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Queen of the Realm
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Sun Jul 11, 2010 1:28 pm
*peeks in* ZINN! Good to see you!

*waves to everyone before jumping on Tisiel in the pillow pile Twisted Evil *

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Sun Jul 11, 2010 2:00 pm
ACK!! **sputters and flails** Shocked
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Sun Jul 11, 2010 7:08 pm
*sneakflutters in for a moment* Cool
Lady-Sir Lene of the Pink Pixels & the Knightly Pixeling Queen
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Sun Jul 11, 2010 7:27 pm
*snickers* Laughing
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Queen of the Realm
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Sun Jul 11, 2010 7:34 pm
LENE!!! *tackles*
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Sun Jul 11, 2010 8:44 pm
~tackles Lene before she even pops into the Musings~ Cause I'm just that gewd Cool
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Sun Jul 11, 2010 9:32 pm
*flutterfalls after Ivy's tackle attack* XD LOL!!
- Awwww, I've been noticed.

Lady-Sir Lene of the Pink Pixels & the Knightly Pixeling Queen
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Sun Jul 11, 2010 11:12 pm
**Flyingpounces Lene and Ivy**
LENE'S BACK!! **hugsquishes** Love

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Queen of the Realm
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Mon Jul 12, 2010 12:20 am
interrupts with a Musings Archive, #17, Alex's Reign

Sorry about this - I should have done this several days ago, but it's time to archive this mess and start new on the front page! Yes

    [July 2] Zantarni's Mine!! All Miiiiinnnnneeeeeee!! *Mwuahahaaaaaa* ...errrm... what I mean to say is that I've assumed ownership of Zantarni and hope to help it achieve its potential.... *snickers and goes back to plotting and scheming*

    [June 28] School's out, we're seeing the return of some of our college-aged-and-enrolled-players and ... ummm... yeah. *runs around plotting and scheming*

    [June 12] *contemplates the state of the world and ponders* Well, things are certainly a bit weird in Zantarni these days! Zan Musings took 9 months to cover 400 pages and finally reach the 5,000 page benchmark (that would have taken no more than a week not long before then!), and a celebratory contest giving away millions of Zgold didn't spark even the slightest bit of interest. Players -and posts- are kind of "hit or miss" but there's still a great core of people here. The recent DIs featuring "kid dress up items" has a love/hate relationship with many of the players and things are generally all quiet on the Zantarni front... well, kinda... Twisted Evil
    Paganbeer wrote:
    All right, what's going on? I see Meldrick (who to my knowledge has never been female) selling a bra in the Black Market, and Scarz is running around referring to himself in the diminutive third person and lisping. I barely recognize the place... Confused

    [June 2, P5K update] We're celebrating reaching 5,000 pages (and then some!) in Zan Musings!

    Arrow Video from Lord Scarz to celebrate P5K

    Arrow A giftie from Musings' very own Bard, Sceadu Phoenix:

    Sceadu Phoenix wrote:
    It started just like all things new;
    A good idea was given form
    And, nurtured first by just a few,
    The thread of Zan Musings was born.

    The users tended it with care
    With many topics of their own
    Then more and more began to share
    Now look at how this thread had grown!

    With laughter, smiles, frowns and tears
    This thread was brought to heights most grand
    Bedecked with pillows, chandeliers,
    A table, chairs, and music stand!

    Alas, this thread would find a foe
    A thoughtless, masquerading one.
    With stolen power, aiming low,
    They rendered all our work undone.

    With shaken heart and troubled mind
    The users gradually rebuilt
    But once again, that foe unkind
    Caused all of their hard work to wilt.

    Again we rallied and began
    To nourish Zan Musings Mk 3.
    The foe was ousted, so they ran,
    And we were given some safety.

    And now, now after all that time,
    It once again stands proud and tall
    And so inspires me to rhyme
    And to, in turn, share with you all.

    All hail the Musers, all hail Blaze
    Our hostess, kind and full of cheer,
    Here’s hoping that the coming days
    Will find you all still posting here.

    [June 2] JUNE? Already? Where has the time gone? Ok, so I know a lot of you are finishing up school, or celebrating the end of school, or dealing with the fall-out of no more school for a while (or all of the above), but c'mon on and help us celebrate the approaching 5,000 pages benchmark. We're having contests and give-aways and (hopefully) some fun along the way... but you'll have to come in and post to find out what that might be!!

    ... and oh yeah, June's DIs should be released shortly Wink

    [May 30] Ok, I've not bothered with regular updates here just because there hasn't been much activity to update ON lately. That said, Zan Musings is approaching another thread benchmark... 5,000 pages!!... and we'd like you to celebrate with us! Come, post, and see what goodies the celebration may have in store!!

    [May 4] Oh good grief! Where IS everyone? I've been swamped with RL things (yes, still), but it seems I'm not the only one... drop a post, let us know you're alive, everyone!!

    [April 12] April birthdays are upon us all... it seems the land is overcome with April babies including (if I can remember): Holy-Cross, Fehvy, Asami, Ducky, and myself! Happy birthday to one and all! Heart

    [April 1] Wow! April is here already! I'm not quite sure how that happened, or what it means... or even what's been going on lately due to being so completely swamped iRL, but it is a new month, a new Season, and that usually means new things to celebrate! Come join Musings as we continue our discussions of what's new, what's not-so-new, and everything inbetween!

    [March 3] We have new DIs of a Japanese theme, along with an adorable little tiger cub, and a new shop update... my oh my! What a way to begin the month of March! Shocked

    [Feb.19] The Valentine's Day event is now officially ended. We hope you've enjoyed the event and made good use of the slight extension! The VDay shop should be available until Sunday at about 4pm EST, at which point it should disappear... so please spend any Vday currency you still have before then! The Vday contest results will be announced shortly (the Avatar Contest has already posted the results) and .... that's about it! XD

      Due to the site lag that we've been experiencing on and off through the event, we are happy to announce a slight extension for Zantarni's Valentine's Day event!

    • Event Ends: Friday Feb. 19 @ 4pm EST/US

    • Event Shop: will remain up until Sunday Feb. 21 at about 4pm EST/US

    Actual times may be adjusted slightly (we'll let you know)

    Oh! And the Event Contest results should be announced shortly as well... good luck to everyone who's entered!

    [Feb.9] The Zantarni Valentine's Day Event has been announced, and currency is dropping! Collect the cute little heart candies to redeem in the Special Event Shop (which will be posted soon) - there are a lot of things being crammed into that little shop... >.>

    [Feb.8]Well, well, well... it's that time of year again, isn't it... and we have Valentine's Day contests posted and ready for participants to join! Go check 'em out:
    A new banner is on its way, as well as an official Zantarni Valentine's Day Event, so keep your eyeballs peeled (ewwwww XD) and ... and... something... and come chat about all of this with us! XD

    [Feb.1] Happy February, Zantarni!

    One of our regular Musers is interested in polishing up one of her skills and has made the following offer to Musers:

    bohemian wrote:
    *clears throat for a little announcement*

    As of next weekend, (6th/7th of February) Bo will be offering some Tarot/Oracle card readings to people who visit the Musings thread. For now this is a bit of practice for Bo, so Bo will make it free for the time being. Razz
    And for those of you who may be curious or interested (assuming you get this far down in my post Razz), Yes, we are planning a Valentine's Day event - starting next week!

    [Jan. 22] Well, we Knights are still escaping the attempts to be "basketized" and I have a question for everyone...
    Arrow Question: How many of you have yourself -or know of other Zan citizens- who have Youtube accounts and are able to create and upload videos? Come post and let me know!
      Poll Results (posted Feb.8 ): Do you Youtube?
      Oh Yes!! I upload videos there constantly! 4% [ 2 ]
      Although I have an account, I don't upload videos much 63% [ 28 ]
      I don't have an account there, but will make one for a good reason 0% [ 0 ]
      I don't have an account and can't/won't make one 0% [ 0 ]
      I go to watch the videos but don't have an account 29% [ 13 ]
      I avoid the place like the plague 0% [ 0 ]
      Other (please post in Musings!) 2% [ 1 ]

    [Jan. 19] Many folks seem to still be having a lot of fun with the new DIs, and daily life in Edingtol goes on. In a random twist of Musings conversation, some Musers have started taking guesses what the next "basket of ___" will be. Some have suggested it will be a basket of Glendors. Some have suggested a basket of bananas or of spiders (ewwww!), and one has suggested a "Basket of Knights" (*stares at Lanatin*)...

    [Jan. 14] The DIs have made it to the DI shop and will be available for January *and* February [Announcement] (Although that seems a bit redundant since I posted the announcement XD). The DIs are:

      Half Capes

      Curly Horns

    There's also an update of matching vests and pants in the Tailor's Shop

    AND the Smuggler's Shop should now also be fixed, allowing each player to purchase 3 things from the shop within 24 hours.

    Wow. XD

    [Jan. 13] January's DIs are pretty much ready to go and they should be making an appearance in the DI shop soon. In the meantime, I'm curious to see what ideas you have about what they may be... come! Tell me!
    Arrow[Afternoon Update] Smuggler update: It is now possible to buy 3 items from the Smuggler within 24 hours instead of 1.

    [Jan. 7]While much of the country is experiencing c-c-coooolld weather (so much for Global Warming, huh?! XD), we're sharing a nice comfy virtual fire and hot cocoa while comparing forecasts... come join us!

    And in Edingtol, it seems the Smuggler (that wily guy!) has put a limit on the number of items that each player can buy at once. I suspect he's noticed a lot of others creating stockpiles of his goods and then reselling them at a much increased profit - too much so for his liking and for his own purse. Therefore, each player can now purchase ONE item from the Smuggler within 24 hours - so choose your purchase well when you visit his shop!

    [Jan. 5] Well, the events are done, the contests closed, the doors to the Ballroom locked, and it's cold out there! Come on in and keep warm with virtual cocoa, and Musings own version of "laughter by the hearth" as we trade bad jokes and make guesses concerning this month's DIs XD Today's conversation starts on page 4844...

    [Jan. 2 PM Update] Wow! Bernadette's turnip boxes are finally open!
    • The gold box had a set of Turnip Items:

    • The silver box contained a set of Silver Yorick Wings:

    And I'm looking over the entries for Musings Box Opening Guess Contest now! XD [edit 3Jan: winners announced HERE Congrats Aryglorious and Zinn!]

    [January 2] A quick update on things going on around the Realm:
    • The 2009 St. Yorick's Day Event (Bernadette's Quests and the hunt for turnips) is now closed.
    • The 2010 Ball is still underway for a few more hours yet... come join the New Year celebration.
    • The boxes for the final prize are not yet opened. Please be patient as we wait for Lord Alex to come online and open the boxes.
    • And just for fun, Musings is having a bit of a 'Guess the Box Opening Time' Game! Come join us and post your guess! Full details are posted on Page 4824... and by the way, I reserve the right to change the rules of the contest at any time. Have fun!
    • A Shop Update has been made with some nifty accessories to the 2010 Party Favors! Go check it out!

    [December 31/January 1]
    Wow! Busy day for this Knight, but you might want to check out my announcement on the home page, giving the details of how you can claim your very own Party Pack of Party Favors *yaaaay!* XD

    Otherwise, the New Year Ball is ongoing and we're hoping to see more citizens join the festivities there to celebrate the New Year!

    Aaaaaannnd... those eBil little glittery packages that everyone's been staring at, willing to open, for the last several days should actually be opening... soon! No, not until Jan.2nd... so you must be patient a little longer!

    However, if you've not yet completed the 12 Quests of Yorick (or is that the 12 Quests of Bernadette? Confused), you'd better get going because Jan.1 is the last day for turnips and to choose a box!

    [December 30] Zantarni is hosting it's first New Year's Ball! Come don your 'ball attire' and join us for the festivities! This mini-event will run from today (Dec.30) until Jan. 2nd, and with any luck (we're going to need the luck, though!), we may have a couple surprises in store for you before the end of it...

    Come! Join us!

    Arrow ** New Year Ball! **

    [December 26] The St.Yorick's Day Contests have been locked for judging, and Bernadette has left us all with a choice to make: box #1 or box #2! Although no further Quests or Turnips will be released, what has been posted for St.Yorick's Day festivities will remain in place until January 1. Those pretty boxes -whichever one you chose- will open on January 2, revealing whatever lies within!

    [(early) December 24] Day 10-11 of St.Yorick's Day is here, and Burnadette is in full swing with her precious turnips - what *is* she planning on doing with them all? (only another day to wait before you find out... well, kinda XD) Also, there's a sign-in gift now available! For those of you who didn't manage to sign in today, it will be available until the 26th. Enjoy - and Happy St. Yorick's Day to you all!

    [December 16] Day 3 of the St. Yorickstide event has been announced.

    [December 15] Greetings Friends! It is great seeing so many of you returning to the Realm (& to Musings) to celebrate St. Yorickstide! Please join us in conversation, which begins today on page 4785. Also you'll probably want to note that the second Day of Yorick has been announced/released... Go once more to Towns for the Quest and good luck!!

    [December 14] As more players come back to visit their beloved Zantarni (our conversation here starts on about page 4781 today - come join us!), things for St. Yorick's Day are continuing to pick up momentum with the announcement of a third contest; Writing.
      Don't ask me what turnips have to do with St. Yorick's Day, but perhaps you can find out for yourself - the St. Yorick's Day EVENT FESTIVITIES have begun!
      Arrow announcement
      Arrow quest

    [December 12 PM update] The St. Yorick's Day Art Contest has been announced. Come show us Knights what you've got up that creative sleeve of yours for your chance to win a pair of the Fake Angel Wings!

    [December 12] Greetings One and All! The Realm is beginning to decorate and make ready for St. Yorick's Day, with the announcement of the First (of at least a couple Wink ) Official Holiday Contests. Why don't you go help Good Sir Meldrick Decorate a Snowman in Zantarnian finery for your chance of one of the ever-elusive Angel Wings!

    [December 8] Ok, so I've returned from vacation and there are some new DIs waiting to welcome me to the next season... aren't they lovely? XD

    These are, of course, available in the DI shop through the end of December.

    [November 23rd] *rushed update* New items in the Shop -- The grace of Yorick... ++ There's 15 pages of new items just released! Go check it out!

    [November 18th] A veritable heap of weapons were released to the Weapons Shop yesterday, including staffs, bows, sharp pointy things and even a sling-shot! Go check it out! Page 4759 is about where today's conversation begins at Musings... come join us!

    [November 15th, PM update]As a show of support for those who may be experiencing rough times lately, two new quests and a thread or two have just been announced...

    (click the image for the announcement & more details)

    [November 15th] Ok ok ok, so I've been seriously out of the "Zantarni News business" lately due to my own RL things which have been keeping me hopping! My apologies, citizens of Zantarni... the timing of RL and ZL (Zan Life) hasn't been particularly good lately - especially while there have been so many good and interesting changes going on within the realm lately, but it can't be helped much. However, I am here now, and attempting to update - at least a little. XD

      Arrow First off, we're on page 4750 today, so please stop by and say hello, share your thoughts on the new items running around Zantarni, etc.!

      Arrow Second, due to popular demand, that elusive rascal, the Smuggler himself, has been convinced to publicly post his wares and current price list so the citizens of Zantarni can check against other market pricing of the same items. And yes, this is where the newly recolored Peace dresses and such are coming from!

      Arrow Thirdly, ummm... oh yeah! Musings' anniversary has passed us by un-noticed (both the original date and the date of this current version of the thread)... perhaps we should do something about that? XD Let me know you saw this and I'll think about putting something (simple) together to celebrate - but only if there's enough interest!!

      Arrow Fourthly - don't forget, we are still edging forward towards the P5K celebration and there are plans made for that... so help us evaporate the pages and let's get to the fun! XD

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Dedicated Citizen
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Mon Jul 12, 2010 12:40 am
Nekkid party time!!!




Just kidding, Bo is just going to crawl into the corner and die for the day. *flops on pillows in the corner and curls up for a sleep*

Court Jester? Bo?
Bo, official Zantarni nudist.
Rayven: *gets hit in the face with some underwear* Wow Bo sure likes to get naked! XD
Riley: Bo, the Goat Whisperer. XD
Blaze: Bo, you're just chaotic... Razz Heart
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Mon Jul 12, 2010 12:42 am
*sits on Bo* -.-
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Queen of the Realm
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Mon Jul 12, 2010 1:35 am
*pushes Lothlorien off Bo and into the pile*
*crawls in too*

It's been a long, long day... Ghost

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Mon Jul 12, 2010 1:40 am
**Crawls in after Blaze** I'm joining you guys. Sad
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Mon Jul 12, 2010 1:45 am
Woo hoo! I just noticed the emotes under "View more Emoticons" ^-^

<3 Blaze Tasty

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Dedicated Citizen
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Mon Jul 12, 2010 1:47 am
*chuckles* It must be Monday. Bo has troubles keeping up with days lately. Laughing

Bo has decided, if Bo is feeling better that is, Bo has decided she is going to go to the movies on Wednesday, providing the movie she wanted to see is still showing. Yes

Edit: OMG! A Ninja emote! So cute! Heart

Court Jester? Bo?
Bo, official Zantarni nudist.
Rayven: *gets hit in the face with some underwear* Wow Bo sure likes to get naked! XD
Riley: Bo, the Goat Whisperer. XD
Blaze: Bo, you're just chaotic... Razz Heart

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