012, became a mum on 29th of June '16
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Sun Jan 06, 2013 6:31 pm
Ack! I've been gone for quite awhile. I'm very sorry for not being here for so long.
Having friends by your side is better than traveling alone through life.

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