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Mon Apr 25, 2011 8:18 pm
Thorin appreciated Misaki's help with gathering the horses and feeding them. He was partly relieved that she agreed with him. But he couldn't shrug that uneasy feeling off. He grabbed the reins from her and stayed with the horses when she walked away. Following her with his eyes to where she seated herself in front of the tavern. He then turned and walked to the fence he had seen earlier. Fastening the horses, then mounting the bucket with oat close by. Water was easily obtainable from a trench. So he didn't make any effort with that. He stayed with the horses for a minute or so. Petting the black stallion that had transported him from Lanoken and thinking about the confusing situation he was in. He then mustered all of his courage and walked to the entrance of the tavern. Stopping at the short flight of stairs. 'Why are you that negative, Misa? You can be anyone you want outside of the convent. Why don't you understand that?' He said when he reached her. 'I just don't get that at all. You keep sticking with those negative thoughts. I mean. I love the convent and the people there, but I still see the potential out in this world. There are just so many people we can meet. So many things we can discover and experience.' He walked up to the door and halted in front of it. 'Misa, it's your call if you want to run all of your life. But don't drag me with it. Don't make me run after you time and time again, because I'm just not the man you are looking for if you want that.' He said honestly. 'You say you like me, love me...If so then stop doing such petty things. Don't make me worry, because you want to do whatever you feel like. Do that and you don't really understand what a relationship is. Not even friendship.' Thorin slowly pushed the door open and stepped in.
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Mon Apr 25, 2011 8:32 pm

Otis was talking with his friend Malakai and Levy.
They were sitting in a table, waiting for Thorin and Misaki. Otis his Malakai with his arm and moved his head up, pointing Thorin
-Where's Misaki, Thorin?-
He asked

Misaki was sitting on the stairs, thinking of what He had just said.. She walked under a tree, outside the tavern and in front of it, near the horses...
She sat there and watched the sky... It was a cloudy afternoon, maybe soon it'll rain...
She wanted to stay alone.. She didn't want to enter and smile to all, after having known the truth from Thorin's mouth.. She wanted to stay alone and think...
She only wanted to walk in the tavern and kiss Thorin, telling him He was the only man she thought about...
She wanted to tell him how her life in the convent was VERY different... How all the Orders followers, included Bashir, were afraid of her.. How she felt about it.. How Thorin was wrong about how beautiful the world was.. She could hear people thoughts... And the most percentage of them were BAD thoughts... She wanted to tell him that she had NEVER had a nice dream in all her life... When her eyes was closed, she couldn't sleep... She felt in a nightmare, in the night were her family was killed and her mother raped... How she'd never slept well in the last five years... How she tried to sleep... But never sleep more then few hours per night... She though a lot of time to die, to suicide... But she had never had the courage to do it...
She knew if she tried to tell all the truth to Thorin, he probably slapped her face and yelled at her.. But HE WAS LUCKY! He had never to live with such a pain on him...
She just sat under the willow, with her head on her knees and thinking...
She would have becoming a shell... a doll..
She would have never talked or reacted if not asked...
She only wanted to stay alone and think...

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Wed Apr 27, 2011 9:55 pm
'She's still outside. Let her be. I probably gave her some facts about life, that she needs to think over. And I talked about the infatuation she's having on me.' Thorin looked at Otis. 'I don't know if you are being serious about Misaki, but if you aren't then cut the crap. She's too young for you and just confused, because she recently left this secluded compound without the proper guidance.' He flopped down on a chair and looked at the three men. 'I told her to leave if she wants and that I'm not going to stop her if she does.' Thorin made a movement with his fingers towards the bartender. Signing him for two more beers. One for him and one for Levy because the man was eying his empty glass with a brooding expression. 'I know what you're thinking Levy, but we can't keep an eye on her all the time. She needs to learn what it means to be responsible. To think about others and place herself in their shoes for once.' Thorin rubbed his neck, then nodded at the waitress who brought the drinks. 'Malakai, your offer really made me rethink my whole life. The fact that I'm actually really thinking about taking you up on that offer makes me realize that I need to see more of this world.' He took a sip from his drink and fingered the glass. 'I want to catch that pyro. That I know for sure, but I want to live too. I get the feeling that the Order has too much of a strict policy. The people I've met thus far seem hessitant to voice their opinions around people of the Order. Look at you guys. You live outside of Order territory and you're great.'
Malakai laughed at Thorin's last statement. Oh yes, they were fine fellows indeed. 'What did you expect? Wild rampaging men who have no sense of honor? Killing people and ransacking villages? Brutes? We just abhor the rules of the Order. That's it.'
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Mon May 02, 2011 10:05 am

Otis listened what He said
-Thorin, don't worry.. She tripped and found herself on me and she kissed me..-
He smiled
-But We know she's in love with you, Thorin... But yes, She's young and she needs time.. In particular now that she's outside the convent...-
He drank some beer
-But you've to understand her, Thorin... You both lived in the same convent, but probably you two were treated differently..-
He sighed
-She said to me that all people she met were afraid of her powers.. I think it's normal.. I mean.. If someone knows her abilities could probably die of fear... OR if someone similar the Pyro.. well this one could use her abilities to his purposes-
He finished to drink his beer and asked for another one
-You probably were the pride of the Convent.. But you've to think of what she could have passed... She said her family was killed and a young Order follower found her and took her in the convent... The background story behind her is way different of yours.. You were probably sent to the convent to be safe and learn their laws and so on...-
He stretched himself in the chair
-I remembered when I was in the Order convent me too-
He smiled
-But they kicked me off when they continuously found me in females dormitory-
He laughed, a lot...

Misaki was under the willow, looking at the sky and thinking... She remained in that condition for few minutes, when a squirrel came near her.
She smiled at him
-You know, life is so complicated-
The squirrel jumped on her legs and she petted him
-You're so lucky, my little friend..-
He went to her shoulder and she gave him a cookie she had in her pocket. He started to eat it and she smiled.
She stood up and entered in the tavern with the little squirrel on her shoulder.
Before entering she dried her eyes, she calmed herself and entered with a smile.
She saw the other men and sat next to Levy.
The little squirrel jumped on the table. She took him in her hands
She took the squirrel and put him on her legs.
Giving him a little piece of bread.
The waitress came and asked to Misaki what she wanted
-I'd like a fruit juice and...-
She blushed
-a piece of cherry cake, please-
The waitress signed the order and asked the others what they wanted.

Otis smiled at Misaki
-You've a new furry friend, I see-
He ordered
-A rare beef steak with roast potatoes... And some sweet and sour sauce. A red wine bottle... And... a piece of cherry cake for me too.. Thanks-
He smiled to the waitress who blushed.
She asked to the other men about their orders..

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Tue May 03, 2011 9:26 pm
Thorin shook his head. 'I wasn't sent there. My parents died a long time ago. Bashir raised me from the moment I got into the convent. There are a lot of kids who don't have any family. You should have taken the time to befriend the people there. Almost everyone I know has been orphaned and placed into the care of the senior guardians.' Thorin glared at Otis. He didn't agree with his whole attitude. Misaki tripping and falling on his lips. Staying there for quite some time before freeing herself from the other man? Who would believe that story after seeing such a scene. He wasn't an idiot. Thorin was getting annoyed at him, then watched Malakai who was just staring at him with a small smile on his lips. He mouthed something. Thorin frowned. What was he trying to say...Cute? He was joking right? Thorin opened his mouth to reply, but saw Misaki entering the tavern. He smiled at her. Glad that she hadn't run like the times before. He listened to her order and that of Otis, then looked at Levi and Malakai who nodded for him to go first. 'Well I'd like some beef stew please and a piece of bread to go with that. Wholewheat with sunflower and pumpkin seeds, please.' Thorin gestured to Malakai.

'Ahhh, a pitcher of wine and a pitcher of water...And some steak with mashed potatoes, fried vegetables and the union gravy.' Malakai looked at Levy and smiled. He listened the man ordering a very big meal for himself. Malakai could barely keep his laughter in. He looked at Thorin and went on teasing him. Licking his lips before he moved his mouth without making a sound. 'You...are...cute.' He scratched Misaki's squirrel and made small circular motions in his fur, while watching Thorin. He just couldn't resist teasing the boy. 'We're they going to stay the night here?' He wondered.
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Tue May 03, 2011 9:38 pm

Levy laughed
-Otis, how could you be so thin? You eat tons of food and you're always thin-
Then he ordered for grilled fish and salad with wine and water.

Otis smiled
-And why are you taking girly food?-
Levy and Otis laughed harder this time.

Misaki looked at them incredible and she looked Malakai in a sort of jealous way...
She snorted when she saw Malakai watching Thorin, in a mischievous way.
-It's better to sleep in the tavern... At least for you boys...-
She drank some water and gave more bread pieces to her new furry friend
-Me and Zipper will sleep in the villager house. He asked me if I wanted to sleep in his house... He's the only male, so for me it's better to stay there... Else 'cause I don't know... I feel strange things in my mind...-
She blushed
-Well.. saying something like this makes me feeling like a psycho!-
She giggled.
The first waitress arrived with Misaki food.
She thanked her and then she looked at her companions
-Do you mind if I start to eat? It's so yummy and hot!-
She blushed

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Wed May 04, 2011 7:53 pm
'Thank you.' Thorin said with a smile. He took the plates from the waitress and looked how she walked away towards the kitchen. She was obviously trying to get Thorin's attention by swaying her hips back and forth. 'Well someone needs some attention.' He chuckled then turned to Malakai. 'Don't you fancy her Malakai? She's really beautiful. Maybe you can bother her for a while and get off my back.' Thorin broke a piece from his loaf of bread and leaned back. Dipping the bread in the beef stew. He leered at Malakai while he dipped then turned his gaze to Misaki. The glare changing in a slight smile. 'Do you really want to stay with the farmer? You don't even know the guy? Where does he live exactly?' He blew on the bread and tested with his tongue if it was hot. 'You don't think it's odd to go sleep with a total stranger in his house without anyone keeping an eye out? And there I thought our little talk had made an impact on you.' He shook his head, then grabbed the pitcher of wine and poured a large quantity in his own glass. Thorin swallowed the bread then took a good swig of wine as if it was water.

'Well by all means Thorin. Go right ahead and pour yourself a glass of my wine.' Malakai smiled playfully at what he saw. 'Would you like a bit more?' He offered the wine to Thorin. 'I would really like to see that face of yours without a frown for once. Misa, do go to that stranger's house. That would be such a smart thing to do while Thorin and me have some fun.' Malakai licked his lips at the thought and proceeded to pour himself a glass, before it was too late and all the wine was down Thorin's throat. Malakai took the offered food and placed it on the table. He cut his meat and was quite happy to see that it was still red on the inside. Then started to eat.
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Wed May 04, 2011 8:29 pm

Misaki stood up and looked at Malakai in angry way
-You stupid man, do whatever you want with him! And about what you said-
She looked at Thorin
-Before saying something stupid. reflect! I saw one of his daughter! She was the only friend I had in the convent! This is why I accepted!-
She took Zipper and put him on her shoulder. She put her money on the table
-I paid my meal. I've enough!-
She walked away
-No, Otis. Stay there! I don't need ANYONE! As I always did, I prefer to stay only with myself. Tomorrow morning we can go ahead to my sister ship. Once we're there, our way will be divided!-
She stood in front of the door, leaving her back to Thorin and the other men. She was crying
-I though you were different, but it's not...
Malakai... Next time you try to do or talk to me, make you think you're a little stupid crying twelve girl! Understood?-
She walked outside. Caroline was there.
-What happened, Misa?
-Nothing, Caroline, It's ok-
She smiled and hugged her friend.
They entered in her house. They sit and started to talk...

Otis shook his head and look to his friend
-Malakai, you're a such great bas*tard!-
Levy nodded; Otis continued
-You know Misaki is in love with you and you continue to joke with the fire... Never been a female's enemy, in particular if this female is a teenager and has powers too!-
He shook his head
-You're sometimes an idiot!-
Otis sighed and drank some more wine
-And You Thorin.. Before attacking her, next time, count to ten.. I told you before!-
He put a hand on his head

Levy shook his head
-This time Otis has a point! Never being a female's enemy.. I know it very well! My daughter is a teenager too... She's similar to her..-
He smiled
-I can't wait to hug my family.. And eat my wife's delicacies-
He watched Malakai and Thorin
-You don't really know ho to act with female...-
He rolled his eyes
-Malakai, you should calm your hormones! And I don't mean with Thorin!!-

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Wed May 11, 2011 10:31 am
Thorin looked at both of the men who had scolded him for his actions. 'Otis...Levy...I'm just tired with her assumptions. I can't read her mind, nor should any one else have to. She's maybe used to it, because she has that power. But I'm just a normal person when it comes to empath abilities. Misaki assumed that I would know that he had a daughter she knew. That is something she simply could have told me and I would have no reason whatsoever to be worried. Instead she just jumped the gun and bolted. Like she always does. Bashir made me her babysitter, but I'm not doing it anymore. I just had a stern talk with her, but she obviously hasn't listened.' Thorin poured himself another glass of wine. He wanted to get drunk and forget his worry for the girl. Worrying and taking care of someone else wasn't his duty. He wasn't a guardian at the Convent...yet. There would be a time when he would settle down and teach a new group of prodigies to follow the teachings of the Order, but that time wasn't now. It was his time to shine and live. Yes it certainly was. Thorin gripped the glass and swallowed the wine down in one go, then he repositioned himself on the chair. Taking a spoon and eating from the stew, while he dipped some bread with his other hand. He leered at Malakai. 'I'm not your plaything, Malakai. Whether or not I take you up on that offer. It's my choice to do something or not.' Thorin shoved some more bread in his mouth and watched how Malakai filled his empty glass.

Malakai laughed at Otis. 'Look who's talking! You're the one who stuck his tongue in the girl! I'm maybe a naughty and playful jerk, but I don't get off by being a hypocrite.' He looked at Levy. 'Teenagers can be fickle, captain. As a father you know that you can't be too willing to please each and every whim your children have. In this case, Misaki should give it a rest. She has her first crush on the boy. It doesn't mean she can put a stamp on him like he's her property. She should be glad it's me who's toying with him. Think what might happen if it's a girl of her own age. Imagine that girl to be sent out with them and Thorin actually liking that girl more than her.'

Thorin choked on his stew when he heard that. He swallowed everything in his mouth and started to agree. 'You're right. It would be very likely that I'd like that other girl more. Misa, makes me want to pull my hair out or break something. You know how many times I wanted to use my powers to skewer or break something? Gods, she has no idea what she does to me with her behavior. I haven't had this much problems with my ability since my first classes with Bashir.'
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Sat Jan 07, 2012 11:51 pm

After few minutes, Misaki remembered that she left her little pocket in the chair where she sat, in the tavern.
She said to her friend to wait her with the new little squirrel and she lef tthe house.
She ran to the tavern. She heard thinkings of all the three men, her companions, and she turned red.
She went near Thorin, without having the courage to look at him.. She took her pocket and, before leaving,
she said to him, in his mind
I'm so sorry.. I know that I'm a pain.. But I don't know what's happening to me..
She sat outside the tavern, continuing to talk to Thorin, in his mind
When I wsa in the convent, I wasn't so... well I hadn't this bad behaviour... But now my powers are growing up and I can't control all of them... sometimes I feel pains for that... And sometimes I can't control myself...
She sighed, loking at the sky
Ya know... you're lucky...
She started to cry...

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Fri Mar 09, 2012 3:25 pm
Thorin froze, when he saw the men staring at him. Well not so much at him, but past him. Behind him. His spoon hanging in the air and the bread halfway to his mouth. "Crap." He thought, then said aloud. "She's back isn't she?" He didn't even need an answer. He could see it in their faces and before he could turn to look, he saw Misa's hand reaching out beside him. Grabbing the little satchel, she had obviously forgotten. Thorin opened his mouth to speak. To apologize for his behavior, because talking about someone behind their back wasn't nice. Not nice at all. Before he could utter a single word, he heard Misaki's voice in his mind. A soft whisper emerged in pain. He cringed, feeling like a total jerk. She was apologizing to him. Apologizing for her powers. He knew how it felt. Knew what it was to lose it. He'd never guessed it was that bad with her, though. Ascribed her emotional behavior to...well to her being her. Spoiled, selfish and not to her growing powers.
He lowered his spoon and placed the bread back on his plate, then pushed himself back from the table. Rubbing his face to prepare himself for the conversation that was coming. He stood slowly, then walked outside. Silently nearing the crying girl before he sat next to her.
He placed his arm around her shoulders, pulling her close. "You know, I really don't like it when you do that. I feel violated afterwards." Referring to her mental intrusion. "But you know..." He said gently. "This time. This time I don't mind it at all." Then sighed. "I wish Bashir had prepared me. Told me about your...issues." He tilted her chin towards him and looked Misaki in the eyes. " wish you had told me earlier."

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